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Online dictionaries

Dictionaries are increasingly being produced online to increase accessibility for the speaker and wider communities. Please contact us if you would like to add an online dictionary to this page.


General resources

Alaska Native Language Archive, University of Alaska at Fairbanks (ANLA) provides links to electronic dictionary resources in its collection.

The Australian Society for Indigenous Languages has 12 online dictionaries on its site.

Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages has produced 6 Talking Online Dictionaries.

Native American Online Dictionaries links to a wide range of dictionaries.



Burarra (Compilers: Kathleen Glasgow and David Glasgow; Produced by AuSIL)

Bilinarra (Compiler: Felicity Meakins)

Djinang (Compiler: Bruce E. Waters)

Gurindji (Compilers: Felicity Meakins, Patrick McConvell, Erika Charola, Norm McNair, Helen McNair and Lauren Campbell)

Iwaidja (Compilers: Noreen Pym and Bonnie Larrimore; Produced by AuSIL)

Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay (Peter Austin and David Nathan) 

Kriol (Compiler: Jason Lee; Produced by AuSIL)

Maung (Compilers: Heather Hewett; Anne Dineen; David Stainsby and Robin Field)

Tiwi (Compiler: Jenny Lee; Produced by AuSIL)

Wagiman (Compiled by Stephen Wilson and Mark Harvey with Lulu Martin Dalpbalngali, Helen Liddy Emorrotjba, Paddy Huddlestone Benbo, Clara McMahon Gumbirtbirtda and Lenny Liddy Gapbuya)

Walmajarri (Compilers: Eirlys Richards and Joyce Hudson; Produced by AuSIL)

Warlpiri (Compiler: Steve Swartz; Produced by AuSIL)

Wik Mungkan (Compilers: Christine Kilham, Mabel Pamulkan, Jennifer Pootchemunka and Topsy Wolmby; Produced by AuSIL)



Kiribati-English Dictionary (Compiled by Stephen Trussel and Gordon W. Groves)

Matukar, Papua New Guinea (Living Tongues Talking Online Dictionary)

Māori Dictionary Online (Compiled by John C Moorfield)

Marshallese-English Online Dictionary (Compiled by Takaji Abo, Byron W. Bender, Alfred Capelle, and Tony DeBrum)

South Efate dictionary, Vanuatu (Compiled by Nick Thieberger)



Ho, West Bengal, India (Living Tongues Talking Online Dictionary)

Tuva, Siberia & Mongolia (Living Tongues Talking Online Dictionary)

Remo, Orissa, India (Living Tongues Talking Online Dictionary)

Torwali, northern Pakistan (Compiled by the Center for Language Engineering (CLE), Lahore Pakistan)



Rumantsch dictionary

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, Wales


North America

Cherokee Online Dictionary, USA (Compiled by the linguistic team at Cherokee Nation Foundation)

Cheyenne Online Dictionary, USA (Compiled by Louise Fisher, Wayne Leman, Leroy Pine Sr., Marie Sanchez)

Deg Xinag Learners' Dictionary, Alaska, USA (Compiled by staff and elders of Anvik Historical Society, Anvik, Alaska)

Karuk Dictionary and texts (compiled by William Bright and Susan Gehr)

New Lakota Dictionary Online, USA (Compiled by the Lakota Language Consortium)

Mi'gmaq-Mi'kmaq Online Dictionary, Canada (Compiled by Sean Haberlin, Eunice Metallic, Diane Mitchell, Watson Williams, Joe Wilmot, Dave Ziegler)

Ojibwe People's Dictionary, Canada, USA (Compiled by Larry "Amik" Smallwood, Eugene Stillday, Leona Wakonabo, Gerri Howard, Marlene Stately)

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Language Portal, USA (Compiled by the Language Keepers team, Maine)

Siletz Dee-Ni, Oregon, USA (Living Tongues Talking Online Dictionary)

Tłı̨chǫ Yatiì Multimedia Dictionary (Compiled by the Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency and the Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria)

Yurok Dictionary (compiled by Andrew Garrett)


Latin America

Yshyr (Chamacoco), Paraguay (Living Tongues Talking Online Dictionary)