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February 2013

28 February Engagement will help kohanga revitalise te reo - Maori Party Voxy

28 February Website draws together speakers of endangered indigenous languages by Cynthia Lee and Carmen Cebreros Urzaiz UCLA Today

28 February Silent Plains…The Fading Sounds of Native Languages by Frederic Briand National Geographic

27 February Senate advances bill to help preserve Native American languages by Mike Dennison Independent Record

27 February Does the language you speak change the way you think? by Kevin Hartnett Boston Globe

26 February Leader holds fears for Nyoongar language by Emma Young In My Community

26 February Boonville's quirky dialect fading away by Kevin Fagan SF Gate

21 February Celebrating Australia's linguistic diversity on Mother Language Day Radio National

25 February Natividad Hospital Overcomes Communication Barrier With Indigenous Language Speakers by Lisa Morehouse Huffington Post

25 February Long live language by Noelle Fujii Ka Leo

24 February Biba Mes Chamorro: Competitions will highlight the indigenous language of the Marianas by Lacee A.C. Martinez Guampdn

23 February Local First Nations languages explored in new museum exhibit by Judith Lavoie Times-Colonist

22 February Tribal languages on International Mother Language Day by Joanna Eede National Geographic

22 February International Mother Language Day How many languages can you speak? by Kamran Khan Express Tribune

22 February How Languages Shape Our Understanding Of The World by Paul Woodward Eurasia Review

21 February Indigenous Language: Nigeria is still under colonial rule says Ayedire council boss by Kunle Arogundade Bola Ilori

21 February In Mexico, 64 dialects at risk of extinction Worldcrunch

21 February International Mother Language Day by Aidan Wilson Fully (sic)

21 February Forum on aboriginal education by Emma Graney Leader-Post

21 February Africa: The Fading Use Of Indigenous Languages by Ogunjimi James Taiwo Sahara Reporters

19 February Putting language documentation in the hands of the speakers by Bruce Birch Fully (sic)

18 February Reward for reviving Chipewyan language by Kassina Ryder Northern News Services Online

18 February Lujan pushes to continue native language programs LC Sun News

18 February Technology Boost for the Balinese Language Bali Discovery

17 February Indigenous Youth Step up to Protect Their Roots by Marzieh Goudarzi IPS News

15 February TRIBES: Campaign to save Native American languages by David Olsen Press-Enterprise

15 February Federal Government ready to 'Recognise' Indigenous languages (but it's kinda old news) by Greg Dickson Fully (sic)

14 February Transparent Language Contributes to Endangered Language Preservation Program Transparent Language

14 February Technology in the service of cultural diversity by Isidro C. Sia PhilStar

14 February First Mon language newspaper in 50 years to be published by Kun Chan Mizzima

13 February Education budget panel approves K-12 spending aligned with school funding overhaul bill by Mike Dennison Independent Record

11 February How to Save a Dying Language by Ariel Sabar Smithsonian Mag

11 February Make Maori compulsory and NZ will prosper Tangata Whenua

9 February Could the Birth of a Word Prevent the Death of a Language by Nataly Kelly Huffington Post

8 February The Electronic Drum: Community Radio's Role in Reversing Indigenous Language Decline by Mark Camp and Agnes Portalewska Cultural Survival

8 February Morris Receives Language Revitalization Grant from Minnesota Indian Affairs Council by Jenna Ray Morris Campus News

8 February Haiti is teaching kids in the wrong language by Arika Okrent The Week

8 February A story to tell: GLIFWC project links language and heritage by Andy Butter Hayward WI

7 February Indigenous languages speak to cultural pride by Abe Mokoena The Star

6 February Revival of nearly extinct Yurok language is a success story by Lee Romney LA Times

5 February Learning More Than a Language by Sam Slotnick The Link

4 February Native language learns to talk tech by Catherine Litt Kamloops Daily News

3 February Smartphone app aimed at aiding Mohawk language growth by Andy Gardner Watertown Daily Times