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Useful readings

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Readings that deal specifically with the personal aspects of fieldwork and the potential risks:

Macaulay, Monica. 2004. Training Linguistics Students for the Realities of Fieldwork. Anthropological Linguistics 46.2: 194-209. (LTU Bundoora Library Call No. Serials 410 A62)

Newman, Paul and Martha Ratliff (Eds.). 2001. Linguistic Fieldwork. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (LTU Bundoora Library Call No. 410.72 L755)

Howell, Nancy. 1990. Surviving fieldwork: A report of the Advisory Panel on Health and Safety in Fieldwork. Washington: American Anthropological Association. (LTU Bundoora Library Call No. 306.072 H859s)

In addition, there are a number of recent guides to fieldwork that deal mainly with academic aspects, but that also include discussions of personal aspects:

Bowern, Claire. 2008. Linguistic fieldwork: A practical guide. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. (LTU Bundoora Library Call No. 410.72 B786l)

Crowley, Terry. 2007. Field Linguistics: A beginner’s guide. (Edited and prepared for publication by Nick Thieberger.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. (--)

Duranti, Alessandro. 1997. Linguistic anthropology. New York: Cambridge University Press. (LTU Bundoora Library Call No. 306.44089 D9511)

Everett, Daniel L. To appear. Linguistic field work: A student’s guide. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (--)

Samarin, William J. 1967. Field linguistics: a guide to linguistic fieldwork. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. (LTU Bundoora Library Call No. 410.18 S187f)

Wilkins, David. 1992. Linguistic research under aboriginal control: a personal account of fieldwork in Central Australia. Australian Journal of Linguistics 12: 171-200.

There are numerous web resources on linguistic fieldwork waiting to be explored. Good starting points are: