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Our volunteers

RNLD is always looking for volunteers to work with us in our office and on upcoming projects.

If you are interested in volunteering with RNLD, please send a cover letter and CV outlining relevant skills, interests and experience to our Admin assistants Penelope Schmidt and Freya Scott. 


Ph: (03) 9077 9500


Haoyi Li

Haoyi began volunteering with RNLD in August 2018 and helps out with Language in the News, Music Monday posts and creating resources for workshops. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in art history and linguistics (2018) from the University of Melbourne. She is interested in exploring the overlap between art history and linguistics in the context of Aboriginal language, art and culture.

Bron Peddington-Webb

Bron has been volunteering with RNLD since July 2018. She has a passion for, and is currently studying: Linguistics, Indigenous Cultures and Histories, and Visual Art. At RNLD, Bron is working on our Language in the News feature, compiling Music Monday posts, and working with Emma on resource creation.

Jahan Rezakhanlou-Taubman

Jahan has been volunteering with RNLD since finishing his BA at the University of Melbourne and the University of Tokyo in June 2018, with a major in Linguistics and Asian Studies. Jahan is passionate about the intersection language has with volunteering, having previously done translation work for refugees. He first heard about the work RNLD does in class, and is now working on our ‘Language in the News’ and compiling ‘Music Monday’ posts, the latter of which he is especially interested in.

Yu-Ting Chiang

Yu-Ting volunteered with RNLD April-November 2018. She completed her BA at National Taiwan University, with a major in Foreign Languages and Literatures and specialisation in Linguistics (2016). She is currently enrolled in the Master of Applied Linguistics program at the University of Melbourne. At RNLD, Yu-Ting worked on our Language in the News feature, as well as compiling Music Monday posts in Taiwanese Indigenous languages and adding to language resources on our website.

Anastasia Likouresis

Anastasia volunteered with RNLD in 2018.

Alexandra Rijavec

Alex volunteered with RNLD in the second half of 2017 and during this time helped with various tasks including fundraising, research and social media.

Prue Grant

Prue volunteered with RNLD June 2016 - February 2017.

She attended a community-based workshop in Ceduna SA in November 2016 through the RNLD/RUIL internship program.

Prue Grant

Dima Rusho

Dima volunteered with RNLD in 2016.


Penelope Schmidt

Penelope began her DRIL internship with RNLD in August 2015. She became the RNLD Volunteer Team Leader in 2016 before moving into a new shared role as Administrative Assistant.

Penelope Schmidt

Freya Scott

Freya began volunteering with RNLD in February 2016 and moved into a new shared role as Administrative Assistant.

Freya Scott

Amy Parncutt

Amy volunteered with RNLD in 2015.

Amy’s volunteer role involved partnering with a DRIL participant in Brisbane to assist in his Pitta Pitta language revitalisation efforts.

In March 2016, Amy commenced work with RNLD as a DRIL Trainer.

Amy and Aaron

Kate Charlwood

Kate volunteered with RNLD throughout 2015 while she was undertaking her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at Melbourne University.
Kate Charlwood RNLD volunteer

Carly Pettiona

Carly was a volunteer with RNLD from September 2014, researching and compiling sources on Victorian Aboriginal Languages for Dr. Stephen Morey.

Carly Pettiona

Erin Barnes

Erin was a volunteer with RNLD from March 2014. Erin was also awarded a RNLD/RUIL intership which she undertook in June 2014.

Joel Liddle Perrurle

Joel volunteered for several months with linguist Gavan Breen at the Institute for Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs on behalf of RNLD. Joel is an Arrernte man from Alice Springs.


Geneva Goldenberg

Gen volunteered with RNLD from October 2014.

Gen headed the volunteer team members who supported the DRIL Professional Development workshop 2.

Gen Goldenberg

Clare Manning

Clare volunteered with RNLD from August 2013.

Clare's volunteer role involved undertaking the first phase of the project to digitise Gavan Breen’s extensive collections of field notes for 49 Aboriginal languages from across western Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Clare Manning

Elena Mujkic

Elena volunteered with RNLD in May 2013.

Elena Mujkic