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Languages in the News -

  • June 2017

    14 June Concerned Voices Over NSW Indigenous Languages Protection Bill by Amanda Copp SBS

    13 June We’d Have a Better Chance of Preserving Africa’s Dying Languages if we Learned Their History by Abdi Latif Dahir QZ

    13 June Nebraska Tribe Looks to Language in Preserving Culture by Ben Bohall NetNebraska

    13 June Of Logdrums ... And Threat to Language by Dr. Asangba Tzüdir MorungExpress

    12 June Fear of Losing Culture Rises Among Indigenous People in Manitoba CBA

    12 June Indigenous Languages Facing Extinction - Dogara by Kauthar Anumba-Khaleel Leadership

    11 June Reviving a Lost Language of Canada Through Film by Elsa Butler, Sarah Stein Kerr and Ruth Fremson NYtimes

    9 June Paquitos are a Family of Dolls that Speak Purepecha, Totonacom Nahuatl, and Wixarica by Adriana Cataño  Remezcla

    7 June How Indigenous Millenials are Using Tech to Save their Dying Languages by Polina Bachlakova Broadly.Vice

  • April 2017

    5 April Bureaucratic Rhetoric Won't Develop African Languages by Metji Makgoba The Huffington Post South Africa

    4 April Yuchi Language Project attends Native language fair by Honey Caranzo Mvskoke Media

    4 April Rescuing Koshur in Kashmir by Amir Sultan Lone The Wire

    4 April April named Chamorro and Carolinian Cultural and Indigenous Heritage Month by Lori Lyn C. Lirio The Guam Daily Post

    3 April Native American Hand Talkers Fight to Keep Sign Language Alive by Cecily Hilleary VOA News

    3 April 74% of Canadians support creation of an Indigenous Languages Act by Melinda Trochu CKLB

    2 April Ke Kula Niihau O Kekaha Public Charter School works to save language, culture by David McCracken The Garden Island

  • March 2017

    5 March Nuqanchik: Peruvian news and the politics of language Al Jazeera

    5 March Tibetan languages face heavy government pressure whilst modernity threatens neglected dialects by Free Tibet

    4 March NU working to preserve Tuscarora culture, language by Niagara Gazette

    4 March No Aboriginal cultural, language supports for Labrador foster children in Roddickton by Terry Roberts CBC News

    3 March Celebrating language at Isaac Brock by The Metro

    3 March Residents challenged to speak only Chamorro on Sunday by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    3 March U of T assistant prof reviving Mohawk language by Jesse Winter The Star

    3 March Full immersion; Ideas to save indigenous languages shared during conference at UH-Hilo by Jeff Hansel Hawaii Tribune-Herald

    2 March Manipur Elections 2017: Irom Sharmila's party vows to replace Bengali script with indigenous Manipuri one by Amrita Madhukalya Daily News & Analysis

    2 March 'Da Kine,' Hawaii's Fantastically Flexible All-Purpose Noun by Dan Nosowitz Atlas Obscura

    2 March Anishinaabemowin Omiinigoziin app first to feature Treaty 3 dialect by Kathleen Charlebois Kenora Daily Miner and News

    2 March How Native languages lead to better outcomes by Aaron Hilf UNM Newsroom

    2 March Revitalising a Language by Shiv Sahay Singh The Hindu

    1 March Program designed to revive languages by Luca Cetta Port Lincoln Times

    1 March Parents urged to preserve indigenous languages Abuja Extra Nigerian Tribune

    1 March Pass the dedha: Grocery stores bring Indigenous languages to the aisles by Jimmy Thomson CBC News

    1 March Mother tongue language policy in education needs supervision by Cecilia Diesob Ghana News Agency

    1 March These Apps Teach the Culture and Languages of Mexican Indigenous Communities by Adriana Cataño Remezcla

  • February 2017

    28 February Former MP Demands That Iran Implement Right of Ethnic Minorities to Preserve Languages Payvand

    28 February Gaeltacht education reform must focus on language crisis by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin and Brian Ó Curnáin Irish Times

    28 February Why is it so hard to get a place in a Gaelscoil? by Aine McMahon Irish Times

    27 February Southern Azerbaijan: Mother Language Advocates Condemned for Allegedly Destabilising the Country UNPO

    21 February Online Platform Teaches Dying Languages To Save Them From Extinction by Holly Brockwell Gizmodo

    21 February The fight is on to save Toronto's endangered languages by Kate McGillivray CBC News

    21 February UN Marks Mother Language Day as Indigenous Tongues Still Suffer teleSUR English

    21 February Parts of a tree: If you teach people their own ancient language, can they keep it alive? By Alden Woods AzCentral

    21 February Could language revival cure diabetes? by Claudianna Bianco NITV

    21 February The dying tongues of Telangana and Andhra by Papri Paull The Times of India

    21 February On the language of identity by Nahela Nowshin The Daily Star

    20 February Speaking of the Ice Age by Anne E. Bromley UVA Today

    20 February Cultural Imperatives by George Hymont The Huffington Post

    20 February Local Language / Global Network: Designing Mobile Technology for Indigenous and Minority Language Users by Derek Lackaff Global Voices

    19 February Graphic artist turns talent toward sharing Algonquin language by Tim Fontaine CBC News

    16 February Remembering Nüshu, the 19th-Century Chinese Script Only Women Could Write by Lauren Young Atlas Obscura

    15 February Losing language risks culture by Bryan Meadows The Chronicle Journal

    15 February Symposium in Kelowna, Penticton looks at saving First Nation languages The Daily Courier

    15 February ‘Four Tribes’ teaches Native American legacy by Christina Lieffring The Columbus Telegram

    15 February Utah Valley's Everyday Heroes: BYU professors documenting endangered languages by Braley Dodson Daily Herald

    15 February Science, Maths in vernacular no barrier to excellence by Sheldon Maponga The Herald

    14 February Traditional Aboriginal languages to be used more often on Albury's sculpture trail by Allison Jess ABC Online

    14 February Translation app helping to preserve endangered Indigenous Queensland languages by Zara Margolis and Harriet Tatham ABC Online

    14 February Preserving Indigenous languages works from the ground up Queen’s Journal

    14 February Guest column: Native language preservation begins at home by Dr. Harold Begay Navajo-Hopi Observer

    13 February How to reclaim Toronto’s origins by Sahiba Shah The Medium

    13 February Federal govt urged to set up National Languages University The News

    11 February U of T professors fight to save dying Indigenous languages by Adrian Cheung CBC News

    10 February One of the world’s oldest languages teaches hidden life lessons by Jackie Bussjaeger St Croix Valley Area Lowdown

    3 February It's sCREEble not Scrabble: U of T students learn Indigenous languages through games by Hannah James U of T News

    2 February Penn partnership preserves and expands endangered Indigenous languages by Jacquie Posey Penn Current

    2 February Teaching maths, sciences in mother tongues: The hurdles by Dayo Adesulu Vanguard

    1 February Nigerian ‘Cultural Evangelist’ Promotes African Languages with Apps and Digital Storytelling by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    1 February Yukon First Nations consider 'Indigenous-led' school by Philippe Morin CBC News

    1 February Indigenous education: We revisit a trailblazing Top End bilingual maths program by Anna Salleh ABC News

    1 February Ernesto Contreras On Creating an Indigenous Language for Sundance Winner ‘Sueño en Otro Idioma’ by Carlos Aguilar Remezcla

  • January 2017

    31 January Wa Zo Bia! Elizabeth Eremie is Preserving our Nigerian Heritage with a Language Teaching App for Kids called Teseem – First Words by Bella Naija Bella Naija

    29 January Tribal elder works to save dying language by John Lee McLaughlin Ketchikan Daily News

    28 January Tribal elder, KIC work to save Sm'algyax by John Lee McLaughlin News Miner

    27 January Indigenous languages are being wiped out – and social media isn’t helping by Peter Culshaw Spectator

    26 January Cree books filling a gap for students in Regina Public and beyond by Ashley Martin Regina Leader-Post

    26 January Reviving the Anishinaabemowim language | ABC 10 Feature by Matt Miller ABC 10 News

    26 January New university course teaches Stoney Nakoda language by Jenna Dulewich Cochrane Eagle

    26 January Reviving the Language – and Culture – of a Northern California Native People Newswise

    26 January Common future of Manipur – a view from tribal languages perspective Ragongning Gangmei Sangai Express

    25 January Listen: Linguist K. David Harrison on Preserving Endangered Languages Swarthmore College News

    25 January What's in a name? A lot, according to some Regina residents by Kerry Benjoe Regina Leader-Post

    25 January Dirtsong reinvigorates music and words of Australia's Aboriginal cultures by Alexander Varty Georgia Straight

    24 January University Of Winnipeg Offers Ojibwe, Cree Language Courses by  Sarah Rieger Huffington Post Canada

    24 January Learning and teaching Mohawk language to preserve its history by Gilbert Ngabo Toronto metro

    23 January Indigenous Language Games are launched by MSU Faculty by Emmy Virkus MSU News

    23 January Peru's indigenous language revival by Antonio Castillo Eureka Street

    23 January This Necklace Contains All of the World’s Languages by Erin Blakemore Smithsonian

    23 January Celebrate Linguistic Diversity Online With the Mother Language Meme Challenge Rising Voices

    23 January This country is developing its own sign language dictionary by Sohini Mitter Mashable

    23 January Saving a dwindling First Nations language, through an app by Priscilla Hwang CBC News

    22 January Lakehead Board expands native-language program by Gary Rinne tbnewswatch

    22 January Emulate Lagos Assembly to promote Yoruba language and culture Guardian Nigeria

    22 January Gujarati language in Pakistan faces imminent death: Report The International News

    21 January Launching the Project to Support the Revitalization of the Potón and Pisbi Languages in El Salvador by Betty Perez Rising Voices

    20 January Why Isn’t This Map in the History Books? by April Holloway Ancient Origins

    20 January Situationer: The future of Gujarati language in Pakistan by Rauf Parekh Dawn

    20 January Award-winning UNM prof discusses the importance of language by Nichole Harwood Daily Lobo

    18 January How Facebook can revitalise local languages: lessons from Bali by Alissa Joy Stern Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

    18 January Nigerian Govt expresses concerns over gradual extinction of native languages by Innocent Senyo World Stage News

    18 January This Iqaluit band is fighting to make Inuktitut part of the music industry CBC Arts

    17 January Native Affairs Summer Series - Catalan Experts - Make te reo Māori compulsory by Renee Kahukura-losefa Maori Television

    17 January Push to revive national plan for Indigenous language interpreters by Stephen Easton Mandarin

    15 January Applications period open for Haa Shuká Community Language Learning Project by Jill Meserve Juneau Empire

    15 January Inuit film producers partner with Haida for first-of-its-kind feature by Maryse Zeidler CBC News

    14 January Northern Ireland Assembly divided by Irish language by Ciaran Dunbar BBC News

    13 January The people are at a loss for words Gulf News

    12 January Portland type designer finds ‘particularly meaningful’ project with Cherokee font by Fred Bever BDN Maine

    12 January Restoration of Irish language grant ‘too little too late’, says Sinn Féin by Harry McGee and Gerry Moriarty Irish Times

    12 January Lawmakers working to boost indian language immersion programs by Sanjay Talwani Char-Koosta News

    12 January Study will Explore Best Practices for Creating Free Knowledge in Indigenous Languages on Wikipedia by Rodrigo Pérez Rising Voices            

    11 January Q&A: Saul Schwartz *15, on Preserving Chiwere by Mark F. Bernstein Princeton Alumni Weekly

    11 January When Language is More Than Words by Mark F. Bernstein Princeton Alumni Weekly

    10 January Voices from the past: CBC North to preserve historic Indigenous language programs by Paul Tukker CBC News

    9 January Talking to In-laws Can Be Hard. In Some Languages, It’s Impossible. by Bryant Rousseau The New York Times

    9 January Hinterland Who's Who videos now available in Indigenous languages by Stephanie Cram CBC News

    7 January Indigenous language protection at 'crisis' point ahead of feds' promised action, group says by Terri Coles Yahoo Canada News

    7 January Pakistan's regional languages face looming extinction by Khurram Shahzad My Sinchew

    6 January School Moves To Tribal Grounds by Sam Houghton Mashpee Enterprise

    6 January Scholarship to forge Māori and Latin American links Maori Television

    6 January Beautiful Animations Celebrate The Indigenous Languages Of Mexico by Amanda Adame Konbini

    5 January Lawmakers Consider Expanding Montana's Native Language Preservation Program by Cole Grant Legislative News Service

    5 January Black Arm Band recreates Indigenous Australian magic in ‘Dirtsong’ by Prachi Kamble Beatroute

    5 January Lawmakers Consider Expanding Montana's Native Language Preservation Program by Cole Grant Montana Public Radio

    5 January German Researcher Writes First Grammar Book for Karbi Dialect Northeast Today

    4 January Schools in Ecuador to preserve ancestral languages by Erika Astudillo Equal Times

    4 January Sydney Festival's reawakening of the Sydney language is 'music to the ears' by Peter Munro Sydney Morning Herald

    4 January Ottawa man designs Canada 150 typeface by Dylan C. Robertson Ottawa Metro

    4 January Schools in Ecuador to preserve ancestral languages by Erika Astudillo Equal Times

    3 January Waxing Poetic: New Tech Revives Sounds from Past Treasures by Barbara Tannenbaum UC Berkeley California Magazine

    3 January Indigenous erasure in plain sight: place names in New England by Sam Spurrell Intercontinental Cry

    3 January Indigenous kids get books in mother language Daily Star

  • December 2016

    31 December Sydney Festival puts William Dawes and Aboriginal language on the stage by Stephen Fitzpatrick The Australian

    31 December 3 indigenous groups on course to settle South Australian treaties by Meredith Booth The Australian

    30 December This lost Native language of Massachusetts is waking up again by Shondiin Silversmith PRI

    29 December Tester Announces Funding for Crow Oral History Project by Patricia Williams Political News

    29 December The Last Word by Michael Erard Undark

    29 December Globe editorial: How to preserve Canada’s indigenous languages Globe and Mail

    29 December Nome-based non-profit hopes to revitalize Inupiaq with ‘language nest’ by Davis Hovey Alaska Public Media

    29 December Kootenai Culture Committee on monumental journey to save the Kootenai language by Alyssa Kelly Char-koosta News

    28 December Trudeau promises aboriginal language bill, but activists say whole system needs overhaul by Robert Everett-Green Globe and Mail

    28 December With ‘language nest,’ a new campaign to revitalize Inupiaq by Davis Hovey KTVA Alaska

    28 December Delving into the origin of Native American words by George Ellison Smoky Mountain

    28 December Zimbabwe: Language Skills Revealed in New Curriculum by Stanely Mushava All Africa

    27 December Australian University to promote Aboriginal culture Press TV

    27 December Milestones: A year of achievement by Alaskans ADN

    25 December How the Cyprus Talks Could Help Save the Ancient Sanna Language by Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi Greek Reporter

    25 December Let dying languages die by Gordon Chong Toronto Sun

    25 December Concern over tribal language’s failure to flourish in Tripura Sentinel

    25 December Love Guam? Speak CHamoru! By Dr. Samuel Betances Guam Daily Post

    23 December Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives forefront at Georgian, Trent Barrie Today

    23 December National pat for Kudukh warrior by Achintya Ganguly Calcutta Telegraph

    23 December Eight First Nations and federal government sign agreement to create First Nations school system Thompson Citizen

    23 December Can the educational policy on Ghanaian languages become a reality? By Enoch A. Adibuer Graphic

    15 December North America’s native languages get higher education boost by Jon Marcus Times Higher Education

    15 December How Wiradjuri helped a man overcome agoraphobia and sow the seeds of a language revolution by Tim Roxburgh ABC News

    14 December The App Designed To Teach The Whole World The Indigenous Language Náhuatl by Janila Castaneda Konbini

    14 December Peru airs news in Quechua, indigenous language of Inca empire, for first time by Dan Collyns Guardian

    14 December SU Faculty Key in 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' Maori Translation Newswise

    14 December Fighting to save Alberta's Indigenous languages by Donna McKinnon University of Alberta

    13 December Myaamia Center Working Hard To Spread Language And Culture Of Miami Tribe by Althea Perley Oxford Patch

    13 December When an Unplayable Record Preserves a Long-Lost Language by Noemie Jennifer Creators Project | Conservation Lab

    13 December Peru's public TV airs first news programme in Quechua BBC News

    13 December Efforts afoot in city to save Kashmiri language by Sumit Hakhoo Tribune India

    12 December Impact of reclaiming Aboriginal languages to be studied University of Adelaide

    12 December Milan’s beloved but endangered dialect by A.V. Economist

    12 December Can this video game make Alaska’s Inupiat more visible? By Michael Engelhard High Country News

    12 December Language preservation draft passed by Lee Hsin-fang and Jonathan Chin Taipei Times

    12 December How Languages Die? The Mind-Boggling Truth Behind Why Many Indians May Lose Their Voice! By Susmita Mukherjee India Times

    11 December Lucy Friedlander Covington preserved Native American life by Jerry Klinger San Diego Jewish World

    10 December KISSA AND DAWAT: The continuing story-telling tradition of the Moro people by Noor Saada Minda News

    10 December Council signals more land rights agreements on the way by Tobi Loftus News Mail

    10 December Global meet to revitalize Tulu language Times of India

    9 December Rescuing a Language by Laura Ferguson Tufts Now

    9 December First Tulu-Malayalam dictionary to be released at ‘Vishwa Tuluvere Ayano’ by P Sudhakaran Times of India

    9 December Oneida language catches on in Pulaski schools by Todd McMahon Green Bay Press-Gazette

    9 December Feds expand areas where ballots will be in native languages News Miner

    9 December How Many Languages does Costa Rica Speak? By Rico QCosta Rica

    9 December Trudeau Addresses Assembly of First Nations With Message of Reconciliation by Daniel Mesec Indian Country Media Network

    9 December Digital Activists Meet Up Offline to Promote Bolivia’s Language Diversity Online by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    9 December Federal Indigenous languages act would need 'teeth' to work, say N.W.T. language advocates by Rachel Zelniker CBC News

    9 December Cabinet to submit bill for indigenous languages China Post

    8 December Inuktut language group to meet with Prince of Wales by Sarah Rogers Nunatsiaq Online

    8 December Preservation of Indigenous Peoples' Languages, Culture Vital for Russia - Putin Sputnik News

    8 December Southwest Colorado counties must provide Ute language help in elections by Jessica Pace Durango Herald

    8 December Cabinet approves draft bill to preserve indigenous languages by Tai Ya-chen and Elizabeth Hsu Focus Taiwan (link is external)

    8 December Can Liberia’s Media Help Curtail Language Extinction? by Robin Dopoe Jr. Liberian Observer (link is external)

    7 December Students Showcase Miskito and Mayangna Multimedia at Community Forums by LaToya Hinton Rising Voices (link is external)

    7 December Venetians call for recognition as a 'minority' The Local (link is external)

    7 December Census Bureau adds areas, languages served by translations for elections by Andrew Kitchenman KTOO Public Media (link is external)

    7 December Ahtna language revitalization gets boost from app by Mary Lockman Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman (link is external)

    7 December Thriving Program Makes Penn a Quechua Language Hub by Lauren Hertzler University of Pennsylvania (link is external)

    7 December Ottawa has a duty to preserve indigenous languages: Editorial by Chris Wattie The Star (link is external)

    7 December "50 minority Nigerian languages to become extinct soon" by Zaynab Quadri Pulse Nigeria (link is external)

    6 December Trudeau doubles-down on promises to First Nations, pledges new Indigenous languages law APTN National News (link is external)

    6 December Nanaimo educator discusses role of reconciliation in education by Karl Yu Nanaimo News Bulletin (link is external)

    6 December Study shows children learning Cherokee are part of ongoing language renewal Kansas University (link is external)

    6 December Omaha Tribe in Nebraska to boost native language revitalization by Cheril Lee Kios (link is external)

    6 December Grant helping keep Choctaw language alive by Larry Williams Times Record (link is external)

    6 December Experts to back mother tongue for pupils, say good for rural schools by Ouma Wanzala Daily Nation (link is external)

    6 December PM Trudeau announces Indigenous Languages Act CTV News (link is external)

    6 December Trudeau announces indigenous language bill as FN frustration mounts by James Munson iPolitics (link is external)

    6 December Nigerian govt. must intervene to prevent extinction of minority languages – Experts by Andrew Ajijah Premium Times Nigeria (link is external)

    5 December ANU receives $16 million in NHMRC funding by Karen Hardy Brisbane Times (link is external)

    5 December ‘Regional languages missing in films, TV and radio’ News International (link is external)

    4 December Children from indigenous groups to get pre-school textbooks in native language by Senior Correspondent bdnews24 (link is external)

    4 December Indigenous children to get pre-school textbooks in native language Financial Express (link is external)

    3 December 'The language, it’s our identity': SBS wins Walkley for My Grandmother's Lingo SBS News (link is external)

    2 December Palenquero: The identity behind a language in Colombia by Wana Udobang Aljazeera (link is external)

    2 December Hausa speakers in Nigeria now 120m – Report by Segun Adebowale Eagle Online (link is external)

    2 December See One Woman's Amazing Project to Save a Vanishing Native American Language by Mariana Zapata Atlas Obscura (link is external)

    2 December Reviving Australia's Indigenous Languages by Philip Clark ABC Radio (link is external)

    1 December Nigeria: Hausa Speakers in Nigeria Now 120 Million - Communique All Africa (link is external)

    1 December For the Past 20 Years, a Santa Ana Man Has Kept the Language of the Aztecs Alive by Gabriel San Roman OC Weekly (link is external)

    1 December Barrow, Alaska, Changes Its Name Back To Its Original 'Utqiagvik' by Rebecca Hersher NPR (link is external)

    1 December Nicola-Similkameen School District reviving First Nations languages by Jill Sperling CFJC Today (link is external)

    1 December WA language project fans the embers of an ancient language by Lisa Morrison and Christine Layton ABC News (link is external)

    1 December ‘I have no regard for your language’: lessons learned in final First Contact by Rose Donohoe New Daily (link is external)

    1 December Tilak Hazarika Memorial Lecture delivered Assam Tribune (link is external)

    1 December UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger by Christopher Moseley UNESCO (link is external)

    1 December Are Indian languages in crisis? By Komal Prasad & Kunal Roy Statesman (link is external)

  • November 2016

    30 November Modern ‘warriors’ protect language, water, subsistence, families by Ed Schoenfield Alaska Public

    30 November NT Indigenous MLA Yingiya Mark Guyula seeks to speak native language in Parliament by Sara Everingham ABC Online

    30 November You say 'kangaroo', I say 'rock wallaby': Children's Ground offers new approach to Indigenous education by Nicola Heath SBS

    29 November Modern ‘warriors’ protect language, water, subsistence, families by Ed Schoenfeld KCAW

    29 November Indigenous lawmakers fear loss of languages Mexico News Daily

    29 November Kunwinjku Counting Book creators in talks with US publishers following crowdfunding success by Emilia Terzon ABC Online

    28 November New era for Indigenous languages and music University of Adelaide

    28 November Three Irish students create Irish Sign Language Christmas carol to highlight a serious problem by Sasha Brady Irish Independent

    25 November Native languages facing extinction: Linguists by Somrita Ghosh Daiji World

    25 November Precarious state of our Indigenous languages by Brendan O’Reilly Online Opinion

    24 November NRL star Kyle Turner helping to preserve Indigenous languages by John Baldock SBS

    24 November Digital communication in indigenous languages by Manuela Pulido Latin American Post

    24 November Language Commission begins collecting suggestions Himalayan Times

    23 November Wiki for Indigenous Languages: Using Technology to Stop Language Loss Indian Country

    23 November S-East Leaders move to save Igbo language by Vincent Ujumadu Vanguard

    22 November “Whistled Languages” Reveal How the Brain Processes Information by Julien Meyer Scientific American

    22 November Hawai‘i Sign Language Still Whispers by Noe Tanigawa Hawaii Public Radio

    22 November Peak Indigenous body welcomes NSW language bill to recognise and protect languages by Maddison Whitford and Liz Keen ABC News

    22 November Local tongues set to return to learning fold by Darshana Daga Pune Mirror

    22 November EP Documentary Screening Highlights the Plight for Mapuche Language Revitalisation UNPO

    21 November What Pilgrims Heard When They Arrived in America by Erin Blakemore Smithsonian Magazine

    21 November Te Reo Maori boost for indigenous language in Brazil Voxy

    21 November Effort aims to save native language of Omaha Tribe Omaha World-Herald

    21 November Is it always right to save a dying language? by Alan Woods Flux Magazine

    21 November A Native American Filmmaker Captures Her Father’s Language Before It Vanishes by April Wolfe LA Weekly

    21 November Italy’s Last Bastion of Catalan Language Struggles to Keep It Alive by Raphael Minder New York Times

    21 November Wampanoag Tribal Language School Receives 3-year Grant  by Brian Merchant Cape Cod

    21 November Te Reo goes global to help indigenous language by Carly Thomas Stuff

    21 November Dying tongue Kristang gets new lease of life by Melody Zaccheus Straits Times

    20 November Omaha Tribe wins $100,000 grant to help save its language Herald Courier

    19 November ‘Goa can be laboratory for multilingualism’ by Govind Maddl Times of India News

    18 November National anthem sung in Salish at Gonzaga-Bryant game by Michael Gulledge The Spokesman-Review

    18 November Language preservation key to reconciliation, says Healing Fund co-ordinator by André Forget

    18 November The Standing Rock Sioux are also fighting for their language by Patrick Cox

    18 November Reviving Indigenous languages - not as easy as it seems by Jane Simpson The Conversation

    17 November UM alum receives ‘Genius Grant’ for revitalizing tribal language by Mollie Lemm Montana Kaimin

    17 November Display spreads the ‘words’ by Kingston Michael Lea Whig-Standard

    17 November Kotzebue brothers make first app for all 20 Alaska Native languages by Zachariah Hughes Alaska Public Media

    17 November Preserving Wyandotte’s Past by Jessica Schaer Nexstar Broadcasting

    17 November Indigenous language should be taught by Indigenous people, says Ojibway teacher who lost his job by Jody Porter CBC News

    17 November Declaration on Indigenous Language Policy to Be Launched on November 18, 2016 Yahoo!

    17 November NSW leads legislative push to preserve Indigenous languages SBS News

    16 November NSW leads the way to protecting Aboriginal languages NITV

    16 November Tech helping revitalise the Māori language by Shannon Williams Educators

    16 November NSW govt to protect Aboriginal languages by AAP 9 News

    16 November Aboriginal languages in NSW to be protected by legislation, Minister says by Lindy Kerin ABC News

    16 November The Alphabet That Will Save a People From Disappearing by Kaveh Waddell Atlantic

    16 November The many worlds of Australian Indigenous children’s literature by Ambelin Kwaymullina SBS News

    16 November NSW to become first state to pass laws protecting Indigenous languages by Michaela Whitbourn Illwarra Mercury

    15 November Benue Includes Indigenous Language In School Curriculum Nigeria Today

    15 November Omaha Tribe in Nebraska to boost native language revitalization with support from Kellogg Foundation by the Language Conservancy PRNewswire

    14 November Healing words by Joel Schlesinger Winnipeg Free Press

    13 November Arrange schooling in mother tongue for indigenous kids Daily Star

    11 November Taranaki reo expert among those recognised at Maori language awards by Deena Coster Stuff

    11 November Maori language revitalisation 'no longer a dream' Voxy

    11 November 'Noongarpedia' bringing a vanishing language to the web by Meghan Woods ABC Radio

    11 November Inside the Fight to Save the World’s Dying Languages by Hallie Golden Daily Beast

    11 November Little Shell Tribe works to revitalize language by Jonathon Ambarian

    11 November Professor works with students to revitalize endangered language of Native American tribe by Madison Weaver Bucknellian

    11 November NoongarPedia created as first Wikipedia site in Aboriginal language by Meghan Woods ABC News

    10 November Salish language app helps in the quest to save the tribal tongue by B.L. Azure Char-Koosta News

    10 November Varsity gears up for Zulu by Matthew Savides Times Liv

    10 November Thriving program makes Penn a Quechua language hub by Lauren Hertzler Penn Current

    9 November Tribal delegates gather for Alaska Native education summit by Rahcel d’Oro The Washington Times

    9 November People and nature blur in the world’s indigenous languages by Seline Meijer Huffington Post UK

    9 November Guide to make Māori language more visible Scoop

    9 November School uses robot to revive ancient language by Brett Henebery Educator

    8 November Indigenous broadcasters from around world meet for talks by Santilla Chingaipe & Sascha Payne SBS News

    7 November ICC Alaska to Host First Ever Alaskan Inuit Education Alignment Summit Your Alaska Link

    7 November A Lesson on the Written Language Online in the Mayangna and Miskito Communities Rising Voices

    7 November Weaving the Words Together: Protecting Language and Life at the Same Time by Dezaraye Bagalayos KCET

    7 November Artist of the Week: Sharing Native Language Through Pottery by Erin West Daily Utah Chronicle

    7 November Māori TV to host the 10th anniversary WITBN conference Māori Television

    6 November Twist of the Tongue by Dipankar Ghose Indian Express

    6 November Facts about the Biate tribe of Meghalaya, Assam and their endangered language The Northeast Today

    6 November Looking back: Nov. 6, 2016 News Miner

    6 November Identity in words: Crow Agency school builds language instruction from the ground up by Matt Hoffman Billings Gazette

    4 November Language App Helps Preserve Arapaho History by Landon Harrar KCWY13

    4 November Watchwords: Denis Villeneuve's new film, Arrival, gets to the heart of language by Mark Abley Montreal Gazette

    4 November Singing in Gunggandji: plenty of Wiggle room for Indigenous language in this show by Andrew Stafford Guardian Australia

    3 November 27 languages in India faces extinction threats, Union Government raises concerns The Northeast Today

    3 November Setting a new context for indigenous research and education by Martha Crago University Affairs

    3 November Aboriginal English introduced at UWA by Australian Associated Press Sky News

    3 November Study into Aboriginal English used in WA by Australian Associated Press

    3 November Central Queensland Indigenous elder's mission for grandchildren to speak fluent Darumbal complete by Inga Stünzner ABC News

    2 November Kannadhasan Cultural Awards sustain the Tamil language Phoenix Sun

    1 November How do you revive a language if tribal elders don't want you to? By Jenni Monet PRI

    1 November Wiradyuri lessons for students at Bathurst West Public School by Nadine Morton Western Advocate

  • October 2016

    31 October Guam to open Chamorro language school Radio New Zealand

    31 October Indigenous Languages, Migration, and Multilingualism in Fall 2016 Canadian Poetry Special Feature by K.T. Billey Asymptote

    30 October Adults shamed from speaking indigenous languages hold key to revival, survival by Dirk Meissner Toronto Metro

    29 October $2.5 Million Funding Available for Native American Language Preservation, Maintenance by Myra Tugade Targeted News Service

    28 October Tribal Education: The Rigidity of the Written Word Hard News Media

    28 October Promoting language classes on Akwesasne by Todd Hambleton Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

    28 October Mohawk tribal survey to help strengthen Kanien’ké:ha/Mohawk Language Native News Online

    28 October Revitalizing campus spaces with Indigenous language, art by Anne Craig Queen’s Gazette

    28 October Nigeria: Before Indigenous Languages Go Extinct All Africa

    28 October This message is brought to you in a language you may not understand by Gina Fairley Arts Hub

    28 October Irish language education strategy in Gaeltacht areas launched by Éanna Ó Caollaí Irish Times

    28 October The diversity of Native American languages by Mike Dunn Sheridan Press

    28 October Maori language exponents set to shine at national awards by Deena Coster Taranaki Daily News

    27 October Banting fellows shed light on Indigenous language, orca survival UVic News

    27 October Chamorro language immersion program approved by Haidee V Eugenio Pacific Daily News

    27 October CSKT Language Summit brings together tribes with unified mission by B.L. Azure Char-Koosta News

    27 October Tribal Language School Wins $890,000 Grant by Sam Houghton Mashpee Enterprise

    27 October Unlocking the Creole mystery! Seychelles launches research institute to create awareness of Creole origin, identity by Sharon Uranie Seychelles Newsagency

    27 October Meskwaki language project commenced by Ana Lopez Luther College Chips

    27 October Language recovery effort buoys the Miami tribe by Kobi Levin The Joplin Globe

    27 October Google hands out more than $5m to Australian not-for-profits for innovation by Alison Branley ABC News

    27 October First Nations Development Institute Awards $432,000 to Support 24 Native Youth Programs EIN News

    26 October Breathing life back into language National Science Foundation

    26 October Aboriginal radio station to revive K'omoks language by Deborah Wilson CBC News

    26 October Nunavut student allegedly punished for speaking Inuktitut, says MLA by Elise Skura CBC News

    26 October The plight of the regional languages by Saad Shaukrat Chaudhry Daily Times

    26 October Non-overlapping magisteria by Isa Kelley Bowman The Guam Daily Post

    26 October Indigenous arts take centre stage in Wesley Enoch's first Sydney Festival by Andrew Taylor The Sydney Morning Herald

    25 October In a Disney First, 'Moana' Will Be Translated Into Tahitian Language by Katie Roberts Moviefone

    25 October Why We Should Preserve Our Minority Languages by Adam Manuel The Huffington Post

    25 October Biripi traditional language immersion day at Saltwater Wingham Chronicle

    25 October Exhibition will highlight B.C.’s native languages by Tracey Herbert Times Colonist

    25 October Maintain integrity of native languages, races – Ewon Borneo Post

    25 October The death of regional languages by Taj Nabi Khan The Nation

    25 October Tokelauan leader asks parents to use language more in homes Radio New Zealand

    25 October Survival of a language starts in the home - Tokelauan leader Radio New Zealand

    25 October Indigenous dictionary project aims to keep endangered languages alive by James Tindale The Australian

    24 October The sound of lost languages by Fran Kelly ABC Radio

    24 October The English Language's Roots in Native American Vocabulary by Charity Nebbe and Diviin Huff Iowa Public Radio

    24 October Language endangerment in multilingual Indonesia by Sujardin Syarifudden The Jakarta Post

    24 October Shark Bay traditional owners sing in language not heard for decades by Chris Lewis and Leah McLennan ABC News

    24 October Grade 8 student tells federal minister he teaches indigenous language course by The Canadian Press Lethbridge Herald

    24 October Grade 8 B.C. student tells minister he teaches Indigenous language course by Dirk Meissner CBC News

    23 October Aboriginal educator questions State Government language revitalisation program by Carla Mascarenhas ABC News

    23 October Neto's Tucson: Preserving O'odham language, culture though children's books by Ernesto Portillo Jr. Tucson

    22 October Governor inaugurates All India Santali Writers’ Conference by Jamshedpur The Avenue Mail

    21 October Elders encourage youth to learn Inupiaq by Shady Grove Oliver The Arctic Sounder

    21 October Bucknell Team Works to Revitalize Lakota Language and Culture by Matthew Beltz Bucknell University

    21 October David Bowie songs being performed in Irish at Dún Laoghaire gig by Shane Harrison BBC News

    21 October Sensual performance brings to life The (Post) Mistress’s beautiful vision by J. Kelly Nestruck The Globe and Mail

    21 October Nunavut Inuit org asks MLAs to reconsider proposed education act reforms by Nunatsiaq News

    21 October Reconciliation takes centre stage at CYFN debate by Pierre Chauvin Yukon News

    21 October Larry Kimura by KAPA Radio Big Island Now

    21 October Niuean community looks to youth to revive language by Indira Stewart Radio New Zealand

    21 October At AFN, Native educators share vision of profound change and tribal schools by Lisa Demer Alaska Dispatch News

    21 October Ecuador Workshop Connects Digital Activists for the Good of the Kichwa Language On the Internet by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    20 October What Indian language Wikipedias can do for greater open access in India by Subhashish Panigrahi Your Story

    20 October Oba Ewuare II calls for inclusion of Edo language, history in schools’ curriculum Nigerian Observer News

    20 October Respecting languages by Taj Nabi Khan The News International

    19 October Objection to proposal for recognition of Kuki Tribal Dialect by James Haokip E-Pao

    19 October Interactive Story Brings Life to Endangered Languages by admin34 Language Magazine

    19 October Honouring our Indigenous people’s land and language by Stephanie Rogers Dal News

    19 October School transition made easier with the help of Little J and Big Cuz by Rebecca Vukovic Teacher Magazine

    19 October Foundation launches million-dollar plan to record Australia's songlines by Claire Slattery ABC News

    18 October A Royal tech connect by Frances Learment Shoreline Beacon

    17 October How Climate Change Threatens Endangered Languages and Cultures by Alison Kroulek k-international

    17 October World's First Indigenous Poetry Festival Launches in Mexico Telesur

    17 October The Last of the Mayans: Preserving Chiapas’ Indigenous Languages in the 21st Century by Jordan Bazak Council on Hemispheric Affairs

    17 October Douglas Adams' Babel fish translator concept close to reality as language applications get smarter by Malcolm Sutton ABC News

    17 October Revival of endangered aboriginal language empowers speakers in Yukon by Justin Giovannetti The Globe and Mail

    16 October Alaskan city votes to take traditional Iñupiat Eskimo name The Guardian

    15 October Alaska town votes to change to native name

    15 October Man helps revive lost Miami Native American language by Mary Mogan Edwards The Columbus Dispatch

    14 October How the Miami Tribe got its language back by Carol Zall PRI

    14 October Converting local dialects into language to educate children Shruti Tomar Hindustan Times

    14 October Some People Really Do Whistle While They Work – Here’s Why Science Blog

    14 October Salish School plans revolutionary approach with $1 million grant by Eli Francovich The Spokesman-Review

    14 October Mino-akking, Mahn-a-waukke: What's the Origin of the Word 'Milwaukee'? By Bonnie Petrie WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio

    14 October Indigenous People’s day Celebration seeks to revitalize culture, relationships by Kassandra Tuten Herald Review

    13 October Salish School awarded $1 million to teach teens native language The Spokesman-Review

    13 October A Language Revived by Kelsey Anne Rankin Eugene Weekly

    13 October That’s not all folks, as Maldon Folk Festival festival branches out Bendigo Advertiser

    13 October PDP launches four indigenous language twitter handles Today

    13 October My grandmother’s lingo - electronic musician Kuren on maintaining indigenous language on Life Matters by Cassie McCullagh ABC Radio

    12 October Education Self-Determination Superstars: Cochiti Pueblo Takes On Language-Learning by Lyla June Johnston Indian Country Today Media Network

    12 October A Nigerian woman has turned to YouTube to keep her native language alive by Yomi Kazeem Quartz Africa

    12 October Unconquered and Unconquerable: The Race to Save a Language by Kate Hayes Hot Toddy

    12 October Bilingual education battle revived in Proposition 58 by Sharon Noguchi East Bay Times

    10 October 'Igbos are no longer proud of their language' - Actor by Ayodele Johnson Pulse

    10 October Salish Speakers Hope Phone App Can Help Preserve Their Language by Nicky Ouellet Montana Public Radio

    10 October Renewed Sapsik'ʷałá grant supports tribal education by Cody Pinkston University of Oregon

    10 October October 10 launches the City of Grand Rapid’s second annual Indigenous People’s Day celebration Herald Review

    10 October Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day With Rapper Frank Waln’s Anthemic “7” by Braudie Blais-Billie Fader

    10 October Focus on endangered languages by Matt Pickles Oxford Arts Blog

    10 October What does Indigenous People's Day mean to you? by Caroline Chamberlain and Bill Radke

    9 October COLUMN: Don't celebrate Columbus by Kaitlynn Milvert Indiana Daily Student

    9 October UOG to host Chamorro language-only candidate forum by Shawn Raymundo Pacific Daily News

    8 October RGU conducts workshop on Tangam language documentation The Aranuchal Times

    7 October Hmong, Punjabi language classes planned for Central High by Andrea Castillo The Fresno Bee

    7 October Google Noto Fonts: Google Open Sources Typeface Family That Covers More Than 800 Languages by Horia Ungureanu Tech Times

    7 October Voices from The Front Lines in Standing Rock V.2: Alayna Eagle Shield and Educating a New Generation of Revolutionaries by Gyasi Ross Indian Country Today Media Network

    7 October Google Noto is a font with every language in human history by James Walker Digital Journal

    6 October Language important to Blackfoot culture by J.W. Schnarr Leftbridge Herald

    6 October How Determination And Technology Are Fostering The Chickasaw Language's Rebirth by Robin Young & Karyn Miller-Medzon KOSU

    6 October 'Language is a gift': Elders hold key to preserving Indigenous languages CBC News

    6 October Doris McLemore, Last Fluent Wichita Speaker, Walks On by Brian Daffron Indian Country Media Network

    6 October Stunning animated game helps teach endangered Aboriginal language by Ariel Bogle Mashable

    6 October What is language extinction and why should we care? Lauren Johnson NITV

    6 October Bevacqua: Breathe life into Chamorro language by Michael Lujan Bevacqua Pacific News Daily

    6 October Taking Indigenous languages online: can they be seen, heard and saved? by Greg Dickson The Conversation

    6 October First Australian Indigenous-language video game offers new platform for ancient culture by Penny Travers ABC News

    6 October What is My Grandmother's Lingo? NITV

    5 October Govt to promote all native languages: Ghani Dawn

    5 October Young Aussies Are Preserving Indigenous Language In The Coolest Way by Julia Naughton The Huffington Post

    5 October Before Our Local Languages Go Extinct… by Linus Akpan The Tide News

    5 October How one of America’s oldest languages landed in Denzel Washington’s latest film by Hannah Allam The News & Observer

    4 October How universities can use language as a force for fundamental change The Conversation

    4 October Boundless Together: Helping a language from getting lost Wisconsin Idea

    4 October Standing Rock Protestors Speak On Panel, Advocate Against Dakota Access Pipeline by Antonella Nicholas Flat Hat News

    4 October Can this Cambridge business save endangered languages from extinction? Cambridge News

    3 October Fairbanks couple reflects on lifetime devoted to study of Alaska Native cultures by Max Buxton News Miner

    3 October New Zealand launches Fijian Language Week Radio New Zealand

    3 October 'House of Learning:' Northern B.C. university unveils new sign in Indigenous language by Andrew Kurjata CBC News

    2 October Native apps: How digital technology is helping to preserve fading Native American languages Alli Joseph Salon

    1 October Last of the Yaaku; saving East Africa's endangered tribe by Sam Charo Blasting News

    1 October N.W.T. man behind nearly 300 Indigenous language books retiring by Mark Rendell CBC News

    1 October Yawanawá tribe members try to save cultural heritage through concerts by Nancy Flores Austin American-Statesman

  • September 2016

    30 September Community Coordination Program Demonstrates Possibilities of Instruction in Native Languages by Colleen Billiot U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

    30 September The survival of Australia's endangered languages – an audio-photo essay The Guardian Australia

    30 September Tlingit elders recall forced boarding school history, language suppression by Clara Miller Juneau Empire

    30 September Nama dictionary launched to help revive language by Ulrich Hendriks SABC

    29 September Can Facebook save endangered languages? By Seth Fiegerman CNN

    29 September Quechua classes give students a look into indigenous culture by Brian Zhong The Daily Pennsylvanian

    28 September Language Opportunities at SOAS University of London by SOAS University of London Asian Correspondent

    27 September Royals urged to push Canada on indigenous solution by Dirk Meissner and Laura Kane The Canadian Press

    27 September How to preserve Indigenous languages for the next generation by Patricia Treble Macleans

    27 September Video game offers new life to ancient Indigenous language ABC Radio

    26 September From Making Videos to Digital Activism: Learning Experiences in the Mískitu and Mayangna Languages by LaToya Hinton Rising Voices

    26 September Good response to Beaver language session by Svjetlana Mlinarevic Daily Herald Tribune

    26 September Bethel schools get $1.5M language proficiency grant News Miner

    25 September Let’s end English obsession by Enock Shishenge News24

    24 September 'Recognise mother tongue education' call Daily Express

    24 September How Technology Can Save Rapidly Dying Languages by Joshua A. Krisch Vocativ

    24 September Forget Spadina Road, it's Ishpadinaa: Toronto street signs highlight indigenous history by Gilbert Ngabo Toronto Metro News

    23 September Chickasaw language takes OKC Civic Center stage Oct. 7 The Ada News

    23 September Prince William and Kate to deliver book written in rare native tongue to indigenous children by Allan Woods The Star

    22 September Lower Kuskokwim School District gets language proficiency grant by Charles Enoch KTVA Alaska

    22 September Teaching the 'lost language'; New teacher of the Ojibwe Learning and Native American Culture class is all about the students by Mattie Hjelseth DL Online

    22 September RUTAS Festival brings Shakespeare with a twist to Toronto by May Warren Metro News

    22 September Native American Linguist Wins $625,000 ‘Genius Grant’ Language Magazine

    21 September Language quality continues to rise – Manu Kōrero Judge by Dean Nathan Maori Television

    21 September Keeping our linguistic diversity alive Dhaka Tribune

    21 September Mother tongue powerful tool for learning — Adenan Borneo Post

    20 September Emojis Created for and by Indigenous Peoples in Latin America by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    20 September Only seven people in the world speak this Kenyan language—and now they are trying to save it by Lily Kuo Quartz Africa

    20 September The Importance of Preserving and Promoting Languages: A Liberal Arts Perspective by Michael Zimmerman Huffington Post

    19 September U.S. Department of Education Awards Nearly $3 Million to Provide Effective Instruction, Support for Native American, Alaska Native Children who are English Learner Students U.S Department of Education

    19 September Oneida Nation of the Thames council eyes saving language by Jennifer O’Brien London Free Press

    19 September First English-Ojibwa bilingual school in Manitoba by Ligia Braidotti Winnipeg Free Press

    18 September MSU granted $1.2 million to teach less-common languages by Brigid Kennedy The State News

    17 September One of last speakers of Cd’A language dies CDA Press

    17 September Goulburn Art Gallery is Speaking Colours Aboriginal Art Directory

    16 September Residential school survivor Michael Cachagee reflects on bid to strip children of mother tongue, culture by Patricia Baker

    16 September Moose Cree in Context: First Nation overcomes funding challenges, rethinks language revitalization by Lauren Wildgoose Intercontinental Cry

    16 September Tata Steel's efforts to promote tribal language appreciated Money Control

    15 September Tribe receives language curriculum grant Tahlequah Daily Press

    15 September Speaking Colour’s exhibition, a celebration of Aboriginal culture by Mariam Koslay Goulburn Post

    15 September Nisenan Rock Opera 'Something Inside Is Broken' to Commence Three-State Tour on September 22 by Frances Madeson Indian Country Today

    15 September There's a massive artwork in the Botanic Gardens right now by Dee Jefferson Timeout

    14 September Visitors from Hawaii Help Ojibwe School by Zach Richie Fox 21KQDS14 September Visitors from Hawaii Help Ojibwe School by Zach Richie Fox 21 KQDS

    14 September The Loss of Language by Max Leighton Pacific Standard

    13 September Juneau organization to launch Native language program News Miner

    13 September Sealaska Heritage Institute Releases Tlingit Language and Games Apps by ICTMN Staff Indian Country Today Media Network

    13 September Jerrinja Exposed - A Creative Project set to launch in Nowra South Coast Register

    13 September The painstaking work of translating Alaska's ballot into Native languages by Devin Kelly Alaska Dispatch News

    12 September Grant funds expansion of 3-year language revitalization program — and ‘a whole different worldview’ by Lakeidra Chavis KTOO Public Media

    12 September Oneida language immersion program approved for funding by Jennifer O’Brien London Free Press

    12 September Saving a language, culture by Svjetlana Minarevic Daily Herald Tribune

    11 September Learning the Anishinabe language brings sisters together by Martha Troian CBC Radio

    10 September Bolivia Prepares Literacy Programs in 36 Indigenous Languages Telesur

    9 September Countering the claims about Australia’s Aboriginal number systems by Claire Bowern The Conversation

    9 September Language issues continue to mar schools The Times

    9 September Akwa Ibom cultural pageant receives boost World Stage Group

    9 September Tongan MC keeps the language alive by Indira Stewart Radio New Zealand

    9 September How These Indigenous Rappers Are Using Hip-Hop To Preserve Their Language by Carolina Moreno The Huffington Post

    8 September Endangered Vanuatu language stays mobile Radio New Zealand

    8 September Tlingit linguist Lance Twitchell receives Judson L. Brown award by Mike Dunham

    8 September Indigenous literacy: desert blooms with natural storytellers by Emily Ritchie The Australian

    7 September Kerala Man on a Mission to Create Dictionary of Adivasi Dialects by Haritha John The Quint

    6 September We talk in Wubuy but children reply in Kriol – Numbulwar school on a language rescue mission by Helen Davidson The Guardian

    6 September Facebook’s Addition of Hausa Language to Options Sets Precedent by Caroline Theuri Face2Face Africa

    5 September Doyon Foundation receives language revitalization grant News Miner

    5 September Q&A: Shakespeare's Sonnet 127 Was Read In An Indigenous Language And It Was Awesome by Emily Brooks Huffington Post

    5 September Quebec's first off-reserve Indigenous school opens in Saguenay by Elysha Enos CBC News

    5 September Indigenous family bans English to preserve culture by Lynn Desjardins Radio Canada International

    5 September Ngaya Ngyamitjimitang. This is all I can say in my own language, and it is painful for me by Jakelin Troy The Guardian

    4 September Battle to save Yoruba language by Sina Fadare The Nation

    3 September Call for trainee teachers to learn native language by Kalesi Mele Fiji Times

    3 September Ya pulingina. Bringing these words to life is an extension of our identity by Monica Tan The Guardian

    3 September Pakana woman Fanny Cochrane Smith speaking her Indigenous language in 1899 The Guardian

    2 September Why I’m on a Mission to Save Endangered Languages by Tribalingual Glossy News

    2 September Saving Secwepemctsin: There’s an app for that by Andrea Klassen KTW

    2 September Cultural card game revives Indigenous Pilbara language by Tangiora Hinaki ABC News

    2 September Introducing 'Noongarpedia' – Australia's first Indigenous Wikipedia by Monica Tan The Guardian

    1 September Sun’aq Tribe to open Alutiiq immersion school for children by Kayla Desroches KTOO Public Media

    1 September New apps help people learn Alaska Native language News Miner

    1 September The Remarkable Diversity Of Queens, As Seen Through Its Disappearing Languages by Meg Miller Co.Design

    1 September Yamandhu marang? Language does not belong to people, it belongs to country by Monica Tan  The Guardian

  • August 2016

    31 August Winnipeg school to make history with Ojibwa, Cree bilingual classes by CBC News

    31 August Australia Aboriginal MP Gives Maiden Speech in Native Language Telesur

    31 August SHI releases first Tlingit language game app by Capital City Weekly Juneau Empire

    31 August If language tells us who we are, then who am I? Stan Grant The Guardian

    31 August Waking our sleeping Indigenous languages: 'we're in the midst of a resurgence' by Helen Davidson The Guardian

    30 August The Race to Study a Dying Sign Language Before It Disappears by Shira Rubin Science of Us

    30 August New research suggests cell phones are helping save endangered languages by Damian George Stuff

    30 August Will These African Languages be Lost forever? By Mako Muzenda UN Dispatch

    30 August Making sense of 187 Philippine languages: An apology for the background noise by Kabel Mishka Ligot CNN Philippines

    29 August It takes a whole lot of people to ensure a language’s survival by Amjad Hussain The Blade

    28 August Song, dance and storytelling at October Jamestown Powwow by WYDaily Staff Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

    28 August Moriori fight to save language News Hub

    26 August Preserving languages and cultures in India: The birth of the Tulu Wikipedia by Subhashish Panigrahi Open Source

    26 August Gwich’in language revitalization campaign starts on facebook by Iman Kassam National News

    26 August Rapa Nui director seeks to preserve legends by Te Kāea Maori Television

    26 August Is Konkani one of the 7k languages under threat? Goa News Online

    26 August Tribes to learn in native tongue The Hindu

    26 August When poetry transcends languages by Kennith Rossario The Hindu

    24 August A Cape Verdean-English dictionary by Yawu Miller Bay State Banner

    24 August Native language teaching fails to impress Tharu community by Durgalal KC Kathmandu Post

    24 August 'Extinction rate of languages twice that of mammals' Times of India

    24 August Push to revive indigenous languages at school by Warren Thomson Daily Telegraph

    24 August WA linguist welcomes Indigenous words in Australian National Dictionary by Hayley Roman ABC News

    24 August ILCA receives $1 million, 3-year grant by Cary Rosenbaum Tribal Tribune

    23 August New National Dictionary a 'biography' of Australian English SBS News

    23 August How technology and education can help preserve aboriginal languages by Gregg Thurlbeck TVO

    23 August Australian dictionary releases new edition with more Indigenous words SBS News

    23 August Do you know a Bunji from a Boorie? Meet our dictionary’s new Indigenous words by Bruce Moore The Conversation

    22 August Fed chief Kashkari turns attention to American Indian economic struggles by Adam Belz Star Tribune

    22 August OUR VIEW: Explore proposal for Chamorro immersion school program Pacific Daily News

    22 August French and English are great. What about all the other languages of Canada? by Colin Ellis TVO

    22 August Interest in Hindi, Urdu poetry picks up after actors recite verse on social media by Anandi Mishral Times of India

    21 August Pen in Hand: Go Native Day: don't miss a chance to experience Native California culture by Jon Hammond Tehachapi News

    20 August Disha Patani learnt an endangered tribal language for ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’ Times of India

    19 August Filipino community celebrates National Language Month by Mary Achkhanian Gulf News

    19 August Language assistance provisions enacted in western Alaska and the Arctic by Molly Dischner KOLG Radio

    19 August App to preserve First Nations language unveiled this weekend by Marianne Meadahl SFU News

    19 August Early childhood Native language immersion develops minds, revitalizes cultures by Rob Grunewald Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

    18 August How a headmaster is trying to save an ancient language by Alexis Xydias Christian Science Monitor

    18 August A new generation of Canadians are learning this language, and not all of them are tribal members by Alina Simone PRI

    18 August Opinion: Dreaming of a day when indigenous languages are protected and honoured by Ry Moran Vancouver Sun

    17 August Khelsilem embraces indigenous languages as a way to decolonize young minds by Charlie Smith The Georgia Straight

    17 August KTEI and Canadore launch Ontario’s first Anishinabemowin immersion ECE program by Michael Erskine Manitoulin Expositor

    17 August Native tribal members working together on keeping ancestral language alive by Ryan Yadao Kima TV

    16 August Ichishkíin instructors gather in Toppenish to share and compare efforts to teach native language by Tammy Ayer Yakima Herald

    16 August Wikang Pambansa by Alfredo N. Mendoza V Manila Bulletin

    16 August Heritage University hosting gathering of Ichishkíin (Sahaptin) teachers today by Tammy Ayer Yakima Herald

    16 August Tribal elder shares language at museum by Linda Sappington Valley Journal

    16 August Malawi Government Calls For Preservation Of Culture by Kelvin Tembo Capital Radio Malawi

    15 August Chamorro immersion program ensures Guam's language isn't lost by Isa Baza Kaum News

    15 August Last fluent Sto:lo speaker's language 'lives within her' by Glenda Luymes Vancouver Sun

    15 August What was the first name for grasswrens? by Chris Watson Crikey

    14 August Learning to love the language by Kehaulani Cerizo Maui News

    13 August Language lost with the passing of ‘great elder’ Tommy George by Michael McKenna The Australian

    13 August Community mourns loss of Tommy George Sr. Sky News

    12 August Election prep underway with a focus on Native languages by Molly Dischner Bristol Bay Times

    12 August Prevent loss of ethnic languages, says Yap Daily Express

    12 August Sikkim: Move to preserve endangered Lepcha language initiated by Yougan Tamang The Northeast Today

    12 August Language in the classroom Otago Daily Times

    11 August Bid to save South African tongue on verge of extinction by Shu’eib Hassen Anadolu Post

    11 August Tribal bodies demand belt protection by AT Kokrajhar Bureau Assam Times

    11 August Documentation of ethnic languages needs to continue: Mary Yap The Sun Daily

    11 August Bid to save South African tongue on verge of extinction by Shu’eib Hassen Anadolu Agency

    11 August Indigenous meanings of Australian town names by Sophie Verass NITV

    10 August Australia’s Frank Yamma paints pictures in song by Alexander Varty The Georgia Straight

    10 August The race to save a dying language by Ross Perlin The Guardian

    10 August U.N. Calls For ‘Culturally And Linguistically Appropriate’ Education for Indigenous People by Laurel Raymond Think Progress

    9 August The words left unspoken by Danielle Warren News Miner

    9 August Dene Nahjo: Land, language, and culture forever Tides Canada

    9 August Message on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Scoop Media

    9 August How Do You Save A Language Before It Dies? by Daniel Beauregard The Daily Good

    8 August CSUF exhibit explores endangered alphabets -- experts say there's hope to save some by Matthew Ormseth Orange County Register

    8 August With fewer than 400 speakers, can the Gwich'in language survive? CBC News

    8 August JMM wants official language status for Ho The Times of India

    8 August Native Language Instructors Program recognizes new grads by Rick Garrick Wawatay News

    7 August Why being bilingual works wonders for your brain by Gaia Vince The Guardian

    7 August Carolyn Cooper | Language Lessons From Haiti by Carolyn Cooper The Gleaner

    7 August Tribal storytellers vanishing along with tribal languages in Odisha by Satyasundar Barik The Hindu

    7 August Could the Basques teach us how to boost Welsh? by Hywel Trewyn Daily Post

    6 August India’s 23rd regional Wikipedia, in Tulu, goes live by IANS The Indian Express

    6 August Language translations improve farmworker health care by Jeff Mitchell The Californian

    6 August NICO to commence language programme The Nation Newspaper

    6 August Spreading a love of cultural learning by Claudia Jambor Coffs Coast Advocate

    4 August This woman is saving a dying language for her kids by Kate Walters and Bill Radke

    4 August Lushootseed Language Institute officially begins at UWT by Matt Nagle The Fife Free Press

    4 August Choir works to save indigenous music Mexico News Daily

    4 August Taiwan to Protect Indigenous Languages by admin34 Language Magazine

    4 August Indigenous people insist on equality of all rights by Rizwy Raheem Daily News

    3 August Thomas Jefferson, paradox: Exhibit shows him as scientist and imperialist by Stephan Salisbury The Inquirer

    3 August Learning Southeast’s indigenous languages by Sam Degrave Capital City Weekly

    3 August JKAACL organises intra cultural meet to promote regional languages Daily Excelsior

    3 August Ethnic language and English medium education by Siddhanta Phuyal Republica

    2 August Hauraki reo exponent endorses Pania Papa for Te Mātāwai by Mānia Clarke Maori Television

    2 August Indonesia’s Ethnic Languages at the Risk of Extinction: Ministry by Jihan Risviani Jakarta Globe

    2 August Barngarla language app by Matt Carcich The Transcontinental Port Augusta

    2 August Why I'm learning Cherokee, the first language of our landscape by Dale Neal Citizen Times

    1 August NICO: 2016 Indigenous Language Programme Begins,’Morrow The Tide

    1 August Education Policy: Distortion, dishonesty by Centre is worrying by Nandini Krishnan Sify News

    1 August Taiwan's president expresses 'deepest apologies' for government's decades of abuse against indigenous people by Ralph Jennings Los Angeles Times

  • July 2016

    31 July Crow immersion camp hopes to revive a threatened Native American language by Amy Martin NPR

    31 July Rap music used to preserve Maya language in the Yucatan Peninsula The Yucatan Times

    30 July Voices of the Himalayas Endangered Languages Alliance

    29 July Develop basic infrastructure for tribal, regional languages in varsities: Governor The Avenue Mail

    28 July MSU center hosts conference to support efforts to revitalize endangered indigenous languages by Anne Cantrell Montana State University

    28 July Language is vital to First Nation identity by Trent Fox Cochrane Eagle

    28 July Meet the last native speakers of Hawaiian by Nina Porzucki PRI

    28 July Meetei Mayek text books for Class XI to be introduced The Sangai Express

    28 July India rapidly losing its languages by Gudipati Rajendera Kumar The Hans India

    27 July In Corsica, an effort to revitalize the local language – and a national identity by Elizabeth Bryant The Christian Science Monitor

    27 July Speaking Guaraní, Don Quixote Rides into Paraguay by Mat Youkee Americas Quarterly

    27 July 'Chamorro Words with Caleb': YouTube channel teaches language by Lacee A.C. Martinez Pacific Daily News

    27 July Siyafunda: One man’s dream to make learning isiZulu beautiful and easy by Antoinette Muller Daily Maverick

    27 July South Dakota Delegates Handed Hillary Clinton The Nomination. That Matters. By Madhuri Sathish

    27 July Digital native media inform and empower rural and indigenous communities in Latin America by Yenibel Ruiz Journalism in the Americas Blog

    27July St. Regis Tribe donates $100K to Akwesasne Freedom School Press Republican

    26 July New languages to be added to Indigenous language revival project Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs News

    25 July Cree comes alive at First Nations University of Canada by Kerry Benjoe Regina Leader-Post

    25 July Tribal member named NACF Fellow by Scott Mckie B.P Cherokee One Feather

    25 July CE Te Mangai Paho, John Bishara on Paakiwaha

    25 July Learn Telugu alphabets through ‘Cool slate’ The Hindu

    22 July Technology Creates New Opportunities For Language Revitilization by Allison Herrera KOSU

    22 July Spreading the charm of regional languages by V Sateesh Reddy The Hans India

    22 July Lobby groups satisfied with ruling over UFS language policy by Thando Kubheka Eyewitness News

    22 July Taiwan’s Extinct Siraya Language Returns to Life by ZiQing Low The News Lens International

    21 July Indian Canyon storytelling gathering honors history of local, native peoples by Dillon Rawlings Benito Link

    21 July WATCH: Herman Lookout On Revitalizing The Osage Language by Allison Herrera KOSU

    21 July N.B. needs immersion-style language education for First Nations students by Oscar Baker III CBC News

    21 July Native Storytelling by Justin Franz Flathead Beacon

    21 July One Children's Song, Translated Into Australia's Many Local Languages Global Voices

    19 July Smithsonian’s New Book Highlights Efforts To Sustain Indigenous Languages in Latin America Smithsonian News Desk

    19 July Koori language brought to life at Melton West Primary School by Sumayya Ilanbey Star Weekly

    19 July Ojibwe immersion camp keeps language alive by Carmel Kilkenny Radio Canada International

    19 July Halifax man honoured for efforts to preserve Indigenous languages by Sarah Peterson CBC News

    19 July Cultural project has sights on Indigenous suicide by Blade Grzelka Bunbury Mail

    18 July John Klein: Native Americans in baseball go back more than a century by John Klein Tulsa World

    17 July Revitalisation of Indigenous Languages, Through Mike Parkhill of SayITFirst, Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division) PR Rocket

    17 July Nearly 20 Years in the Making, Dictionary Awakens Mutsun Language by Frank Perez Benito Link

    17 July A lifeline for Nigeria’s dying languages by Joe Agbro Jr. The Nation

    15 July Admissions program focuses on cultural identity by Jen Zettel US Today Network

    15 July Language Keeper: The last fluent speaker of Stó:lō’s Indigenous dialect in race against time by Cara McKenna APTN National News

    15 July Akwesasne Mohawk vets part of Sept. honor flight by Denise A. Raymo Press Republican

    14 July The tide is turning for Te Reo Maori by Te Atarangi Whiu NZ Herald

    14 July First Nations languages, identity and happiness by Warren Harbeck Cochrane Eagle

    14 July How SFU and First Nations Keep Endangered Languages Alive by Christopher Cheung The Tyee

    14 July Te Atarangi Whiu: The tide is turning for Te Reo Maori by Te Atarangi Whiu New Zealand Herald

    13 July How SFU and First Nations Keep Endangered Languages Alive by Christopher Cheung The Tyee

    13 July As an indigenous language, isiZulu adds up by Makhosi Khoza IOL

    13 July UNESCO and endangered Igbo language (Part 2) by Chuma Uwechia Nigeria Today

    12 July UNESCO and endangered Igbo language (Part 1) by Chuma Uwechia Nigeria Today

    12 July Te Reo a treasure by Tom O’Connor Waikato Times

    12 July First Nations youth attend Feathers of Hope forum to take steps forward in revitalizing their culture and identity Montreal Gazette

    12 July Peru highlights intercultural bilingual education by Flor Bojorquez Living in Peru

    11 July Canadian Media Colonialism and the revitalization of Indigenous Languages by John Ahni Schertow IC Magazine

    11 July UVic Indigenous language program comes to the University of Saskatchewan CBC News

    11 July Canada: Indigenous Anglicans outline features of ‘confederacy’ by André Forget episcopal news service

    11 July Prez bats for taking Indian language lit to world audience Business Standard

    11 July Native American students explore Aboriginal cultures with Sydney's Eora College in study tour by Amanda Hoh ABC News

    11 July Lakota teacher shows how language, experience, education transmit culture by Harold Reutter The Grand Island Independent

    11 July Academic pleas for Vanuatu to save languages RNZ

    11 July Kalani Queypo on his iconic ‘Saints & Strangers’ role by Brittany Frederick Hidden Remote

    11 July Preserving Yakama tribal language from extinction a priority for local educators by Tammy Ayer Yakima Herald

    10 July Indigenous Calgarians struggle to find their cultural identity by James Wilt CBC News

    10 July Africa: Conference on Africa’s indigenous knowledge systems holds at Abraka by Florence Utor All Africa

    9 July How publishing Igbo books kept us afloat – Chikezie Chiedu by Nathaniel Bivan Daily Trust

    9 July How do we get Indigenous children to succeed in school? By Natasha Boddy The Canberra Times

    8 July Open source effort gives indigenous language an official typeface CIS

    8 July Songlines: the Indigenous memory code by Lynne Malcolm and Olivia Willis Radio National

    8 July ‘Talking Dictionary’ transmits language of Japan's indigenous Ainu people Global Voices

    8 July Treasure our native tongue by Rosie Dawson-Hewes Rotorua Daily Post

    8 July Funds to teach local language by Jamieson Murphy The Northern Daily Leader

    8 July Andrew Dickens: It's time for kids leaving school to know Maori by Andrew Dickens Newstalk ZB

    8 July Professor confirms more indigenous languages will die by Len Garae Vanuatu Daily Post

    7 July Governor Aregbesola renews advocacy for use of mother tongues in schools Information Nigeria

    7 July ‘A nation without language is a nation without heart’: the Welsh case for compulsory te reo in schools by Paul Brislen The Spinoff

    7 July what it's really like to be a native american teen today by Emanuel Vigil I-D

    7 July Calls to make te reo compulsory by Greg Taipari Sun Media

    7 July Hearing on transitional justice for Aborigines held by Jason Pan Taipei Times

    6 July Intellectuals worried over dying languages; seminar held in Tripura University The Sentinel

    6 July NAIDOC 2016: School leads language revival after student prompts search for Indigenous teacher by Clare Rawlinson ABC

    6 July New app turns your phone keyboard into indigenous alphabet by Spencer Gowan My Prince George Now

    6 July NAIDOC Week: How elders are reviving Aboriginal language through children's songs by Amanda Hoh ABC News

    6 July Te reo tips aimed at encouraging rangatahi to use Maori language by Deena Costa Taranaki Daily News

    6 July Backyard banter: Let's celebrate Maori language by Jamie Wall Auckland NOW

    5 July Native song and dance returns to Glacier by Sarah Dettmer Great Falls Tribune

    5 July 'I find myself signing off my emails in Te Reo' - Irish student an unexpected Maori Language Week advocate TVNZ

    5 July The Enduring Bond Between Nationhood and Language by Dafna Strauss CJN

    5 July Lost in translation: Leading the Bunganditj language revival by Kate Hill ABC News

    5 July Corey Theatre Keeps Traditional Language Alive by Katie Spain Broadsheet

    5 July Preserving Aboriginal languages

    5 July What is happening to Kashmiri language? by Umar Mushtaq Kashmir Reader

    5 July 'Unrealistic' portrayal of African languages in local TV drama scrutinised Cape Talk

    5 July Ngāruahine Bringing Te Reo to a café near you by Ngaruahine Iwi Scoop

    4 July Documentary series records ancient Indigenous songlines by Rachael Kohn Radio National

    4 July New Facebook tool to translate te reo by Simon Collins NZ Herald

    4 July Knowing Brazilian Indigenous Populations plus55

    4 July 10th Lakȟótiyapi Summer Institute Generates Army of Language Teachers, Learners by Lyla June Johnston Indian Country

    4 July Native Montreal seeks teachers to revive Indigenous languages CBC News

    4 July Student issues te reo Maori challenge to the people of Cambridge by Emma James Waikato Times

    4 July Children source of hope for te reo by Simon Collins NZ Herald

    4 July Inaugural Māori Language Week Parade hits streets of Wellington by Maiki Sherman Newshub.

    4 July Cleverman showcases revival of Australia's Indigenous languages by Liz Keen ABC News

    3 July Tsuut'ina Nation aims to revitalize its language by targeting its children by Drew Anderson, Andrew Brown CBC News

    3 July T-shirts for Sm'algyax by Mary Catherine Martin Capital City Weekly

    3 July Tunica-Biloxi Tribe Holds Culture Camp For Its Youth by Raymond L. Daye Avoyelles Today

    3 July Meet Ganesh Devy, the man who is out to map the world's linguistic diversity by G Seetharaman The Economic Times

    3 July Starting at an Indigenous Place to Interpret Indigenous Cultures by Duane Champagne Indian Country

    2 July David Bly: What’s in a name? An abundance of history by David Bly Times Colonist

    2 July Maori mad Aoife Makes NZ Debut by Olivia Ryan

    1 July Behind Alex Cuba's Canada Day performance in Wit'suwet'in by Andrew Kurjata CBC News

    1 July Maori Language Week a celebration of the indigenous language Taranaki Daily News

    1 July Sign warning of contamination in Rapid Creek 'nonsensical' to Kriol speakers by Xavier La Canna ABC News

    1 July Clamour for chapter on Telangana literature in PhD thesis The Times of India

  • June 2016

    30 June For More Than 100 Years, the U.S. Forced Navajo Students Into Western Schools. The Damage Is Still Felt Today by Luci Tapahonso

    30 June Revitalizing North Dakota's Native Languages KX News

    30 June Revitalizing North Dakota's Native Languages KX News

    30 June From the archive: Paula Simons wrote about a Patricia Demers book project 2012 by Paula Simons Edmonton Journal

    30 June There's a Tibetan dialect called 'Mustang,' and it's staying alive in the US by Alina Simone PRI

    29 June The World in Words live: From Ainu to Zaza by Patrick Cox PRI

    29 June Disenrollment Kills Nooksaack Language Revitalization Program by Frank Hopper Indian Country

    29 June Group works to preserve Karuk language by Sarah Kirby The Siskiyou Daily News

    29 June Last of the native Manchu speakers Straits Times

    29 June Group works to preserve Karuk language by Sarah Kirby Siskiyou Daily News

    29 June The declining power of Babel by Shivam Patel The Hindu

    29 June Saving the Manchu language: 9 critically endangered languages from around the world by Nicole Weers Straits Times

    28 June Animated Video Breathes Life into Indigenous Languages of Mexico Language Magazine

    27 June NT minister gives historic speech in Warlpiri language The New Daily

    25 June Indigenous languages are dying in Canada. Here's how people are trying to save them by Meagan Wohlberg Vice News

    24 June One up for tribal language The Statesman

    23 June Opinion: The slow death of Nigeria’s endangered languages

    23 June High school students explore key issues facing American Indian communities by Susan B. Higgins Princeton University

    23 June 5 ways education could produce a brighter future for Indigenous people by Erin Collins CBC News

    22 June Lessons from South Africa on native languages by Adebayo Adegbembo Bella Naija

    22 June Reconciliation requires an end to constant categorization by Norma Dunning Vue Weekly

    22 June Shifting of teachers takes toll on minority languages The Times of India

    22 June Brexit may threaten the many minority languages of Britain by Nikhil Sonnad Quartz

    21 June CN Tribal Council hosts Tri-Council gathering Tahlequah Daily Press

    21 June New York today: Our disappearing languages by Alexandra S. Levine The New York Times

    21 June Saving an Arctic Indigenous language, child by child by Jane George Nunatsiaq Online

    21 June National Aboriginal Day: The importance of Indigenous culture and learning at U of T by Rachel Halpern University of Toronto

    21 June Writers urged to produce literature in indigenous languages Chronicle

    21 June Innovative app puts Indigenous languages at your fingertips British Columbia Government News

    21 June Pan-Canadian teacher survey shows need for quality resources to infuse Aboriginal perspectives in education CNW

    20 June Language groups support Remain vote Stornoway Gazette

    20 June Stay in the EU or Cornish gets it The Herald

    20 June Let languages shout out your business benefits by gavin O’Toole The Guardian

    20 June Cinema Africa: The ‘Lost Tongue’ filmmakers on rescuing a Southern African language from extinction by Alyssa Klein Okay Africa

    17 June Students bring language back to life by Kate Maxwell Willits News

    17 June African, other indigenous languages must be preserved by Thando Kubheka Eye Witness News

    17 June 'Teaching, not preaching': Crow language instructors learn teaching methods by Matt Hoffman Casper Star Tribune

    17 June Language key to preserving aboriginal culture in Nanaimo by Nicholas Pescod Nanaimo News Bulletin

    16 June More Indigenous language translators needed, say N.W.T. language advocates CBC News

    16 June The oldest inhabitants of South Africa claim their rights by Hossein Karami West Herald

    16 June Ethiopia: Joint effort to utilize Geez language by Tewodros Kassa All Africa

    16 June Aboriginal day celebrated all month by Christine Wood Coast Reporter

    16 June Language key to preserving aboriginal culture in Nanaimo by Nicholas Pescod Nanaimo News Bulletin

    16 June Cultural intelligence takes centre stage Scoop

    16 June Honey ant hunters and Aboriginal culture keepers head bush to revive their language by Nathan Morris ABC News

    15 June Modi sarkar has done India a favour by promoting Hindi as first language by Apoorva Pathak daily O

    15 June Sikkim University to Start PG Courses in Bhutia, Lephcha, Limbo Languages Northeast Today

    15 June From 'Patwa' To Spanish - Lost In Translation by Nadine Muschette The Gleaner

    14 June The first South Africans fight for their rights by Christian Parkinson BBC News

    14 June Indigenous language honoured as children join legendary songwriter Archie Roach on stage by James Dean ABC News

    14 June New documentary highlights how Ladino language in Turkey is on verge of extinction by Nazlan Ertan Hurriyet Daily News

    13 June Languages show way to cohesive societies by Joseph Lo Bianco & Peerasit Kamuansilpa Bangkok Post

    13 June TRC's own report contradicts claim of 'an act of genocide' by Robert MacBain Winnipeg Free Press

    13 June Baby named Sahaiʔa prompts changes to Vital Statistics Act by Hilary Bird CBC News

    13 June Hawaiian-Language Creative Writing Competition Opens to the World by PR Rocket

    13 June Preserving Tribal History In Idaho’s Classrooms by Kevin Richert Ed News

    13 June Jackalope Airs First-ever Ad Entirely in Lakota, Launches Initiative to Preserve the Endangered Language prweb

    13 June Sabha to work for Dimasa language The Assam Tribune

    13 June Crowded Cree language school to expand onto front lawn CBC News

    13 June The Kashmiri Language: A Victim Of Linguistic Politics by Sadaf Munshi The Huffington Post

    13 June Talk of Spanish as an Official ‘Second Language’ Has Jamaicans Asking, What About Patois? By Emma Lewis Global Voices

    13 June These Cultural And Language Summer Camps Immerse Participants Into Indigenous Culture by Samantha Finch Parent Herald

    13 June Jackalope airs first-ever ad entirely in Lakota, launches initiative to preserve the endangered language by Dani Mason Prweb

    12 June Indiana nonprofit fights to save Native American languages The Washington Tribune

    12 June Delaware set to honor language preserver Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

    12 June 5 summer camps that offer chance to connect with Indigenous culture by Oscar Baker CBC

    11 June App allows users to type in indigenous languages TRT World

    11 June Keeping Quinault language alive by Fawn Sharp The Daily World

    11 June Erase a language, murder a culture: North shore Sicilians trying to preserve their endangered language by Faimon A. Roberts The Advocate

    11 June Nambya learners to sit for O'Level exams next year- Dokora by Stephen Jakes Bulawayo

    10 June What’s language got to do with it? By Kevin McGwin Arctic Journal

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    9 June Book on Fula language launched The Point

    9 June Hawaiian language revitalization a model for Alaska by Emily Kwong KCAW

    9 June Chicago's Assyrians Embrace New Technology to Save Ancient Language by Alex Shams Assyrian International News Agency

    8 June How Hawaiian came back from the dead by Alexandria Neason Slate

    8 June How Hawaii is setting an example for Tlingit language learners by Emily Kwong KTOO Public Media

    8 June BSD plans to offer aboriginal language courses by Tom Bateman The Brandon Sun

    8 June Language revitalisation a global issue for indigenous people by deena Coster Taranaki Daily News

    8 June Badagu tribes get font in their language The Times of India

    8 June Tribe to host Baawting Ojibwe Language Conference by Nick Nolan Sault Ste. Marie Evening News

    8 June Taranaki te reo pioneer honoured at inaugural language conference by Deena Coster Taranaki Daily News

    8 June Language revitalisation a global issue for indigenous people by Deena Coster Stuff

    8 June Irish is a necessary language by Sorcha Ní Chéilleachair Irish Times

    8 June Conference tackles classroom diversity, indigenous language by Johanna Salinas Guam Daily Post

    8 June Bilingual nun Tess Ward honoured for her work in remote Indigenous community by Avani Dias ABC

    8 June Cree language gets 21st-century reboot from First Nation Canadians by Alison Flood The Guardian

    8 June Conference tackles classroom diversity, indigenous language by Johanna Salinas The Guam Daily Post

    7 June Name change for Walpole Island school Wallaceburg Courier Press                                 

    7 June Saving Native American languages, immersion schools focus of conference by Matt Hoffman Billings Gazette

    6 June The Evolution of the Mapuche Language in Buenos Aires by Simona Mayo & Francisco Godinez Rising Voices

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    6 June MLE- a tool for inclusive education The Hans India

    4 June Lakota institute brings language to life by Max B. O’Connell Rapid City Journal

    4 June Mexico allows broadcasts in indigenous languages following reform of the Telecommunications law by Teresa Mioli and Silvia Higuera The University of Texas

    4 June Role of folk wisdom teller in language promotion lauded Daily Times

    3 June En'owkin Centre provides vital support for Syilx traditions by Gillianne Richards Okanagan Life

    3 June Tribe looks into incentives for learning language by Scott McKie Cherokee One Feather

    3 June Restoring indigenous languages key to preventing youth suicides, Trudeau says by Chinta Puxley The Star

    2 June Helping the Lakota language survive by Brandon Ecoffey Lakota Country Times

    2 June The difficult history of Indigenous people in video games by Kieran Delamont The Atlantic

    2 June Gov. Ambode calls for intensified efforts to revive Yoruba language, culture The Eagle

    2 June Guam university president encourages speaking in Chamorro Hawaii Tribune Herald

    1 June Why every Aussie should learn to speak an Indigenous Australian language by Jakelin Troy Junkee

    1 June Cree language on city signs a possibility by Kacper Antoszewski Thompson Citizen

    1 June Emotikis and new keyboards bring Indigenous cultures to text messaging by Danny Lewis

  • May 2016

    31 May Closed school complex turned into indigenous cultural center Market Wired

    31 May This Aboriginal keyboard App is helping preserve Indigenous languages Motherboard

    31 May Language policy review a stain on UP's name – AfriForum by Alana Bailey Politics Web

    30 May Parents decry language schools cuts in Saskatchewan budget Macleans

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    30 May Moot concludes with pledge to promote native languages & cultures of Chitral The News

    30 May Father explains why Navajo ‘Finding Nemo” is so important by Kiros A.B. Auld Indian Country

    29 May FirstVoices app translates English to Indigenous languages CBC

    28 May Beloved children's book translated into Cherokee by Dale Neal Citizen Times

    27 May Canadian press breathes new life into aboriginal languages by Laura Godfrey Publishers Weekly

    27 May Vicki Couzens wins $40,000 fellowship at Australia Council's National Indigenous Art Awards by Debbie Cuthbertson The Standard

    26 May Saving the language that brought us ‘Seattle’ by Chetanya Robinson Crosscut

    26 May Budget 2016- Funding boost for revitalisation of Te Reo Māori by Numia Ponika-Rangi Maori Television

    26 May APU looks into becoming a tribal college by Tegan Hanlon Alaska Dispatch News

    25 May How the Haida are using technology to keep their language alive by Jon Azpiri Global News

    25 May Gujarat speaks in 50 languages, 30 dialects disappeared from state since 1961 NYOOOZ

    24 May Integration, Yes!! Assimilation, No!! By Z. K. Pahrii Pou E-PAO

    24 May One indigenous group discovers the power of tech Latina Lista

    24 May Language politics News24

    24 May UN Indigenous forum urges more support for youth, human rights, languages Nunatsiaq News

    23 May How the domination of English hurts language by Greg Hill Newsminer

    23 May Ghana: Minding your language...losing our culture and our identity All Africa

    23 May Caucus on Alternative Information and Communication of Indigenous Peoples asks to be recognized by the UN by Teresa Mioli The University of Texas

    23 May Students at Jannali Public School sing national anthem in Indigenous language of Dharawal by Amanda Hoh ABC News

    23 May UP Baguio launches landmark book on Isinay language by Edgar Allan M. Sembrano Inquirer

    22 May Appreciation of language, history, culture tied to resilience by Lisa Mitchell-Bennett The Brownsville Herald

    21 May Lost in translation: The difficult but necessary process of creating indigenous language ballots by Anne Hillman KTOO

    21 May Church leader helps publish Bible into Cherokee by Stephanie Esters The Southern

    20 May Basarwa report govt to UN by Tefo  Pheage Mmegi Online

    20 May Cornish language ice cream advert first in the UK ITV

    20 May Keyboard app brings Indigenous languages to mobile by Cameron Perrier CBC News

    19 May From now, more questions on state tribal languages option in Jharkhand civil service exams The Indian Express

    19 May Lost language of Boandik Indigenous people revived in traditional possum fur cloak by Kate Hill ABC News

    19 May Town in Australia aims for bilingualism Language Magazine

    18 May Nigeria: Don urges parents to inculcate Indigenous language in children by Abdul-Hameed Oyegbade All Africa

    18 May Native languages, tribal schools, to get boost in new legistlation by Jackie Mader Education Week

    18 May Despite gains, Europe’s indigenous people still struggle for recognition The Conversation

    17 May Indigenous Language Lessons by Nic Mayer BTN ABC News

    17 May KDMs urged to speak their mother tongue more often Daily Express

    17 May First Nation youth celebrate language in Saskatoon by Brent Bosker CKOM

    17 May Barbara Kay on preserving aboriginal languages: Cultural will cannot be outsourced by Barbara Kay National Post

    17 May Top traditional rulers storm Lagos for Yoruba Language by Eromosele Ebhomele NAIJ

    17 May Mapuches Produce Audio Documentaries in Buenos Aires Rising Voices

    17 May Cultures, diversity on display at Language Capital of the World by Tom Leyde Monterey Herald News

    17 May Multilingualism: A challenge in implementing the thematic curriculum by Billy Rwothungeyo New Vision

    16 May President Obama Honours Native Teachers by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country

    16 May What if one culture shares multiple languages? That’s a challenge Oregon is taking up with its Somali students. Rob Manning Kosu

    14 May Liberal convention to focus on proposals to improve lot of indigenous peoples  by Joan Bryden The Colonist

    14 May Pulling a threatened language back from the brink bt Megan Devlin The Tyee

    13 May Indigenous languages are vital to telling Canada’s story by Adrienne Clarkson The Globe and Mail

    13 May Sámi rapper SlinCraze encourages indigenous youth to celebrate culture UN News Centre

    13 May New Glasgow supporting Gaelic awareness by Adam MacInnis New Glasgow News

    13 May LCC restores native language classes by Rachael McDonald KLCC

    12 May Dying Native American languages set for funding boost from US Senate RT

    12 May School dropout rate down by over 12% in 3 years: Govt by Minati Singha Times of India

    12 May Keeping language alive by Kristi Dobson Alberni Valley News

    12 May Artist Manchan Magan is preserving the Irish language, one word at a time by Sadie Dingfelder The Washington Post

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    11 May Highlights of Ellen Gabriel’s intervention at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York KAIROS

    11 May SlinCraze, the Sámi rapper performs at UN Headquarters on Indigenous forum Cihan

    11 May UNESCO addresses the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Universal Access to Knowledge for the Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples Big News Network

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    10 May This Week: Tribal Members Seek to Preserve Native Language at LCC and Prevent Gravel Mine Near Oakridge by Camilla Mortensen Eugene Weekly

    10 May The legacy of Berito Cobariaon: Cultural genocide, language revitalisation and the international campaign against Occidental Petroleum by Jake Ling Intercontinental Cry

    9 May Bengaluru Youth Learn Dying Language, Preserve It by Mebin John New Indian Express

    7 May Gondi needs a big thrust by T Anjaiah The Hans India

    7 May Yawuru Aboriginal language rediscovers voice in Kimberley town of Broome by Erin Parke ABC

    7 May UZ to introduce Tonga degree by Patrick Chitumba Chronicle

    6 May Apocalypse Kernow! Cornish-speakers speechless at Westminster cuts by Laura Snapes The Guardian

    6 May Hanging On to Haida: Indian Linguist Shares Tools to Save a Language by Christopher Cheung The Tyee

    6 May Pendleton kindergartners learn Umatilla language through first-year program by Antonio Sierra East Oregonian

    6 May To Save Their Language, Canada’s Inuit Rewrite It by Samia Madwar Arctic Deeply

    5 May How trade shaped an Amerindian Creole in the Pacific Northwest by Kenny Sokan WCAI

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    4 May 7 short videos celebrating Mexico’s Indigenous languages by Raquel Reichard Latina

    4 May 2016 Next Wave Festival: a celebration of diversity by Emily Ritchie The Australian

    3 May There’s nowt wrong with dialects, nothing broke ass about slang by Stan Carey The Guardian

    3 May Miss Indian World 2016 Danielle Ta’ Sheena Finn Proud to Represent Standing Rock by Jason Morgan Edwards Indian Country Today

    3 May 'The Little Prince' Now Has an Aymara Edition Telesur

    3 May Port Adelaide produces its club song with an indigenous theme — an AFL first by Michelangelo Rucci The Advertiser

    2 May Interview - Tlingit linguist says language carries wisdom of elders by Jaoqlin Estus KNBA

    2 May Preschoolers May Be The Key To Reviving Shinnecock Language by Jessica Opatich WSHU

    2 May Keeping The Navajo Language Relevant by Laurel Morales Here & Now

    1 May Shoshone tribal member passes on native language by John Glionna Review Journal

    1 May Botswana hosts first ever Setswana Poetry Awards by Senteeng Lehihi SABC

  • April 2016

    29 April Baptist women make case for Indigenous language proficiency In public discourse in Liberia by Nat Galarea Gbessagee The Perspective

    29 April ‘Mistreatment that doesn’t have borders’ explored at Indigenous Knowledge Conference by Claudia Boyd-Barrett Ventura County Star

    29 April #OccupyINAC Vancouver declares victory after ministers agree to meeting by Lenee Son

    28 April Puebloan poet to headline event at Jacobson House in Norman News OK

    28 April UBC Press and University of Washington Press to develop digital publishing platform in Indigenous studies with grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation University of Washington Press Blog

    27 April Eight challenges Indian-language Wikipedias need to overcome  Global Voices

    27 April Labour discovers a new Scottish language in its manifesto by David Leask Herald Scotland

    27 April Indigenous Echoes, broadcasting the voices of Mexican diversity on the web Global Voices

    27 April Why we plan to make Yoruba Language compulsory in Lagos schools – Lawmaker PM News Nigeria

    27 April York alum makes documentary about Nepal by Graciano Clause Times Ledger

    27 April Speak Cayuga: The making of SNP’s language saving app by Jayson Koblun Two Row Times

    27 April Tribe holds 81st Annual Tribal Assembly Sit News

    27 April Identity 2016: Why I stopped mispronouncing my Igbo name by Nkem Ifejika BBC News

    27 April Number of Aboriginal language speakers in Canada in 1996-2011, by census group Statista

    26 April Hero Native American code talkers are leaving us by Megan Winkler The Alternative Daily

    26 April IITs will waste time with a dead language like Sanskrit by CP Surendran DailyO

    26 April How UW linguists are helping keep Native American languages alive by Briana Reilly The Badger Herald

    26 April Tripura:KokBorok gets its rightful place in the airport and beyond The Northeast Today

    26 April Explainer: the largest language spoken exclusively in Australia – Kriol The Conversation

    26 April Literati launch efforts to save Burki language The News

    25 April UCLA class cultivates awareness of Mesoamerican languages, history by Allison Ong Daily Bruin

    25 April First Nation youth share their experiences through 24 Hour Drum by Rebecca Aldous Question

    25 April Agartala airport to make announcements in local tribal language along with Hindi, English The Indian Express

    24 April Oaxacan chef featured at indigenous conference in Oxnard by Claudia Boyd-Barrett Ventura County Star

    24 April Organizations work to restore culture in Missoula by Derek Minemyer

    24 April Me and Manx: A love of language by Max Wheeler IOM Today

    23 April Young Alaska Natives keep language alive in spelling bee KTVA

    23 April The language link by Natasha Badhwar The Hindu

    22 April UH Hilo digitizing 40-year-old ʻōlelo radio show University of Hawai’i

    21 April Native American sign language studies flourish at UM by Keilar Szpaller Missoulian

    21 April Preserving native languages discussed at RIT by Greg Livadas RIT University News

    21 April Cherokee immersion earns 18 trophies in State Language Fair Indian Country

    21 April Govt favours making mother tongue medium of instruction in schools Zee News

    21 April Central Council President delivers State of the Tribe address by Lisa Phu Juneau Empire

    21 April Skin and Bones in the Gardens by Jeremy Eccles Aboriginal Art Directory

    21 April Hawaiian Language Immersion Program expanding at Princess Nahi‘ena‘ena School by Louise Rockett Lahaina News

    21 April How the priceless Kinyarwanda reconnected me to motherland by Junior Sabena Mutabazi The New Times

    20 April Queenslanders document life, language and traditions of Indigenous Amazon villagers by Mark Rigby ABC News

    20 April Bridges over river named by Steve Kelly Wangaratta Chronicle

    20 April Native American students fare well at language fair by Scott Rains The Lawton Constitution

    20 April Seeking Learners For Unangam Tunuu Language Camp by Greta Mart KUCB

    20 April Is colonialism making a comeback? By Twani Sasaki The Knox Student

    20 April In Australia, learning the Gumbaynggir language three minutes at a time Global Voices

    20 April NEH grant goes to Edgartown resident Vineyard Gazette

    19 April Madras High native language class continues, expands by Kailey Fisicaro The Bulletin

    18 April Downtown decals aim to extend a wider welcome to indigenous community by Bailey Hildebrand Winnipeg Free Press

    18 April Multilingualism is Africa’s common language by Tito Alai Daily Maverick

    17 April Wampanoag students celebrate Native American running tradition by Cynthia McCormick Cape Cod Times

    17 April Professor puts priorities on language by Hunter Lane Muskogee Phoenix

    17 April Browning kids thriving in Blackfoot language immersion program by Holly Michels Montana Standard

    17 April Tsilhqot’in agreement bodes well for culture by Lawrie McFaralane Times Colonist

    17 April Govt to set up cell for linguistic minorities: CM by Madan Kumar The Times of India

    17 April 'The root of who we are': How to save the Inuttitut language by Bailey White CBC

    17 April Where woman pays man for divorce: Tribal norms in focus The Times of India

    16 April Preserve culture, indigenous systems: Jamoh The Arunachal Times

    16 April Yakama Nation member recalls forced assimilation at Oregon boarding school by Gabriel Spitzer KPLU

    15 April Inupiaraaqta app mobilizes language learning by Shady Grove Oliver The Arctic Sounder 

    15 April Educators highlight triumphs and challenges of American Indian education by Matt Hudson Billings Gazette

    15 April Morongo School granted six-year accreditation by Kristen Hwang The Desert Sun

    15 April Jersey musician wins £55,000 to help protect island's native language ITV

    15 April Linguists launch Jeju language course The Jeju Weekly

    15 April Māori language bill passes final hurdle: what does it do? By Rosanna Price

    15 April Through 'cool' elective, high schoolers save endangered language by Julia Ritchey KUNR

    14 April Phone app helps revitalize Blackfoot language by Stephanie Joe Calgary Metro

    14 April Nigeria: Yoruba Lalokun, promoting Indigenous language in Nigeria by Prisca Sam-Duru All Africa

    14 April Israeli language expert offers advice to Ngāti Kahugnunu by Aroha Treacher Māori Television

    14 April How this open source platform is weaving stories of communities in their own languages by Snigdha Sinha Your Story

    13 April Ojibwe language teachers to gather at Barrie Campus

    13 April These People Have a Mind-Bending Way to Navigate by Karen Emslie National Geographic

    13 April Schools defy ministry’s directive on language policy by Nqobile Tshili Chronicle

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    12 April Tribal Council creates school board for Cherokee Immersion Charter School Cherokee Nation

    12 April Past and present key to unlocking language mysteries National Indigenous Times

    11 April Writing stories, righting history Indian Link

    11 April Why Pennsylvania Dutch language is still thriving by Kathy Lauer-Williams The Morning Call

    10 April Women asked to promote native language Eastern Mirror

    10 April Constitutional challenge looks to revive aboriginal languages by Nicola Luksic and Tom Howell CBC News

    9 April A Decline of Language But Not Identity: Tifinagh in Egypt’s Siwa Oasis by Roxanne Brook Vigil Egyptian Streets

    9 April Technology key to revitalization of Indigenous knowledge and culture EIN News

    9 April 1,000 protest against DLP in second rally by Aizyl Azlee Malay Mail Online

    9 April U.S. linguist works with indigenous women to preserve Paraguay’s Guana language La Prensa

    8 April Salish School of Spokane hopes to bind families, save a language by Eli Francovich The Spokesman-Review

    8 April Teach Basarwa children in their language – UB don by Tefo Pheage Mmegi Online

    8 April Finding Navajo: Movie Helps Kids Preserve Native Tongue Arizona Public Media

    8 April An Heir to a Tribe’s Culture Ensures Its Language Is Not Forgotten by Michelle Innis The New York Times

    8 April The language challenge for Australian indigenous children living remote UiO

    8 April Report: The way that Irish is taught for the Leaving Cert could change by Paul Moore Joe

    7 April Let's play a game: Native Teaching Aids fills native language education gap by Sam Sandoval Char-Koosta News

    7 April What the 'Fliuch'? - Gaeilgeoirs produce first soft porn mag in Irish language by Aoife Kelly Independent

    7 April 'Native North America' Series Reissues Albums from Morley Loon and John Angaiak by Gregory Adams Exclaim

    7 April Mapuche-Spanish dictionary created in Argentina Fox News Latino EFE

    7 April Iwi applies C.P.R to save a dying language Scoop

    7 April Grim outlook for te reo Maori by Alastair Lynn Stuff

    7 April BJP MP Slams Goa RSS Chief for Criticism Over Language Issue Outlook India

    6 April Indigenous languages must be used in everyday conversation by Donna Duric Turtle Island News

    6 April Meet the App that Saves Obscure Languages from Digital Extinction PR Newswire

    6 April A rare Viking language is alive in Sweden Nordstjernan

    5 April Loss of our identity by Shavleen Chand The Fiji Times Online

    5 April Proud of Our Pidgin: The Newest Language in the U.S. Census by Sheldon Ito Yes Magazine

    5 April New Irish language community reading project launched Derry Now

    4 April USI says everyone should go to the Gaeltacht to learn Irish by Jack Quann News Talk

    3 April Lakota Language Consortium comes to Rapid City by Mela VanOstrand Kota Territory News

    3 April Fighting to save a dying language by John Wilkens San Diego Union Tribune

    3 April Why the Trinamool Congress manifesto is special this time (Hint: it’s got to do with a language) by Sohini Chattopadhyay Scroll In

    3 April The fate of Indian languages The Sentinal

    2 April Swaziland: Indigenous language facing extinction – UNESCO Star Africa

    2 April From obscurity to the limelight by Namrata Joshi The Hindu

    1 April Two-Day Workshop Strengthens Ties Between Indigenous Language Digital Activists in Peru Global Voices

    1 April Saving Pacific languages a part of FestPac Pacific Daily News

    1 April Celebrate National Aboriginal Language Day Huu-ay-aht

  • March 2016

    31 March Grant boost for language program Brantford Expositor

    31 March Indigenous Language Version of Firefox to Debut in Paraguay The Costa Rica Star

    31 March UNM professors help dub 'Finding Nemo' to Navajo by Elizabeth Sanchez Daily Lobo

    31 March Kannada minorities bat for BJP in Kasargod district Deccan Chronicle

    31 March Our Families North Coast Journal

    31 March Can-do gang helps languages thrive NT News

    30 March Inuktut remains strong in the Inuit homeland Nunatsiaq Online

    30 March Indigenous elders keep traditional songs about life on Wave Hill station alive with new generation by Felicity James ABC Online

    30 March Indigenous language immersion houses popping up across the country Two Row Times

    30 March Vanishing Languages, Reincarnated as Music by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim New York Times

    29 March Why it’s important to save endangered languages The Upcoming

    29 March Native American student association to stage screening of language loss documentary by Jordan Ryder The Daily Iowan

    29 March Op-ed: Memorial linguist and faithkeeper from Mohawk Turtle Clan says Canadians have obligation to support Indigenous languages by Dr. Carrie Dyck and Amos Key Jr. Memorial University Gazette

    29 March Funding for Aboriginal languages Inverell Times

    29 March Indigenous languages could be compulsory in CNMI schools Radio New Zealand

    29 March La Loche, Sask., residents fear loss of Dene language and culture by Matt Kruchak CBC News

    28 March Federal Grants to Boost Teaching, Studying of Native Languages by Jackie Mader Education Week

    28 March Holding on to culture matter of pride, not shame by Ebad Ahmed The News

    28 March Girijans should tell their stories by G.V. Prasada Sarma The Hindu

    27 March Call to promote tribal languages The Hindu

    27 March ‘Our language is like medicine’: Tlingit immersion school to provide path to revitalisation by Frank Hopper Indian Country

    27 March Editorial: Languages are dying too fast Times Colonist

    27 March Cree language house in Edmonton not just about survival of words, but learning the language’s teachings by Otiena Ellwand Edmonton Journal

    27 March Experts dwell on issue of endangered languages The Tribune

    26 March Need to preserve linguistic diversity, culture highlighted at seminar by Usmeet Kaur Hindustan Times

    26 March Two-day seminar on tribal languages begins today Nyoooz

    25 March $3.2 Million Grant Competition to Support Teaching, Studying of Native American Languages Funds to Aid Preservation, Revitalization of Native Languages US Department of Education

    25 March Traditional singing to be part of symposium Tahlequah Daily

    25 March Writings as Gaeilge by 1916 Easter Rising figures go online by Colm Gorey Siliconrepublic

    25 March Indigenous languages go under the microscope by Christopher Curtis Montreal Gazette

    25 March In Colombia, how Palenque's native tongue went from a dying language to a living treasure by Laura Gomez Azcentral

    25 March Navajo Nation Museum director dubs film into native language by Daniel Perle Downtown Devil

    25 March Celebrating diversity The Statesman

    24 March Pow Wow celebrates American Indian language by Neil Schoenherr The Source WUST

    24 March Language, military student begin ‘501 Nxaảmxcín verbs’ by Justus Caudell Tribal Tribune

    24 March Council Corner: Nicholson discusses Salish Conference, 181-D Tribal Tribune

    24 March All Lakota language new website launches by Chynna Lockett SDPB Radio

    24 March Richard Van Camp's Three Feathers movie to be filmed in 4 languages by Sonja Koenig CBC News

    24 March 2016 Yawa' Awards celebrate community partnerships by Hector Hernandez Jr. Highland News

    24 March Sydney turns to Gadigal language names National Indigenous Times

    23 March Aboriginal language grants up for grabs Daily Liberal

    23 March Effort To Save Navajo Language A Labor Of Love To Get Over Past Stigma And Pain by Laurel Morales Fronteras

    23 March Advocates say Tlingit language immersion preschool, childcare coming to Juneau this year by Lisa Phu Juneau Empire

    23 March Native leaders revitalize tribal culture after generations of abuse by Malachi Barrett Central Michigan Life

    22 March Promoting Learning And Speaking Of Ghanaian Languages by Paa Kow Ackon Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

    22 March Native Issues Forum Wednesday to highlight language Juneau Empire

    22 March Saving Palenque: Revolutionary Teachers, Music Keep The Lengua Alive by Laura Gomez Fronteras

    22 March Navajo historian speaks on campus by Alaina Corsini The East Carolinian

    22 March Transcript: How Technology May Replace Braille and Sign Language by Josh Nilaya WNPR

    22 March Violent Femmes embrace Aboriginal music by Stephen Bevis The West Australian

    21 March Chief seeks new policies governing Cherokee Language credits by Scott McKie Cherokee One Feather

    21 March Colonialism is bad for your health … but indigenous media can help by Courtney Parker IC Magazine

    21 March The Vancouver Public Library’s newest branch welcomes everyone – especially those who may not be welcome elsewhere by Jessica Linzey Quill and Quire

    21 March This News Website Is a Lakota-Speaker’s “Dream” by Erin Blakemore

    20 March One Israeli's Mission to Revive Aboriginal Language Down Under by Ghil’ad Zuckermann Haaretz

    20 March Gaelic TV saved in Scotland by Karin Goodwin Herald Scotland

    20 March Series of Animated Stories Revitalise Indigenous Languages in Mexico by Giovanna Salazar trans. Philip Smart Global Voices

    19 March A school seeks to save vanishing language by Alonzo Weston News-Press Now

    19 March A silenced tongue: the last Nuchatlaht speaker dies by Jack Knox Times Colonist

    18 March In effort to preserve language, website posts news in Lakota by Regina Garcia Cano Newser

    18 March Push to certify teaching Cherokee language by Rex Hodge WLOS

    17 March Government members at odds over call to allow Aboriginal languages in NT Parliament ABC Online

    17 March First Nations language advocates hoping for new funding in federal budget by Selina Chignall iPolitics

    17 March Governor lauds the efforts of Chamorro webisode project Marianas Variety

    17 March Endangered Language: How Technology May Replace Braille and Sign by Josh Nilaya WNPR

    17 March 'Finding Nemo' in Navajo: a step in keeping the language alive by Alex Cabrero KSL

    17 March Indian linguist teaches Haida language—and learns it in the process by Marianne Meadahl SFU

    17 March Development Of Linguistic Minorities India Education Diary

    16 March NT MP wants to speak Warlpiri language Sky News

    16 March The Traveling NDN witnesses Salish rebirth by Cary Rosenbaum Tribal Tribune

    16 March Aboriginal languages for NT parliament by Neda Vanovac

    16 March Tribals demand official status for Bhumij language by Hemanta Pradhan Times of India

    16 March Vanderbilt U Hosts Conference on Distance Learning for Less Common Languages by Leila Meyer Campus Technology

    15 March Preserve minority languages The Daily Star

    14 March Gojri language deserves recognition at national level: TRCF Daily Excelsior

    14 March Bhasha festival uncovers 13 startups working to ensure local languages thrive in digital ecosystem Your Story

    14 March When your language doesn’t matter, the language story in South Africa by Siya Weza News24

    14 March Gojri language deserves recognition at national level: TRCF Daily Excelsior

    12 March lack of funds stalls project to promote native languages Times of India

    12 March Educating Cambodia’s ethnic minorities  DW

    11 March All Nunavut schools should offer Inuktitut — including French school: MLA by Thomas Rohner Nunatsiaq Online

    11 March Canadian oil company raising funds to reprint Amerindian language book by Denis Chabrol Demerara Waves

    11 March SCC to present screenings of Cherokee language documentary Cherokee One Feather

    10 March Lose your language, lose your tribe by Andre Cramblit Indian Country Today

    10 March Indigenous languages recognize gender states not even named in English by Angela Sterrit The Globe and Mail

    10 March Tibetan entrepreneur has been ilIegally detained, family says by Edward Wong NY Times

    10 March Ghana to eliminate English as medium of instruction in schools Amsterdam News

    10 March CBC set to approve MOA between tribal Language and TANF programs Tribal Tribune

    10 March A remote Amazonian tribe could fundamentally change our understanding of language by Sarah Kramer Tech Insider

    10 March Tanzania: 'No Vernaculars in Poll Meetings' by Pius Rugonzibwa All Africa

    9 March Historic Bill one step closer to law - Flavell

    9 March Australian Dance Theatre helps revive nearly forgotten Aboriginal language for Womadelaide by Nicola Gage ABC News

    9 March Australian theatre group revives lost Aboriginal language Indo-Asian News Service

    9 March Olatubosun: Trail blazer in Yoruba language by Olugboyega Adebanjo The Nation

    8 March This Indigenous language map helps kids understand Australia ABC Splash

    8 March Nollywood backs campaign to promote use of more local languages by Tendai Dube CNBC Africa

    8 March Ich bin ein Gaeilgeoir: Irish is part of my life in Germany by Kilian McDonagh Irish Times

    7 March A Brazilian Tribe Is The Latest Indigenous Group Preserving Their Culture Through Video Games by Nathan Birch Uproxx

    6 March This app teaches Australia about its 500 Indigenous first nations by Ariel Bogle Mashable

    6 March Ten things you didn’t know about our polyglot nation by Devapriya Roy Scroll In

    5 March Gadigal words to recognise Aboriginal language and return it to the local environment by Heather McNab Daily Telegraph

    5 March ECD to be taught in indigenous languages Auxilia Katongomara Chronicle Reporter

    4 March Vital to maintain English-native languages balance: Javed Akhtar Hindustan Times

    4 March Fort Smith man wants Michif made an official language of N.W.T. by Trail’s End CBC News

    4 March Ooni demands indigenous languages be used in schools by Soonest Nathaniel NAIJ News

    4 March Government cuts funding for Saskatchewan language schools by Emma Graney Regina Leader-Post

    3 March Native Adviser Says ‘The Revenant’ Is a Step Forward for Hollywood by Rick Kearns Indian Country Today

    3 March When the Moon Waxes: Ha’ånen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’, Hugua by Michael Lujan Bevaqua Marianas Variety

    3 March Cape York kids love learning traditional language by Dominic Geiger Cairns Post

    3 March Reviving Indigenous languages through old novels, dictionaries and documents by Sharon Kennedy and Hilary Smale ABC News

    3 March Bangladesh’s indigenous languages risk dying out (video) Al Jazeera

    2 March Are You Too Old To Learn A New Language? by Steve Kaufmann Huffington Post

    2 March Indigenous Children No Longer Left Behind by Muny Sithyna Khmer Times

    2 March Video: 2016 Champions for Change Tackle Suicide Prevention and Language Preservation Indian Country Today

    1 March We wouldn’t be mourning lost languages if we embraced multiculturalism by Rachel Nordlinger The Conversation

    1 March Dr Walker’s gift of the Maori language to the nation Fuseworks Media Voxy

    1 March Arizona moves forward toward statewide Seal of Biliteracy on diplomas, transcripts by Matthew Tonis Cronkite News

    1 March Mason starts organization to preserve languages by Jamie C. Ruff Kenbridge Victoria Dispatch

    1 March Turnbull wipes tears speaking of loss of Indigenous languages SBS News

    1 March Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull cries during TV interview with Stan Grant by Fergus Hunter Sydney Morning Herald

    1 March Crow Tribe turns to technology to teach traditional language by Mike Kordenbrock Billings Gazette

  • February 2016

    29 February DiCaprio Wins and So Does Arikara by PR Newswire

    29 February Bilingual Street Signs Herald a New Era of Language Revitalization by Frank Hopper Indian Country Today

    29 February Rebirth of a ‘sleeping’ language: How Nova Scotia is reviving its Gaelic culture by Melanie Patten Canadian Press

    29 February Cherokee Look for Ways to Save Their Dying Language by Cameron McWhirter Wall Street Journal

    29 February Screen Scene: Columbian Oscar entry looks at Amazon through native perspective Daily Progress

    28 February Governor calls upon young generation to imbibe essence of traditions Arunachal Times

    27 February Indigenous fair held to revive Tripura’s literature and culture NYOOZ

    27 February Mother Language Day by Emma Murphy Green Left Weekly

    27 February Experts mull documenting endangered languages at conference NYOOZ

    27 February ‘I am human’: How language reflects the way we think by Dr Mahbub Pial The Daily Star

    26 February Bill to revitalise te reo Maori through partnership - Maori Party

    26 February Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival by Jake White The TCC Connection

    26 February Chittagong Hill Tracts: the importance of language Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation

    26 February Native languages of Colombia: Flourishing or floundering? by Anna Grace Latin Correspondent

    26 February Family backs Waikato-Tainui’s Language Strategy by Mānia Clarke Māori Television

    25 February In Their Own Words: The fight to preserve the Cree language by Linda Besner The Walrus

    25 February Reviving our languages and keeping them strong National Indigenous Times

    25 February Yurok language being preserved through youth education by Jeremy Chen North Coast News

    25 February Kurmanji Google Translate: A virtual revolution on Int’l day of mother tongue by Amir Sharifi Rudaw

    24 February Swan Hill students combining technology and culture to give new life to Wemba Wemba language by Sophie Malcolm ABC News

    24 February Students, teachers building Ojibwe keyboard at Bishop E.Q. Jennings School by Leith Dunick TB Newswatch

    24 February Group decries cultural neglect by youths by Grace Obike The Nation

    24 February Fighting language loss: 'Our language is a source of wealth' by Lisa Phu Juneau Empire

    24 February University team translates Firefox into Indian language in Paraguay Fox News Latino

    24 February Learning to Read and Write in Your Native Tongue by Jacques Pierre Haitian Times

    24 February Effort to save Dying Language and Dialects in Manipur by Chandrani Banerjee The Citizen India

    23 February New children’s books from Salina Bookshelf focus on Hopi corn and toys by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    23 February International Mother Language Day celebrated in PE by Lerato Thipa SABC News

    23 February 3 Chhattisgarh tribal dialects on verge of extinction by Rabindra Nath Choudhury The Asian Age

    23 February #OscarsSoWhite controversy ignores foreign language films by Ana Luisa González Fusion

    23 February TCS distributes Tabs for learning centre coordinators The Avenue Mail

    22 February For inclusive education through & with language Morung Express

    22 February Indigenous Australians have a right to speak our first language by Celeste Liddle Daily Life

    22 February The triumph of the holy language in the Holy Land by Benjamin Glatt Jerusalem Post

    22 February A Colorful Late-19th-Century Map of Native American Languages by Rebecca Onion Slate

    22 February On World Vernacular Day, many take oath to promote native language Times of India

    22 February Leader to apologize for historical ban on French by Lynn Desjardins Radio Canada International

    22 February ‘No Language Must go Extinct’ Northeast Today

    22 February Holding on to the mother tongue by Rani Devalla The Hindu

    22 February Nigeria: Keshi Urges Parents, Schools to Encourage Use of Mother Language by Vanguard All Africa

    22 February International Mother Language Day observed on February 21 by Kiran Rapaka Jagran Josh

    21 February I speak Singlish lah! by Surekha A. Yadav Malay Mail Online

    21 February Tribal art, lit fest kicks off in city The Pioneer

    21 February Protection, promotion of languages, cultures urged The Nation

    21 February Linguists plead for preserving endangered languages The Tribune

    21 February Lack of preservation causing regional languages to die a slow death by Zafar Ali Khan Express Tribune

    21 February Cultural celebration: Celebrating the endangered languages of the mountain areas Express Tribune

    21 February 'Lack of govt initiatives threaten indigenous languages' by Kamrul Hasan Dhaka Tribune

    21 February Live the spirit of Ekushey Dhaka Tribune

    21 February President stresses protection of language The Himalayan Times

    21 February When Did Northwesterners Stop Speaking Chinook Jargon? by Liz Jones KUOW

    21 February Language struggles around the world by Sakib Sarker Dhaka Tribune

    21 February Teaching my child her mother tongue by Lavina Ambreen Ahmed The Daily Star

    21 February Lack of preservation causing regional languages to die a slow death by Zafar Ali Khan Express Tribune

    21 February Quality education in mother languages vital to success of 2030 Agenda – UN UN News Centre

    21 February Bangladesh ethnic minorities in great pain for not knowing their native language by Suliman Niloy and Masum Billah bdnews24

    21 February “See that shiny thing?” Adventures in the language of politics and the politics of language in the Northern Territory by Bob Gosford Crikey

    20 February Indigenous tongues deserve recognition as official languages by Noel Pearson The Australian

    20 February Writing a dying language by Zubair Torwali The News

    20 February Young people, parents encouraged to preserve mother tongues by Lyndon Khan SABC News

    19 February How The Music Industry Erases The World, According To Record Producer Ian Brennan by Courtney Sexton Bandwidth

    19 February Standardised writings breathe new life into Arctic people’s language Malay Mail Online

    19 February Lakota Language Now Critically Endangered PR Newswire

    19 February Minister Chastised For Speaking Indigenous Language On Indigenous Land SBS

    19 February Kurumbas losing their biodiversity vocabulary by K.A. Shaji The Hindu

    19 February Infographic: endangered languages around the world OxfordWords

    18 February Tofino will post signs in English and Nuu-chah-nulth languages CBC News

    18 February Aboriginal minister Bess Price denied request to speak Indigenous language in NT Parliament by Natasha Robinson ABC Online

    18 February Tripura Govt. takes steps to keep tribal traditions alive through indigenous fairs Business Standard

    18 February Grotto Foundation Grants $25,000 to American Indian College Fund to Revitalize Lakota Language in Early Childhood PR Newswire

    17 February Languages Treasured but Not Lost by Erin Baldassari East Bay Express

    17 February Ho-Chunk launch new language programs by Cassandra Colson Jackson County Chronicle

    17 February Brazil’s Rousseff Vetoes Indigenous Education Project IC Magazine

    16 February Ladino: An Endangered Language Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

    16 February Pope Francis authorizes use of three Mexican languages in mass by Andrew V. Pestano United Press International

    16 February Boise State linguists preserve endangered languages by Cheyene Austin The Arbiter

    16 February Indigenous language in education by Mikrak Mrong Shuhel The Daily Star

    16 February Introducing your native language to your children by Thabile Vilakazi Destiny Connect

    16 February Chamorro language advocate dies at age 74 by Sabrina Lynn S Monteverde Pacific Daily News 

    16 February Worldwide observation this week of ‘Mother Language Day’ Frost Illustrated

    16 February Rubin co-edits first reference on ancient and modern Jewish languages by William Hessert Penn State News

    16 February What’s in a name? by Tim Low National Geographic

    16 February Another 1952 a thousand years ago by Mashruk Zaman Khan The Daily Star

    16 February  ‘Festival of Letters’ to focus on tribal, N Eastern literature New Indian Express

    15 February Six Nations Polytechnic to offer course in disappearing language by Louise Brown The Star

    15 February Preserve rare languages to spread benefits of multilingualism, says expert The Guardian

    15 February Lagos to prioritise Yoruba culture at Golden Jubilee Celebration by Segun Adebowale The Eagle Online

    15 February Fourth Pakistan Mountain Culture Festival on February 19 Dispatch News Desk

    15 February With annual fest, Akademi looks to put year of controversies Business Standard

    15 February Kids - speak your language or lose it Scoop

    14 February Are we not burdened enough that we must ass learning french to Nigeroia’s problems by Oyinkan Medubi The Nation

    14 February Syria Kurds revive native language with new curriculum Middle East Online

    13 February Myanmar’s Tamil community works to maintain their culture by Morley Weston Mizzima

    13 February Mohawk broadcaster Janet Rogers launches NDNs on the Airwaves by Stephanie Cram CBC News

    13 February Closing the gap and learning the language by Michael Gordon Sydney Morning Herald

    13 February Aboriginal artefacts from British Museum on show in Canberra by Christopher Allen The Australian

    12 February Lagos assembly makes Yoruba language a compulsory subject in schools by Remmy Alex Nigerian Bulletin

    12 February Lessons learned on minority languages by Thu Thu Aung Myanmar Times

    12 February Anyone can contribute to this dictionary of the world’s dying languages by Kate Groetzinger Quartz

    12 February Local teacher helps keep Shoshone language alive by Ross Johnson Ely Times

    12 February Nepal schools gearing up to promote Sanskrit education Newsgram

    12 February Eoin MacNeill: The man who cried halt! by Maureen Murphy Irish America

    11 February Saving a dying Siberian language Al Jazeera

    11 February DOE Honors February as Hawaiian Language Month Big Island Now

    11 February Penticton Indian Band works to preserve language by Mark Brett Western News

    11 February Inuktitut translators vote to adopt unified roman orthography system CBC News

    10 February Closing the Gap: Indigenous leaders cautiously welcome Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s comments ABC News

    10 February Polytech building Six Nations future … by degree(s) by Donna Duric Turtle Island News

    10 February Nanwalek works to save dying Native language by Annie Rosenthal Homer News

    9 February Six Nations school can now grant native language degree by Carmela Fragomeni The Hamilton Spectator

    9 February NAN forum offers voice for Native Youth by Sarah Moore Timmins Press

    9 February Indigenous people of Mexico demand apology from Pope on eve of visit by Ruth Gledhill Christian Today

    9 February UH Hilo College of Hawaiian Language honors scholarship founders and donors by Alyson Kakugawa-Leong University of Hawai’i News

    9 February Alake urges cultural education for children by Folashade Adebayo Punch News

    8 February Kitikmeot Regional Radio project aims to help revitalise Inuinnaqtun by Northwind CBC News

    8 February Tribal leaders lament decadence in society, warn against urbanization Avenue Mail

    8 February Aboriginal stories told through animation CBS News

    8 February Indigenous children’s education goal to be met by 2021, Peru’s bicentennial year Andina

    7 February UM professor helping to launch indigenous language center by Keila Szpaller The Missoulian

    6 February Former judge challenges non-Africans to learn African languages by Lukhanyo Calata SABC News

    6 February A philanthropist’s campaign to save Igbo language The Nation

    6 February Nagamese speaks about loss of cultural conversation by Al Ngullie Eastern Mirror

    5 February Pope to OK use of indigenous languages for Mass in Mexico

    5 February Optimism as the first HSC-level Barkindji classes begin in far west NSW by Declan Gooch ABC News

    5 February Call to start primary education of indigenous communities in their mother tongue Dhaka Tribune

    4 February Witness’s isiZulu ban a return to apartheid says language expert Maritzburg Sun

    4 February Sri Lankan anthem sung in Tamil for the first time since 1949 by Azzam Ameen BBC News

    4 February The life-saving movement to reclaim Indigenous languages by Katherine Palmer Gordon The Tyee

    4 February A critical silent win of Every Student Succeeds Act by Casie Jones Huffpost Education

    4 February A workshop on Indigenous language in Arunachal Northeast Today

    4 February Lagos assembly wants teaching of Yoruba language compulsory in schools The Nation

    4 February Winnipeg School Division extends language program registration by Braeden Jones Winnipeg Metro

    3 February Aboriginal historian calls for ‘Keeping Places’ in NSW centres by Helen Merkell ABC

    3 February Noongar Language Centre opens in Bunbury by Chloerissa Eadie Bunbury Mail

    3 February Anger at law “forcing Gaelic teaching” on schools by Joe Stenson Deadline

    3 February Promotion of Magamese a threat to Naga culture by Dr Hesheto Y Chisi Morung Express

    2 February Tunica Biloxi tribe encourages youth literacy Shreveport Times

    2 February SOTS exposes culture-deprived children by Mompati Tlhankanei Mmegionline

    2 February Meet the Principal: Sarah Marinos meets Wesley College’s Dr Helen Drennen, AM by Sarah Marinos The Weekly Review

    2 February More Local Languages Finally Getting Better Recognition at the Loeries by Lungelo Shezi Hypertext Media Africa

    2 February Northerners want language retention help, Mulclair says by Betty Ann Adam Saskatoon Starphoenix

    2 February Open letter asks University for new Indigenous language course by Victoria Gibson Queen’s Journal

    2 February Artyfacts: Cherokee Language; LeFlore Art Contest Times Record

    2 February Ganesh Devy: Diminishing understanding between societies: I am trying to bridge the divide by Aditi Raja Indian Express

    1 February An Interactive Digital Archive Helps Preserve Traditional Australian Aboriginal Literature Rising Voices

    1 February 9 Ways the New Education Law is a Win for Indian Country by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country Today

    1 February ‘Speak English’: Two words holding us back from true diversity today by Jenny Noyes Daily Life

    1 February Nagamese becoming common language in Nagaland and in Burma Naga by  N. Khashito Aye The Morung Express

  • January 2016

    29 January Indigenous language leaders from around the world gather for inaugural symposium at UH Hilo UH Hilo Stories

    29 January Opinion: How to rescue the Irish language by Sean Cottrell Irish Times

    29 January Can texting teens save a threatened Hawaiian language by James Reini Aljazeera

    29 January Preservation of Maronite Arabic language moving forward Cyprus Mail

    29 January Anishinaabe cook uses language to teach about traditional food by Waubgeshig Rice CBC

    29 January Ghanaian language teachers unhappy with languages policy Citifmonline

    28 January Rising Voices welcomes five new indigenous language digital activism grantees Global Voices

    28 January Mother who spoke Indigenous language to toddler daughter told to “speak English” on Aus Day by Ken McGregor The Advertiser

    28 January “Building that spark” for an endangered language’s endurance by David Grieder Del Norte Triplicate

    28 January Noel Pearson nephew brings ancient language to Canberra by Rosie Lewis The Australian

    28 January Finding new links in old stories by Royston Rebello Indian Link

    28 January 'It's Australia Day, we speak English': Aboriginal artist 'abused for speaking an indigenous dialects to her daughter' by Lucy Thackary Daily Mail

    28 January Apex Ao bodies censure Gol's move to promote Nagamese Morung Express

    28 January Noel Pearson nephew brings ancient language to Canberra by Rosie Lewis The Australian

    27 January Wallabies should use Indigenous Advance Australia Fair by Spiro Zavos The Roar

    27 January Opera Mini gifts India with support for 13 Native Languages this Republic Day by Sayan Sarkar Gizbot

    27 January Technology helps teach Navajo language in new ways by Gilbert Cordova

    27 January The Endless Balkan Language Politics Circus by Zarko Perovic Huffington Post

    27 January The many tongues of Canada St Albert Gazette

    27 January Technology helps teach Navajo language in news ways

    26 January Winnipeg School Division happy with Ojibwa, Cree bilingual program registrations CBC

    26 January Mexico's Supreme Court Hands Indigneous Peoples Landmark Victory in Media Representation by Giovanna Salazar translated by Lisa Golden Tio Global Voices

    26 January Saving endangered languages, one book at a time by Evelyn Perez FIU News

    26 January Mexico’s Supreme Court hands Indigenous peoples landmark victory in media representation Global Voices

    26 January Basket weaving workshops an educational experience at Days Creek by Vera Westbrook NR Today

    26 January Saving endangered languages, one book at a time by Evelyn Perez FIU News

    26 January Alice man’s crusade to save indigenous languages honours with OAM by Tom Volling NT News

    26 January Jessica Mauboy sings two anthems on Harbour Bridge: First an indigenous version then English by Soraiya Fuda Daily Telegraph

    26 January Loud and proud: Aboriginal pop-star Jessica Mauboy sings indigenous version of national anthem on Australia Day from Sydney Harbour Bridge by Monique Friedlander Daily Mail

    26 January Skip English, focus on Indigenous Languages for India’s Development by Harshmeet Singh NewsGram

    26 January Australia Day honours: Leonora Aboriginal leader receives award for child health and language work by Nathan Morris ABC

    26 January Google features Aboriginal themed artwork for Australia Day by Jared Owens The Australian

    25 January BBC Kernow would ‘give a greater voice’ to the Cornish by Victoria Brock Western Morning News

    25 January Preserving the Balinese language for generations to come by Richard Horstman Indonesia Expat

    25 January Re-building Indigenous identity in Canada Education HQ

    25 January Nigerian linguistc, Túbọ̀sún, emerges first African to win Premio Ostana Award for Scriptures The Cable

    25 January Australia Day & British Invasion by Gideon Polya MWC News

    25 January U of T strikes Truth and Reconciliation steering committee by Emily Colero The Varsity

    25 January Nagamese becoming common language in Nagaland and in Burma Naga Eastern Minor

    25 January Mt Druitt Indigenous Choir prepares for Australia Da performance by Alyshia Gates SBS

    25 January Here is how many African-language articles there are on Wikipedia by Charlie Fripp

    25 January Sundance Institute Announces New Merata Mita Fellowship for Indigenous Artists and 2016 Recipient by Carlos Aguilar SydneysBuzz

    24 January White Earth Band wants road signs to reflect Ojibwe language by Jenna Ross Star Tribune

    24 January #SpeakGwichinToMe: Using social media to reclaim language CBC

    24 January Looking local: Snapdeal, Quikr, Hike, others launch vernacular language support byKunal Doley Financial Express

    24 January First Nations chief from B.C. calls for urgent effort to revive native languages by Taylor Austen The Marshalltown

    24 January 3 tips for learning your traditional tongue by Stephen Cram CBC

    23 January National monument to honour Native American veterans by Lynette George Herald Democrat

    23 January Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders by Duane Brayboy Indian Country

    23 January Expert group calls for more work to protect indigenous languages Dispath Tribunal

    23 January Jessica Mauboy to sing indigenous version of national anthem on Australia Day by Angela Saurine Daily Telegraph

    22 January Ancient wisdom Prince Albert Daily Heraldz

    22 January Pangasinan translation of Bible for the young by Gobleth Moulic

    22 January Pope's visit to Chiapas, Mexico, seen to affirm ministry of indigenous deacons by David Agren

    22 January DJ Mafosi rocks the stage by Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Zoutnet

    22 January Logan's Indigenous history: a language almost lost and story of survival by Yasmin Noone NITV

    22 January Indigenous Leader: Save Native Languages From Extinction by Edith M. Lederer ABC News

    22 January Bolivians celebrate Plurinational State Foundation day by Amy Booth Latin Correspondent

    22 January Support fluency to save native languages, Canadian tribal chief urges after UN meeting by Edith. M. Lederer

    22 January First Nation leader calls on UN to preserve indigenous languages by Edith M. Lederer CTV News

    21 January The national anthem's power to transcend language and culture by Luke Briscoe NITV

    21 January One indigenous language dies every 2 weeks, says UN Daily Sabah

    21 January RU gold medallist to promote Nagpuri lang Times of India

    21 January Somalia President urges Somalis to preserve mother tongue Horseed Media

    21 January Maung Nyeu is helping his people put their language and stories on record by Molly Jackson The Christian Science Monitor

    21 January Superintendent Douglas supports Seal of Biliteracy Legistlation by Alexis Burkhart Prescott eNews

    21 January Nationalist Congress Party backs Goa RSS snub to BJP over languages NDTV

    21 January Tasmania’s Aboriginal heritage recognised with more dual place names announced by Selina Ross ABC News

    20 January Experts call for efforts to save indigenous languages Manila Times

    20 January Former Georgetown resident receives Order of Ontario by Kathryn Boyle

    19 January Kokborok Day observed in Tripura Northeast Today

    19 January Bittersweet honour for SayITFirst for First Nations language tool Herald Business

    19 January Online resource gives new life to endangered languages CORDIS

    18 January How hackers who “give a shit” are helping to preserve Indigenous culture and bridge social gaps Startupsmart

    18 January New initiative launched at SFU to save Squamish language by Tyler Gallop SFU News

    15 January Language revitalization, one text at a time by Shady Grove Oliver The Arctic Sounder

    15 January Angkety Map Highlights Digital Resources for Australia's Indigenous Language Revitalization by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    15 January Saving our local languages by Calista Ezeaku The Tide

    14 January Skwomesh language activist to launch 'trailblazing' immersion course at B.C. university by Duncan McCue CBC News

    14 January Heritage University Language Center Works to Keep Sahaptin Language Alive in the Yakima Valley by Veronica Quintero NBC

    14 January This Native American tribe on Long Island is trying to raise its language from the dead by Alina Simone PRI

    13 January Orange Order, Financial Burdens and the Irish Language by Chris Donnelly Slugger O’Toole

    13 January Tibetan Language Made Equal With Chinese in County in China's Qinghai by Guru Choegyi and Lhuboom Radio Free Asia

    13 January Why Mandarin? by Ntokozo Nhlabathi News 24

    11 January White Earth hopes to put Ojibwe language on lake signs along the highway by Pippi Mayfield Grand Forks Herald

    11 January Nigeria: 'How Indigenous Language Newspapers Are Coping Despite Trying Times' by Margaret Mwantok All Africa

    9 January One of the last remaining speakers of Khomani San language laid to rest News 24

    9 January New Phrase Book encourages language continuity by Geoff Shields Wawatay News

    8 January How to put some Romansh into your life by Rosie Driffil The Guardian

    8 January Peru officially recognizes native Amazon alphabet by Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week

    7 January “Charlotte’s Web” translated into Cherokee language by Scott McKie Cherokee One Feather

    7 January What Aotearoa is teaching Alaskans about language Radio New Zealand

    6 January Tribal languages need to be protected, say experts Times of India

    5 January Online Cultural Hub ‘Voces Étnicas’ Seeks to Revitalize Indigenous Customs in Mexico by Giovanna Salazar Global Voices

    5 January Government launches 5-year plan for Indigenous education by Christine Chou China Post

    5 January Cracking the code to speak Cherokee by Dale Neal Citizen-Times

    4 January Alaskans inspired by Teo Reo example by Victoria White Hawke’s Bay Today

    3 January Ten Canoes rewatched - ethnography document meets high-spirited whimsy by Luke Buckmaster The Guardian

    2 January Warm Springs teacher earns national linguistics award by Abby Spegman The Bulletin

    2 January Living with natives to save a secret Colombian language by Lisbeth Fog Worldcrunch

    1 January Joe McHugh: Jump in and talk Irish like I did by Joe McHugh Irish Times

  • December 2015

    31 December Australian schools add Aboriginal languages Language Magazine

    31 December Snow goes by many different names by Robert Amason The Western Producer

    29 December St. Paul Public Library publishes books in Karen language by Doualy Xaykaothao MPR News

    28 December Mapped: The 7,000 languages across the world by Ashley Kirk The Telegraph

    27 December Jaqaru: Campaign launched to protect dying Peruvian language from extinction by Simeon Tegel Independent

    24 December Debunking the myth that Canadian schools teach enough about Indigenous people by Chelsea Vowel CBC News

    23 December Early childhood classes hope to pass on Hupa language by Hunter Cresswell Times Standard

    23 December Passamaquoddy Tribe looking to children to preserve language by Jennifer Mitchell MPBN News

    22 December Tuba City primary school honors Navajo language student achievement by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    20 December We should shout about the historic achievement of adding Indigenous languages to the national curriculum by Jakelin Troy Sydney Morning Herald

    20 December Israeli inspiration into revitalising Maori language by Keren Cook J-Wire

    19 December Native American storyteller receives artistic honor WNPR

    18 December Preserving the Shona linguistic heritage in the Diaspora The Herald Zimbabwe

    18 December Rocky students to learn Darumbal language at school by Zhanae Conway-Dodd The Morning Bulletin

    17 December Gondi language loses a legend The Hindu

    16 December Why mother tongue’s getting short shrift in big city by Mohua Das Times of India

    16 December Health services explore new technology to overcome language barriers in Indigenous healthcare by Thea Halpin ABC

    16 December Relinking tribal youth with their culture The Hindu

    15 December Jackson Lafferty pitches Department of Language and Culture at priorities meeting CBC

    15 December New edition of new Testament enhances Cherokee culture by Bill John Baker Skiatook Journal

    15 December Council commits to British Sign Language Charter by Kris Kowalewski Birmingham Newsroom

    15 December Q&A with Canada's Belinda Daniels, 'Novel prize of teaching' contender by Terry Coles Yahoo

    14 December Residential schools to blame for problems plaguing aboriginals: Truth and Reconciliation Commission by Mark Kennedy National Post

    14 December Teaching of Barkindji language wrongly prioritised: far west elder by Declan Gooch ABC

    14 December Some statistics on indigenous Canadians by Mark Kennedy Ottawa Citizen

    14 December NSF grant to help UC Davis preserve rare Hupa native language UC Davis

    14 December Vernacular carols ring in Christmas spirit by Kelly Kislaya Times of India

    14 December Browning First To Use Native Langauge Immersion Funds by Miriam Hall Montana Public Radio

    13 December Students eat and share Alaska Native cultural traditions by Leona Long

    11 December First Nations schools could see federal funding double, leader says by Betty Ann Adam Saskatoon StarPhoenix

    11 December Should Doric or Gaelic be prioritised in the north-east? by Blair Dingwall Aberdeen Press & Journal

    11 December New Aboriginal languages course should count towards ATARs by Jakelin Troy The Conversation

    10 December Saskatoon Cree teacher shortlisted for $1M global award CBC News

    10 December Canada’s New Typeface Unifies the Country’s Many Languages by Liz Stinson Wired

    10 December ‘Canada can make itself whole’: Skeetchestn chief calls on Ottawa to restore language funding News Kamloops

    10 December Nez Perce seek federal grant to develop language programs Tribal Tribune

    10 December ABVP submits demands of Tribal Students' Parliament to govt Business Standard

    10 December Curriculum revives Tonga culture Chronicle

    10 December Linguistic communities called upon to preserve language by Vijakumar Patil The Hindu

    10 December PARADISEC activity update by Amanda Harris PARADISEC

    9 December Senate Passes Provisions to Improve, Expand Native Hawaiian Education Maui Now

    9 December When languages die, we lose a part of who we are by Anouschka Foltz The Conversation

    9 December Museum program provides insight to Chickasaw language, culture by Lynn West New Albany Gazette

    8 December Saving Sm’algyax: Tsimshian community aims to preserve language by Ashley McCuen Seattle Globalist

    8 December French priest honored for compiling Amis dictionary by Chen Chih-chung and Y.F. Low Focus Taiwan

    8 December Radio Adelaide closure would cut off remote communities, Indigenous advocate says by Tim Bennett and Khama Reid ABC Online

    8 December Cree and Ojibway language programs offered by Winnipeg School Division by Adrian Cheung Global News

    8 December The True Tongue of the Tsimshian Tribe Language Magazine

    8 December Cherokee Nation publishes its first red letter New Testament in the Cherokee language Cherokee Nation

    8 December Why my daughter won’t study Aboriginal languages in her HSC by Jakelin Troy NITV

    7 December NIC Offers Kwak’wala Language Course this January North Island College

    7 December Death knell tolling for Irish as community language – expert by Lorna Siggins The Irish Times

    4 December Icelandic language “almost dead” Iceland Monitor

    3 December Lecture exposes students to uncommon language by Madelyn Edwards The Shorthorn

    3 December Inuit Broadcasting Corp. opens new media centre in Iqaluit by John Van Dusen CBC News

    3 December Before Our Languages Go Extinct Leadership

    2 December Now, words in 60 dialects with Marathi meaning for schoolkids by Ardhra Nair Times of India

    1 December More than $3 million for Indigenous languages and arts Minister Communications

    1 December Tuba City Junior High puts on first Navajo and Hopi Lavayi traditional play by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    1 December 'Ixcanul' Director Jayro Bustamante on the Strength of Mayan Women and Guatemala's Indigenous Majority by Carlos Aguilar Indie Wire

    1 December Fostering Taiwan’s Indigenous Languages Language Magazine

    1 December The first time I spoke in my own language I broke down and wept by Jakelin Troy The Guardian

    1 December Tupe: Street signs to be in native Jaqaru language by Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week

    1 December Aboriginal languages to become new HSC subject by Eryk Bagshaw Sydney Morning Herald

    1 December Yearning to learn Ojibwe by Kyle Edwards Macleans

    1 December Noeline helping retain language by Laini Kirkman Moree Champion

    1 December More Than Words: The race to save a Northern Paiute dialect that’s down to a handful of speakers reveals what we stand to lose when a language dies by Jeremy Miller Earth Island

    1 December Pasifika Renaissance invites individuals to document oral traditions by Daisy Demapan Saipan Tribune

  • November 2015

    30 November Making Te Reo ‘cool’ essential to language’s future Massey News

    30 November ‘The reo is your reo too' by Leigh Marama McLachlan Radio New Zealand

    30 November The Internet Isn't Available in Most Languages by Katharine Schwab The Atlantic

    30 November Seven Oaks one step closer to Indigenous, Filipino language immersion programs by Meghan Roberts CTV News

    30 November Seven Oaks explores Cree, Ojibwa, Tagalog bilingual programs by Laura Glowacki CBC News

    30 November Struggling to Preserve “Fading” Tibetan Language by Samuel Wade China Digital Times

    29 November Even Without Interpreter, Hawaiian Judge Brings A Message KOSU

    29 November Nun self-publishes Indigenous language books to improve literacy at Wadeye by Garry Barker Sydney Morning Herald

    29 November School division mulls immersion in aboriginal languages by Nick Martin Winnipeg Free Press

    28 November Tar Heel: John Standingdeer’s goal is saving the Cherokee language by Marti Maguire News & Observer

    28 November Ho-Chunk Tribe looks to revitalize language by Mike Buhler Norfolk Daily News

    28 November Tibetans Fight to Salvage Fading Culture in China by Edward Wong New York Times

    27 November Cabinet OKs indigenous language development bill Taiwan Today

    27 November Literacy in the Internet age by Osama Manzar Live Mint

    27 November Indigenous Languages On Brink Of Extinction by Chika Okeke Leadership

    26 November First Nations celebrate language success stories CKOM News

    26 November Highlights from the 11th Language and Development Conference by Saket Suman The Statesman

    26 November A celebration of tribal languages The Statesman

    26 November Cabinet approves indigenous language development bill by Tai Ya-chen and Evelyn Kao Focus Taiwan

    25 November 10th annual Language Keepers Conference starts today in Saskatoon CBC News

    25 November Technology plays huge role in revitalisation of language and culture Maori Television

    25 November Why preserve native languages? by Sky Road Webb and John Littleton Point Reyes Light

    25 November Culture and language in the classroom explored at Language Keepers Conference by Creeden Martell Saskatoon StarPhoenix

    25 November Council pledges support for extending language immersion program by Holly Kays Smoky Mountain News

    24 November Rising Voices: New film depicts the effort to save the Lakota language by Cameron Dodd Intercontinental Cry

    24 November Western education has led to disappearance of Nigerian languages by Lai Mohammed Pulse Nigeria

    24 November Gunnedah chosen for opera project Namoi Valley Independent

    24 November University of Regina Press is asking you to speak up to save First Nations language by D.C. Fraser Regina Leader-Post

    24 November Tribal basketry workshop keeps culture, language alive by Lex Talamo Shreveport Times

    24 November Stanford adds Cherokee Language class by Scott McKie B.P. Cherokee One Feather

    23 November President’s Faculty Lecture showcases the importance of B.C. First Nations languages by Kamilah Charters Simon Fraser University News

    23 November Tongue twister: Minister reiterates government’s commitment to promote Hindko by Hidayat Khan The Express Tribune

    23 November Aboriginal researcher fights for indigenous languages, looks to Maori by Donna-Lee Biddle

    23 November For UO linguists and students, saving a language saves a culture by Scott Greenstone Daily Emerald

    22 November How to revive an endangered language in the age of social media by Elizabeth Jenkins KTOO

    22 November How one York professor is bringing Ojibwe culture to the classroom by Kyle Edwards Maclean’s

    22 November Technology key to revitalising language and culture Tangata Whenua

    21 November KPC hosts Dena'ina language forum by Elizabeth Earl Peninsula Clarion

    20 November Speaker shares personal accounts of cultural preservation by Malachy Dempsey The Lamron

    19 November Ethnic language struggles near China border by Nyein Ei Ei Htwe and Myat Noe Oo Myanmar Times

    19 November Learning to Speak Across the Ages with Wampanoag Language Program by Alex Elvin Vineyard Gazette

    19 November Revitalizing the Yekuana Language With an Academic Perspective by Fernando Carias Global Voices

    19 November Skill builder workshop focuses on Native American languages by Jerry Tudor Upper Michigans Source

    19 November Nunavut’s single language of instruction should be Inuktut, Inuit org says Nunatsiaq Online

    18 November Why Nigerian languages are dying by Joel Ajayi National Mirror

    18 November Peru Seeks Indigenous Support for New Bilingual Education Plan by Gustav Cappaert Latin Correspondent

    18 November Wanted: Speakers of Mayan languages, many of them by Jasmine Garsd KPCC

    18 November Southern Utes want to revitalize dying language by Jessica Pace Durango Herald

    18 November Dead Nigerian Languages: 10 local mother tongues, you will never get to hear by Ben Bassey Pulse Nigeria

    18 November Tata Steel is organizing Samvaad - A Tribal Conclave India Education Diary

    17 November Telling Thanksgiving's Story in a Vanishing American Language by Scott Johnson National Geographic

    17 November Lecture looks at origins of place names by Samantha Wright Allen Prince George Citizen

    17 November TripAdvisor refuses to publish Welsh language review by Tom Davidson Daily Post

    17 November Links to German linguist hold key to reviving an Aboriginal language by Michael Dulaney and Deane Williams ABC

    17 November Aboriginal languages preserved in print by Michele Jedlicka Inverell Times

    17 November Canberra Close Up: Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis by Farz Edraki ABC

    17 November Samvaad: Scholar emphasizes on need to promote tribal languages Avenue Mail

    16 November Omaha program helps children of Karen community retain their native language Daily Journal

    16 November Maharashtra to introduce textbooks in dialect for tribal students by Shoumojit Banerjee The Hindu

    15 November “Endangered” reception brings together art, music and dance by Alena Naiden La Voz News

    15 November Heralding Save Nigerian Indigenous Languages by Edozie Udeze The Nation Newspaper

    15 November 4-day tribal conclave kicks off in Steel City today by B Sridhar Times of India

    14 November Language can be an economic asset by Nilima Pathak Gulf News India

    14 November Indigenous language project considers what is in a word by Teresa Belcher Science Network WA

    14 November Journey Museum hosts film, class working to keep Lakota language alive by Jaclyn Seymour Black Hills Fox

    13 November Language Project To Launch Wôpanâak Immersion, Montessori Preschool by Sam Houghton Cape News

    13 November Teaching the next generation of Lushootseed speakers by Chris Winters Herald Net

    13 November Chickasaw Nation takes steps to revitalize its native language The Ada News

    12 November Oglala daycare works to revitalize Lakota language by Steve Long Black Hills Fox

    12 November FG Advises Youths To Speak Mother Tongue Leadership

    12 November Teaching Mandarin in schools is another slap in the face for African languages by Russell H Kaschula Mail and Guardian

    12 November Cherokee Language Film Wins Awards by Brent Winter NC State News

    12 November Queensland academic heads to the Amazon to save indigenous language on the verge of extinction presented by Fran Kelly ABC RN

    12 November U.S. Census Bureau recognizes Hawaiian Pidgin English as language by Moanike'ala Nabarroby KITV

    11 November Native American code talkers honored at Crazy Horse by Eliana Sheriff Black Hills Fox

    11 November Cultural diversity is a national strength, not a weakness by George Vasilev The Age

    11 November Peruvian Culture Ministry organizes international language rights roundtable Andina

    11 November Radio Waves Signal Hope for Indigenous Minorities Indigenous Voices in Asia

    11 November Meet the Great-Grandmother Writing a Dictionary to Preserve Her Dying Language by Rafi Schwartz Good Magazine

    11 November Partnership to save Menominee language offers new resources for language teachers by Nicole Hurley University of Wisconsin-Madison

    11 November First Mass in Nahuatl Held in Mexico’s Most Important Shrine by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    11 November Nez Perce Language Program coordinator creates free app by Chelsea Embree Spokesman-Review

    10 November Filmmakers showcase Lakota language project, ‘Rising Voices’ by Lee Zion Capital Journal

    10 November Chickasaw Nation, Rosetta Stone to Create Tool to Preserve Language by Grant Hermes

    10 November Jersey language to be taught in more schools BBC News

    10 November 'Welsh language less popular than Portuguese in Wrexham', council claims by Gary Porter Daily Post

    10 November In pictures: Life in Prophet River BBC News

    10 November Language, technology and democratic culture The Sun

    10 November Brazil: Indigenous Resistance in Rio’s Metropolis of Mega Events by Aldo Santiago Upside Down World

    10 November PSEB to introduce science subjects in Punjabi from next session by Aakanksha N Bhardwaj Hindustan Times

    9 November Indigenous Languages: Preserving a part of culture by Mark Snider Daily Illini

    9 November J&K Gujjars demand adequate representation to Gojri on AIR, DD Daily Excelsior

    9 November Tribe To Launch Montessori, Language Immersion School Next Year The Mashpee Enterprise

    8 November Navajo Prep will host language workshop by Joshua Kellogg Farmington Daily Times

    8 November 'Rising Voices' highlights efforts to save endangered language by Max B. O’Connell Rapid City Journal

    8 November English strangling indigenous tongues by Tinyiko Maluleke Independent Online

    7 November Chickasaw Nation Partners With Rosetta Stone To Save Language

    6 November Brazil project aims to save endangered indigenous languages by Jenny Barchfield Yahoo

    6 November Language expert to be adjunct professor at Mangalore varsity by Anil Kumar Sastry The Hindu

    6 November Namibia: African Languages As a Medium of Instruction Laughable All Africa

    6 November Critically endangered Syilx language preserved by Keith Lacey Oliver Chronicle

    5 November Film screening highlights struggle to preserve native language by Annie Rosenthal Homer News

    5 November Bloomington center of nonprofit's efforts to preserve Native American languages by Lyndsay Jones Indiana Daily Student

    4 November Importance of Language: Grassroots Efforts to Revitalize the Diné Language by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    4 November Cornish language-use council plan unanimously backed BBC News

    4 November Sydney should embrace the indigenous Gadigal language and roll out dual names say experts by Heather McNab Daily Telegraph

    4 November Facebook launches youth safety guide in Cree, Ojibway and Inuktitut by Tiar Wilson CBC News

    4 November Bayelsa Employ 30 Teachers To Teach Izon Language To Keep It From Extinction Information Nigeria

    3 November Men on mission to promote MP’s tribal language by M. Poornima Hindustan Times

    2 November Jaky Troy: awakening Australia's sleeping languages ABC

    2 November What future for Francoprovençal? by Jonathan Kasstan Swiss Info

    2 November McKinley to Denali sure, but not all Alaska place-name changes make sense by Rick Sinnott Alaska Dispatch News

    2 November Both Native and American News OK

    1 November Guatemalan Film 'Ixcanul' Takes Mayan Indigenous Culture Global teleSUR TV

    1 November Why Bella Galedonia is launching Scots and Gaelic strands by Mike Small Open Democracy UK

  • October 2015

    31 October 'Advertising in mother tongue languages growing' SABC News

    30 October Native Americans praise Missoula's shift to Indigenous People's Day by Martin Kidston Missoulian

    30 October Withering Words: Asia, Africa and Europe's Endangered Languages by Christina Garofalo Paste Magazine

    30 October Africa: Indigenous Languages Are Fundamental to Development by Dr Charles Mubita All Africa

    30 October Language a factor in Aboriginal obesity by Rob Payne Medical Xpress

    30 October Ashamed Of Speaking My Native Language - Kashmiri by Faiez Ajaz Moharkan Kasmir Images

    30 October Other Voices: Preserving native languages needs to be pursued Aberdeen News

    29 October Wisconsin Tribes Recognized For Health Initiatives That Emphasize Native Culture by Gilman Halsted Wisonsin Public Radio

    29 October 'Rising Voices': New Film A Call To Arms for Lakota Language Revitalization by Christina Rose Indian Country

    28 October Senate backs native language immersion programs Language Magazine

    28 October Passamaquoddy tribe to launch language immersion program by Johanna S. Billings Bangor Daily News

    28 October South Bay Arts: Extinct and dying languages the focus of a new Euphrat Museum of Art exhibit by Kristi Myllenbeck San Jose Mercury News

    27 October Pouroto Ngaropo to help achieve Maori TV bilingual goal by Wepiha Te Kanawa Maori Television

    26 October Nez Perce Tribe preserves their native language through new smartphone app by Suzette Reynoso KLEW TV

    26 October Tokelauans look to language week for survival Radio New Zealand

    26 October Language revival a healthy path to Indigenous survival by Rick Morton The Australian

    25 October Lheidli T’enneh elder earns masters degree by Mark Nielsen Prince George Citizen

    25 October Film narrates efforts to preserve Lakota language in SD, ND by Regina Garcia Cano Washington Times

    24 October Yakima Valley schools more culturally aware these days by Rafael Guerrero Yakima Herald

    23 October Withering words: Australia and Oceania’s endangered languages by Christina Garofalo Paste Magazine

    23 October ANU researcher translates UN Declaration of Human Rights into Aboriginal Pintupi-Luritja language by Hannah Walmsley ABC News

    22 October Slam poetry meets language activism by Megan Zlatos Anchorage Press

    22 October Mashpee charter school effort heads to final stages by Sam Houghton The Mashpee Enterprise

    22 October Native language immersion bill moves forward by Cassidy Belus ABC Fox Montana

    22 October Australian researcher creates world-first Indigenous translation of Declaration of Human Rights Xinhua News Agency

    21 October Native American language bill passes U.S. Senate Committee Big Island Now

    21 October Action not words needed to save Irish, say native speakers by Harry McGee Irish Times

    16 October Ahead of Northampton premiere of documentary on Lakota Native language, WMass filmmaker explains connection to film on Sci-Tech by Carolyn Robbins Mass News

    16 October Niuean community pin language hopes on youth Radio New Zealand

    16 October Withering Words: America's Endangered Languages by Christina Garofalo Paste Magazine

    16 October FLI organizes orthography workshop for Yidgha language in Chitral News Tribe

    16 October Technology used to revitalise indigenous culture by Catherine Knowles NetGuide NZ

    16 October Nigeria must act before indigenous languages go extinct – Gani Adams warns by Wale Odunsi Daily Post

    16 October Yuin elders develop 'message stick' app to teach almost-lost Aboriginal language by Bill Brown ABC Online

    16 October Police launch plan for wider use of Gaelic language within service Herald Scotland

    15 October NACC hosts Choctaw languages classes by Will Reid Yale Daily News

    14 October Video: Indigenous language preservation at the Elders and Youth Conference by Scott Jensen Alaska Dispatch News

    14 October New School Language Policy: Charity Begins At Home RadioVop

    14 October Historic Voting-Rights Win in Alaska by Stephanie Woodard Indian Country

    14 October Reviving the ancient language of the Mohawks by Christopher Curtis Montreal Gazette

    14 October Revitalisation of indigenous knowledge and culture Scoop

    14 October Mother tongue and the Nigerian child by Barth Anulunkoron National Mirror

    13 October N.W.T. ID should allow Dene symbols, says languages commissioner CBC News

    13 October Tuba City School District celebrates and embraces Native American heritage by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    13 October EY 2015 stresses Native language revitalization by Heather Hintze

    13 October Irish radio award for Manx language documentary Manx Radio

    13 October In America we speak more than just English! by Emile Schepers People’s World

    13 October How a 14-year-old girl is making Quechua cool in Peru — with music and lyrics from Michael Jackson by Jenni Monet PRI

    13 October After 25 years, Bible translation into Mayan language completed by Thomas D. Williams Breitbart News Network

    13 October Erris group set-up to maintain Gaeltacht status in area by Anton McNulty Mayo News

    13 October Mexico performs first Mass in indigenous Nahuatl language Yahoo News

    12 October Experts call for saving threatened languages The Tribune

    12 October Michigan tribes make efforts to save native language by Emily Fox WBEZ

    12 October CUK to document endangered languages by T. V. Sivanandan The Hindu

    12 October The stories and songs of Frank Yamma INDAILY

    12 October Spokane Indians change jerseys to Salish language by Rodney Harwood Indian Country

    12 October Language House to revitalize endangered language Penticton Western News

    12 October Learning the lingo: Here's how Google Translate copes with even the rarest languages by Tina Amirtha ZDNet

    11 October Program allows UVa to offer more-obscure language classes by Derek Quizon The Daily Progress

    11 October Digital boost for dying languages The Tribune

    10 October Dying Nsyilxcn language given new life in classroom by John McDonald

    10 October Young Navajos study to save their language by Ashley Thompson & Adam Brock VOA

    10 October VCE Indigenous language students awaken ‘sleeping’ Dhudhuroa tongue by Timna Jacks The Age

    10 October Manipur State integrity : The importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

    9 October Learn Chamorro app takes Guam's native tongue into the digital age by Drew Roberto Kuam News

    9 October Children's program encourages learning of language by Heidi Ahsoak The Arctic Sounder

    9 October Tunica-Biloxi Tribe hosts ‘Endangered Languages’ conference at Tulane by Raymond L. Daye

    9 October Tell us how to promote NZ Sign Language Scoop

    8 October Reader's View: Introduction of Ojibwe language to Duluth schools a great idea by Raven Beaulieu Duluth News Tribune

    8 October Kashmiri Language: Need to trace our roots by Syed Shahinda Rising Kashmir

    8 October National Indigenous language conference showcasing the richness and diversity of Australia's original languages News Maker

    7 October Promoting Indigenous Languages in Nigeria by Uchechuwku Okwum The Tide

    7 October Hear hear for British Sign Language by Ashley Davies Scotsman

    7 October Gaeilgeoirs demand end to Irish language 'lip-service' by Luke Holohan UTV

    7 October Two cultures together: Guatemalan Mayan Indians visit Isleta Pueblo; talk about preserving their languages by Julia M. Dendinger Valencia County News Bulletin

    7 October "Fonts are core brand assets" by Bruno Maag Transform

    7 October Ubykh: The language that died with a man Daily Sabah

    7 October Ojibwe language course to be offered in Thunder Bay Wawatay News

    7 October A symphony for China’s dying language of Nu Shu BBC News

    6 October A call to teach children indigenous languages by Pini Bothoko Mmegi Online

    6 October Mapmaker continues quest to map western hemisphere - one tribe at a time by Katherine Locke Navajo-Hopi Observer

    6 October Shm’algyack speaker passes on language in Ketchikan by Megan Petersen Native American Times

    6 October Irish language groups launch investment plan by Harry McGee The Irish Times

    5 October Want to learn a language? Try living here by Lindsey Galloway BBC Travel

    5 October Tarahumara Indians risk losing language to survive economically by Yahaira Jacquez Cronkite News

    5 October Ubykh: The language that died with a man by Burcu Arik Turkish Weekly

    5 October Organization works to save Aboriginal languages by J. H. Moncrieff My Toba

    4 October Linguistic minorities deprived of their rights by C.S. Narayanan Kutty The Hindu

    4 October Make Yoruba language compulsory in South-West schools - Gani Adams by Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji Premium Times

    4 October Sealaska Heritage Institute honored by the National Endowment for the Humanities Juneau Empire

    3 October Bolivia's Aymara Language Set for Official Facebook Status by Dimitri O’Donnell teleSUR

    3 October ASL table provides space for practicing unoffered language by Zarina Patwa The Wellesley News

    2 October KET launches the 1st Naga Glossary of 16 Naga tribal languages by Alice Yhoshu Eastern Mirror

    2 October Editorial: Political Parties and First Nations by Katie Smith The Free Press

    2 October “Multiplying” Ojibwe language at Bemidji stores, offices, schools by Lee Egerstrom The Circle

    1 October Irish and the Gaeltacht - they haven't gone away, you know by Rónán Mac Con Iomaire Irish Independent

    1 October Finding our voice: Looking to Wales to save the Irish language by Sharon Ni Chonchuir Irish Examiner

    1 October Lila Downs fights to keep native languages alive through her music by Dyllan Furness Miami New Times

  • September 2015

    30 September Book launched for Tuvalu language week Radio New Zealand International

    30 September Lecture focuses Navajo Rosetta Stone creation by Noel Lyn Smith Farmington Daily Times

    30 September Linguist documents dying languages still spoken in Toronto by Verity Stevenson The Star

    29 September What some tribes in Michigan are doing to stop their native language from going extinct by Emily Fox Michigan Radio

    28 September Losing out on languages by Rabab Khan Gulf News 

    28 September The joy of identity Ketchikan Daily News

    28 September Saving the Amis language one megabyte at a time by Aaron Wytze Wilson Taipei Times

    28 September Native American boarding schools have nearly killed Michigan's native language by Emily Fox Michigan Radio

    27 September Tata starts 3-tier course to revive Ol Chiki by B Sridhar The Times of India

    26 September Raila roots for use of vernacular languages to conserve cultural identity mediamax

    26 September Languages are dying, but is the internet to blame? by James Temperton Wired

    25 September American horse school focuses on Lakota language by Kevin Woster Keloland Television

    24 September Korean broadcasting station visits Galway city to cover endangered languages Galway Advertiser

    24 September Manitoba to promote Aboriginal languages Language Magazine

    24 September Story of Brazil’s diverse languages and people Massey University

    24 September 'Language plays a key role in our identity' SABC

    24 September Manitoba working to preserve Aboriginal languages The Reminder

    23 September Revitalizing language: Poet Holman kicks off Alaska film tour by Mary Catharine Martin Juneau Empire

    23 September Hawaiian language celebrated at event on Bachman Hall lawn University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

    23 September Artiste uncensored: acting requires passion - Matel Eyengho by Ngozi Emedolibe National Mirror

    23 September Revitalizing language: poet Holman kicks off Alaska film tour by Mary Catharine Martin Juneau Empire

    23 September Ditira launches 4th book by Jdlamini News24

    23 September A Spanish-speaking pope, and America’s complicated relationship with bilingualism by Janell Ross The Washington Post

    23 September Research documents Cherokees who face backlash despite efforts to revitalize language The University of Kansas

    23 September Manipur State integrity: the importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it - part 2 by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

    23 September Tribal members make pilgrimage to visit artifacts in DC by Allison Frost OPB

    22 September Warm Springs Tribes “Recovering Voices” in D.C. by Allison Frost OPB

    22 September Kazakh diaspora chooses unique ways to maintain identity by Kamila Zhumabayeva The Astana Times

    22 September Why connecting the billions of people who are offline requires more than just cables (or even drones) by Alice Truong Quartz

    22 September Tuba City students and staff set to celebrate Native American Week Sept. 28-Oct. by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    22 September Ohlone descendant to recite native language at Serra ceremony by Carl Nolte San Francisco Chronicle

    21 September 2 members of Ohlone tribe to play prominent role in canonization Mass Catholic San Francisco

    21 September Media Release: Manitoba announces historic partnership to protect, promote Aboriginal languages

    21 September Several groups signs (sic) on to language preservation agreement, but not the federal gov’t by Nick Martin Winnipeg Free Press

    21 September Cocker spaniel learns basic Gaelic in 3 weeks The Scotsman

    21 September 5 unexpected things we learned in Peru by Jessica Vander Leahy Women’s Weekly

    21 September Manitoba announces ‘historic’ aboriginal language partnership CBC news

    21 September NM courts work on Native language training system by Lida Alikhani

    21 September Mother tongue the dissertation language by Leanne Jansen Independent Online

    21 September South Africa: are we becoming another Chinese Province? allAfrica

    21 September A message from a segment of our society by Sean Bergy The Point

    21 September Enkosi, ke a leboha, ndi a livhuwa by Mondli Makhanya News24

    20 September Native language of Patukoraha surveyed by Harata Brown Maori Television

    20 September The bitter legacy of Canada’s forced-assimilation boarding schools Butet-Roch

    20 September ‘Use Indigenous languages to teach science’ by Lungile Tshuma Bulawayo 24 News

    19 September UiTM is constitutional, vernacular schools are not by Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi Malay Mail Online

    18 September Endangered Languages Summit in Okinawa to discuss 8 UNESCO-listed languages Ryukyu Shimpo

    18 September Manipur State integrity: the importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it - Part 1 by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

    18 September Language Revitalization Donations Gifts with Vision

    18 September It’s never too late to learn another South African language by Martin Young Mail&Guardian

    18 September South Africa’s controversial language education Language Magazine

    17 September Bolivians translate Facebook into Aymara teleSUR

    17 September From Denali to McKinley to Denali: U.S. place names tell you who’s in power by Lauret E. Savoy The Daily Beast

    17 September Administrator defends teaching of Mandarin in Nigerian schools The Guardian Nigeria

    17 September Texting in Cherokee Language Magazine

    17 September Bolivia: Group translates Facebook into native language BBC News

    17 September Facebook os translated into native language by Bolivian Group by frank The Reveille

    17 September Concepts of numbers in Indigenous Australian languages changed over time by Dani Cooper ABC News

    16 September Is Ontario doing enough to preserve its Aboriginal languages? by Chantal Braganza tvo

    15 September Thinking and Acting Globally by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

    14 September The Evolution Of Language: Study Of Rare Indigenous Language Shows All Humans Think Of Colors In The Same Way by Dana Dovey Medical Daily

    14 September National Indigenous Human Rights Awards by Gerry Georgatos The Stringer

    14 September Aberdeenshire taxpayers to fork out £300k for Gaelic plan by Andrew Whitaker The Scotsman

    14 September Irish Duolingo course reaches a million learners by Cathal McGuigan The Irish News

    13 September Onondaga Nation's urgent mission: Saving our language by Sarah Moses

    13 September Only Scotland’s diaspora can save the dying native language by Evan Fleischer Quartz

    13 September How the Cherokee language has adapted to texts, iPhones by Eduardo Avila PRI

    13 September Native people’s culture linked to ocean for thousands of years by Matt Markey The Blade

    12 September Efforts underway to save traditional speech by Kristi Dobson Alberni Valley Times

    12 September Love of Irish language set to grow from ground up by Helen Sweeney Derry Journal

    12 September Pansalb roots for Indigenous languages in schools by Konelo Lekhafola SABC

    12 September Benjamin Law: First contact by Benjamin Law The Age Good Weekend

    12 September Two Oscar entries from Latin America center indigenous stories, languages by Sabrina Vourvoulias Al Dia News

    11 September Researchers Work To Preserve Rare Language Spoken In Door County by Rich Kremer Wisconsin Public Radio

    11 September Hearing-impaired want sign language recognised New Era

    11 September Venezuelan film in Indigenous Warao language an Oscar hopeful Telesurtv

    11 September At Venice Biennale, Latin America pavilion highlights endangered languages by George Fishman Miami Herald

    11 September Alaska lawsuit over Native language voting rights settled by Rachel D’Oro CBCnews

    11 September It’s not nawa at Trustco New Era

    11 September Mind your language: Scottish Government to up promotion of Scots by David Jamieson CommonSpace

    11 September Drezus big winner at Indigenous Music Awards in Winnipeg CBCnews

    11 September How this long-haired rock band is mainstreaming an ancient language – one mosh pit at a time by Manuel Rueda Fusion

    11 September Mahesh Sharma, regional languages are also a part of India’s culture by Sanjiv Shankaran The Times of India

    10 September Anishinaabe author, historian Basil H. Johnston dies at 86 by Tim Fontaine CBCnews

    10 September Holyrod launches drive to promote Scots language by Tom Peterkin The Scotsman

    10 September Indigenous languages, literacy and the myth of the “unwritten language” by Greg Dickson Crikey

    10 September Hindi will be at top in digital world, says PM Modi NDTV

    10 September Preserving Australia’s first languages Language Magazine

    10 September State to provide language assistance to Yup’ik, Gwich’in voters by Lisa Phu Alaska Public Media

    9 September Teaching Tiwa: Los Lunas Schools offering Native language class to high school students by Deborah Fox News-Bulletin

    9 September Washoe Tribal Member Herman Fillmore To Teach Wašiw Language at WNC Carson Valley Times

    9 September Centre for endangered languages in limbo The Hindu

    8 September Yukon educator wins national literacy award CBC News

    8 September Sister Kate’s land allocated for healing by Sally McGlew Community News

    8 September Bhasha Research & Publication Centre: Devy, linguist who gave voice to tribal languages, calls it quits by Kumar Anand Indian Express

    6 September Harmony and Discord by Sameer Pokhrel Kathmandu Post

    6 September Young Gwich'in woman champion of her language CBC News

    5 September Village of Igiugig awarded $900K for Yup’ik revitalization effort by Dave Bendinger KTOO Public Media

    4 September In Alaska, it’s always been Denali by Holly Cusack-McVeigh The Conversation

    4 September Elis James brings Welsh language tour to town: ‘I’d always wanted to do stand-up in Welsh’ by Mark Rees South Wales Evening Post

    4 September Why languages die by Michael L.Tan Inquirer

    3 September Denali and America’s long history of using (or not using) Indian names by Doug Herman The Smithsonian

    3 September Decolonize the land: Native people welcome Mt. Denali name change by Andrea Perkins People’s World

    3 September Ojibwe language immersion program begins 2nd year Fox 21 KQDS

    3 September Spotlighting Australia’s languages: Anindilyakwa by James Bednall Crikey

    3 September Peru teen aims to revive Quechua, one pop song at a time by Roberto Cortijo The Daily Star

    2 September Mexico: Mozilla Firefox in 26 Indigenous languages Telesurtv

    2 September Granger announces plans to save Amerindian languages Stabroek News

    2 September This generation is more liberal, says Javed Akhtar by Diksha Bijlani The Hindu

    1 September In Alaska, massive achievement gaps separate Native and white students by Emma Brown The Washington post

    1 September “Encourage print media to use indigenous languages” by Lekan Otufodunrin The Nation

    1 September Indigenous Literacy Foundation brings a love of reading to remote communities by Linda Morris The Sydney Morning Herald

    1 September A truly developing Filipino language by Marne Kilates

    1 September Funding boost to preserve local Indigenous languages The Advocate Coffs Coast

  • August 2015

    31 August Sydney Park wetlands to be named in Aboriginal language to commemorate history Inner West Courier

    31 August Zimbabwe: seeking renaissance through language AllAfrica

    31 August Education NGO wants business courses to promote indigenous languages eNCA

    31 August One LaaS thing: building the Indian Internet in vernacular languages by Sahil Kini Your Story

    31 August Should Africa speak Mandarin? Zim Daily

    31 August A Korean identity by Esther Felden DW

    31 August Ja-Li-Si Pittman crowned 2015-16 Miss Cherokee Cherokee Nation

    31 August Africa: We need new names by Jera AllAfrica

    30 August Taal used to disadvantage non-speakers by Khaye Nkwanyana Sunday Independent

    29 August Tribes hold historic meeting at Red Clay by Scott McKie Cherokee One Feather

    28 August Pan-Arctic summit recommends Roman orthography for the Inuit language by Steve Ducharme Nunatsiaq Online

    28 August Tsuut’ina Nation returns to original name to preserve culture and language CBC News

    28 August Linguistic discrimination by Garga Chatterjee The Echo of India

    27 August To hear history: High-tech project will restore recorded Native Americans voices by Chelsea Leu Cal Alumni Association UC Berkeley

    27 August Creative Scotland pushing for revival of Scots language by Mure Dickie The Irish Times

    26 August Igiugig awarded large grant for Yup'ik revitalization effort by Dave Bendinger KDLG

    26 August Atausiq Inuktut Titirausiq: delegates ponder one written Inuit language by Steve Ducharme Nunatsiaq Online

    26 August Peirone Prize winner: Jessie Isadore by Chey Scott Inlander

    26 August Treasuring lessons of language deep in the Amazon by Christopher Marinelli Hartford Courant

    25 August Preserving Australia’s Aboriginal languages Language Magazine

    25 August CUK V-C for preservation of language, culture and ethos Scoop News

    25 August Seven tribal literature authors felicitated by Tata Steel Avenue Mail

    25 August Filipino is no longer Tagalog by Buwan Ng Wika

    25 August Scholars hope to save ethnic VN languages Viet Nam News

    24 August Grant given to preserve Chamorro tradition by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    23 August Tackling the Maltese language crisis by Roderick Bovingdon

    23 August Two of these will boost your brain power by Emma Manser The New Daily

    23 August Reviving endangered languages in Bangladesh by Saifur Rashid The Financial Express

    23 August US interns heading here to document language Solomon Star

    22 August Original teachings and worldviews by Vivian Delgado The Bemidji Pioneer

    22 August National Post view: A new dawn for Aboriginal education? National Post

    22 August Empowered communities: indigenous kids with a twinkle in their eyes by Rick Morton The Australian

    21 August The physicist who’s saving the music by Hannah Bloch The Wall Street Journal

    21 August The sacred Navajo language: one of sacrifice and strength by Pamalita Paloma Alioto Sangre de Cristo Chronicle

    21 August Outlander Gaelic coach saves rare Dalriada dialect The Scotsman

    21 August Macanese Patois Macauhub

    21 August For the Smithsonian, language is worth a million bucks by David Montgomery The Orange County Register

    21 August Mexico’s constitution translated into Mayan to avoid more tragedies by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    20 August Racing to record Indigenous languages under attack from ‘onslaught of English’ by Monica Tan The Guardian

    20 August Announces significant federal funding for native language immersion program at Sitting Bull College by Patricia Williams Political News

    20 August ‘Navajo’ and other Indian names by Marc Simmons D Chieftain

    20 August Researchers work to preserve richness of Indigenous languages by Clare Sibthorpe Sydney Morning Herald

    20 August Heitkamp announces significant federal funding for native language immersion program at Sitting Bull College

    20 August Endangered Indigenous languages to be recorded in dictionaries by Australian National University ABC Online

    20 August European Commission confident Croatia will honour minority rights

    20 August Improve indigenous languages first by Nokulunga Ngobese News24

    19 August Argentina creates Indigenous film school Telesurtv

    19 August Talking the lingo in Rio: Chatting with your new Southern Quechua speaking friends about football by Laura Hale ParaSport News

    19 August Let’s understand each other first by Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya The Mercury

    19 August Cow Creek Tribe teaches itself to speak again by Scott Greenstone NRtoday

    19 August Proudly multilingual by Michael L. Tan Philippine Daily Inquirer

    18 August Firms banned from advertising in Welsh on Twitter by Lydia Morris Daily Post

    18 August HHS announces new funding to preserve native languages and strengthen early childhood development and tribal courts EIN News

    18 August Alaska Humanities Forum launches online resource to preserve native languages by Samantha Angaiak 2KTUU

    18 August Ancient whistling language challenges scientific understanding of how we comprehend communication 9news

    18 August ANC plans to reopen colleges by Amy Musgrave IOL News

    18 August In bid to foster Iranian nationalism, Tehran launches first-ever Kurdish language program by Gelavizh Hemmat BolandPour Al-Monitor

    18 August This Peruvian girl’s Michael Jackson cover will make you want to learn the dying language of Quechua by Nidhi Prakash Fusion

    18 August Smithsonian gets $1.2M gift to sustain endangered languages CBS Baltimore

    17 August Time to study Ilokano lessons by Chris Quilpa Suffolk News-Herald

    16 August Meet the Canadian saving rare languages by Fatima Arkin The Star

    16 August Learning in ‘Urdish’ The Nation

    14 August Northern Arapaho language camp wrapped up Wednesday at St. Stephens County 10

    14 August Indigenous language dev and the African child by Baridorn Sika The Tide

    13 August Creole manual to better serve Haitian community by Alley Olivier Caribbean Life

    13 August Ranafast Gaeltacht in Donegal fights Irish language decline by Kevin Sharkey BBC News

    12 August Tribal language books introduced to check dropout in Odisha The Times of India

    12 August Kenya: Our vernacular languages good for the country by Mbugua Ngoroge All Africa

    12 August Language program adopts new curriculum by Will Phinney East Oregonian

    11 August Navajo language decision represents paradigm shift by Laurel Morales KNPR

    10 August Tibet: New apps helping Tibetans stay connected with their culture by Reetika Revathy Subramanian Hindustan Times

    10 August Microsoft Translator App For Android And iOS Is Best For Use On-The-Go by Ankita Katdare Crazy Engineers

    10 August Preservation of Endangered Languages of Bangladesh LAHRA by Towhid Bin Muzaffar The Daily Star

    10 August Endangered apes reveal roots of human language by Darwin Malicdem International Business Times

    10 August Feature: Mexico's indigenous languages weakening with every generation Xinhua Global Post

    9 August Kuki Airani: Fighting to save an endangered language by Tim Glasgow Radio New Zealand

    9 August UW builds largest digital library of Sephardic language by Nina Shapiro The Seattle Times

    9 August Making the culture and language of Peru’s Nomatsigenga people accessible and enduring by Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe Global Voices

    9 August NBT to work for reviving dying NE languages Nyoooz

    9 August Britain: Through correcting my parents' English, I realised how unnecessary it is to be fluent by Rachel Shabi Independant

    9 August Alaska: Immersive Tlingit language program held in Sitka KTUU

    7 August Taking pride in local languages by Jesse Pizarro Boga Minda News 

    7 August Be proud of your township lingo, says expert by Ahmed Areff News 24

    7 August Without their native tongue, Utes fear for loss of souls by Tobie Baker The Durango Herald

    6 August Five languages that have returned from the brink by Pieta Woolley UC Observer

    6 August Markin Rudin: Idaho linguists aid communication, help preserve languages by Mark Rudin Idaho Statesman

    5 August Bilingual Mexico constitutio: Spanish-Mayan translation complete after years by Sarah Berger International Business Times

    4 August Rediscovering the Judeo-Spanish language by Benjamin Ivry Forward

    4 August Vulnerable indigenous languages focus of UAlberta summer school by Angelique Rodrigues UAlberta

    3 August John Key rapped over disputed claim he said Maori language month would be ‘boring’ by Jo Moir

    3 August Indigenous language: Balochi dictionary formally launched The Express Tribune

    3 August One man’s quest to preserve Abenaki language by Jane Lindholm & Erin Lucey VPR

    3 August Vital Hurkou: Native language is necessary self-identification for any nation Chapter’97

    3 August Going, going, gone: endangered languages by Jane Lindholm & Erin Lucey VPR

    2 August Bolivia recognises workers for mastery of native languages by Carlos Valdez Yahoo News

    2 August Are dialects dying out? by Christina Chin Asia One 20

    2 August A new beginning for education at Isleta Pueblo by Ryan Boetal Albuquerque Journal

    2 August More than 100 languages are spoken in Edmonton with non-English homes mostly in the north and south by Rachel Ward Edmonton Journal


  • July 2015

    31 July The successful revival of the Chitimacha language by Judy Heflin Language Magazine

    31 July Native Language: pathway to traditions, self-identity by Tsanavi Spoonhunter Indian Country

    31 July We all know and admire the Haka… so why not one of our own? by Marcus Woolombi Waters The Conversation

    30 July Fort Folly First Nation attempts to bring back Mi’kmaq language by Lindsay Michael CBC News

    30 July Why do we shortchange one of Hawaii’s official languages? by Adam Keawe Honolulu Civil Beat

    30 July On the Philippines’ diversity of languages by Jorge Mojarro Businessworld Weekender

    30 July Paora Maxwell: Protect precious taonga by giving te reo a go by Paora Maxwell New Zealand Herald

    29 July New way to learn te reo online by Finn Rainger Gisborne Herald

    29 July Youth group take up challenge to speak Maori for 40 hours by Aroha Treacher Maori Television

    29 July Conference focuses on preserving American Indian languages by Sarah Okeson The Joplin Globe

    28 July Saving local languages by Zubair Torwali The News International

    28 July Mi’kmaw language camp participant wants to teach others by Frank Gale The Western Star

    28 July Reborn on the bayou: A lost language of Louisiana by Daniel W. Hieber Houston Chronicle

    27 July Study finds use of Te Reo Maori on rise by Eru Rerekura Radio New Zealand News

    27 July Ojibwe language classes keep aboriginal language alive in Winnipeg by Dave Baxter Metro News

    27 July Learning the language: The tribe is working to have more children learn Chemehuevi as few adults speak it fluently by Kevin Baird Today’s News-Herald

    27 July Learn 40 Aboriginal hand signs used to communicate across Western Australia’s desert by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    27 July Wake-up call: We are killing the Maori language NZ Herald

    27 July Renaissance on the bayou: the revival of a lost language by Daniel W Hieber The Conversation

    26 July The hills come alive with the sounds of an Ghaeilge Ulster Herald

    26 July ‘Reconciliation one hour at a time’: Reviving Aboriginal culture in schools by Lily Partland ABC News

    25 July A Navajo speaker says the language connects her with her culture by NPR staff Spokane Public Radio

    24 July Haiti’s government backs native Kreyol Language by Judy Heflin Language Magazine

    24 July A combination of two words by Diane Gibas Mille Lacs Messenger

    24 July Letter:Language Interest by Jan Van Eijk Leader-Post

    23 July Digitised, searchable archives help revive ‘sleeping’ languages by Michelle Z. Donahue Smithsonian Science

    23 July Finding new ways to define Native Hawaiian student success by Jessica Terrell Honolulu Civil Beat

    23 June American-Okinawan working to keep Ryukyu language alive by Tomomi Tomita The Japan Times

    23 July Notes from a single Mom: our founding ‘Fathers’ by Lynn Armitage Indian Country

    23 July Comedy lifeline: video skits teach endangered Lushootseed language by Aisha Nazim The Seattle Globalist

    23 July Navajos vote to drop language fluency requirement for top elected leaders The Guardian

    22 July Quapaw Tribe working to pass on native language by Ardina Moore The Joplin Globe

    22 July Sask. Cree language camp attracts participants from around the world CBC News

    22 July Singing lullabies to preserve the Butchulla language by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    22 July Navajo voters approve change to language fluency requirement for top leaders by David Schwartz Business Insider

    21 July Language revival could have mental health benefits for Aboriginal communities by Natalie Whiting ABC News PM

    20 July Aboriginal languages should be official by Olga Lovick Winnipeg Free Press

    20 July Amendments aim to promote native language education, improve school facilities Maui Now

    18 July Koori cultural classes for children at Laverton Community Hub by Fiona O’Doherty Hobsons Bay Leader

    17 July A word in your ear: Indigenous languages (with Des Crump) 612 ABC Brisbane

    16 July Mexican newspaper launches Mayan-Language edition by J.Tadeo Global Voices

    13 July Letting languages go extinct could lead to limitation and exploitation by Tameca L. Coleman

    11 July To resurrect a vanishing language, try YouTube and Indiegogo by Marc Silver Delaware Public Media

    11 July Aboriginal languages in Canada can and should be made official, expert says CBC News

    11 July Lakritz: More money won’t save aboriginal languages by Naomi Lakritz Calgary Herald

    10 July Young Aboriginal student helping to preserve Dja Dja Wurrung language by Larissa Romensky ABC Central Victoria

    10 July Language app help preserve Queensland’s Indigenous voices and culture through touch screens by Jessica Hinchliffe ABC News

    10 July Santa Fean’s film captures Native teens’ effort to help preserve language by Margaret Wright Santa Fe New Mexican

    10 July Authors of New Anthology of Arapaho stories hope to preserve language by Melodie Edwards Wyoming Public Radio

    10 July Revitalising the Ojibwe language Brainerd Dispatch

    9 July Canada chief calls for recognition of native languages Yahoo News

    9 July Magpie spirit can never be taken from Port Adelaide by Matthew Agius Port Adelaide FC

    8 July AFN asks Ottawa to declare all aboriginal language official by Gloria Galloway The Globe and Mail

    8 July The case for language diversity by Moshin El Hallouati Morocco World News

    8 July 3 Questions with Aimee Barry Broustra by Enrique Limon Santa Fe Reporter

    7 July Chickasaws adapt to modern storytellng technology Indian Country

    7 July Mount Druitt Indigenous youth choir revives Dharug language by Melanie Kembrey The Sydney Morning Herald

    7 July Preserving Kaprun language and culture in the Goldfields by Chloe Papas and Kirstyn March ABC Goldfields

    3 July A workshop gather digital activists revitalising Indigenous Languages in Colombia by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    3 July Mapping Endangered Languages by Sarah Ogilvie Stanford University



  • June 2015

    30 June Passion for preserving language, culture stirs Native American groups by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    30 June Canberra preschoolers learn local Indigenous language of ACT, southern NSW by Matthew Doran ABC News

    30 June Why kumtuks Chinook? by Kelly Sinoski The Vancouver Sun

    30 June Efforts to save ‘endangered’ language by Mike Chaussee KXNews

    29 June The future of America’s endangered languages by Matt Hansen The Week

    29 June Irish in crisis - we need a New Deal to revitalise the language by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin The Irish Times

    29 June Letter: Gaelic has chronological precedence in surviving Scots languages by Derrick McClure Herald Scotland

    27 June Te Wiki o te reo Maori kicks off today Maori Televsion

    27 June Part 2 of “Don Quixote” now translated into Quechua La Prensa

    26 June Do urban Gaeltachts produce a compromised Irish? by Barton Creeth Slugger O’Toole

    26 June Marlborough schools ready for Maori language week by Rachel Thomas Marlborough Express

    26 June Trio hope to revive pidgin language by Susan Lazaruk The StarPhoenix

    26 June ‘Allow linguistic minorities to pursue education in mother tongue’ The Hindu

    25 June Should all students learn First Nations languages? CBC

    25 June It's skookum to speak Chinook Wawa by Susan Lazaruk The Province

    25 June Musicians keep native languages and cultures alive by Elizabeth Floyd Mair Altomont Enterprise

    25 June Tongues not turning by Anna Grabolle Çeliker Today's Zaman

    25 June Committee releases key report on Indigenous constitutional recognition by Michael Kenny SBS

    25 June Peru Works to Preserve Indian Languages Latin American Herald Tribune

    24 June 10 Endangered languages in the world by Vincent Roy Insider Monkey

    24 June Preu officially recognises 24 Indigenous languages by Judy Heflin Language Magazine

    24 June Voices of youth keep Lushootseed language alive by Ben Gauld KUOW

    24 June Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia by Jeremy Hance Mongabay

    24 June Aboriginal radio show broadcasting to new frequencies Nanaimo News Bulletin

    24 June Languages are part of community healing and development by Tom Urbaniak Cape Breton Post

    24 June Peru’s soccer captain tweets in Quechua to rally nation for Copa America quarterfinals by Manuel Rueda Fusion

    24 June Canada’s language map looks way different without English or French by Jesse Ferreras The Huffington Post Canada

    24 June Ministry of Culture publishes Quechua history in Database by Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week

    24 June Welsh is considered a model for language revitalization, but its fate is still uncertain by Patrick Cox PRI

    22 June MIT Professor and known Haitian Creole Advocate join forces to create first ever Kreyol Alphabet songs and videos MW Market Watch

    22 June National Aboriginal Day in Petawawa by Ryan Paulsen The Daily Observer

    22 June It is important that the Scots language survives by Hugh Boyd The Herald Scotland

    21 June How the language you speak changes your view of the world by Farooq Kperogi Daily Trust

    21 June Editorial: Bilingual kids in the classroom a treasure The New Zealand Herald

    21 June Registration for Navajo language referendum closes Monday The Washington Times

    20 June Commentary: U.S. should confront its ‘cultural genocide’ of Natives by Julian Brave NoiseCat Santa Fe New Mexican

    20 June Review: An Irish-Speaking Island by Nicholas M Wolf by Roisin Ni Ghairbhi The Irish Times

    20 June Farmers give to Natividad Medical Center by Teresa Douglass The Californian

    19 June Talking book gives new voice to Indigenous languages The University of Queensland News

    19 June “This is for our people” - aboriginal community leaders explain Canadian Human Rights Act in Indigenous dialects CNW

    19 June U of S launches certificate programs in indigenous languages by Jennifer Jacoby-Smith The Star Phoenix

    19 June Turkish newspaper tries to save a dying language by Cnaan Liphshiz Heritage Florida Jewish News

    19 June A struggle on many fronts by Kate Mann Slow Food

    19 June Lawmakers call for compulsory teaching of Yoruba language in public schools by Dimeji Akinloye

    19 June Yucatan: Uwch Gopar Mynydd Album Review by Tony Clayton-Lea The Irish Times

    19 June Wiradjuri language course creates history Lithgow Mercury

    18 June Revitalising the Cree language through music by Steve Kingsman Day News

    18 June 25th First Peoples Festival offers array of film, music and culture by T’cha Dunlevy Montreal Gazette

    18 June Manitoba says sorry for taking aboriginal children from homes by Chinta Puxley

    18 June Student, community members honored by Lailani Upham Char-Kooster News

    18 June Learn tribal culture, history at Honoring Saganing Powwow by Tim Barnum The Arenac County Independent

    18 June How the US Mental Health System Makes Natives Sick and Suicidal Indian Country

    18 June Batsbi: A silent death of a minority language Democracy and Freedom Watch

    17 June Anchorage marks a hundred years, a hundred languages by Elwood Brehmer Alaska Journal of Commerce

    17 June Mi’kmaq educator celebrates National Aboriginal Day by Andrew Rankin The Chronicle Herald

    16 June Nanaimo must move forward with reconciliation by Karl Yu Nanaimo News Bulletin

    16 June WSD sets deadlines for boundary overhaul, indigenous language immersion by Nick Martin Winnipeg Free Press

    16 June Youth leaders accept challenge to White House's Generation Indigenous challenge by Bill John Baker Grand Lake

    16 June Mexican Indian language instruction now available online La Prensa

    16 June Minnesota Tribe gives grant to Lakota language program by Erin Mairose SDPB Radio

    16 June Alphabets of 24 native languages made official in Peru Andina

    16 June Blackfeet Nation plans run for language, health by Kristen Cates Great Falls Tribune

    15 June Documenting endangered languages N I uu National Science Foundation

    15 June Linguistic paranoia - why is Australia so afraid of languages? by Misty Adoniou The Conversation AU

    15 June Mission NFVF: Unclogging distribution bottlenecks, opening new markets by Michael Bratt The Media Online

    15 June Manitoba residential school survivor, teacher reunite after 50 years by Donna Carreiro CBC News

    15 June Fresh financial concerns raised over Maori language trust Newstalk ZB

    15 June Minnesota tribe donates to South Dakota language program Native American Times

    15 June Schuylkill Valley Community Library hosts Navajo Code Talkers program by Karen Chandler Berks-Mont News

    15 June Breathing New Life Into Native American Languages by Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    15 June Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages Endangered Language Fund

    15 June Need to Re-Awaken Culture Identity The Tide

    15 June Radio Jammu organizes a Poetic symposium and Folk music concert at Gandoh Scoop News

    15 June Celebrating aboriginal heritage benefits all by Gerry Chidiac Prince George Citizen

    15 June Youth leaders accept challenge to White House's Generation Indigenous challenge by Bill John Baker

    15 June Cree musicians collaborate for album designed to revitalize language CBC News

    15 June Indigenous language immersion program being proposed for WSD tonight Winnipeg Free Press

    15 June Looking back, looking forward by Stan Beardy Chronicle Journal

    14 June Prince Rupert Students To All Learn First Nations Language by Andree Lau Huffington Post

    14 June Hayton to lead language program Fairbanks Daily News Miner

    13 June King Felipe addresses Paraguayan president in his indigenous tongue, Guarani Gnomes National News Service

    13 June Hawaiian language poetry and writing competition opens to the world PRWeb

    13 June Project: Design for Endangered Languages Humanities + Design Stanford

    13 June 35th Annual Restoration Gathering a big hit in Cedar City by Haven Scott The Spectrum

    13 June The hard, important truths of Indigenous literature by Noah Richler

    13 June Head Start grad marks 20 years of memories by Kelly Oswald The Reminder

    13 June Mayan spoken here: Native languages of Latin American on display in Venice by Dominique Godrèche Indian Country

    12 June Bangarra Dance Theatre review: Lore double bill reflects enormous vitality of Indigenous culture by Jill Sykes Sydney Morning Herald

    12 June This Native American Rapper Is Using Hip-Hop to Tear Down Indigenous Stereotypes by Tom Barnes Music.Mic

    12 June Our cultures should interact, not just coexist by Robert J Balfour Mail&Guardian

    12 June ‘Keep language alive’: Grant Daily Advertiser

    12 June Tribal school Principal Norberg begins journey into retirement by Brielle Bredsten Mille Lacs County Times

    12 June Minnesota tribe donates to Lakota language immersion program at South Dakota tribal college Star Tribune

    12 June Labor Dept. releases new employee FAQ in Samoan by Megan Edge Alaska Dispatch News

    12 June As Native schools struggle, grad rate soars at Jemez charter by Robert Nott Native American Times

    11 June NT judge lost in translation by Stephanie Garber Lawyers Weekly

    11 June Why should some Native Americans have to drive 163 miles to vote? by Natalie Landreth The Guardian

    11 June Major Wikipedia boost for indigenous languages by Philip van der Merwe University of South Africa

    11 June Native American youth to raise issues at first Tribal Youth Gathering by Paris Burris Politico

    11 June Breathing new life into Native American Languages by Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    11 June What does a second language give you? by Maria Isabel Garcia Rappler

    11 June Prince Rupert students must learn indigenous language from September by Daybreak North CBC News

    10 June Act on commission’s recommendations: chief by Brent Cooper

    10 June American Indian College Fund Announces Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America Commitment to Action Recognizing Partnership with Brazelton Touchpoints Center to Train Early Childhood Educators in Native Communities Virtual Press Office

    10 June Those unheard voices by K. Pradeep The Hindu

    10 June CoastLine: African American English may be a Legit Language, But Linguistic Profiling Lives by Rachel Lewis Hilburn HQR News

    10 June Native American Education foes to Congress: 7 Bills to watch by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country

    10 June A lesson from the Miccosukee Tribe: importance of putting the 'Native' back into Native education by Gyasi Ross Indian Country

    9 June Kevin Kitchener helped Aborigines caught in the justice and prison systems by Ben Apple and Carley Tucker Sydney Morning Herald

    9 June One woman’s fight to save a language, not just a blanket by Jack Knox Times Colonist

    9 June Welcome back Wailaki: An extinct native language rebounds by Linda Stansberry The North Coast Journal

    9 June "You can't even imagine how they treated us" by Tereza Verenca New Westminster Record

    8 June Embracing Indigenous languages: the Kiwis just do it better by Nathan John Albury SBS

    8 June A call to action to save the Irish language inside and outside of the Gaeltacht by Julian de Spainn The Irish Times

    6 June Wahta Mohawks receive funding for language instruction by Brent Cooper Muskoka Region One Feather

    5 June N.W.T.'s CKLB puts aboriginal language programming back on air CBC News

    5 June Cherokee language app unveiled by Scott McKie B.P. Cherokee One Feather

    5 June Supporting Mohawk language instruction Digital Journal Press Release

    5 June Learning First Languages a song PSNews Teachers Online

    4 June N.W.T.’s CKLB puts aboriginal language programming back on air CBC News

    3 June Will Icelanders one day ditch their language for English? by Patrick Cox PRI

    3 June You don’t need English to be an Australian citizen by Allie Severin Fully (sic) Crikey

    3 June How to learn an Aboriginal language through Karaoke by Ollie Williams My Yellow Knife Now

    3 June Local news: residential school experience drives Trent Prof to preserve indigenous languages Northumberland View

    2 June Readers can now enjoy Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy tales in the Cree language  by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    2 June Toronto street signs a reminder of First Nations heritage by Eric Andrew-Gee GTA

    2 June CSO figures show 182 languages are spoken in State's homes by Pamela Duncan and Shorcha Pollak Irish Times

    1 June Tribal Tongues by Joy Neumeyer Berkeley

  • May 2015

    31 May Klallam language gets boost in writing with grammar book by Diane Urbani de la Paz

    31 May Films Explore Native Peoples, Culture Conflict Learning English

    31 May Saving the Hawaiian language by Alden Alayvilla The Garden Island

    30 May Directive affects numerical strength of Techiman Catholic Diocese Business Ghana

    30 May Central University of Himachal Pradesh mulls certificate course in 'Gojri' language by Naresh K Thakur Hindustan Times

    30 May Valentin Lopez, Amah Mutsun Tribal Band: Owe it to ancestors to protect the land by Valentin Lopez Santa Cruz Sentinel

    29 May The digital language divide by Holly Young The Guardian

    29 May ‘I keep the Welsh language alive through bees’ by Wil Griffiths as told to Helen Barrett FT Magazine

    29 May Online Challenges to Save Indigenous Languages in the Americas by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    29 May Udall, Heinrich Introduce Bill to Preserve and Expand Native American Languages Cibola Beacon

    29 May CKLB to resume live broadcasting starting June by Mike Gibbins The Explorer Hotel

    29 May Supporting Mi'kmaq Language and Culture in Newfoundland Digital Journal

    29 May Rare language complicates Forest Park wildlife killing case by Jack Flynn MassLife

    29 May Maintaining cultural heritage is crucial, says NMSP Vice-Chairman Nai Hong Sar IMNA

    29 May ‘Serious challenges facing the Irish language in the Gaeltacht’ – Joe McHugh  by Pól Ó Muirí The Irish Times

    29 May Lies your map tell you: reclaim native lands by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    29 May Canada’s top judge says country committed ‘cultural genocide’ against Indigenous peoples APTN

    28 May Sainthood for founder of California missions angers Native American groups by Tim Gaynor Aljazeera America

    28 May Gezahegn Lemma Fituma:- Oromo Language (Afan Oromo) and the Ethiopian Government’s Discouragement by Gezahegn Lemma Fituma Finfinne Tribune

    28 May Students learn language to help maintain culture by Robert Barron Daily News

    28 May Class uses historic Cherokee archive, Skype to hone skills in linguistic fieldwork by Amy Athey McDonald Yale News

    28 May Preserving the Anishinaabe Language at UWM by Tom Luljak WUWM

    28 May One Nation, Two Polities, Two Endangered Ossetian Languages? by Liz Fuller Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

    28 May The language phenomena by Reem Antoon Gulf Daily News

    28 May Friday Opinuendo: On saving local languages and more …

    28 May Sen. Schatz Seeks to Preserve Native Languages Big Island Now

    28 May Dance To Honor Eldest Member Of Ponca Tribe Osage Clan The Ponca City News

    28 May Field recordist honoured for recording of bird and Aboriginal songs by Laura Gartry ABC News

    27 May One book, 17 languages: Australian children take part in the biggest storytime of the year SBS

    27 May National curriculum for indigenous languages to come soon by Emma McBryde Sunshine Coast Daily

    27 May Peru celebrates Native Language Day by Hillary Ojeda Peru this Week

    27 May Ho-Chunk pursue language initiative by Cassandra Colson Jackson County Chronicle

    27 May Sen. Murray, leaders celebrate tribe's golden Head Start program by Mark Klaas Aurburn-Reporter

    27 May Investment to protect native languages 30-fold increased Andina

    27 May Saving Peru's indigenous languages by Corey Watts Peru this Week

    27 May Tester announces language immersion bill at Fort Peck by Richard Peterson Great Falls Tribune

    27 May Kids helped to think big by Ellie-Marie Watts Port Stephens Examiner

    27 May The Medics' Kahl Wallis Wins $20,000 National Indigenous Dreaming Award The Music

    27 May Macmillan boosts SBIS with Siswati dictionaries by Thembeka Dlamini Swazi Observer

    27 May Compulsory second language for Waitaki? by Nicola Wolfe

    27 May Rohingya: The problem of minority groups by Al Khanif The Jakarta Post

    27 May Open your mind to a changing world by Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya The Mercury

    26 May Librarian honored for promoting access to Pacific and indigenous languages University of Hawai'i News

    26 May Honoring Native Americans in the Military by Bill John Baker

    26 May Native language speakers to create new words for museum's dinosaur exhibit by Dan Bross KTOO

    26 May Supporting Radio-Programming in Michif-Cree Language Digital Journal

    26 May "Land of downriver people" by Joseph Price SYNC Weekly

    26 May Peruvian Rights Ombudsman Calls Out Gov't on Indigenous Rights teleSUR

    26 May Film Festival Looks at Indigenous Peoples, Culture Conflict by Mike O'Sullivan VOA News

    26 May Aboriginal langauge Wikipedia faces cultural hurdles, say researchers by Monica Tan The Guardian

    26 May AP PHOTOS: Indigenous beauty queen chosen in Ecuador by Dolores Ochoa Salon

    26 May Pacific health could improve if languages are saved Radio NZ

    26 May University looks at indigenous language preservation Radio NZ

    25 May Gazette opinion: Finale resting place coming for Apsaalooke Warriors Billings Gazette

    25 May Aboriginal women's choir performs baroque hymns in Arrarnta language by Annabel Ross Sydney Morning Herald

    25 May Australia developing first ever school curriculum for Indigenous languages by Monica Tan The Guardian

    25 May iPhone finally to get crowdsourced by Joel Locsin GMA News

    25 May Campaign underway to preserve Indigenous languages SBS

    25 May Experts urge government to halt decline of Indigenous languages SBS

    24 May How writers of endangered languages are embracing sci-fi by Britt Peterson The Boston Globe

    24 May The prince, the glamour model and the Vikings' lost language by Malcolm Brabant The Guardian

    24 May As Patience Jonathan Makes YouTube Record with "Diaris God O!" by Farooq Kperogi Sunday Trust

    24 May Revitalizing Quebec's English-speaking community by Celine Cooper Montreal Gazette

    24 May Fascinating Cambridge University Research Links Endangered Pontic Greek Dialect to Ancient Greek by Gregory Pappas Pappas Post

    24 May Aboriginal languages could reveal scientific clues to Australia's unique past by Robin Whitlock Ancient Origins

    24 May Mexican Programmers Create App to Learn Mixtec Language Latin American Herald Tribune

    23 May Justice Department eyes voting reforms for American Indians by Felicia Fonseca Native American Times

    23 May Mexican programmers create app to learn Mixtec language La Prensa

    23 May Culture key to student success, chief says by Jason Warwick The StarPheonix

    22 May Soweto event affirms importance of indigenous languages eNCA

    22 May Crossing the cultural divide by Vanessa Burgess Myrtleford Times & The Alpine Observer

    21 May At UW-Milwaukee, students speak the city’s native language University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee News

    21 May Preserving Pacific’s many languages key to cultural strength ABC Radio

    20 May Amazigh: Linguistic minority marginalized in Morocco Al Monitor UNPO

    20 May Around the World with Kate & Mack - A Look at Languages from A to Z by Janey DeMeo CrossMap

    20 May Many Native American Communities Struggle With Effects Of Heroin Use by Laurel Morales NPR

    20 May Mexican Official Makes Fun Of Indigenous People And Parents of Ayotzinapa Victims In Leaked Audio by Cedar Attanasio Latin Times

    20 May Library to screen 'First Language' Smoky Montain News

    20 May PotashCorp invests in technology for Aboriginal education Wire Service

    19 May Aboriginal or Australian? by Callum Clayton-Dixon IC Magazine

    18 May Join the gathering to connect Indigenous language digital activists in Colombia Global Voices

    12 May Nunavut-Ottawa deal should beef up Inuktitut funding: language watchdog by Thomas Rohner Nunatsiaq Online

    8 May The rescue of a language: Speaking Jaqaru in Tupe by Pamela Sandoval Del Águila for El Comercio, translated and adapted by Agnes Rivera Peru this Week




  • April 2015

    28 April Schoolchildren record ancient Wurundjeri stories in Woiwurrung language for new digital access by Julia Irwin Northcote Leader

    27 April Indigenous groups in the U.S. struggle to retain, and relearn, dying languages by Soni Sangha Fox News Latino

    27 April Why Languages Die by Revathi Siva Kumar News Everyday

    27 April 10 Ways to Boost Tribal Language Programs by Christina Rose Indian Country

    27 April The Israel-Palestine Lorde Project by Yuval Ben-Ami +972

    27 April SOAS' Endangered Languages Documentation Programme reveives a further $!! million from Arcadia SOAS University of London

    27 April UNPO Converence Draws Attention to Indigenous Struggles and Visions of Self-Empowerment Unrepresented Nations and People Organization

    27 April Aboriginal civic names a rarity in Regina by Natascia Lypny Leader-Post

    26 April What will the Federal Agency for Nationalities do? Vestnik Kavkaza

    25 April Colombian ethnologist emphasises wide diversity of cultures by Lorna Siggins Irish Times

    25 April Living beings as our kith and kin - we need a new pronoun for nature by Robin Wall Kimmerer The Ecologist

    25 April Recognition of some tribal languages under consideration: Oram Business Standard

    25 April Chechnya celebrates Chechen Language Day Vestnik Kavkaza

    25 April Educate yourself about the people of Tunica-Biloxi

    24 April Native Languages: From Forbidden To Funded by Amy Martin Montana Public Radio

    24 April Centre bid for Kokborok's constitutional recognition Times of India

    24 April Two-Day Event to Focus on Saving Endangered Native Languages UMaine News

    24 April Unesco: Half of the world's languages will disappear by 2100 by Ludovica Iaccino International Business Times

    24 April 4 northwest Tribal contestants shine in 'Miss Indian World Pageant' 2015 by Roscoe Pond

    24 April Lack of funding shuts down C&A Tribal College by Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton Native American Times

    24 April Between Homelands: Armenians Struggle to Preserve Their Language by Andy Vasoyan KQED

    24 April Potential GNWT Deal Could Bring CKLB Back to Life by Mike Gibbins My Yellowknife Now

    24 April National consultative seminar on tribal society, language and literature held Mizo News

    24 April Curriculum stakes out Indigneous learning PS News

    23 April The world's languages, in 7 maps and charts by Rick Noack and Lazaro Gamio Washington Post

    23 April What will the English langauage look like in 100 years? by Claire Felter Christian Science Monitor

    23 April 10 Things You Should Know About the Kalispel Tribe by Jack McNeel Indian Country

    23 April South Africa's 'demon of tribalism' raises its head by Shaun Dlanjwa Daily Maverick

    23 April Employee Expands Library's Reach by Transalting Children's Books to Her Native Tongue by Patricia A. Scheyer River City News

    23 April Bill Funding Native Language Programs Passes by Amy Martin Montana Public Radio

    23 April Through poetry Margaret Noodin keeps her Native American language alive by Mercedes Mejia & Stateside Staff Michigan Radio

    23  April Teachers connect with langauge learners with strategy and purpose by Shaina Cavazos Chalkbeat Indiana

    22 April Morgan makes Tory pledge to 'guarantee future' minority language GCSEs and A-levels by Javier Espinoza Telegraph

    22 April Language much more than words by Michelle Washington Victoria News

    22 April Cherokee culture, language and customs not only being preserved, but advanced by Bill John Baker Grand Lake News

    21 April Indigenous Australia, British Museum, review: ‘all too familiar’ by Alastair Smart The Telegraph

    21 April Why does Africa have so many languages? by Claire Felter Christian Science Monitor

    21 April Endangered Languages Project Website Rediisgned to Be More Accessible and Engaging Marketwired

    21 April Nancy Wise: French Immersion should be for all by Nancy Wise National Post

    21 April Tribal businessman upsets former Navajo president in race by Felicia Fonseca San Francisco Chronicle

    21 April Radcliffe Male Voice Choir help preserve ancient French language in trip to Brittany by Ben Ireland Nottingham Post

    20 April Educators seek to revive Puerto Rico's indigenous past through music, language, food Fox News

    20 April 80th Annual Tribal Assembly Adjourns Sit News

    20 April Gaelic in Nova Scotia under threat following cuts by Martyn McLaughlin The Scotsman

    20 April Reviving an indigenous culture The Hindu

    20 April A Language of Their Own: Swahili and Its Influences by Olivia Herrington Harvard Political Review

    20 April Linguists say Dakota, Lakota still mutually intelligible Rapid City Journal

    20 April Navajo Election: How We Got Here? by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    20 April Santo Domingo Pueblo, N.M., native named Miss Hozhoni by Mary Shinn Durango Herald

    20 April Costa Rica's first official sign language interpreter has long history of bridging the communication gap by Zach Dyer Tico Times

    19 April Usman’s Panacea for reviving endangered minority languages by Anote Ajeluorou The Guardian Nigeria

    18 April Researcher: Almost half of the 6,000 world languages risk becoming extinct Borneo Post Online

    17 April Cape Breton school offers course in conversational Mi’kmaq by Nicole MacLennan CBC News

    17 April ‘Where my heart is’ by Danette Dooley The Labradorian

    16 April Native American language poetry contest comes to OU by Brittney Bennett The Oklahoma Daily

    15 April Residential day school survivors who lost language and culture seek redress by Tamsyn Burgmann CBC News

    15 April A Name Restored by Katie Spielberger Juneau Empire

    14 April Georgia celebrates Mother Language Day

    14 April The seven big language learning issues facing the UK by Martin Williams The Guardian

    14 April Blackfella/Whitefella by Warumpi Band – Australia's seminal reconciliation song by Alexander Bisley The Guardian

    13 April Alaska Native place names workshop Alaska Dispatch News

    13 April Aboriginals who attended day schools also want redress for lost languages, abuse by Tamsyn Burgmann The Canadian Press

    13 April Old Colombian languages, customs get newfound respect by Chris Kraul Los Angeles Times

    13 April Sokaogon Chippewa, Wisconsin tribes ask for power to open charter schools by Ben Meyer WJFW.COM

    12 April What If the Hawai'i Driving License Exam was Only in ‘Olelo Hawai'i? by Ray Tsuchiyama The Maui News

    12 April Peak on ridge above Juneau gets its Tlingit name officially restored by Nathaniel Herz Alaska Dispatch News

    12 April Council of Indigenous Peoples recruits tribal language experts The China Post

    12 April First Nations Languages Part Of Global Study On How Kids Learn Mother Tongue by Colin Perkel The Canadian Press

    12 April I&B asked to include more tribal dialects in AIR programmes Business Standard

    11 April Alaska Native storytelling event embraces technology as 'new tool' by Jerzy Shedlock Alaska Dispatch News

    11 April Language, Colonial Hangovers and Access to Higher Education by Katherine Lamb Brown Political Review

    11 April A medical student explores the importance of Aboriginal culture, Country and the homelands movement by Jennifer Dogget Crikey

    11 April Expat Israeli ‘settlers’ in Europe get organised by Cnaan Libhshiz The Times of Israel

    10 April Govt asked why third language option taken off Naveed Iqbal The Indian Express

    10 April White Bear Education Complex aims to reclaim indigenous languages by Lynne Bell Carlyle Observer

    10 April Linguistic minority students forced to write language exam in Tamil by R. Arivanantham The Hindu

    10 April At the Nerman: Quilts that capture tension behind harsh tribal treaties by Cindy Hoedel The Kansas City Star

    10 April Legislature needs to step up for Montana tribes by Lt. Gov. Angela McLean, Sen. Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, Sen. Mike Phillips, Sen. Lea Whitford, Rep. Kelly McCarthy and Rep. Susan Webber Bozeman Daily Chronicle

    10 April Election for language referendum set by Noel Lyn Smith The Daily Times

    10 April Legislature advances proposed Indian language programs Great Falls Tribune

    10 April Translators needed to put poem in native language by Jill Callison Argus Leader

    9 April Wampanoag Language Historian Honored By Celtics

    9 April Sophomore Wins a Critical Language Scholarship The Boston College Chronicle

    9 April Shizuyo Yoshitomi started a radio station to help immigrants by Takehiko Kambayash The Christian Science Monitor

    9 April Tlingit language to be officially recognized in federal maps database by Elizabeth Jenkins and Jeremy Hsieh KTOO public media

    9 April More must be done to improve tribal economies by Lt. Gov. Angela Mclean Hungry Horse

    9 April “Take our words away”: Hyperbolic fear of Australia’s Indigenous heritage by Lauren Gawne Crikey

    9 April Meth, compact and language dominates Quarterly Meeting by Lailani Upham Char-Koosta News

    9 April Vugt: Using the mother tongue – in school and in church by Arnold Van Vugt Sun Star

    8 April Teaching Mandarin at school 'will colonise SA anew' - Sadtu by Bongani Nkosi Mail & Guardian

    8 April Excitement at proposal to open Indigenous focused school in western Riverina ABC news

    8 April Native mother tongue dilemma by Jenne Laijun Borneo Post Online

    8 April What about other languages? Daily Express

    8 April 'Incorporate minority languages into education system' - Pandikar Amin Astro Awani

    8 April War on language by Naziha Syed Ali Dawn News

    8 April Keeper of Salish language and music passes away at 62 MTN News Missoula

    8 April Gaelic conversations help Inverness dementia sufferers BBC News

    8 April EU’s commitment to promoting multilingualism under fire by James O’Brien The Parliament Magazine

    7 April Silver Spring Stage to Present THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE, 4/10-5/2 BWW News Desk

    7 April Film captures dying language in NC Mark Washburn The Charlotte Observer

    7 April EU: 28 countries, one common language Gareth Harding euobserver

    7 April Young singer embraces Aboriginal choral tradition by Emma Sleath with Tim Brunero ABC Alice Springs

    7 April NSU American Indian Symposium, Children: The Seeds of Change, kicks off April 14 Native American Times

    7 April Grassroots Haida Revitalization Videos: Keeping the Language Alive by Christina Rose Indian Country

    7 April New picture for Indigenous arts PSnews online

    6 April Punjab-Maharashtra to maintain spiritual & literary ties Day and Night News

    6 April Sweden to expand teaching of minority languages Alaska Dispatch News

    6 April Language barrier complicates Farmington stabbing case by Aaron Curtis Wayne Post

    6 April Valuing Languages by Alissa Stern The Huffington Post

    6 April Learning Languages for Travel by Diana von Glahn Patheos

    6 April Upcoming Symposium to Examine How Technology Can Save Native Languages Indian Country

    6 April Meet the Aboriginal unit Prince Harry will train with in Australia by Jonathan Pearlman The Telegraph

    6 April Upcoming symposium to examine how technology can save native languages Rochester Institute of Technology Indian Country

    6 April Irish: A living language is a spoken one The Irish Times

    6 April Why can’t we speak our native language? by Colman Garrihy Irish Examiner

    5 April More than language: Lakota Uŋčí teaches students culture, history by Danie Koskan Rapid City Journal

    5 April Exploring songs in native languages from Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia 90.5 WESA

    5 April Librarian became expert in Indigenous culture by Jennifer Dearnaley The Age

    4 April Fidelma Cook: Mind your language by Fidelma Cook Herald Scotland

    3 April Aboriginal Languages in Canada Garnering Increased Interest Day News

    3 April Monthly Dakota Hymn Sing keeping Dakota language alive Yankton Daily Press&Dakotan

    3 April Australian kids are learning Waramungu language with a radio cockatoo’s help by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    3 April How my neighbourhood looks and sounds in Ojibway by Robert Everett-Green The Globe and Mail

    2 April Bilingual Schools Strengthening Ecuador's Plurinational State by Liz Scherffius Telesur

    2 April Editor’s Note by Bob Holmon The Brooklyn Rail

    2 April How the Manx language came back from the dead by Sarah Whitehead The Guardian

    2 April Endangered language portraits by Yuri Marder The Brooklyn Rail

    2 April Creating a road to independence by Lailani Upham Char-Koosta News

    2 April Uphill Battle by Alex Sakariassen Missoula Independent

    2 April Endangered language alliance The Brooklyn Rail

    1 April Speak Setswana to your children editorial Mmegi online

    1 April North Caucasians Complain About Shrinking Use of Their Native Languages by Valery Dzutsev The Jamestown Foundation

    1 April Nominations open for Sign Language Board Scoop Independent News

    1 April Fighting Guatemalan racism high on OU law students agenda by Andrew Clark The Oklahoma Daily

    1 April Debut album for Broome's musical treasure Baamba by Vanessa Mills ABC Kimberley

    1 April Coquille and Confederated Tribes receive historic preservation grants by Caly Mayberry The World

    1 April Australia launches reforms to get people into work Recruiter Anderson Group

    1 April Rhodes must fall everywhere by Wabantu Hlophe Yale Daily News

    1 April Students connect with their community roots at Bolivia’s Aymara Indigenous University by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    1 April Politics of language: Karnataka’s Kannada only policy is a gift to private school cartels by G Pramod Kumar F.India

    1 April Crimean Tatar TV channel goes silent by Olena Goncharova Kyivpost

  • March 2015

    31 March Indiana may add honors for bilingual graduates by Scott Elliot Chalkbeat Indiana

    31 March Centre nod to classical language institute by Minati Singha The Times of India

    31 March Evelyn Skookum honoured on Aboriginal Languages Day by Shinoah Young CBCnews

    31 March Increased interest in Aboriginal languages by Carmela Fragomeni The Hamilton Spectator

    31 March Kannada Language Made Compulsory in Karnataka Government Schools by Maya Sharma NDTV

    30 March A Loss for Words by Judith Thurman The New Yorker

    30 March A Thousand Tongues by Nilanjana S Roy Business Standard

    30 March Viewpoint: Misunderstanding the American Indian by Jeff Harrell South Bend Tribune

    30 March BSU hosts Minsk language festival on 29 March Belarusian News

    30 March The blind indigenous singer capturing hearts by Anthony Colangelo The New Daily

    30 March Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion in heated exchange with Aboriginal protesters by Rosa Ellen and Emma Sleath ABC News

    29 March Learning indigenous language is vital for Native students by La June Montgomery Tabron Albuquerque Journal

    29 March Hopes of preserving Cherokee language rest with children by Martha Waggoner Aiken Standard

    28 March Alaska Native orators speak by Ben Boettger Clarion Peninsula

    27 March Towards a linguistic singularity by Shahrukh Khan Harvard Political Review

    27 March Yup’ik spelling bee preserves language by Shannon Ballard KTVA Alaska

    26 March Yuwibara language kept alive in Mackay by Daniel Battley and Sophie Kesteven ABC

    26 March Native American language school in North Carolina opens for grades 6-12 as locals battle to keep Cherokee culture alive by Sadie Whitelocks Daily Mail

    26 March WA Consitution: Indigenous recognition recommended by parliamentary committee by Andrew O’Connor ABC News

    25 March Cherokees make push to preserve language Washington Post TV

    25 March Kaurna people didn’t exist when Europeans arrived, Kelly Henderson says by Anthony Templeton The Australian

    25 March Hopes of Eastern Cherokees to preserve language rest with children at small immersion school Fox News

    25 March Africa: No, languages have never been a problem for Africa by Rashid Swaleh & Sam Kebongo All Africa

    25 March ‘Shoulder-to-shoulder’: Hawaiians visit area tribal colleges so both groups can learn from one another by Bethany Wesley The Bemidji Pioneer

    24 March Can we revive endangered languages? Should we? by Claire Felter The Christian Science Monitor

    24 March Indigenous Elder pushes to preserve local language by Helen Spelitis The Observer

    24 March Tourism key to protecting Indigenous history in Tully by Kathleen Calderwood ABC North Queensland

    23 March Onedera named Master Storyteller by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    23 March Aboriginal legal services warn clients will face court unrepresented if funding cuts go ahead by Norman Hermant and Sam Clark ABC News

    23 March Globalisation spells the death of minority cultures by David Volodzko South China Morning Post

    23 March Not such an English game anymore by Sharda Ugra ESPNcricinfo

    23 March LDS Church putting scripture translations direct to digital, then print by Genelle Pugmire Daily Herald

    21 March “Rwanda’s untold story”: UK calls on Rwanda to restore BBC Broadcasting in Kinyarwanda by Ann Garrison Global Research

    21 March Lost in interpretation by Deabarshi Dasgupta The Hindu

    21 March Decolonizing language revitalization Intercontinental Cry Magazine

    21 March Unreserved: Seeing the world through the indigenous lens by Tim Fontaine CBC News 

    21 March Ao stresses importance of mother tongue The Times of India 

    20 March Preserve dying languages by Benjamin Goldberg Pipe Dream

    20 March Bill filed to promote language immersion by Alexandra Gutierrez Alaska Public Media

    20 March Indigenous ‘lifestyles’ have been diabolically shaped by governments since white settlement by Margaret Wenham  The Courier Mail

    19 March Alaska ghost villages are recalled by Native elders and scholars in two new books by Mike Dunham Alaska Disptach News

    19 March Africa: Is Language the Major cause of Africa’s Woes? By Sam Kebongo All Africa

    19 March Zimbabwe: cry our beloved local languages by The Herald All Africa

    19 March Plenty of life in Scots language by Alan B Riach Herald Scotland

    19 March Africans, Not Westerns, Killing African Languages by Butare All Africa

    19 March Dakota Hymn Sing helps keep language alive by Lance Nixon Capital Journal

    19 March Clarion call for languages institute New Era

    19 March Spin continues and the gap widens. New Indigenous funding is a dangerous misstep by Larissa Behrendt The Guardian

    19 March Arts contest open to Aboriginal youth across Canada by Molly Gibson Kirby Thompson Citizen

    18 March Wiradjuri words show the power of learning Australia’s first languages by Felicity Meakins The Conversation

    18 March The right to a mother tongue by Ceyda Nurtsch

    18 March Speakers can learn Cherokee language with a Tulsa city-county library card Tahlequah

    17 March Keeping Mohawk Language Alive by Michelle Ruby Brantford Expositor

    17 March Govt will ensure inclusion of Gojri Languages in Indian Constitution : Zulfkar Scoop News

    17 March New Warm Springs Academy Offers Lessons In Tribal Culture by Amanda Peacher OPB

    17 March PBS ‘Language Matters’ Documentary Includes Hawai’i Big Island Now

    17 March Vice Chancellor expresses fear of extinction of indigenous languages Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

    17 March Nicaraguan indigenous group fears Chinese canal will be a death sentence by Tim Rogers Fusion

    16 March Bolivia: a country that dared to exist by Ben Dangl Telesur  

    16 March Nationals leader Tony Grant launches NSW campaign in Aboriginal dialect by Damien Murphy Sydney Morning Herald

    16 March A Tribute to harmonious multiculturalism The Hindu

    16 March Video: what is language revitalisation? Indian Country

    16 March Chapman team engages natives in the Peruvian Amazon by Jonathan Winslow Orange County Register

    16 March Measures to Curb Drop out Rate of St Students by Samir Business Standard

    16 March N.W.T. Métis Nation producing Cree-language cooking show CBC News

    16 March UVic program aims to revitalize South Slavey language in N.W.T. by Erin Brohman, Garrett Hinchey, with files from Shannon Scott CBC News

    15 March No alien words in ceremonies, say Mayek exponents The Sangai Express

    15 March We have to bust the myths that shroud the Arabic language by Maryam Ismail The National

    14 March Don't learn foreign language at the cost of your mother tongue: Javed Akhtar Firstpost

    13 March Jeri Ah-be-hill, 1934-2015: Indigenous fashion aficionado was ‘a giant in honoring her native culture’ by Phaedra Haywood The New Mexican

    13 March Reclaiming a culture in its language by Jennifer O’Brien London Free Press

    13 March Native offerings: a celebration of Irish language productions during seachtain na Gaeilge by Ellίs Nί Raghallaigh Irish Film Institute

    13 March Stop Genocide of Indian languages’ numerals: Tarun Vijay The Time of India

    13 March Paraguayan association honors Oswego's Tracy Lewis SUNY Oswego

    13 March Saving Stories hopes to preserve refugees’ tales by Kathy Samudovsky Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    13 March “There are more unscripted languages than scripted ones” by Rana Siddiqui Zaman The Hindu

    12 March Indigenous languages Gaining Space in Ecuador by Liz Scherffius Telesur

    11 March Yukon First Nations make imagineNATIVE films on identity CBC News

    11 March Tony Abbott needs cross-cultural training, NT cabinet minister Bess Price says by Steven Schubert ABC News

    10 March ‘Gondi Script has no Similarities to Any Other Script’ The New Indian Express

    9 March ‘Navalish’: The Shifting World of the Navajo Language by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    9 March Know more than one language? Don’t give it up! by Rebecca Callahan The Conversation US

    8 March India’s First Tribal Magazine to be in Gunjala Koyatur Script The New Indian Express

    8 March Maine Observer: Celebrate Irish heritage through language by John Henderson Portland Press Herald

    8 March International conference focuses on language documentation, conservation by Karen Mackenzie University of Hawai’i

    8 March Jailed in Mexico: Thousands of Indigenous Behind Bars Due to Language Barriers by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    7 March Youngs looking forward to learning Mi’kmaq language by Frank Gale The Western Star

    7 March At UW-Milwaukee, students speak Milwaukee’s native language Media Release by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Native American Times

    7 March #AMVCA2015: Fathia Balogun wins Best Indigenous Language, Yoruba... by the Editor Net

    6 March Annihilation of an oral language by Ananta Yusuf The Daily Star

    6 March Support, don’t shush multilingual kids by Julia Gavin UMASS Lowell

    6 March Aboriginal mom fights officialdom over spelling of daughter’s name: SahaiɁa by The Canadian Press

    5 March What legacy do you want to leave your children? by Dr Woolombi Waters The Stringer

    5 March Chamorro language and Festpac by Monica Okada Guzman

    5 March Minnesota professor's work preserves American Indian language, culture by Kent McDill

    5 March Sokoagon Chippewa Chairman Gives State of the Tribes Address by Natalie Jablonski WXPR

    4 March Using Smart Technology to Preserve Aboriginal Languages by Judy Heflin The Journal of Communication and Education

    3 March Irish author's quest to revive native language launches cultural week in Lowell by Brendan Lewis

    3 March Fluent Osage Speakers are a Priority for Osage Nation by Geneva Horsechief-Hamilton Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 March Treaty by Yothu Yindi – a Trojan Horse in the Culture Wars by Jack Kerr The Guardian

    3 March ZZK Records Remixes Luzmila Carpio's Music of the Indigenous by Eddie Cota Huffington Post

    3 March 500 Australian English words added to Oxford Dictionaries by Bryce Lowry Australian

    3 March Challenges and solutions to keeping the Lakota language alive by Christina Rose Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 March On the brink of extinction, an Indigenous language gets its first dictionary by Allison Meier Hyperallergic

    3 March Ford Foundation gives $190K to University of Hawaii language programs by Loren Eleni Gill Pacific Business News

    3 March Native American languages still not offered at UM by Erin Loranger Montana Kaimin

    2 March Why Do We Fight so Hard to Preserve Endangered Languages? by James Harbeck The Week

    2 March Most Native Tongues of the West are all but lost by Jeremy Miller High Country News

    2 March We Need a Siswati Revolution by Thembeka Dlamini Swazi Observer

    1 March More Language Support Programs to be launched for Multicultural Families by Claire Lee The Korea Herald

    1 March Funding for App to Support Language Revitalisation Daily Liberal

    1 March Far From Extinct, Indigenous Languages Thriving in Public Schools in Dubbo by Julie Power Sydney Morning Herald

  • February 2015

    28 February Sumi, Most Spoken Indigenous Language in Nagaland The Morung Express

    28 February Upholding Dignity of Mother Languages The Financial Express

    28 February Speak Thine Own Tongue, Urges ESL The Hindu

    28 February Sacrifice for Recognition of Bangla Language by Nazir Ahmed The Financial Express

    28 February Studying Languages: Shout Louder The Economist

    27 February Keeping Bengali Alive in a New Home by Soraya Anna Auer NY City Lens

    27 February Ghana Joins the World to Celebrate International Mother Language Day SPYGhana

    27 February Karelian News Service Begins at Yle Yle Uutiset

    27 February Endangered Indigenous Songlines Preserved with Digital Storytelling Tools by Rachael Kohn ABC RN

    26 February CCRI First in State to Stage ‘The Language Archive’ Warwick Beacon

    26 February Series Highlights Menominee Language by Jessica Zemlicka Advance-Titan

    26 February Colonial versus mother tongues Swazi Observer

    26 February CCRI Players Present THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE, Now thru 3/1

    26 February Mt Coolum Community park to have new name My Sunshine Coast

    26 February Haida Gwaii: Telling an indigenous people's success story by Samantha Kimmey Point Reyes Light

    26 February Australians Shake Up Internet With Indigenous #MotherLanguage Tweets Global Voices

    26 February Indigenous Languages Need More Attention by Serah Aupong EMTV

    26 February International Mother Language Day Celebrated in Chandigarh Sikh24

    26 February Still room to improve aboriginal graduation rates, says district Nanaimo News Bulletin

    25 February Tyrone designate section of Healy Park for Irish speakers Irish Times

    25 February Kenyan Scholars Encourage Native Languages to Promote Cohesion Coast Week

    25 February Apache Tribe continues encampment at Oak Flat Eastern Arizona Courier

    25 February Column: Celebrate Native Americans by Talyna Morrison The Shorthorn

    25 February Respect and nurture all our eleven languages News24

    25 February Microsoft Translator to become language time-capsule by Brian Fagioli IT ProPortal

    25 February Language, Identity & Power - What Future for Mnorty Languages in Europe? UNPO

    25 February Evolution of the Shoshone language by Lisa Dayley Smith Idaho State Journal

    25 February NASC bemoans damage to lingusitic diversity of adivasis The Hindu

    25 February Boxer Amir Khan backs multilingual poetry competition in schools by Jon Robinson Lancashire Telegraph

    25 February Germany-born Deena wows with Luganda hit by Andrew Kaggwa Observer

    24 February Tonya Gonnella Frichner, Advocate for Indigenous Peoples, Dies at 67 by Sam Roberts New York Times

    24 February Indigenous school division proposed for Winnipeg by Ashley Prest Winnipeg Free Press

    24 February Indigenous Tweets Highlight International Mother Language Day in Australia Global Voices

    24 February Guatemalan rappers promote Mayan language, stories to youth by Sonia Perez D. The Day

    24 February Language Of The Land by Debarshi Dasgupta Outlook India

    24 February Bengali Community to Launch Statewide Agitation for Second Language Status The Avenue Mail

    24 February Microsoft Translator Now Supports Yucatec Maya and Queretaro Otomi Languages by Brian Fagioli Beta News  

    23 February Hunt prison inmates learn sign language in first of its kind program, help hearing imparied inmates by Ben Wallace The Advocate

    23 February Our Languages, Our Heritage, Our Culture by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda

    23 February Zimbabwe: Language as an Expression of Freedom, Culture by Elliot Ziwira All Africa

    23 February Group Pushing for Indigenous School Division in Winnipeg CBC News

    23 February The Blessing of Heritage Languages by Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    23 February Mother Tongue Provides Basis for Learning Another Language Yugabda

    23 February Tribal communities resolve to safeguard indigenous cultures despite odds The Hindu

    23 February Amir Khan encourages kids to enter multilingual poetry competition The Bolton News

    23 February KP government urged to set up regional language authority Business Recorder

    22 February Promote indigenous languages The Daily Star

    22 February Guatemalan Rappers Promote Mayan Language, Stories to Youth by Sonia Perez Concord Monitor

    22 February Mother Language Day: Linguistic and cultural plurality celebrated Express Tribune

    22 February Language barrier Ghana Web

    22 February UN observes Mother Language Day Prothom Alo

    22 February Haiti - Education : 16th Annual International Mother Language Day Haiti Libre

    22 February Tripura CM demands recognition of Kokborok language The Hans India

    22 February Authority for promotion of regional langauges sought

    21 February Inclusive Education through and with Language - Language Matters by Irina Bokova Language Magazine

    21 February Odisha: Sikshasandhan organising Tribal Art and Literature Festival on 21st, 22nd February 2015

    21 February Ekushey in Tripura

    21 February 64% of Languages Spoken in the Americas Could Become Extinct TeleSur

    21 February Canberrans demonstrate pride in their mother-tongue languages by Georgina Connery Canberra Times

    21 February International Mother Language Day declared in Edmonton by Claire Theobald Edmonton Sun'

    21 February On Mother Language Day, UN spotlights role of native tongue in education UN News Centre

    21 February Language Day E-Pao

    21 February No Books in Indigenous Tongues The Daily Star

    21 February Uphold the spirit of the language movement Dhaka Tribune

    21 February Kenyan scholars encourage native languages to promote cohesion

    21 February Espousing language mom taught us by Harish Barthwal Deccan Herald

    21 February At Victoria festival, poet's words used in fight against racism by Adrian Chamberlain Times Colonist

    21 February Global Village will broadcast in Irish sign langauge tonight by Aoife Breen Newstalk

    21 February Lahore Literary Festival Day 1: Sessions on Punjabi langauge calls for people's narrative of history by Faizan Warraich Daily Times

    20 February Mind my language by Nita Sathyendran The Hindu

    20 February Aboriginal people driven from their land by Emma Murphy Green Left Weekly

    20 February Hawaii immersion students can take assessments tests in Hawaiian language by Roger Mari KITV

    20 February Tapei School Offers Foreign Languages On The Go by Wesley Holzer China Post

    20 February Namibia: Mother Tongues’ Days Are Numbered by Ndumba J Kamwanyah All Africa

    20 February Latvian and Belarus MFA open an event dedicated to the International Native Language Day in Minsk Balktic Course

    20 February Bangladeshi community to observe International Mother Language Day on Saturday by Junhan B. Todiño Marianas Variety

    20 February Nwaozor: The significance of mother tongue Fred Nwaozor Guardian News

    20 February Tongue & chic by Neha Jha Deccan Chronicle

    19 February UJ expert on indigenous languages going extinct University of Johannesburg

    19 February What It's Like to Raise Your Children Speaking Esperanto by Alice Robb New Republic

    19 February Holding on to the mother tongue by M. J. Warsi The Hindu

    19 February QUIZ: Can You Speak the Endangered Caribbean Language of Garifuna? by Eddie Small DNAinfo

    19 February Should Pidgin English Be Taught In Our Schools? by Kuni Tyessi Leadership

    19 February Practice your Chamorro language skills on March 1 by Lacee A.C. Martinez

    19 February Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre producing a Gwich'in 'Midsummer Night's Dream' by Gary Black

    18 February Black History Month, Indian-Style: Natives and Black Folks in This Together Since 1492 by Gyasi Ross Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 February Visiting the Indigenous Ecuadorian Highlands by Sarah Lozanova Triple Pundit

    18 February Siletz Trive Rebuts 'Economist' Story Based on Flawed Study by Chairman Delores Pigsley Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 February The Human Right to Speak Whatever Language You Want is Worth Celebrating by Mary Linn

    18 February Mother Language Day held E-Pao

    18 February Knowledge of Karachay-Balkar language to be tested in Karachayevsk and Cherkessk Vestnik Kavkaza

    18 February Yakarray! (Wow) – Yolngu Now Has an Online Dictionary TeleSur

    18 February Call for WAYK Summer 2015 Interns Where Are Your Keys

    18 February Another Major Blow to Urdu as Noted Hyderabad School Scraps Language by Syed Mohammed The Times of India

    18 February Student’s Language Research Reaps Rewards Scoop Independent News

    17 February UNPO Submits Report on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with Respect to their Cultural Heritage UNPO

    17 February Zimbabwe: Zim Literature’s Finest by Stanley Mushava All Africa

    17 February Northwestern Reserves Funds for Indigenous Research Centre by Mariana Alfaro The Daily Northwestern

    17 February Indigenous Languages Speaks Volumes at Royal B.C. Museum Victoria News

    16 February MYC Gallery Explores What Happens When Mother Tongues Go Extinct by Christine Lin Epoch Times

    16 February Creating the Navajo Classroom by Matthew Disler Harvard Political Review

    16 February Full Snow Moon Gathering in Turners Falls to highlight Nipmuc tribe by Corl Urban Mass Live

    16 February Legal language lost in translation for indigenous communities by Felicity Nelson Lawyers Weekly

    16 Februray Aussie educator's quest to document an African langauge SBS

    16 February Have we lost the sense of loss? by Adfar Shah Rising Kashmir

    16 February African Language Revived through Children's Textbooks by Gareth Boreham SBS

    15 February ND, SD tribal leaders plan monument to honor code talkers Yankton Daily

    15 February Omaha Tribe members trying to revitalize an 'endangered language' by Chris Peters

    15 February In the name of Punjabiyyat by Mahmood Awan TheNews on Sunday

    14 February The Recovering Voices Call for 2015 Community Research Grant Applications is Now Open by Lillia McEnaney Museum Anthropology 

    14 February Language issue in education Express Tribune

    13 Februrary House Passes Arctic Policy Bill by Alexandra Gutierrez Alaska Public Media

    13 February 31 Ways To Say I Love You Around The World by Max Holloway MoveHub

    13 February Máximo Damián: Folklore legend passes away by Agnes Rivera Peru This Week

    13 February 'Disseminate human rights messages in indigenous languages' by Phillip Chidavaenzi NewsDay

    13 February Kids Learn Culture and Language at Surrey's Only Indigenous Preschool by Katie Hyslop The Tyee

    12 February Native tongue by Kent Irwin

    12 February 30 different languages taxing for diverse East Moline schools by Shane Simmons WQAD 8

    12 February Students sound off on the cultural significant of languages by Lauren Owings State News

    12 February Languages Are Going Extinct Even Faster Than Species by Katie Wudel Good Magazine

    12 February Indigenous cultural exchange set for Taipei int'l book expo by Amy Chyan China Post

    11 February Linguistic minorities launch European roadmap for diversity

    11 February First TV show in tribal language Santhali to go on air by year end IBN Live

    11 February NOVAGOLD & Donlin Gold Collaborate to Feature a Way of Life in Alaska on Film MarketWatch

    11 February Bill would boost Native-language immersion schools by Ed Shenfeld KTOO

    11 February Land council chief Joe Morrison attacks CLP in press clup speech ABC News

    11 February Arctic Indigenous Peoples Working to Promote the Vitality of Their Languages Arctic Journal

    11 February New MPs beware: neoliberalism is an Indigenous health hazard by Marcus Waters The Conversation

    10 February A language made for poets: Lydia Whirlwind Soldier honored for helping to keep Lakota language strong by Lance Nixon Capital Journal

    10 February CCRI Players to Present THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE, 2/26-3/1

    10 February Poor English a cause of high failure in Namibian schools by Professor Joseph Diescho New Era

    10 February 'Language diversity has been better preserverved' The Hindu

    9 February Students Should Retain Their Bilingual Heritage For Its Economic Value by Rebecca Callahan Know

    9 February Oklahoma City-based nonprofit helps to mold education in Northern Ghana by Paighten Harkins News OK

    9 February A 11-Indian language keypad by Anand Parthasarathy Deccan Chronicle

    9 February Shifting Tongues by Kaipo Matsumoto Harvard Political Review

    9 February As UK Lackeys Or US Lackeys Australians Have Invaded 85 Countries (British 193, French 80, US 70) by Dr Gideon Polya

    8 February Aboriginal agreement with school district in the works by Katherine Mortimer Vernon Morning Star

    8 February Kambar to meet President to push for primary education in mother tongue by Nagesh Prabhu The Hindu

    8 February Duncan library explores Cherokee language by Rachel Snyder Duncan Banner

    7 February BU Native language instructor honoured Westman Journal

    7 February Unreserved: Moose hides, traditional medicines and langauge by Rosanna Deerchild CBC News

    7 February Native American student from Grand Forks to attend Harvard medical school, wants to return to help Native youth by Jennifer Johnson INFORUM

    7 February Making Artificial Ethnolinguistic Nation: Boshnjak Identity And Bosnian Language InSerbia

    7 February Tribal Tourism potential in Odisha by Sanjay Kumar Bissoyi

    6 February Deaf communities in Pacific face challenge to preserve Indigenous languages in sign form by Kerry Worthington ABC News

    6 February The One Issue Chief Bellegarde Wants To Fix Right Now by Craig and Marc Kielburger Huffington Post

    6 February First Nations Development Institute Accepting Proposals Net News Ledger

    6 February Ban English, says Jnanpith winner, hits out at Naipaul and Rushdie by Vaibhav Purandare Times of India

    6 February Writing gave me a method to not go insane by Nandini Nair Business Line

    5 February Freeman Dyson on Human Biological and Cultural Diversity by Steve Sailer

    5 February Cymdeithas yr laith prisoner was 'threatened' for demanding Welsh paperwork by David Deans Wales Online

    5 February Bringing Aboriginal culture to the masses by Jodi Schellenberg Prince Albert Daily Herald

    5 February Story of Bungaree explored on the site that was once his by Jacqui Taffel Sydney Morning Herald

    5 February Dilemma for SA government as killer elected to head APY Lands by Michael Owen The Australian

    4 February Language barriers; the Somali community wants PPS to find a better way to teach its failing youth by Emily Greetn Street Roots News

    4 February Oldest Otoe-Missouria Tribal Member Celebrates 100 Birthday by Heather Payne Native American Times

    4 February Skwomesh language revitalized by First Nation youth through DIY immersion by Duncan McCue CBC News

    4 February Fair to debut English Aboriginal literature Taipei Times

    4 February Teaching tribal language and culture in the classroom by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    3 February Make Kannada medium of instruction in state schools, says literary meet by MB Maramkal Times of India

    3 February Taiwan Indigenous Activists Win Legal Battle Luxury Resort Developer by Glenn Smith IC Magazine

    3 February Irish language strategy Derry Journal

    3 Febraury An aboriginal look at nation's history, culture by Michael Lea The Whig

    3 February CPM begins centenary celebration of first tribal CM The Shillong Times

    2 February Plans Cree-to-English dictionary underway at the University of Alberta by Gareth Hampshire and Scott Lilwall CBC News

    2 February Kumaoni, Garhwali languages on univesrity 2014-15 syllabi Times of India

    2 February The Weekly Read: Simple ways to brush up on your 'cúpla focail' by Meadhbh Sinclair

    2 February Tibetans in China losing their language and culture by Jas Kirt UCLA International

    2 February Five Civilized Tribes Hold Quarterly Meeting GTR Newspapers

    2 February Catawba's 11th Lilly Center Colloquium Will Feature Daughter of Martyred Missionary by Valerie Shepard Stanly News & Press

    1 February Rap camp revives and reclaims dying culture CTV News

    1 February Tagore's Songs now in Kokborok Times of India

    1 February Gujjars write to Modi; demand 'Primitive Tribal Group' status Kashmir Life

  • January 2015

    31 January National chief points to need to work together by Craig and Mark Kielburger Clinton News Record

    31 January WATCH: Boxer Amir Khan throws his weight behind Mother Tongue multilingual poetry project by Todd Fitzgerald Manchester Everning News

    30 January Language Politics back in the Spotlight in Afghanistan Global Voices

    30 January Native American community sees Māori by Aroha Treacher Māori Television

    30 January "Decolonization is not an Aboriginal problem, it's a Canadian one" by Jonathan Cook The Link Newspaper

    30 January Mind Your Own Business, Bobby Jindal by Kevin Carson Counter Punch

    30 January Devyatovsky: Language preferences cannot be forced on people Belta

    30 January Students Should Retain Their Bilingual Heritage for Its Economic Value by Rebecca Callahan Huffington Post

    29 January Call to save indigenous language by Beinida Phillips IOL

    29 January English anthology of Taiwan indigenous literature to be launched by Christie Chen Focus Taiwan

    29 January Lukashenko: Belarusian language issue has been solved once and for all Belta

    29 January Missing Students Case Also Highlights Racism in Mexico by Emilio Godoy IPS News

    29 January Belarusian Government Angers Russian Nationalists by Siarhei Bohdan Belarus Digest

    29 January New exhibit features New York City accents and languages that are fading away by Tim Fleischer ABC 7

    29 January Harper tells AFN national chief no to new dollars for FN education or missng women's inquiry APTN

    28 January After decades of Russian dominance, Belarus begins to reclaim its language by Katerina Barushka The Guardian

    28 January Indigenous elder tells the stories of north Queensland by Kathleen Calderwood ABC

    28 January KK International Film Festival is back The Borneo Post

    28 January Sign-Language Interpreter for Mayor de Blasio Is a Web Hit by Michael M. Grynbaum New York Times

    28 January "10% of all civil servants should be proficient in the Irish language"

    28 January Loss of CKLB would be tragedy - Dennis Bevington by Ollie Wiliams My Yellowknife Now

    28 January Radio ministry in native languages brings many to Christ by Bill Bumpas OneNewsNow

    28 January Indigenous Leaders Call for Driving Test in Their Own Language by Araceli Martínez Ortega New America Media

    28 Januay LISTEN: There's No Such Thing as a Brooklyn Accent, Exhibit Says by Lisha Arino DNAinfo

    28 January New Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation leaders take office Woodland Record

    28 January Weber: As mentor, Pa-Modou Kah could help Manneh learn the language of success by Marc Weber The Province

    27 January What does the world lose when a language dies? by Jeffrey Brown PBS

    27 January Tuba City School District honors students for oustanding tribal language work by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    27 January Native Cultures and Languages are at the Heart of Proposed Bill by Chase Scheinbaum KCET

    27 January Ulitmate Vocabulary Creator eReflect Salutes Native Speaker's Endeavor To Preserve Dying Language Press Release Rocket

    27 January Speak The English Right Spy Ghana

    27 January Esperance Pastor celebrated for service to Indigenous community by Tara de Landgrafft ABC

    27 January 'South Africa needs to find a new way to talk about being gay' by Lwando Scott The Guardian

    26 January The language apocalypse is coming, and many tongues are already all but dead by Kristen Meinzer PRI

    26 January Express yourself in 11 Indian languages with Swalekh, a 'Make in India' keypad by Alok Soni Your Story

    26 January In Hawaii, reviving a language - and culture by Wiliam Ecenbarger

    26 January Linguist Claims 90% of Languages will be Extinct in 100 Years Due to Migration Day News

    26 January Joint EU-AU Summit: Migration & Remittance - AU's perspective by Myra Sivaloganathan MIROnline

    26 January Australia Day crowds gather in NSW; Indigenous people call for national treaty Yahoo! 7 News

    26 January Australian Stories Capture 10,000-Year-Old Climate History by Marissa Fessenden

    26 January Pangnirtung developers raise money to translate video game into Inuktitut CBC News

    26 January Let the World Speak! by Norman MacAfee Huffington Post

    26 January The 'Power' of Languages by Sadaf Aman New Indian Express

    25 January Tales of Ancient Sea Rise Told for 10,000 Years by John Upton Climate Central

    25 January Tech treats hundreds to free coding camp to prompt digital literacy by Tamsyn Burgmann 600 News

    25 January Young indigenous leaders: 5 under 30 to watch in 2015 by Chantelle Bellrichard CBC News

    25 January Who's Afraid of Indigenous Rap Title? by Yinka Olatunbosun This Day Live

    24 January Raverie to launch Swalekh Keypad for Android devices Business Standard

    24 January Latvian Language Center's Recommendations Discriminate Russian Speakers Sputnik News

    24 January Live Wire: TV Indians often spoke their own languages by Catherine Pritchard Fay Observer

    24 January On Education - the UNESCO Committee Session by Myra Sivaloganathan MIROnline

    24 January Endangered Languages: The Mother Tongue Revival Hammer

    23 January British Have Invaded 193 Countries: Make 26 January (Australia Da, Invasion Day) British Invasion Day by Dr Gideon Polya

    23 January Loss of aboriginal culture linked to diabetes rates, U of A study finds by Keith Gerein Edmonton Journal

    23 January ESEA and Native students: Strengthing sovereignty to support local success Native American Times

    23 January Good Health Is Part Of Native Culture - So Is Bad Scientific Blogging

    23 January Nativist Indian film targets outsiders in cosmopolitan Mumbai by Shilpa Jamkhandikar Reuters

    23 January Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation tribal leader dies by Conrad Swanson Lawrence Journal-World

    23 January Say what? Half the world's languages will vanish by the end of the century by Frank Carlson PBS

    23 January Those Who Say They Are Not Igbo by Uchechukwu Ikeanyibe The Nigerian Observer

    23 January Facebook Shamanism by Krystalline Kraus Rabble

    23 January Deadline looms for MDDA-Sanlam Local Media Awards entries for 2014

    23 January Hammer Museum hosting event for 'Language Matters' documentary airing on PBS by Richard Guzman The Sun

    23 January Giving breath to a dying history Marelise Van Der Merwe Daily Maverick

    23 January Mother Tongues: Endangered Languages in NYC and Beyond Endangered Language Alliance

    23 January Aboriginal diabetes epidemic linked to loss of mother tongue: Study Timmins Press

    22 January Exploring Endangered Languages in Hawaii by Greg Walsh Semester At Sea

    22 January Rediscovering a culture of health by Ross Neitz Medical Press

    22 January Parramatta Native Institution: Aboriginal children remembered 200 years later by Esther Han Illawarra Mercury

    22 January Native American Reservation Declares 'Jesus Christ Is Lord' With Public Billboard Inquisitr

    22 January Aboriginal Heritage Strengthens Australia's Tourism by James Ruggia Travel Pulse

    22 January Saltwater Freshwater Festival in Coffs Harbour on Monday Nambucca Guardian

    22 January Slam Poet Bob Holman Tracks Endangered Languges in New Film by Jeanne Carstensen KQED

    21 January Aboriginal word on stop signs in Kamloops stopped by B.C. legislation by Andrea Klassen The Globe and Mail

    21 January 3 Distinguished Linguists Examine Mysterious Origin of Native Americans by Tara Maclsaac The Epoch Times

    21 January Students of all ages learn Salish by Karen Peterson Valley Journal

    21 January Bringing eBooks to the Indian Vernacular reader by Nivetha Padmanaban Your Story

    21 January Yocha Dehe elects new chairman and council by Sarah Dowling Daily Democrat

    21 January Changes in Warm Springs education? by Beau Eastes The Bulletin

    21 January 2-day international media summit set in Cebu City Sun.Star

    21 January Gov't honours aboriginal educator Brandon Sun

    21 January CKLB received over $550K in funding since shutdown CBC News

    21 January Language revitalization program coming to Kitikmeot by Sarah Rogers Nunatsiaq Online

    21 January How will we speak in 100 years? 90% of languages will become extinct because of migration, linguist claims by Sarah Griffiths Daily Mail

    20 January Dakota Language Class Moody County Enterprise

    20 January Fossil Language Brahui Gets Recognition by Sonali Raj International Business Times

    20 January New Inuit language classes target Kitikmeot youth CBC News

    20 January Zulu drama to take on Isibaya by Bulelwa Dayimani DestinyConnect

    20 January For Indigenous voices in land use, a seat at the table isn't necessarily enough by Kate Evans Center for International Forestry Research

    20 January Remembering Martin Lurther King, Jr: Social Justic is Linguistic Justicby Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    20 January 'Issues of language missing from development debates' by N. Dinesh Nayak The Hindu

    20 January Mother languages to be part of curriculum: Dr Malik Baloch Business Recorder

    20 January Are lost languages coming back? by Jenny Scott BBC News

    19 January Indigenous and political leaders to gather, talk about language by Lisa Gregoire Nunatsiaq Online

    19 January Struggling LCO language immersion school merges with LCO tribal school by Ramona Marozas Northlands News Centre

    19 January Brahui language one of world's ancient languages: scholars Daily Times

    19 January Compulsory indigenous language plan delayed by Lauren Anthony IOL

    18 January Native Washo language the focus of spring class Nevada Appeal

    18 January Treaty Days built foundation for Tulalips' cultural revitalization by Andrew Gobin and Eric Stevick Herald Net

    18 January English Should Be Reinforced As Number One Language by Nemani Delaibatiki Fiji Sun

    17 January Taste of Summer: It's eel season for the Gunditjmara people in south-west Victoria by Miki Perkins The Age

    17 January Times Six: Finding a Language for Borders, Theft, and History by Kiese Laymon and Chanda Hsu Prescod-Weinstein Gawker

    17 January Endangered languages under spotlight at HLF 2015 The Hans India

    17 January Return of Miami Tribe of Okla. generates excitement by Kevin Kilbane

    17 January 'Stop Calling Me or Anyone an Indigenous Rapper' - Reminisce Bella Naija

    17 January Reminisce, Phyno, and Olamide Set to Drop New Song Titled Local Rappers Nigerian Bulletin

    16 January Inter-Tribal Council Sees Record Attendance for Quarterly Meeting Indian Country Today Media Network

    16 January Party Time! Remote Tribe Gets Bible in Their Language by Stan Jeter CBN News

    16 January Immigration News 2015: Immigrant Detention Center in Dilley, Texas Reveals Language Barriers, High Costs by Michael Oleaga Latin Post

    16 January Losing language, losing culture by M Maroof Shah Kashmir Reader

    16 January How Technology Is Helping Modern Language Revitalization Efforts, Part 3 by Trey Saddler Indian Country Today Media Network

    15 January Safe Havens presents safety recommendations by Ruth Eddy KRBD

    15 January Hawaiian Language Teacher Training Gets $25K Award Indian Country Today Media Network

    15 January Miami Tribe of Okla. to open cultural resources office in Fort Wayne by Kevin Kilbane

    14 January The Wire Summer: Indigenous Languages by Lawrence Bull The Wire

    14 January Documentary explores life in aboriginal residential schools by Imogen Whale BC Local News

    14 January Pashto and Dari popular with Indian students at JNU Zee News

    14 January Southeast lawmakers talk budget and different words by Katie Moritz Juneau Empire

    14 January New First Nations program may save school by Jennifer Thuncher Squamish Chief

    14 January Start of native language classes ups enrolment by Krishna Prasada Gautam

    14 January Goans eagerly await canonization of Blessed Joseph Vaz

    14 January IISR holds debate contest to promote Urdu language by Rashid Hassan Arab News

    13 January Ancient Aboriginal stories preserve history of a rise in sea level by Nick Reid and Patrick Nunn The Conversation

    13 January Tribal military recruitment deceptive, says Kalumaran

    12 January Han cadres required to learn Tibetan language Global Times

    12 January India's Gonds struggle to preserve their mother tongue by Shawn Sebastian

    12 January Experts work to save Mexican Indians' rich cultural heritage Fox News Latino

    12 January How Technology Is Helping Revitalization Efforts, Part 2 by Trey Saddler Indian Country Today Media Network

    10 January Aboriginal Education and Rights Leader Marie Smallface Marule Walks On Indian Country Today Media Network

    10 January Ames native Woeste to translate Bibles in Papua New Guinea by Julie Ferrell Ames Tribune

    10 January PICL held poetry and naath competition at Drosh by G. H. Farooqui Ground Report

    9 January WARU!! Fire in Australian Aboriginal art by Bob Gosford Crikey

    9 January Under-served languages get a boost with Openwords by Marc Bogonovich Open Source

    9 January Higher education aid means hope and opportunity for Cherokees by Bill John Baker Native American Times

    9 January Suriname's indigenous people facing risks Fox News Latino

    9 January Kids do better when taught in their mother tongue by Sidwell Tshingilane Sowetan Live

    9 January Language and Identity in Education by Timothy Vizthum Daily Nexus

    9 January a memorandum submitted to Dr KK Paul, the Governor of Manipur On State sponsored linguistic racism in Manipur The Sangai Express

    8 January How Technology Is Helping Modern Language Revitalization Efforts by Trey Saddler Indian Country Today Media Network

    8 January Tarao festival on Feb 21 The Sangai Express

    8 January 'Give patronage to tribal languages' The Sangai Express

    8 January Smallface Marule leaves a legacy for Aboriginal rights by Melissa Villeneuve Lethbridge Herald

    7 January Fredericksburg Academy student seeking votes in national essay contest by Jeff Branscome

    6 January Book Review: Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States sets the record straight by Kathy de Cano Cherokee One Feather

    6 January Oram, Signhdeo addresses rally in Hindi Business Standard

    5 January Bringing the world to Oregon State University by Alex Cameron Daily Barometer

    5 January International media summit in Cebu in January Sun.Star

    5 January Losing our identity to globalisation by Chima Nestor The Sun

    5 January Reminisce bags new deal as Orijin ambassador by 'Dayo Showemimo NET

    5 January Meet Marie, the Last Remaining Person on Earth Fluent in Wukchumni by Isis Madrid Good Magazine

    5 January Language Revitalization in Oklahoma and Texas: 2014 Year in Review Global Voices

    4 January Problem in Sri Lanka is not a minority issue! Lankaweb

    4 January Somalia: A Tale of Two Somali Language Speakers by Liban Ahmad Razanreeb

    3 January Young members of Louisiana's Houma Nation try to reclaim tribe's lost language by Marc Guarino Washington Post

    3 January Language extinction threat haunts speakers The Sentinel

    3 January New Version of the Bible in isiZulu Language Prensa Latina

    2 January What the World Will Speak in 2115 by John H. McWhorter Wall Street Journal

    2 January Navajo President Rejects Language Fluency Bill ABC News

    2 January Words captured in Umatilla Dictionary by Kathy Aney Daily Astorian

    2 January Language extinction threat haunts speakers The Sentinel

    2 January KCR Makes Fun of Andhra Language

    2 January Rising Voices: The Year 2014 in Review Global Voices

    2 January Nunavut tech org gets federal grant to expand iPad language app Nunatsiaq Online

  • December 2014

    31 December SCC instructor named Regan Residency Grant recipient Smoky Mountain News

    31 December Native North America, Vol. 1 Common Ground

    31 December Juneau's biggest stories of 2014 by Casey Kelly KTOO

    30 December Documentary explores saving Jejueo language by Noelle Fujii Ka Leo

    30 December Pustaka Offers Indian Vernacular Books Online

    30 December Did You Miss Any Great Language Writing This Year? by Gretchen McCulloch Slate

    30 December Minister Aglukkaq Announces Support for an Aboriginal Language Application Market Wired

    30 December Santal Mahasangha demands Santali as 2nd official language of Odisha I am in

    29 December PV Mayor honors Navajo Code Talker, highlights proposed museum by Yihyun Jeong and Jesse A. Millard Az Central

    29 December Celebrating the harvest, preserving culture at Mohawk immersion school by Sarah Harris North Country Public Radio

    28 December Speaking in (Native) Tongues - The Revival of Forgotten British Languages Sputnik UK

    28 December Capitalism, colonialism and nationalism are language killers by Ross Perlin Aljazeera America

    28 December Language Fees E-Pao

    27 December White Mountain Apaches attend National Indian Education Conference WMI Central

    27 December Aboriginal question the most important moral issue in Canada by Irvin Studin The Star

    27 December Navajo Nation Council once again amends Navajo language fluency requirement for tribal presidency by Noel Lyn Smith Daily Times

    27 December Agenda: Scottish Studies deserves more than a gesture of tokenism by Barclay McBain Herald Scotland

    27 December Scheme to promote tribal sports talent in the offing by B. S. Satish Kumar The Hindu

    26 December The Choice Of One by Kobina Antobam Ghana Web

    26 December Indigenous Youth Help USFWS Restore Fish Passage on Cochiti Pueblo by Melanie Dabovich Indian Country Today Media Network

    26 December 10 years since Tsunami: Tribes survived disaster, but their languages are doomed by Sandip Roy Firstpost

    26 December The death of native languages by Bahram Sayad Daily Times

    25 December National unity through inter-tribal marriages by Agwu Enekwachi The Sun

    25 December Don advocates use of indigenous languages in schools by Olayinka Olukoya-Abeokuta Nigerian Tribune

    24 December Explorer found Barolin country News Mail

    23 December WCU faculty assist with Cherokee language documentary The Sylva Herald

    23 December Reindeer herders, an app and the fight to save a language by Holly Young The Guardian

    23 December Teach yourself ... five phrases in an endangered language by Holly Young The Guardian

    23 December Language Preservation Efforts and a Birch Bark Canoe Build at UMass Amherst Indian Country Today Media Network

    23 December With New Driver License Law, Indigenous Groups May Be Left Behind by Diana Aguilera Valley Public Radio

    22 December IDC Cultural Centre in project to support Arecuna language Stabroke News

    22 December This village school in Haiti helped propel a national movement to teach kids in Creole by Amy Bracken PRI

    22 December Mapping The Most Influential Languages On Earth Fast Company

    22 December Philanthropy award honors Salinas shippers by Mike Hornick The Packer

    22 December Whose mother tongue will you use? by Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph Sunstar

    21 December Juneau workshops perpetuate Tlingit language by Mary Catherine Matin Enquirer Herald

    20 December They think indigenous rap is disgusting, but Im getting richer off it - Reminisce Nigerian Tribune

    20 December Saving Tarao tribe from extinction E-Pao

    19 December Help an Anchorage Man Address Shortage of Ahtna Language Children's Books Indian Country Today Media Network

    19 December Navajo Version of 'Finding Nemo' Aims to Promote Native Language by Dan Frosch Wall Street Journal

    19 December 'Tarao Tribe should be given Minority status' E-Pao

    19 December Lakota Nation Education Conference focuses on Native challenges Rapid City Council

    19 December With language on brink of extinction, Oneida hope mobile app will boost interest by Ryan Delaney North Country Public Radio

    18 December Penn adds Native American studies minor by Sarah Welsh Penn Current

    18 December LCO tribe fights to save language immersion school, facing deficit by Ramona Marozas Northlands News Centre

    17 December Anchorage man hopes to revitalize Ahtna language with new children's book by Heather Hintze KTVA Alaska

    17 December A Traditional Native Practice, Given Modern Form by Erin Joyce Hyperallergic

    17 December Natives, Irish Find Common Ground Through History of Being Colonized, Oppressed by Christine Graef Mint Press News

    17 December 2014 will be remembered as a year full of hostility and attacks against our People by Dr. Woolombi Waters The Stringer

    17 December Media With an Endangered Language Message by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

    17 December These Charts Show Which Languages Have The Most Global Influence by Drake Baer Business Insider

    16 December Not a Full Picture: Evaluating Tribal College Success Using Mainstream Measures by Marybeth Gasman Huffington Post

    16 December Ngarrindjeri language learned in Victor Harbor Victor Harbor Times

    16 December Navajo hearing officer who ruled in language-fluency case fired for lacking state bar license by Felicia Fonseca Daily Journal

    16 December Indigenous origin to city name, not Welsh by David Livitsanis The Courier

    16 December WCU faculty assist with award-winning Cherokee language documentary by Scott Cherokee One Feather

    15 December Serbia: we all speak Bulgarian; the Balkans have one common native language Focus News Agency

    15 December Supporting Michif Language-Learning Tools for Children by Geordy McCaffrey Yahoo Finance

    15 December Cllr Sian Gwenllian quits housing association board in Welsh Language row by Hywel Trewyn Daily Post

    14 December Hindi is still a thorn in Tamil Nadu's flesh by Sruthisagar Yamunan The Hindu

    14 December Victorian Aboriginal leaders promote better local understanding of culture, history by Karen Percy ABC News

    12 December Professor speaks at dinner recognizing veterans Missouri State News

    12 December Archie Roach returns to old stomping ground for Northcote Social Club gig by Julia Irwin Herald Sun

    12 December Reservation of land only worked against tribals by R. N. Bhaskar DNA Idna

    12 December Chinese Court Frees Uyghur Linguist Following Appeal Radio Free Asia

    12 December Nzimande and the Afrikaners by Dave Steward Politicsweb

    12 December Preservation of Manx Gaelic 'astonishing' by Dave Kneale IOM Today

    12 December Bid to stop evidence lost in translation by Tania Broughton and Nokuthula Ntuli IOL News

    12 December Parents and students rallied to keep this indigenous language school open by Deepa Fernandes PRI

    12 December State Hluttaw Confirm Mon Language Can Be Used on Government Signs Burma News International

    12 December Sámi artists compete in Europe by Sarah Bostock and Michael Sandelson The Foreigner

    11 December Google Translate Adds 10 More Languages, Including Burmese by Catherine Shu TechCrunch

    11 December Google adds Irish to list of Gmail options by Wilson Dizard Aljazeera America

    11 December FSU honors Seminole legend Louise Gopher by Dough Blackburn Tallahassee Democrat

    11 December Language equality 'impractical' by Ernest Mabuza Business Day Live

    11 December Phillips Wicoie Nandagikendan Dakota and Ojbwe Language and Culture Immersion Program by Laura Waterman Wittstock The Alley Newspaper

    10 December Looking for a Cause? Help a Yakama Elder Save Her Language India Country Today Media Network

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    10 December Spotlight: Teaching Cree at Ecole Providence by Tom Henihan South Peace News

    10 December Make Guanaian Languages Compulsory in Schools - Prof Bosua Ghana Web

    10 December 152 local languages may die soon by Medinate Kanabe The Nation

    10 December Court dismisses lawsuit over Colville tribal settlement money Spokesman-Review

    9 December 'Language key to identity, harmony among Odisha tribals' Odisha Sun Times

    9 December Mesa Community College Leads in Foreign Language Classes Day News

    9 December Native youth education in state of emergency by Susan Frey EdSource

    9 December Making the internet talk local by Nandagopal Rajan Financial Express

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    8 December Bills to support tribal and sign languages by Viju B Times of India

    8 December Why Not Send Development Aid to the Western Sahara? by Michael Rubin Commentary

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    8 December 'Hindi, local languages have a bright future in changing India' Times of India

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    7 December Botswana: MPs Differ On Multilingual News Broadcasting Motion by Mmoniemang Motsamai All Africa

    7 December The Most Popular Language In Every State Other Than English And Spanish by Ben Blatt Business Insider

    7 December Comment: Language is a strong symbol of cultural identity by Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins Times Colonist

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    5 December Adivasis don't enjoy political right The Daily Star

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    5 December Manx Gaelic 'warriors' praised for language revival BBC

    5 December Forgotten Native American musicians: 'We could have been the next Nirvana' by Dorian Lynskey The Guardian

    5 December Namibia: Indigenous Language Initiative Launched by Fifi Rhodes All Africa

    5 December Hyd Lit Fest to be held at HPS The Hindu

    5 December Online TV station on Island to film Manx language documentary Energy FM

    5 December 'Irish Language Act is an act for everyone' Bradley by Paul Malone Newry Times

    5 December Room 220: Speaking in Tongues by José Torres-Tama Nola Defender

    4 December Our Culture, Our Standards, Our Rules: A Defence of Traditionalism by Damian Webster and Emmy Scott Indian Country Today Media Network

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    4 December The bridge-building Nationals MP trying to save his party by Alex Mitchell Crikey

    4 December Michigan teacher works to preserve indigenous language by April Van Buren WKAR

    4 December 'Finding Nemo' is next movie to be dubbed in Navajo by Bill Donovan Navajo Times

    4 December NDA Govt. says it is committed to the protection of endangered languages Business Standard

    4 December Nigeria: 'Anilingo Product Series Will Promote, Preserve Nigerian Languages' by Joseph Wantu and Emeka Nwachukwu All Africa

    3 December 'Why can't we speak Irish?' by Pól Ó Muirí The Irish Times

    3 December Rainbow's Gr. 8 Aboriginal students surpass peers by Heidi Ulrichsen Northern Life

    3 December How Australia's newest technology can be used to save its oldest languages by Broede Carmody StartupSmart

    3 December Dickson encourages 'Ijaw BeBe Tolumo' in schools by Austin Ebipade-Yenagoa Nigerian Tribune

    3 December Gaelgeorí groups demand respect for Irish language Irish News

    3 December Dictionaries on tribal lingo to be brought out by year-end Times of India

    3 December Tribal Nations Conference Will Emphasize Outreach to Native Youth by Vincent Schilling Indian Country Today Media Network

    2 December Saving Indigenous Languages of Okinawa by Bernadine Racoma Day News

    2 December Morongo Elder Wins Heard Award for Language and Culture Preservation Indian Country Today Media Network

    2 December Revival of native tongue among Protestants speaks volumes by Dr. Ian Malcolm Belfast Telegraph

    1 December Words to live by by Tijana Martin Lethbridge Herald

  • November 2014

    30 November Coming soon, lexicons in two tribal languages by Shankar Bennur The Hindu

    30 November Learning language of equal rights The Sunday Independent

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    29 November Status of language Dawn

    29 November Will These Kids Make it to School Next Year?

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    28 November Native Alaska Takes a Seat at the Table - and Plans to Stay There by Stephanie Woodard Indian Country Today Media Network

    28 November Animation as a way to tackle Indigenous language crisis by Corey Hague ABC Central Victoria

    28 November Aboriginal communities 'step up' to stop the loss of traditional language culture ABC Radio National

    28 November Indigenous language program a success by Rick Morton The Australian

    28 November Distinctions for inaugural Wiradjuri graduates ABC News

    28 November Students graduate from first Aboriginal Language TAFE course at Dubbo by Avani Dias ABC News

    28 November Harvard allows tests in Hawaiin by Richard Ewart ABC Radio Australia

    28 November Artists bring the opera to one of Mexico's most dangerous states by Tania Miranda Fusion

    27 November Venezuela's Indigenous Mapoyo Language Added to UNESCO Heritage List Venezuela Analysis

    27 November Aileymill teacher made national language ambassador Greenock Telegraph

    27 November First Nations Work to Save Language by Aru Pande Voice of America News

    27 November Cultural Thursday: Alutiiq language and culture revitalization efforts from Southern Alaska Brainerd Dispatch

    27 November Magadan authorities help indigenous peoples Pravda.Ru

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    26 November Want to Learn More About Natives This Thanksgiving? Try These 5 Apps Indian Country Today Media Network

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    26 November 'Save Tarao trive from extinction' e-Pao

    26 November Award-winning O-Kai Singers tour Southeast Asia Want China Times

    26 November Technology to the Endangered Language Rescue? by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

    26 November Hawaiian Language Gains Legitimacy at Harvard by Emil Guillermo NBC News

    26 November First Nations languages are on the rise by Tim Collins Peninsula News Review

    26 November Lost Indigenous languages being revived by State Library of New South Wales by John Donegan ABC News

    26 November Colonialism Causes Diabetes, and Other Things I Learned at the Indigenous Health Conference by Andreas Krebs Huffington Post

    26 November Tribal colleges give poor return on more than $100 million a year in federal money by Sarah Burtrymowicz Hechinger Report

    26 November Paraguay to Hold First Fair of Native Languages Prensa Latina

    26 November Keeping African languages out of African schools? Beyond Niamey

    26 November Burning textbooks, beating children Beyond Niamey

    25 November Tarao tribe E-Pao

    25 November Reel Injun Looks at 100 Years of Native Americans in Films by Matt Novak Gizmodo

    25 November For Americans Fighting to Reclaim Their Culture, Thanksgiving Means More Than Food by Colleen Fitzgerald Diverse

    25 November Entries open for MDDA-Sanlam Local Media Awards

    25 November Senate backs incarceration target, funding for Aboriginal interpreters service in WA by Bonnie Christian ABC News

    25 November DUP should disassociate themselves from Irish language attitude: Ó hEára Londonderry Sentinel

    25 November NHRC Takes Note of Tribal Students' Neglect New India Express

    24 November Homicide, Suicide, Violence, Abuse and Neglect on the Rez by Harold Monteau Indian Country Today Media Network

    24 November FG Urged To Make Indigenous Languages Compulsory In Schools The Nigerian Observer

    24 November Gamilaraay language app launched by Kerrin Thomas ABC News

    23 November Russian Nationalist Hysteria by Maxim Goryunov Moscow Times

    23 November Arabic must be the main language in UAE education, FNC hears by Ola Salem The National

    23 November Multi-tongued Meranaw by Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph Sun Star

    23 November Literary awards 'weave together' Aboriginal flair by Lii Wen Taipei Times

    22 November Dauenhauer end 2-year term as Writer Laureate by Amy Fletcher Kansas City Star

    22 November Community Connections: Thanksgiving Unedited Times-Standard

    22 November Concern over high drop-out rate among tribal children in Odisha Odisha Sun Times

    22 November Cherokee language: From Trial of Tears to texting in the native tongue by Juliana Keeping Aljazeera America

    22 November iTaukei in Parliament by Professor Wadan Narsey The Fiji Times Online

    22 November Calls for adopting native language as medium of instruction by Ijaz Kakakhel Daily Times

    22 November Use of local language can increase GDP, Smriti Irani says by Deeptiman Tiwary Times of India

    21 November First Nations language learners on the rise in B.C. by Sarah Petrescu Times Colonist

    21 November The 24 most endangered languages in Europe by Alice Vincent The Telegraph

    21 November Chippewa tribe's children preserving Anishinaabe language by Kathleen Lavey The Times Herald

    21 November Our indigenous languages fast disappearing by Umeh Bernard Nigerian Tribune’s Letter Section

    21 November Mt Druitt Indigenous Choir has great days ahead by Jade Whittmann St Mary’s-Mt Druitt Star

    21 November Should the president of the Navajo Nation speak Navajo? by Wyatt Orme High Country News

    21 November Zimbabwe: Tonga, Nambya Elevated to Exam Levels by Nyemudzai Kakore allAfrica

    21 November Winners of the 2014 Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards Announced by Erin Books Live

    21 November Students learn Native American culture and language at Waa’t by Rachael Gustuson News Mirror

    20 November A Talk Over Tea: Preserving India's Indigneous Languages by Miguel Vilar National Geographic

    20 November Talking Language with Ernie Dingo by Ildiko Dauda SBS

    20 November Help pass on Chamorro language by Charmaine West

    20 November Documentary filmmaker keeps focus local with new projects by Glenn McDonald

    20 November 10 Things You Should Know About Alaska Natives by Richard Walker Indian Country Media Network Today

    20 November Report on young native Irish speakers highlights concerns RTE News

    20 November Arunachal gets its first audio Bible by Fr. Shyjan C. Job Don Bosco India

    19 November Adivasis despite 8% of India’s population are neglected The Avenue Mail

    19 November Grant of $206,500 awarded to study Native American traditions by Julia McLaughlin Daily Collegian

    19 November: FG Urged to Make Indigenous Languages Compulsory in Schools Leadership

    19 November Chippewa tribe's children preserving Anishinaabe language by Kathleen Lavey Lansing State Journal

    18 November Registro civil bilingüe: al rescate del jaqaru by Jorge Yrivarren Lazo El Peruano

    18 November Overcoming Disadvantage Report shows disadvantage not overcome by Gerry Georgatos The Stringer Independent News

    18 November What can we learn from efforts to save an ancient South American language? by Emily Wight The Guardian

    18 November The languages we speak at home, mapped by county by Reid Wilson The Washington Post

    18 November Association to clear up misconceptions through documentary by April Agnew The Shorthorn

    18 November Demands, Dialogues and Development : Evasion serves no purpose by Hueiyen Lanpao E-Pao

    18 November Schools show they are great PALS PSnews online        

    18 November Beary Academy starts dictionary project by Mohit M. Rao The Hindu

    18 November Hawaiian Language Making a Comeback at Harvard Indian Country Today Media Network

    17 November Language preservation is necessary for maintaining cultural identity  by John David Thompson The Crimson White

    17 November Garifuna Settlement Day Brings An Indigenous Community Together by Jessica Moulite Neon Tommy

    17 November WA Chief Justice slams end to funding of Aboriginal interpreting service  by Lucy Martin ABC Indigenous

    16 November ATSUM in agitation mode E-Pao

    16 November  NASO questions reasons behind EMU presentation by Casey Blickenstaff Eastern Echo

    16 November Western vs traditional culture in families by Rose Kindalo Zambia Daily Mail

    16 November Every day 14 languages in the world die a pre-mature death Avenue Mail

    16 November The Congress Of Aboriginal Peoples Recognize November 16 & Continue Appeal Of Daniels Case by Ron Swain Vice Wawa News

    16 November Sioux Valley Community takes action to keep Dakota language alive by Lindsey Enns Winnipeg Free Press

    15 November 5 biggest tribal issues still remain unaddressed in Jharkhand Nagaland Post

    15 November Tech talk: Typing in tongues, now a click away? by Shabbir Mir The Express Tribune

    14 November 33 European languages in danger of extinction by Tim Chester Mashable

    14 November Uganda Rewrites Language Rules With Spelling Bee by Lizabeth Paulat Voice of America

    14 November Language Crisis: The American Indian Reality by Walt Wolfram Huffington Post

    14 November Pawnee language teacher passes along tribe’s heritage by Merrick Eagleton Stillwater News Press

    14 November Veto override fails in Navajo language-requirement dispute by Charly Edsitty 12 News & The Arizona Central

    14 November Kutcha Edwards’ homecoming inspires the next generation by Jenni Henderson ABC Gippsland

    14 November How an El Sereno charter school fought for (and won) the right to teach in an indigenous language by Deepa Fernandes Off-Ramp

    14 November Talking Language with Ernie Dingo SBS

    13 November Mon Students Propose Law Guaranteeing Ethnic Language Teaching Burma News International

    13 November Minority-language report by S.A.P. The Economist

    13 November ‘Never Alone’: Alaska Native culture and language enters the world of video games by Richard Radford Juneau Empire

    13 November Australia’s endangered languages by Ezreena Yahya Honi Soit

    12 November Rutgers Students Help Rescue Languages in Peril by John Chadwick Rutgers Today

    12 November ‘First Language – The Race to Save Cherokee’ film to premiere Nov. 21 The Sylva Herald

    12 November Reinventing the Alphabet by Mark Hay Good Magazine

    12 November How the Hawaiian Language Got to Harvard College by Kaipo Matsumoto Honolulu Civil Beat

    12 November Forget Ice Water, Take the Indigenous Language Challenge Instead by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    12 November Costa Rican Court Orders Culturally Relevant Education for Indigenous TeleSUR

    12 November Bolivia Holds 1st International Congress on Aymara Language by David Dougherty TeleSUR

    12 November Four Indian Universities to Introduce Tribal Language Courses NDTV

    12 November Hindi Outpaces English Globally: Linguistic Survey by Chaitanya Mallapur IndiaSpend

    12 November Four British languages on ‘endangered’ list of dialects under threat of extinction… but experts claim tourism could help revival by John Hutchinson Daily Mail

    11 November Native American Language Revitalization Workshops in November by UT Arlington Media Release Native American Times

    11 November Tropfest 2014: Keeping the native tongue alive by Eryk Bagshaw The Sydney Morning Herald

    11 November Wikwemikong launches Anishinaabe language app The Manitoulin Expositor

    11 November Remembrance Day poem to be read in aboriginal language CBC News

    11 November Free Native American Language Revitalization Workshops in November Native American Times

    11 November Peruvian Indigenous Radio Aims to Empower Listeners by Rael Mora teleSUR

    11 November Isio Knows Better: Loki by Isio Wanogho Bella Naija

    11 November Indigenous Veterans Recognized Across Canada on Remembrance Day Indian Country Today Media Network

    11 November Honoring Veterans II: Belated Honor for Code Talkers by Steve Russell Indian Country Today Media Network

    10 November Students preserve Nuu-chah-nulth language through university course by Kristi Dobson Alberni Valley Times

    10 November Change of medium of instruction was not meant to ostracize English by Rohana R. Wasala Lankaweb

    10 November Un mapa muestra los idiomas más populares hablados en Londres El Ibérico

    10 November Meskwaki Tribe honors retiring Senator Harkin by John Speer The Coledo Chronicle

    10 November Supporting Aboriginal Language Instruction Market Wired

    10 November These 33 European languages are all in danger of going extinct by Nick Clark The Independent

    10 November Mark their word, two new languages by Jonathan Pearlman AsiaOne

    9 November Talk focuses on Native American colonization by Antonio Henriques The Collegian

    9 November Film documents revitalization of Fort Peck languages by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    9 November Bringing back the forgotten tongue by Keagan Elder The Satellite

    9 November Lidl bans Welsh language in Welsh shops by Maryam Qaiser Gloucester Citizen

    9 November Welsh will ‘never be banned’ from stores, says Lidl BBC News

    9 November A Network of Indigenous Language Digital Activists in Mexico by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    9 November Four British language in danger of becoming extinct by Nick Clark The Independent UK

    8 November Tribal Languages Day held, Dy CM cuts short Director’s speech E-Pao

    8 November Top 5 Cities in the World With the Most Indigenous People by Hans Tammemagi Indian Country Today Media Network

    8 November Alaska Native language speakers require justice, not symbolism by Marcelle McDannel Alaska Dispatch News

    8 November 7 things to Know About Native American Language by Colleen M Fitzgerald The Huff Post Impact Blog

    7 November From ‘Big Jues’ To ‘Tay-Tay water’, A Quick Guide to Liberian English by Michaeleen Doucleff PennState WPSU

    7 November Lidl denies ‘ban’ on Welsh language claims in Welsh shops by Lizzie Dearden The Independent UK

    6 November Anthropologist Receives Mellon Fellowship Award to Study Endangered Ojibwe Language and Native American Traditions Newswise

    4 November Cape Breton Mi’kmaq woman battles illness to translate Bible by David Burke CBC News

    4 November Challenges before Odisha government to implement mother tongue based early childhood education in tribal areas by Badal Tah Odishadiary

    4 November Rekindling the Kaurna language by Karen Ashford SBS World News Radio

    3 November Native American Language Could Soon Disappear by Jenn Gidman Newser

    3 November Protecting Our Cultural Endangered Species: School Policies by Alissa Stern The Huff Post Impact Blog

    3 November This 81-year-old wrote a dictionary to save her tribe’s dying language by Anna Culaba Ryot

    2 November The people who want their language to disappear by Caroline Davies BBC News Magazine

  • October 2014

    31 October Comanche people give new life to ancestors’ language Video Voice of America

    30 October FNUniv professor preserving Cree language through stories and humour by Kerry Benjoe The Leader-Post

    29 October UBC prof hopes to bring more Aboriginal language study to UBC by Mateo Ospina The Ubyssey

    29 October Mom demands Hawaiian language classes by Jon Hargraves Courthouse News Service

    29 October This is how to revive a Native American language spoken before white people came by Pamela Munro The Washington Post

    28 October Referendum to recognise indigenous Australians should be held in 2016, committee says by Dan Harrison The Sydney Morning Herald

    27 October Project launched to preserve ‘Torwali’ language Dawn

    27 October Cree language to be taught in Saskatoon by the Department of Canadian Heritage Market Wired

    27 October While old Indigenous languages disappear, new ones evolve by Felicity Meakins The Conversation

    27 October Smartphone app helps preserve Indigenous language by Greg Dyett SBS

    27 October KMT lawmaker’s local language comments spark furor by Wu Po-hsuan and Jake Chung Taipei Times

    24 October For Navajo Nation, candidate stirs questions about saving dying language by John M. Glionna Los Angeles Times

    23 October Parnell signs Native language bill in emotional ceremony at AFN convention by Lisa Demer Alaska Dispatch News

    22 October US tribe’s high court orders presidential candidate in language fluency dispute off ballot by The Associated Press News 1130

    22 October Pre-primary education in tribal language by K. A. Shaji The Hindu

    21 October Second ethnic newspaper shuttered by Chin State Govt by Nyein Nyein The Irrawaddy

    20 October Native language is the theme of Elders and Youth Conference by Lisa Demer Alaska Dispatch News

    20 October Nurture my tongue: A linguist’s quest to preserve an endangered language by Amruta Lakhe The Indian Express

    18 October Di McNaboe: Mind your language by Jen Cowley Dubbo Weekender

    18 October Andean journal: Recovering native languages by Jose Barreiro Indian Country Today Media Network

    17 October Let’s speak the languages we dream in by Mandla Langa Mail & Guardian

    17 October Voting, congressional inaction discussed at National Indian Education Assoc. conference by Joaqlin Estus KNBA

    16 October Southwest Colombia indigenous communities to have their own university by Piotr Wojciak Colombia Reports

    16 October Iriarte named Master of Chamorro Chant by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    16 October Preserving Minnesota’s native languages by Anton Treuer and Mary Hermes MPR News

    15 October Western Nunavut’s Inuit languages need support, KIA hears by Jane George Nunatsiaq Online

    15 October New Minn. School preserving languages by Lindsey Seavert KARE

    15 October The Venezuelan Revolution and the Indigenous Struggle by Dan Kovalik The Huffington Post

    15 October Maduro Hands Over Land Titles to Indigenous Communities, Creates Institute to Protect Native Languages by Z.C. Dutka Venezuala Analysis

    15 October Calls for Indigenous language tuition in Northern Territory primary schools by Emilia Terzon ABC News

    14 October SOAS to host workshop in Bangkok on preserving indigenous languages SOAS University of London

    13 October Rescuing endangered native languages by Susie Allen The University of Chicago

    13 October Nome schools revive Inupiaq language by Heather Hintze KTVA Alaska

    13 October Navajo Fluency Could Change Landscape of Navajo Election, Deschene Out? By Alysa Landry Indian Country Today Media Network

    13 October The future of Navajo Nation depends on the election issue everyone should be talking about by Jaynie Parish The Guardian

    13 October Minister welcomes Niuean Language Week Scoop Independent News

    10 October Irish language film chosen as Ireland’s submission to 2015 Oscars by Sorcha Pollak The Irish Times

    9 October Navajo tribal candidate ruled against in case over whether he’s fluent in tribal language by Felicia Fonseca Times Colonist

    9 October Cree language project on Aviva Community Fund voting list by Rick Garrick Wawatay News Online 

    8 October Language and the Interconnectedness of Things By Simon Dudley Lifesize Wired

    9 October Again, call for mother tongue as medium of instruction by Wale Akinselure Nigerian Tribune

    8 October Support for Ojibway Language Lessons by Kevin Tegosh EIN News

    8 October Should You Talk to Your Child in a Different Language? By Claire Bowern Slate

    8 October Malawi Muslims Plan Qur’an Yao Translation by Khalid Abubaker OnIslam

    8 October UM sophomore to create Native languages society by Jesse Desrosier Montana Kaimin

    8 October Kriol myths debunked by PhD scholar by Stephanie Zillman Katherine Times

    7 October 2014 Madhya-Purbiya Tharu (Nepal) RWC workshop a huge success by Kevin Warfel Rapid Words

    7 October Chukchansi course at Frenso State an effort toward preserving language by Colby Tibbet The Collegian

    7 October Alaska Must Translate Election Material Into 2 Indigenous Languages by Emily Schwing NPR

    7 October Kaurna language revived: Adelaide Region’s Indigenous language celebrated as part of dedicated week by Natalie Whiting ABC News

    7 October DSBN introduce First Nations language program by Brandy Fulton Niagara This Week

    7 October National Contest Builds Endangered Language Awareness by Nick Ng Guardian Liberty Voice

    7 October City Hall Happy Indigenous People’s Day, Seattle Capitol Hill Seattle

    7 October Aboriginal Radio picks RCS Zetta Asia Radio Today

    7 October Indigenous language dormant for more than 100 years revived By Natalie Whiting ABC News

    6 October Gwitch’in Translators Scramble to Ready Election Materials by Emily Schwing Alaska Public Media

    6 October Seattle Votes To Celebrate Indigenous People on Columbus Day By Bellamy Pailthorp KPLU

    6 October Preserving Aboriginal Culture in Garden River By Chief Lyle Sayers Market Wired

    5 October Aboriginal Languages By Jeremy Eccles Aboriginal Art Directory News

    5 October Teaching in Indigenous languages – SADTU The Citizen

    3 October Do we care enough about Irish to save it?  By Meadhbh Sinclair News Education Independent

    3 October Subtexts: Wait – there was a word for that by Jennifer Levin Pasatiempo New Mexican

    3 October You’d care if the English or the French language disappeared by Khelsilem Rivers Huffpost British Columbia

    3 October Tribe member finds heritage in language by Reis Thebault The Miami Student

    2 October Proposal for state’s first Native American language charter school does not advance by Michael Gagne The Herald News

    2 October East Heritage students enjoy Native American day event by Alejandro Cano Fontana Herald News

    2 October Judge orders state to remedy Native language assistance by Tim Bradner Alaska Journal of Commerce

    2 October A glimpse into a tribal school by Shauna Tetrault Mille Lacs Messenger

    2 October Mahri: A language or dialect? By Ali Abulohoom Yemen Times

    2 October What’s in a name: Indian, native, aboriginal or indigenous? By Don Marks CBC News

    2 October Proposal for state’s first Native American language charter school does not advance by Michael Gagne The Herald News

    1 October MN School Helps Revival of Native American Languages by John Michaelson MN Public News Service

  • September 2014

    30 September PSS to address lack of teachers in native languages by Richelle Agpoon-Cabang Marianas Variety

    30 September ‘Displaced’ Author Rusell Kaschula on “Re-imagining the Grammar of Local Languages” By Linette Books Live UNISA Press

    29 September Literacy awards honour Aboriginal language teachers by Dali Carmichael Northern Journal

    28 September The natural law of languaes: Use it  - or lose it (2) by Onwuchekwa Jemie Business Day Media

    28 September Language list omitted Native Americans by Jon Walker Argus Leader

    27 September N.W.T. doctors say language is barrier to good health CBC News North

    27 September Children’s books feature Washoe language by Sarah Hauck Nevada Appeal

    26 September Tribal Nations Symposium Oct. 13 at UW UW News

    26 September Navajo language fluency is a ‘reasonable’ requirement for president, tribal Supreme Court says by James Fenton The Daily Times

    26 September Three European languages that you didn’t know existed by Emma Garland The Guardian

    23 September Judge orders election translation for Alaska Natives by The Associated Press CBC News North

    23 September Saving Languages Through Korean Soap Operas By Ross Eveleth The Atlantic

    22 September Language Becomes Key Issue in Navajo Presidential Race By Laurel Morales Fronteras

    22 September UA Anthropologist Earns Fullbright to Continue Language Preservation in Russia By Yara Askar UA News

    22 September 5 Questions with Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project’s Jennifer C. Weston By Peter Balonon-Rosen WBUR

    22 September Describing Pain in Hospitals Without Indigenous Language Services By Eduardo Avila Global Voices Online

    22 September Judge orders state to add language help for voters in Alaska villages By Richard Mauer Alaska Dispatch News

    22 September Linguistics receive $260,000 grant to study endangered Irish language By Scott Rappaport UCSC Newscentre

    21 September The natural law of languages: Use it – or lose it (1) By Onwuchekwa Jemie Business Day

    21 September Rep Millett: Delaying Alaska Native language bill for AFN conference not political timing By Charisse Millett Alaska Dispatch News

    21 September Saving Native Languages and Culture in Mexico with Computer Games By Rick Kearns Indian Country

    20 September $300K Grant for Hawaiian Language Preschools to Increase Proficiency By ‘Aha Punana Leo Indian Country

    19 September Some languages in Nepal in danger of disappearing By Aidemaro Romero Jr. The Intelligencer

    19 September Aboriginal Issues get Royal Treatment at Nipissing University By Chris Dawson Bay Today

    19 September The Indigenous Language Challenge By Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    19 September New show champions Chamorro language: ‘Nihi!’ targets children ages 5 to 9 By Lacee A. C. Martinez Guampdn

    18 September How non-Indigenous allies can support Indigenous struggle By Apihtawikosisan Rabble

    18 September Supporting Michif Language and Culture in Kamloops Market Wired

    18 September Diné language app offered for mobile users By Shondiin Silversmith Najavo Times

    18 September Zimbabwe: Our Native Languages Matter too By Shaun Matesheza All Africa

    17 September Indigenous Scholar program taking a new turn at Northeastern State By Sidney Van Wyk Tahlequah Daily Press

    17 September Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik releases book “Languages and Cultural Diversity” By Bhubaneswar Dish a Diary

    17 September Should there be a TV channel just for sign language users? by William Mager BBC News

    16 September How a 17th Century Bible is Helping to Revive a Native-American Language By Mark Hay Good

    16 September Belfast’s role in Manx language revival BBC News

    16 September Isle of Lewis: Language and life inside the Outer Hebrides by Rick Faragher BBC News

    16 September BDP Diyarbakir chair unlocks closed school educating in Kurdish Today’s Zaman

    16 September Czech expats seek to strengthen language skills by Ruth Fraňková Radio Praha

    16 September How a 17th Century Bible is Helping to Revive a Native-American Language by Mark Hay GOOD Magazine

    16 September Find ebola health information in your local home language on Wikipedia by Charlie Fripp htxt.aftica

    16 September Long delay in signing Alaska Native language bill is pure politics by Dermot Cole Alaska Dispatch News

    16 September Researchers Try to Save Some Middle-Eastern Languages From Extinction by Benjamin Plackett Al-Fanar Media

    16 September Crowdsourcing Subtitles for Endangered Languages National Geographic

    16 September Language speaks to Westdale children Northern Daily Leader

    16 September Russians visit Standing Rock to talk native language by Dave Thompson Prairie Public News

    15 September University graduate works to uncover Houma language by Kelsey Bordelon The Daily Reveille

    15 September Minors Fleeing Central America Face Shaky Transition to U.S. Schools Nona Willis Aronowitz NBC News

    15 September Little-Known Indigenous Group from Mexico Lays Roots on Staten Island by Amanda Farinacci NY1

    15 September IU Researcher Working to Preserve Endagered Language By Network Indiana WBAA

    15 September How to respect and live in two worlds The Guardian

    14 September Evolve a mother tongue-based bilingual system: Kambar The Hindu

    14 September In Maine, the Penobscot dictionary project rises again by Britt Peterson The Boston Globe

    12 September A Native Tongue: Free classes help keep Cherokee language alive by Kevin Kinder NWA Online

    12 September Zimbabwe: The Language, Culture and Development Matrix by Lovemore Ranga Mataire All Africa

    11 September IU researcher looks to save endangered language WishTV

    11 September Premier of ‘Navajo Star Wars’ centrepiece of Native language institute program University of Texas Native American Times

    10 September Support for Ojibway Language Learning: Government of Canada Provides Funding to the Riverton and District Friendship Centre Market Wired

    9 September Nigeria: Institute introduces weekend classes for Indigenous language learning Daily Independent

    9 September State Presents Election Translation Plan by Daysha Eaton Alaska Public Media

    9 September Native Lands & Culture Courier Journal

    9 September Grant funds IU project to preserve endangered Ayook language in Mexico IU Bloomington Newsroom

    9 September Project aims to preserve Native American languages in Montana by Tim McGonial

    8 September Mi’gmaq community works to revitalize language by Janna Bryson McGill Daily

    8 September Bdote Learning Center opens in South Minneapolis by Laura Waterman Wittstock The Circle

    8 September Obijwe Language and Culture Camp Held at Ponemah by Michael Meuers The Circle

    5 September Native language immersion makes students better by Teresa L. McCarty Indian Country Today Media Network

    4 September Native American tribes in Alaska receive grants to preserve language by Administration for Children & Families Native American Times

    3 September Native language speakers win voting rights lawsuit against state by Richard Mauer Alaska Dispatch News

    3 September Oglala native language program gets grant Argus Leader

    3 September Voices of the land: In Port Augusta, an Israeli linguist is helping the Barngarla people reclaim their language By Anna Goldsworthy The Monthly

    2 September Economic success 'drives language extinction' by Rebecca Morelle BBC News

    2 September ABC Radio is Broadcasting In Two Indigenous Languages Now, Continues To Be the Absolute Best By Alex McKinnon Junkee

    2 September Use of indigenous languages, solution to SSCE failure trend By Wale Akinselure Nigerian Tribune

    2 September Radio Station in New York Promotes Kichwa Language in US TeleSur

    1 September Finding lost identity in Aboriginal languages By Alexia Attwood ABC WA

    1 September San language lobbyist Banini Moyo dies Bulawayo 24

    1 September Tongan Language Week encourages Tongan NZers to nurture native tongue By Numia Ponika-Rangi Maori Television

  • August 2014

    31 August Spokane Baseball Team Promotes Local Tribe with Logo in Salish Language Indian Country

    31 August Kids song about alligator clue to Houma language By Kyle Peveto The News Star

    31 August Bible to speak fourth tribal tongue By Rudra Biswas The Telegraph, India

    27 August The Incredible Shrinking Planet by Jeremiah Jacques Trumpet

    27 August World Leaders in African Language Translation

    27 August Speaking in tongues, but how many and for how long? The National

    27 August Is First Caribbean Discriminating Against Garifuna Language? News 5

    27 August Politics of language by Kalpana Jha República

    27 August Behind Filipino by Michael L. Tan Inquirer

    27 August Who will teach our* languages? Crikey

    26 August Nigeria: Akeusola Canvass Use of Indigenous Languages of National Unity by Oyeniran Apata All Africa

    26 August The Welsh Strive to Keep Their Language by Katrin Bennhold New York Times

    26 August Begich Campaign Initiates Callouts in Alaska Native Languages by Charles Enoch Alaska Public Media

    26 August Life expectancy a barrier to Indigenous superannuation by Khama Reid ABC News

    24 August First Nations languages will not survive if English is the be-all by Gerry Georgatos Stringer Independent News

    25 August Tribal language charter school inches forward By Sean F. Driscoll Cape Cod Times

    25 August Use them or lose them: There’s more at stake than language in reviving Ryukyuan tongues  by Patrick Heinrich The Japan Times

    25 August Indigenous arts given funding boost by Tara Watson Arts Hub

    24 August Song about alligator helping women reconstruct dead language by Kyle Peveto The Advocate

    24 August Linguists record endangered Indigenous Goldfields language Tjupan in bid to save it by Rebecca Curtin ABC News

    22 August Belarusians try out a new language: their own by Rachel Stern Yahoo! News

    21 August Indigenous languages won’t survive if kids are learning only English by Jane Simpson The Conversation

    21 August NZ Pacific language speakers declining Radio New Zealand International

    21 August An open letter to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell by Ryan Wilson Indian Country

    21 August Canadian rangers use native language in exercise by Sgt. Peter Moon Net News Ledger

    21 August Minister laments decline of languages by Loa lok-sin Taipei Times

    20 August Noted Alaska historian, linguist Richard Dauenhauer dead at 72 by Mike Dunham

    20 August Half the world’s languages may be endangered by Joel N. Shurkin Inside Science

    19 August Poet, translator Richard Dauenhauer dies at 72 by Melissa Griffiths Juneau Empire

    18 August ‘Who speaks Wukchumni?’ by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee The New York Times

    18 August Mee Memorial agrees to provide indigenous language services Monterey Herald

    19 August Who killed Tagalog? A different whodunit by Marne Kilates Inquirer

    18 August New Tribal College Will Be Major Milestone for San Carlos Apache by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 August Using our own languages is the first step towards an African Renaissance by Apioth Mayom Apioth New Internationalist

    18 August Ongoing government project aims to preserve and document endangered languages by Stephanie Kanowitz Fierce Government IT

    18 August Triqui speakers win claim against Mee Memorial by Allison Gatlin The Californian

    18 August Outlander’s Gaelic language coach Àdhamh Ó Broin releases song to raise funds for Yes campaign by Katrina Tweedie Scotland Now

    18 August Alaska ballots fraught with issues for Yup’ik speakers by Julia O’Malley Aljazeera America

    18 August A Gathering of Indigenous Langauge Digital Activism in Oaxaca, Mexico by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    17 August A friend to endangered music by Gal Beckerman Boston Globe

    16 August Policies on the use of the Filipino language by Nigel Tan Rappler

    16 August Dreaming in forgotten lands by Michael Gordon Sydney Morning Herald

    15 August By Using Language Rooted in Andes, Internet Show’s Hosts Hope to Save It by Kirk Semple New York Times

    15 August The ISIS Rampage Could Wipe Out Aramaic, ‘The Language of Jesus’ by Peter Terlato Business Insider

    15 August Federal agencies provide new opportunities for dying languages National Science Foundation

    14 August Eleven different languages in the dressing room FC Barcelona

    14 August Cree language camp at Wanuskewin Heritage Part teaches culture too CBC News

    14 August Indigenous sites walk launched by Tathra Primary School by Albert McKnight Bega District News

    14 August Maori Language Bill: a Backward Step for Te Reo Maori Scoop

    14 August I will touch you on your language: rescuing Afrikaans from the right wing by Marianne Thamm Daily Maverick

    13 August A Tribute to Native American Culture: The 91st Nipmuc Nation Powwow by Fiona Guitard Armenian Weekly

    13 August Can you own a language? by Adi Robertson The Verge

    12 August Northern Arapaho Tribe to Take Part in Language and Culture Camp by Jenna Jackson KCWY News 13

    11 August Basketball camp teaches Tlingit language News Miner

    11 August Time for bilingual Maori to join the multilingual world by Will Flavell Scoop

    11 August Linguist’s concern at heritage language report by Massey University Scoop Education

    10 August Kooch’eit’aa: Teaching the Tlingit language through basketball by Casey Kelly KTOO

    10 August In my mother’s tongue by Ali Howard The Herald Scotland

    9 August Push for Hoklo study in curriculum by Sean Lin Taipei Times

    9 August Languages of indigenous people face neglect: Odisha tribal leaders by Santosh Jagdev Odisha Sun Times

    9 August Speechless diversity: Talking about evolution by Philipp Gassner Business Mirror

    9 August The Welsh Language – Dragonian measures The Economist

    8 August At Language Camp, Reclaiming Tradition Is Between Basketball And Lunch by Casey Kelly NPR

    8 August Language Is Key to Culture: Seneca Fight to Save Theirs by ICTMN Staf  Indian Country

    8 August First day of Meskwaki powwow focuses on the kids by Brent Griffiths The Gazette

    8 August Supporting television programming in Inuktitut EIN news

    7 August Monkey selfie, aboriginal language among Wikipedia copyright takedown requests  by Loek Essers (see Palawa Kani) Computer World

    6 August Scheme to protect endangered Indian languages Business Standard

    6 August UNM institute helps Native communities address design challenges by Carolyn Gonzales UNM Newsroom

    5 August Giving the ‘Breath of Life’ to endangered languages by Kathleen Maclay UC Berkeley News Center

    5 August Study of tribal horticulture underway in Ozark by Donna Baxter Springfield News-Leader

    5 August Peris urges support for constitutional change by Rick Hind ABC Indigenous

    4 August Murkowski Speaks to National Indian Educational Association on Language Education by Thea Card KDLG

    4 August Young High helps reclaim Wiradjuri by Daniella White The Young Witness

    4 August Tathra school exploring Indigenous heritage by Albert McKnight Bega District News

    3 August Ojibwemowin Revitalization Celebration Honors Larry Stillday by Michael Meuers Indian Country Media Network

    2 August 20-year-old master of Salish language a strong proponent of Native language, culture by Vince Devlin Missoulian

    2 August Push to preserve the Seneca language

    2 August Opinion: Suzy Wilson’s Indigenous Literacy Foundation is proof of the power of one by Kathleen Noonan The Courier-Mail

    1 August Valley tribe turns to technology to preserve ancient language by Linda Mumma  ABC30 Action news

    1 August Apps and games help preserve Chukchansi language by Sharon Martine The Fresno Bee

    1 August Community brings Secwepemc stories to life by Kristin Froneman Vernon Morning Star

    1 August Anthropological Scientists Find the Toto Language More Endangered than the Tribe Itself by Bernadine Racoma Day News

  • July 2014

    31 July Johnson’s native languages bill passes, heads to Senate floor by Sen. Tim Johnson’s office release Indian Country Media Network

    30 July Zimbabwe: Govt to craft policy on languages, culture by Stanley Mushava The Herald

    30 July Debunking myths in revitalizing Chinese languages by Luke Lu Today

    29 July Using native languages in prayer, song helps preserve culture, speakers say by N Fargo Catholic Sentinel

    28 July Broadcasting the news in Indigenous languages by ABC Back Story

    26 July For rare languages, social media provide new hope by Lydia Emmanouilidou WKMS

    25 July Diplomas bring hope, opportunity for aboriginal Quebecers by Mark Cardwell The Gazette

    25 July Physicists create tool to foresee language destruction impact and thus prevent it PhysOrg

    25 July Constitutional recognition will do nothing for Aborigines by Michael Mansell Sydney Morning Herald

    24 July Blade Nzimande, language and the universities by Dave Steward Politicsweb

    24 July Te reo family’s first language by Ruth Keber Bay of Plenty Times

    24 July Indigenous Languages Blog Launched by Des Crump SL Blogs

    24 July Tom E. Lewis wears King Lear’s crown

    23 July New book tells the story of the Long Walk from a Navajo perspective by Hannah Grover The Daily Times

    23 July Regional languages snubbed The Peninsula

    23 July New App Out for Cup’ik Language by Charles Enoch Alaska Public Media

    23 July Avianca implements Quechua services in Cusco airport by Rachel Chase Peru this Week

    23 July $4M grant to support documentation of endangered languages by Richelle Agpoon-Cabang Marianas Variety

    22 July US to promote native American languages and cultures World Bulletin

    22 July ‘Keep speaking Crow to me’: Teens immerse themselves in Native language by Derek Brouwer Billings Gazette

    22 July Yale Linguistics Department helping to save a Northern Goldfields language by Rebecca Brewin ABC Goldfields

    22 July Mind your language: The tongues of K-P and G-B to remain ‘regional’ by Manzoor Ali Express Tribune

    22 July Cherokee Language Now Available in Braille by Shirlanna Harbin Tulsa’s Channel

    21 July Helly I am UmZulu by Sabelo Masinga News 24

    21 July Primary school in Suffolk where pupils speak 58 languages including Portugese, Polish and Lithuanian by Corey Charlton Daily Mail Australia

    21 July Minister welcomes Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori Voxy

    21 July Westport High School’s hands-on NAIDOC celebration by Melissa Pretorius Macquarie Port News

    20 July Bemidji’s Ojibwe Language Project Featured on Native Report Indian Country Today Media Network

    20 July Tribal chief has mixed feelings on casino bid

    20 July Te Reo Maori a doorway to opportunity – Mahuta Voxy

    19 July ‘Tax-aaq’ ballot measure a mouthful in English, Yup’ik or Inupiaq by Alex DeMarban Alaska Dispatch News

    19 July MEELAL to erect statues of 7 Maichous E-Pao

    19 July The Irish language is not part of us – it has to be learned by Aidan Doyle Irish Times

    18 July Another Miracle for Eyak by Ben Yeager Cordoba Times

    18 July Tribe rejects offer from Redskins group Manteca Bulletin

    18 July Maori language strategy finds support in Waikato by Elton Smallman

    18 July Experts Want Promotional Programmes For Indigenous Languages Nigerian Observer

    17 July Australia: the Aboriginal People Al Jazeera

    17 July The Community Speaks by Chi Anunwa Language Magazine

    16 July McHugh: The fact that I can’t speak Irish makes people think about it Laois Nationalist

    16 July Back to my native tongue in Fermangh by Cormac McConnell Irish Central

    16 July Signs Maori language may be in danger by Michael Sergel Newstalk ZB

    16 July Great Spirit in Indigenous Round by Millie Thomas The Monitor

    16 July Language and Basic Rights in India: Beyond English by Akhilesh Pillalamarri The Diplomat

    16 July Can the FOSS community save 197 endangered Indian languages? by Rajesh Ranjan

    15 July New Zealand children’s book series available in Cup’ik language on app The Republic

    15 July When languages die, ecosystems often die with them by Max J. Rosenthal PRI

    15 July iTaukei language under threat, says academic by Repeka Nasiko Fiji Times

    14 July Funding to Garden River First Nation for language project by Bryan Hayes

    13 July Fate of Ranchi University’s showpiece department hangs in balance Times of India

    13 July Building a language bridge by Moeena Halim Mid-day

    12 July Lleucu Siencyn: Watch your language by Kirstie McCrum Wales Online

    12 July Indian languages suffer due to mindless English-medium advocacy by Sankrant Sanu Niti Central

    11 July In Peru’s Amazon, children learn to embrace grandparents’ language by Barbara J. Fraser The Boston Pilot

    11 July Minster’s Maori Language Strategy Is Wrong by Wiilie Jackson Waatea News

    11 July Blackfeet launch new language website by Kristen Cates Great Falls Tribune

    11 July Star maps point to Aboriginal songlines by Genelle Weule ABC Science

    10 July Immigrants Who Speak Indigenous Languages Encounter Isolation by Kirk Semple New York Times

    9 July Exhibit celebrates BC’s living languages by Chris Bolster Peak Online

    11 July Remote kids ‘need English to prosper’ by Justine Ferrari The Australian

    11 July Songlines Naidoc Jam review – musical showcase celebrates contemporary Indigenous culture by Eugenia Flynn The Guardian

    10 July In Peru’s Amazon, children learn to embrace grandparents’ language Catholic Sentinel

    10 July Zimbabwe: Preserve National Languages – Charumbira All Africa

    10 July Stick-em-up Louie: One bullet and a Tiwi nickname from WWII by Will Tinapple ABC Open

    10 July Riverland River Language, NAIDOC Week by Narelle Graham ABC Adelaide

    10 July Comment: Hindi or English? The politics of language in India by Garant Wyeth SBS

    10 July Aboriginal leaders reject call to halt English lessons by Justine Ferrari The Australian

    9 July Say g’day the indigenous way for NAIDOC week by Natalie Bochenski Brisbane Times

    8 July Hats off to Alaska translators of ballot issues; heaven help you Alaska Dispatch News

    8 July Ponca trive restores history with museum, new trail by Jerry Guenther Norfolk Daily News

    8 July Tribal children to study in mother tongue till Class V by Minati Singha Times of India

    8 July Free software to assist indigenous access to computers by Aleida Rueda SciDev.Net

    8 July How to say g’day in an Indigenous language by Saskia Edwards ABC Brisbane

    8 July The ABC’s Aboriginal news services is a sound idea by Michael Christie The Conversation

    7 July Ancient tribal artifacts go home to be displayed in Port Angeles by Lynda V. Mapes Seattle Times

    7 July Native speakers focus of voting rights trial Native American Times

    7 July Dual-language promgrams grow in Arizona public schools by Lisa Irish Arizona Education News

    7 July New York State Gives Tax Help in 79 Languages by Michael Cohn Accounting Today

    7 July Teacher brings Lakota language to national anthem by Dan Olson Native American Times

    7 July Teachers call for urgency on NZ languages policy Voxy

    7 July Insisting on indigenous by Sithandiwe Velaphi The New Age

    7 July Festival author urges more indigenous participation by Kaitlin Thals Sunraysia Daily

    6 July Elders, youths, scientists travel to document Native places, language by Susan Paskvan News Miner

    6 July State Moots Multilingual Classrooms in Tribal Dists New Indian Express

    6 July NAIDOC marked at Bellingen library by language and culture by Robyne Cuerel Coffs Coast Advocate

    5 July ‘Universal language’ meets native tongues by Michael Koziol WA Today

    5 July Bilingual emphasis allowed S’pore to maintain good standards in English and Mandarin: PM Lee by Tan Qiuyi Channel News Asia

    5 July First words: Pratham Books launches a publishing project to promote Indian tribal languages by Saurabh Kumar Live Mint

    4 July Lava Iris 402e With 10 Indian Language Support Launched at Rs. 4,999 by Ketan Pratap NDTV Gadgets

    3 July Say “G’day” in an Indigenous Language! by Des Crump SL Blogs

    3 July Maori language strategy approved Radio New Zealand

    3 July Hunger strike for Welsh language Tivy-Side Advertiser

    3 July Extinct No More! Explore the Revived Eyak Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 July Contributions to Literacy in Alaska awards announced Juneau Empire

    2 July Cherokee language radio show marks decade in Okla Miami Herald

    2 July Muscovites Embrace Learning Central Asian Languages by Eradzh Nidoev The Moscow Times

    2 July Education in Tanzania, U.S. by Halie Putorek The Parthenon

    2 July Taiwan’s neglected languages, feeling the love by Enru Lin Taipei Times

    1 July Election officials testify they work hard to help Native language speakers by Richard Mauer Alaska Dispatch

    1 July Now, doctors take tribal language test The Telegraph

    1 July ABC launches Warlpiri, Yolngu Matha Indigenous language news service 12 month trial ABC

    1 July Social media used to revive extinct language by Letisia Marquez Phys.Org

    1 July Language Barriers Pose Challenges for Mayan Mirgrant Children by Hansi Lo Wang KPBS

  • June 2014

    30 June 7 Most Popular Native American Languages in U.S. by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    29 June More than words by Melissa Griffiths Juneau Empire

    28 June Revitalising Indian languages will unlock our civilizational genius by Sankrant Sanu Niti Central

    28 June 9 of the world’s most multilingual countries by Josh Lew Mother Nature Network

    28 June 10 Ways to Show Your Native Pride Indian Country Today Media Network

    27 June Pratham Books launches Adi Kahani series Odisha Channel

    27 June Emails: Alaska official knew of poor translation on Yup’ik ballot News Miner

    27 June The State of Go Language for Android Native Development by Sergio de Simone InfoQ

    27 June Storytelling for kids goes tribal by Minati Singha Times of India

    26 June Listen to the Salish language through SPCC’s new website Char-Koosta News

    26 June Let’s Have A National Language by Navneeta Dash Odisha Sun Times

    26 June School revives lost local indigenous language by Peppe Cavalieri The Standard

    25 June Program seeks to revitalize extinct Eyak language by Heather Hintze KTVA Alaska

    25 June Trial opens in Native language voting lawsuit Moulton Advertiser

    25 June KOSU Joins Clinton Global Initiative Project to Preserve American Indian Languages by Kelly Burley KOSU

    25 June General session prayer delivered in Cherokee language Smoky Mountain News

    24 June Aboriginal languages app launches in Fort Qu’Appelle by Brady Knight Saskatchewan News

    24 June Model Talk focuses on documentation of endangered languages by Tanasia Curtis The Shorthorn

    24 June Tradition meets technology with indigenous language app by Kerry Benjoe Leader-Post

    24 June History buffs race to preserve dialect in Missouri Washington Post

    23 June Unique challenges to keeping languages alive by Julie Chadwick Nanaimo Daily News

    23 June First Nations language apps released by Saskatchewan tribal council CBC News

    22 June Chanakya’s view: Adrift from the mother tongue by Pavan K. Varma Deccan Chronicle

    21 June What language does soccer speak? by Kanishk Tharoor Aljazeera America

    21 June Speaking of Languages: Educators Back Native American Language Bills by Tanyah H. Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    20 June 50.7% of Catalans usually converse in Spanish and 36.3% in Catalan Catalan News Agency

    20 June Indigenous language and cultural knowledge preservation one byte at a time: UBC partners work with BC First Nations to enable digitization of valuable recordings by Kevin Ward University of British Columbia

    20 June More must walk the linguistic talk at universities by Robert J Balfour Mail & Guardian

    20 June Eastern Cherokee Elder Opens N.C. Senate Digital Journal

    19 June Senator Murkowski Speaks on Native Language Programs by Thea Card KDLG

    19 June Lori Thicke: We Should care that B.C. languages are going extinct by Lori Thicke The Province

    19 June Indians press for funds to teach Native languages by Christopher Doering Argus Leader

    19 June Language barrier in nod for all people by Patricia Karvelas The Australian

    18 June 7 Ways to Celebrate Native Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 June Why Lost Words Matter by Pia de Jong Huffington Post

    18 June GG advises: Master English language by Regina Selman Moore Barbados Advocate

    17 June ‘Our language is our soul’: saving Aymara by Alexia Kalaitzi New Internationalist

    17 June Road rule videos translated into two Aboriginal languages The Transcontinental Port Augusta

    16 June CoLang 2014 works to revive indigenous languages by Tanasia Curtis The Shorthorn

    16 June Absu bats for tribal protection Times of India

    14 June Natividad Foundation a leader in outreach and impact The Californian

    14 June Pazeh writers get awards for preserving language by Hua Meng-ching and Jason Pan Taipei Times

    14 June Algoma U to host native language teachers’ gathering Local2

    13 June Bangarra’s Patyegarang is a beautiful evocation of romance and intrigue by Jill Sykes The Age

    13 June Africa: Speak It, Keep It, Tweet It – Reaffirming the Pride and Place of African Languages by Neil Payne All Africa

    13 June Dominant Languages to Boost MLE Plan New Indian Express

    13 June Native language teachers will gather in August Soo Today

    13 June African Americans And Native Speakers Keep Swahili Language Alive by Leija Farr & Radioactive Youth Media

    13 June Tribe strikes Te Reo deal Radio New Zealand

    13 June Boon of the language barrier by Hugh Boyd Herald Scotland

    12 June Indians to Feature Salish Worded Uniform on Opening Night by Josh Ouellette SWX Right Now

    11 June College graduates 5 First Nation language instructors by Patty Flather Yukon News

    12 June Eabametoong counsellor named ONECA’s counsellor of the year by Rick Garrick Wawatay News

    11 June Julie Kitka: Protecting Alaska Natives’ right to vote – no matter what language they speak – is critical by Julie Kitka Anchorage Daily News

    10 June Native Speakers and Linguists Fight to Keep Kumeyaay Language Alive by Jill Replogle Nevada Public Radio

    10 June Oraon community attempts to save its dialect from extinction by Satyasundar Barik The Hindu

    10 June Much more than words The Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun

    10 June Rosalie Kunoth-Monks inspires with her Q&A speech: ‘I am not the problem’

    9 June More books available in Cherokee language Cherokee Phoenix

    9 June Does the language you speak influence how you think? by Laura Moss Mother Nature Network

    8 June As forests are cleared and species vanish, there’s one other loss: a world of languages by John Vidal The Guardian

    6 June Speaking up about Indigenous language demise by Annette Marner ABC North and West SA

    6 June Our Language, Our Pride and its Role by Beven Liswani Kamwi New Era

    6 June Languages: Why we must save dying tongue by Rachel Nuwer BBC

    6 June The Language of Community: Student-Centered Bilingual Education in Rural Mexico by Chi Anunwa Huffington Post Education

    6 June Language lives in music Auckland City Harbour News

    6 June Indigenous Knowledge Leads a Worldwide Voyage by Adrian Kamalii Huff Post Hawaii

    6 June Museum highlights First Nations languages with new exhibit by Sarah Petrescu Times Colonist

    6 June Conference Hopes to Preserve Native American Languages by Anne Hoffman The California Report

    5 June Heitkamp Welcomes President & First Lady to North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Native American Times

    5 June Judge: State wrong on Native language rules Washington Times

    5 June Directing the future of Salish language preservation by Adriana Fehrs Char-Koosta News

    5 June Chester Nez, 93, Dies; Navajo Words Washed from Mouth Helped Win War by Margalit Fox New York Times

    3 June Towards promoting our indigenous languages by Ayodeji Ayodele Nigerian Tribune

    3 June Saving the Comanche Language by Juliana Keeping The Oklahoman

    2 June Linguist working to help revitalize Nuxalk language by Caitlin Thompson Coast Mountain News

    2 June UT Arlington to host international conference on Native American language Native American Time

    2 June Education policy and local languages by Zubair Torwali Express Tribune

  • May 2014

    31 May Chickasaw and Māori Celebrate Similarities, Language and Culture by K.C. Cole Indian Country Today Media Network

    30 May Indigenous languages in a book The Inverell Times

    30 May Hawaiian Language Preschools Garner International Recognition by ʻAha Pūnana Leo Indian Country Today Media Network

    29 May Aboriginal Language Rights by Michaela Andreyev ABC Adelaide

    29 May Students sharing stories in first language by Lucy Townend

    29 May Language revitalisation: a total shift in values by Xh’unei Lance Twitchell The Janeau Empire

    29 May First Nations groups work to revitalize Mi’kmaq language by Erin Pottie The Chronicle Herald

    28 May The subtle devaluing of Aboriginal languages That Munanga Linguist

    28 May Establishment of NZ Sign Language Board underway Voxy

    28 May More Queensland schools to offer Aboriginal languages by Tony Moore Brisbane Times

    28 May Quality interpreters v indigenous language courts… Legalbrief Today

    28 May Languages, Justice and the Courts: A Misinterpretation by Adv Jacques du Preez FW de Klerk Foundation

    28 May How Jack Buckskin discovered his language by Eloise Fuss and Sarah Tomlinson ABC Adelaide

    28 May Western Aboriginal people stars of the big screen Cowra Community News

    27 May Guatemalan hospital becomes one of the first in nation to hire staff and translators to serve indigenous Q’echi’ in native language by Anna-Claire Bevan Latina Lista

    29 May World War I’s Native American Code Talkers by Jesse Greenspan

    27 May Muting Indigenous language support only widens the gap by Rachel Nordlinger and Ruth Singer The Conversation

    27 May Linguistics Students Help Revitalize Critically Endangered Language in Mexico by Ryan Dougherty Swarthmore College

    27 May Efforts afoot to promote native languages: MPs Nation

    26 May Stories of old inspire indigenous artists by Bhakthi Puvanenthiran Sydney Morning Herald

    26 May Breath of Life conference to help California Indians save endangered languages Imperial Valley News

    26 May Cherokee speakers narrate children’s e-books for Unite for Literacy by Julie Hubbard Native American Times

    25 May No exams for indigenous languages by Veneranda Langa The Standard

    25 May N.Battsereg: Rescue the Mongolian language by D.Sergelen The UB Post

    25 May 4 code talkers posthumously honored for work in WWII by Paul Srubas USA Today

    23 May Saving vanishing ‘tongues’ by Stephen Ornes Science News for Students

    23 May Kashmiri and Inferiority Complex by Dr Hakim Irfan Showkat Shahi Greater Kashmir Srinagar

    22 May CoLang Institute to address crisis of global language endangerment

    22 May Ojibwe Language Nest helps keep native tongue alive by Rick Tarsitano ABC 10 News

    22 May Bulgarians in Moldova: Thanks to Bulgaria’s FOCUS we maintain melodious native language Focus Information Agency

    22 May Iran’s Language War against the Kurdistan Region by Amir Sharifi Rudaw

    21 May Vodaphone uses ‘social dictionary’ to save dying Mexican language by Louise Ridley Marketing Magazine

    21 May Rapped in mother tongues – African hip hop VIDEOS By Bongikosi Sunday World

    21 May Three Sámi languages have their own TV station by Emma Jarratt and Jimmy Thomson Barents Observer

    21 May International recognition for Hawaiian language preschools by Malu Debus Native Times

    21 May AIATSIS slams cuts to language funding by Warren Barnsley NIRS

    20 May Our indigenous language of sound by Theresa Smith IOL

    16 May Walsh fights to protect and maintain tribal languages Indian Country Today Media Network

    15 May Indigenous interpreters provide missing link for Natividad Medical Center patients by Kate Daniels Kurz The WIP

    14 May Budget 2014: $534 million cut to Indigenous programs by Michael Coggan ABC

    14 May Keeping Indigenous languages alive in Mexico by Jenna Randall First Peoples Worldwide

    14 May At California hospital, knowledge of Indigenous languages is vital by Jenna Randall First Peoples Worldwide

    14 May Indigenous language and AI/AN student success by Ernestine Hayes First Peoples Worldwide

    13 May Tagalog in California, Cherokee in Arkansas by Ben Blatt Slate

    13 May Gretel’s journey: an undergraduate take on Indigenous Australian Languages ANU

    13 May The next step for Indigenous languages in the NT by Marg Carew ABC Open

    12 May Tribes capitalising on language preservation pilot program by Casey Winn Lozar Missoulian

    10 May Murkowski introduces legislation to continue funding Native language programs by Casey Kelly KTOO

    9 May UNITY Youth and Indigenous tribes of Taiwan exchange culture, memories by Mary Kim Titla Indian Country Today Media Network

    9 May Animations to help in Wiradjuri language lessons ABC Indigenous

    9 May Connecting to culture The Ridge News

    8 May ‘I am taking Igbo rap to the next level’ - Phyno by Omotola Filani Daily Post

    8 May Chickasaw Nation: The fight to save a dying Native American language by Mary-Ann Russon International Business Times

    7 May Verdict is unscientific and irrational Times of India

    7 May Dominello’s language programme opens a return to culture in NSW National Indigenous Times

    6 May Could a children’s book be the key to saving an Indigenous language? by Emma Lancaster The Wire

    2 May Animated anti-smoking campaign to speak to Indigenous community by Gail Liston ABC News

    1 May Little Shell will dedicate centre, discuss language Great Falls Tribune

    1 May First languages for NSLA’s Indigenous group NSLA

  • April 2014

    30 April Fun with the interactive Algonquian language map by Arika Okrent The Week

    29 April Aboriginal languages evolve as cancer treatments change Indian Country Today Media Network

    29 April MSU senior presents tribal language research in D.C. by Evelyn Boswell Fairfield Sun Times

    26 April New Caledonia’s indigenous leaders launch ‘people’s charter’ Yahoo News

    26 April New language to pulse through old computers after donation Coffs Coast Advocate

    23 April Alaska’s official indigenous languages and the emotions of revitalisation by Lance A. Twitchell Alaska Dispatch

    23 April Preserving Culture: 6 Early Childhood Language Immersion Programs by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    22 April Tasmanian Aboriginal musician Dewayne Everettsmith keeps language alive through song by Ellen Coulter ABC News

    22 April Digital lifeline for Aboriginal languages facing extinction by Thomas Oriti ABC Radio The World Today

    22 April Alaska moves to officially recognise 20 Native languages Indian Country Today Media Network

    22 April Language experts create indigenous database by Thomas Oriti ABC Radio Australia

    21 April Alaska lawmakers vote to formally recognise indigenous languages by Steve Quinn Reuters

    21 April Passionate believers in Native heritage prod legislators to recognise languages by Dermot Cole Alaska Dispatch

    20 April Native language bill passes overwhelmingly after protest in Capitol by Richard Mauer Anchorage Daily News

    20 April Sitka Tribe awarded foundation grant by Shannon Haugland Anchorage Daily News

    20 April Arikara app aims to revitalise language by Dan Rudy Kansas City Star

    18 April Linguists struggling to preserve endangered immigrant languages by Josh Tapper The Globe and Mail

    18 April UGA offers credit to study language of Incan Empire by Helena Joseph Red & Black

    17 April Chili say what? Linguistics help pinpoint pepper's origins by April Fulton NPR

    17 April Learning Navajo language helps students connect to their culture ASU News

    16 April Discriminated against for speaking their own language World Bank

    15 April Strengthening Indigenous language education in the Americas by Vanessa Anthony-Stevens and Alyce Sadongei UA News

    15 April UCR to offer free workshops on endangered Native American language by Anthony Victoria Highlander

    14 April Fighting off extinction: the story of Indigenous Mexican languages by Rick Kearns Indian Country Today Media Network

    12 April In California, saving a language that predates Spanish and English by Norimitsu Onishi New York Times

    12 April Marksville tribe seeks rebirth of Tunica-Biloxi language The Town Talk

    10 April Sixty languages at risk of extinction in Mexico - Can they be kept alive? by Christine Dell’Amore National Geographic

    10 April Aboriginal language dictionary for Badimaya people launched at Mt Magnet by Sarah Taillier ABC News

    10 April American Indian students display language skills in Norman News OK

    10 April Talking Dictionaries for Indigenous Languages Workshop Native Times

    9 April Five percent of 7,000 languages spoken today will disappear thanks to Internet - survey by Olga Yazhgunovich Voice of Russia

    9 April Calif. Medical Center offers cure to Indigenous language barrier by Krista Almanzan NPR

    8 April Tribes draw knowledge from monolingual speakers Cherokee Phoenix

    8 April Don’t just speak it. Save it! Pretoria News

    7 April Some vital signs for Aboriginal languages by Michael Christie, Brian Devlin, and Cathy Bow The Conversation

    5 April Learning to communicate with the past by Sean McComish The Standard

    4 April Endangered language researchers awarded national grants University of Hawai’i News

    4 April Native American tribes in Oklahoma draw from monolingual speakers for language preservation by Kristi Eaton Daily Journal

    3 April Indigenous culture fights language war by Stephanie Brzezinski Grand Valley Lanthorn

    3 April Lost language goes back to school by Kayleigh Bruce Whyalla News

    3 April Indigenous languages should be made compulsory - French don by Moyosore Solarin Nigerian Tribune

    2 April DBP preserves endangered languages Borneo Post

    1 April Alaska Native Languages bill clears final house committee by Casey Kelly Alaska Public Media

    1 April Pure joy in harmony by Stephen Bevis The West Australian

    1 April House panel moves bill recognising 20 Alaska Native languages as official state languages by Mike Coppock Daily Journal

  • March 2014

    31 March Zimbabwe: ZIBF @ 31 - Promises and Perils by Stanely Mushava All Africa

    30 March Mexico: 21 Native languages on verge of extinction Eurasia Review

    29 March No language barrier: Wiradjuri spoken for first time in Parliament Central Western Daily

    29 March Rex Radio: 4 tribal stations thriving in northern Minnesota by Curt Brown Star Tribune

    28 March Bill could preserve Native language by Krista Harju KQCD-TV

    28 March Bill could preserve native language by Krista Harju KFYR

    28 March Channel’s battle to help save te reo by Steve Deane New Zealand Herald

    27 March Indigenous interpreting program aims to be far reaching by Krista Almanzan Kazu

    27 March Questions raised over Alaska Native language bill News Miner

    27 March Perth duo launch first album in Noongar language by Craig Quartermaine SBS

    27 March Wiradjuri language makes its parliamentary debut by Kim Bartley Daily Liberal

    27 March Dubbo MP Troy Grant welcomes NSW language nests in Wiradjuri by Rick Morton The Australian

    26 March Whatcom Museum showcases B.C. painter’s works by Margaret Bikman Bellingham Herald

    25 March Mi’kmaq is making a comeback in a Nova Scotia community by Jaime Myslik CBC News

    25 March Mohawk language circle aims to strengthen identity by Bonnie O’Sullivan CBC News

    23 March ‘Right to Vote’ in tribal language New Indian Express

    23 March Promoting the Affordable Care Act to Indigenous peoples Indian Country Today Media Network

    23 March A case for endangered indigenous languages Business Day

    22 March Voices of the Everglades: Indian culture News Press

    21 March Deputy Ombudsman to oversee government initiatives ABC Local

    21 March Spokane Indians aim to honour area tribe by Benjamin Hill MiLB

    20 March A loss for words by Alex Sakariassen Missoula Independent

    20 March Tester applauds House introduction of Native Languages Bill Char-Koosta News

    19 March With migration, Indigenous languages going extinct by Carmer Sesín NBC News

    19 March Zimbabwe: Book Fair lays Indaba foundation All Africa

    18 March Heitkamp says bill would preserve Native languages WDAY News

    17 March A high-tech fight to save B.C.’s indigenous languages by Stephen Hume Vancouver Sun

    17 March Revitalizing endangered languages by Vivienne Walz McGill Daily

    17 March KWF, indigenous groups: Filipino is language of peace by Lester G. Babiera Inquirer

    17 March We must give stronger support to indigenous culture renaissance China Post

    17 March ATSUM warns against Alt Eng scrapping, police boundary E-Pao

    16 March Spokane Indians baseball uniforms sport Salish word by Jim Kershner Spokesman Review

    14 March Aboriginal language guide launch Inverell Times

    13 March Native Americans and aboriginal Siberians may have shared a common language by Tia Ghose Mother Nature Network

    13 March Using technology to try to halt death of 3,000+ languages by 2100 by Jessica McKenzie Tech President

    13 March Mundine says he’s ‘not a supporter of Aboriginal English’ by Malarndirri McCarthy NITV

    13 March April Charlo is new NKWusm Executive Director by Adriana Fehrs Char-Koosta News

    12 March Linguistic light on a continent’s peopling by Nicholas Wade New York Times

    12 March Ancient migration patterns to North America are hidden in languages spoken today by Joseph Stromberg Smithsonian Magazine

    12 March No English please, we’re Gambians SBS

    11 March Native advocates ramp up support for Sen. Tester’s language bill by Rob Capriccioso Indian Country Today Media Network

    11 March Indigenous album gives language new life by Annie Louey Arts Hub

    11 March First indigenous Water to Water Festival in Mornington Peninsula promotes cross-cultural awareness by Sharon Green Herald Sun

    11 March Indigenous languages continue to fade PS News

    7 March Academic book about local tribal language published Charlevoix Courier

    7 March Music could save Louisiana language of Mobilian by Heath Allen WDSU

    7 March Natividad Medical Foundation Announces Indigenous Interpreting+ Community and Medical Interpreting Business Market Wired

    7 March CTLLSM concerned over dying tribal languages E-Pao

    6 March A word in your ear: Indigenous language ABC Sunshine Coast

    6 March Natividad hospital program connects with Salinas’ indigenous community by Claudia Meléndez Salinas Monterey Herald

    1 March Native American Choctaw Nation fights to revive culture in one of Barack Obama’s ‘promise zones’ by Michael Vincent ABC

  • February 2014

    28 February Honduras launches online dictionary of Indigenous languages Global Voices

    28 February Indigenous Tweets #IDML14 Roundup by Kevin Scannell Rising Voices

    26 February Local tongues make empowered citizens by Shigeru Aoyagi The Asian Age

    26 February CIIL to document 500 endangered Indian languages Jagran Josh

    26 February Primary school textbooks in 8 languages launched Daily Star

    26 February ‘More than 400 Nigerian indigenous languages are endangered’ Vanguard

    26 February Nigerian languages are in danger - association cries out by Ugochukwu Onyeocha Daily Times

    25 February Sleeping language waking up thanks to Wampanoag reclamation project by Christina Rose Indian Country Today Media Network

    25 February Workshop on endangered tribal languages begins Times of India

    25 February Inuit language celebration underway in Nunavut, Canada by Eilís Quinn Alaska Dispatch

    25 February CIIL to document 500 endangered languages The Hindu

    24 February Boost for NSW Indigenous language learning by Darren Mara SBS

    24 February Guest opinion: Montanans must work to revitalise Native languages by Clara Caufield Billings Gazette

    24 February Mother tongue language plan flops by Ntando Makhubu and Kevin Lancaster IOL News

    23 February Dozen languages in Gujarat with only 500 speakers by Parth Shastri Times of India

    22 February Gondi script gets new lease of life Times of India

    22 February Language work brings reward by Jason Pan Taipei Times

    22 February Cherokee Nation celebrates Cherokee translators’ progress by Julie Hubbard Native Times

    22 February Burki language exposed to extinction The News

    22 February Mother tongue day: Save indigenous languages, promote diversity by Waqas Naeem Express Tribune

    21 February Top 10 things you need to know about endangered languages by Anna Luisa Daigneault Living Tongues

    21 February International Mother Language Day by Colleen Fitzgerald Native Times

    21 February Professor helms language preservation projects by Jamie Slater The Hoya

    21 February Initiative on to save indigenous languages by Mahbubur Rahman Khan Daily Star

    21 February Voices from the past: songs from dying languages by Saffron Howden Sydney Morning Herald

    21 February Indigenous communities demand legislation to protect mother tongues by Belinda Torres-Leclercq Santiago Times

    21 February Native History: Inaugural edition of ‘Cherokee Phoenix’ published by Alysa Landry Indian Country Today Media Network

    20 February The race to save endangered languages UBC News

    20 February Govt tasked on indigenous language policy The Herald

    20 February Anthropologist writes text in Native language for Indigenous Guatemalan town, helps to preserve history and culture by Mike Nace Bio News Texas

    20 February $2.6M for Indigenous Language Projects Pro Bono News

    20 February Researchers use music to preserve Aboriginal language by Danny Teece-Johnson SBS

    20 February Culture nest to ensure Gumbaynggir language isn’t lost Coffs Coast Advocate

    19 February We have our own talk by Joanna Eede Survival

    19 February Jacqueline Pata is Indian Country’s voice in D.C. by Maggie Dunne Daily Beast

    19 February Worth of words eKantipur

    19 February Call to teach indigenous languages in schools by Spencer Howson ABC Brisbane

    19 February Indigenous language project launch in Coffs Harbour by John Ross NBN News

    19 February Cultural ‘nests’ to help keep Aboriginal languages alive by Rick Morton The Australian

    19 February Aboriginal language project launched in Coffs Harbour ABC News

    18 February Bill making 20 Native languages official advances by Mike Coppock Peninsula Clarion

    18 February Noongar stories resonate across time by Heather Zubek The West Australian

    17 February Linguist shines light on endangered Indonesian languages by Linda B. Glaser Cornell Chronicle

    17 February International Mother Language Day by Tamim Sujat McGill Daily

    17 February Central Institute of Indian Languages to provide fillip to Birhors Avenue Mail

    17 February Mid-west group gets helping hand to preserve Indigenous language ABC Indigenous

    16 February The amazing endangered languages of Russia by Britt Peterson Boston Globe

    14 February The 1491s present Love Words from Turtle Island Indian Country Today Media Network

    14 February Indigenous languages: calls for protection by Jacqui Feros The Standard

    14 February Tatung man keeps Atayal culture alive with weekend class by Shih Chih-ju and Jake Chung Taipei Times

    14 February Aboriginal languages and stories to be preserved in recordings by Ebonnie Spriggs ABC

    13 February Noongar ‘Wikipedia’ helps preserve language by Katrin Long ABC Indigenous

    12 February Historic course for CSU by Stephanie Muir The Leader

    12 February Te Reo strategy should focus on tribal dialects - tribe Radio New Zealand

    11 February Funding to preserve Indigenous language PS News

    11 February New media to throw a lifeline to an ancient language UWA News

    9 February Death of a language Daily Star

    7 February Last known native speaker of tribal Klallam language Hazel Sampson dies aged 103 by Tim Walker The Independent

    6 February Klallam woman who was last to speak tribal language from birth dies at 103 The Oregonian

    3 February Consultation on proposed Maori Language Strategy Voxy

    3 February Call for compensation over 'stolen' Indigenous languages by Tara Callinan NITV

    3 February Native language spotlighted during Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad Indian Country Today Media Network

    1 February Paiute elder rescues language near extinction by Ed Vogel Review Journal

  • January 2014

    30 January Helping tribal youth to connect with peers New Indian Express

    30 January Indigenous African language class sates curiosity for free by Erin Serpico The Diamondback

    29 January UA, Google creating digital maps to help preserve cultural heritage of Russian community by Yara Askar UA News

    29 January Varsity teachers want local languages used in schools PM News

    27 January New degree offered Radio New Zealand

    26 January New program pairs elders, students in hope of restoring Tlingit language by Laurel Andrews Alaska Dispatch

    26 January US linguists' web map preserves China's dialects by Lu Feiran CCTV

    25 January North Idaho College offers instruction in Coeur d'Alene language by Becky Kramer Spokesman-Review

    24 January tu’uk aa mäjtsk aa: a few words in Mixe Endangered Language Alliance

    23 January Language can never be preserved with force, says Akademi awardee Times of India

    23 January Tester, Johnson, Begich and Schatz introduce Native languages bill Char-Koosta News

    22 January Despite limited resources, indigenous-language programs persevere in B.C. by Stephanie Wood

    22 January UGC sanctions centre for preserving endangered languages Business Standard

    21 January Indigenous educators learn from Hawaiian language renewal University of Hawai'i News

    21 January Aboriginal words worth remembering by Ailsa Piper Eureka Street

    21 January Smithsonian archives preserve lost and dying languages Washington Post

    20 January Zimbabwe: SOS for literature in Indigenous languages by Stanely Mushava All Africa

    20 January Students get an immersion in an endangered language, and their heritage, at the Yiddish Farm by Justin Rocket Silverman NY Daily News

    19 January The beauty of language by Kerry Benjoe The Star Phoenix

    17 January Senators fight to preserve tribal cultures through Native languages by Sen. Tim Johnson Indian Country Today Media Network

    17 January Bill would reward schools that teach all curriculum in Native American languages by Bridget Johnson PJ Media

    16 January Documenting the Desano indigenous language of Brazil and Colombia by Susan Bell Phys.Org

    16 January Tester, in line to be SCIA chair, to introduce Indian School Language Bill by Rob Capriccioso Indian Country Today Media Network

    16 January Promoting the beauty of traditional languages (with video) Leader-Post

    15 January Taiwan visit plants seed for creative collaboration by Joe Dawson Auckland Now

    15 January The endangered Osage language gets a unicode-friendly alphabet by Brian Martucci The Line

    15 January UAA offers Alaska Native words of welcome Anchorage Daily News

    13 January Using language as instrument of national identity by Obike Ukoh Nigerian Observer

    13 January Opening held for college of Hawaiian language building by Dave Smith Big Island Now

    10 January Living Indigenous languages by Allison Worrall Right Now

    9 January Lawmakers propose adding Alaska Native languages to list of official tongues by Alex DeMarban Alaska Dispatch

    9 January Regional languages to be included in Balochistan curriculum by Syed Ali Shah Dawn

    9 January Dollars thwarted Hawke language policy by Bernard Lane The Australian

    9 January In Chiapas, Mayans get Mass, sacraments in two of their languages Catholic Sentinel

    8 January The Endangered Alphabets Project finds partners around the world by Ethan de Seife Seven Days

    8 January Researcher documents indigenous language in danger of extinction by Susan Bell

    7 January Pope Francis approves Mayan mass, opens up liturgy in Indigenous languages Tzotzil and Tzeltal Huffington Post

    7 January Cherokee language added to Microsoft Office Web Apps Cherokee Nation

    7 January Conference looks to revitalise Dene language by Frank Peebles The Prince George Citizen

    5 January Great shame of language News 24

    3 January Last monolingual Chickasaw citizen walks on at 93 Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 January Bilingual Indians preserve native languages: Experts by Jackson Jose Deccan Chronicle

    2 January How language seems to shape one's view of the world by Alan Yu North Country Public Radio

    2 January UBC Linguistics initiative helps preserve endangered languages by April van Ert Arts Wire

    1 January A Mexican Coachella gives new meaning to 'roots rock' by Richard Fausset LA Times

  • December 2013

    31 December Opinion: Reclaiming ourselves one name at a time by Christi Belcourt CBC News

    30 December Preventing Language Loss: A 3-Step Process by Lisa Phu Alaska Public Media

    29 December Social media rescues dying Indian languages by Bijoyeta Das Al Jazeera

    28 December Ukhozi FM honoured for promoting Zulu language SABC

    27 December Spokane Indians take historic step with logo in Salish language by Rodney Harwood Indian Country Today Media Network

    26 December Oklahoma students earn credit for American Indian language classes by Henry Dolive Tulsa World

    25 December Will Middle East's Aramaic language survive? by Dina al-Shibeeb Al Arabiya News

    24 December Rule change helps schools teach tribal languages by Henry Dolive News OK

    23 December Bringing Aboriginal culture to the classroom by Heidi Ulrichsen Northern Life

    22 December CMO seeks reports on tribal education Times of India

    22 December Govt assurance barely sees progress Daily Star

    22 December Mexico's indigenous languages get nod from the Church by Will Grant BBC News

    19 December After six years and $2.2 million, school fights to save the Lakota language by Daniel Simmons-Ritchie Rapid City Journal

    19 December Maori in danger of losing te reo by Arielle Monk The Press

    18 December Cree language students sharing stories with incarcerated youth CTV News

    17 December Tathra school launches Yuin language book by Josh Bartlett Bega District News

    17 December Facebook adds Guarani language support with Tigo Paraguay Telecompaper

    17 December Christmas Playlist: 5 Classic Carols in Native Languages Indian Country Today Media Network

    14 December Hometown U: Professor sees tremendous vitality where Alaska's languages clash by Kathleen McCoy Anchorage Daily News

    14 December The Menominee tribe's struggle: How a casino would help by James E. Causey Journal Sentinel

    13 December Ho-Chunk pay tribute to code talkers in special ceremony in Baraboo by Jason Stein Journal Sentinel

    11 December Thornbury Primary School string together hymns for Northcote's Carols in All Nations by Julia Irwin Herald Sun

    11 December Google will now translate Nepali language Ekantipur

    11 December Overcoming linguistic taboos: Lessons from Australia Science Codex

    10 December Common Core: A tribal perspective by Kevin Shendo Christian Science Monitor

    9 December Digital Rosetta Stone wins software challenge by Annie Rahilly The Age

    9 December From Afrikaans to Zulu, South Africa's languages have stories to tell by Patrick Cox PRI

    9 December CN Translation Dept. translated Yale's archived documents Cherokee Phoenix

    7 December State announces tribal language preservation efforts Lake County Leader

    5 December Documenting a dying language by Barbara Bamberger Jerusalem Post

    5 December Guarani language on Paraguay Facebook for 3 months Washington Post

    5 December South Arabian languages face threat Arab News

    4 December How the internet is killing the world's languages by Caitlin Dewey Washington Post

    4 December Indigenous languages crucial to cultural flourishing by Chelsea Vowel Rabble

    4 December Smithsonian gets $1M to save endangered languages Seattle Pi

    3 December Globalization helps preserve endangered languages by Mark Turin Yale Global

    3 December How to save an endangered language by Lisa Phu Alaska Public Media

    3 December Morocco Berbers struggle to be heard despite nod to language Global Post

    3 December Aboriginal culture, language lauded by Ma Taiwan Today

    2 December Austronesian conference seeking to promote aboriginal exchanges Focus Taiwan

    1 December Teaching the Lakota language to the Lakota by Kayla Gahagan Al Jazeera

  • November 2013

    30 November Mexico's Indigenous: 26.8% illiteracy among those who speak an Indigenous language by Laura Poy Solano Mexico Voices

    29 November Leader in preserving Blackfoot language Darrell Kip walks on Indian Country Today Media Network

    29 November Native Americans practice, preserve, live indigenous languages by Andi Murphy Las Cruces Sun News

    28 November Technology brings traditional stories to life on the Murray Darling by Elise Pianegonda ABC News

    27 November Gumbaynggirr in Song by Liz Keen and Fi Poole ABC Local

    27 November Revitalizing Indigenous languages by Jenny Shen McGill Tribune

    26 November Tribal leaders share heritage at PSU by Sarah Gooding The Morning Sun

    26 November Yirrkala celebrates 40 years of bilingual education by Trevor Stockley Reconciliation Australia Blog

    25 November Priest's film features in Goa festival by C.M. Paul Don Bosco India

    25 November UH Hilo honored for Hawaiian language revitalisation by Emilie Howlett University of Hawai'i News

    24 November Apathy towards African language discourages writers by Lucas Mothibedi SABC

    24 November Ashafa: Indigenous languages critical to national development by Gboyega Akinsanmi This Day Live

    23 November Native American Heritage Month - Preserving, living indigenous languages by Andi Murphy Las Cruces Sun News

    23 November Leader in preserving Blackfoot culture dies by Scott Thompson and Briana Wipf Seattle Pi

    23 November Helsinki opens doors to first Northern Sámi language immersion classes YLE

    21 November Indigenous language panacea for National devt - Ashafa by Olasunkanmi Akoni Vanguard

    20 November Native Americans who used their language as code during WWII to receive special honour The Journal

    20 November Unbreakable: Native American 'code talkers' helped beat Germans by Ivan Couronne SKN Vibes

    19 November Tlingit code talkers to be honored for wartime service by Jennifer Canfield Juneau Empire

    19 November Australia is the place of vanishing languages by Chris Raja ABC Indigenous

    16 November Nigeria: Kebbi - The Dying Languages of Illo by Tadaferua Ujorha All Africa

    15 November YUCAIPA: Children learn about Native American culture by Penny E. Schwartz Press-Enterprise

    14 November Awakening the language and culture of ancient Maya by Rachel Bruton National Geographic

    14 November Tlingit ventriloquism, a way to keep the language alive by Lisa Phu KTOO

    13 November Veteran US poet Bob Holman redefines the value of Aboriginal language and culture CAAMA

    13 November South Africa: Public comment sought on African languages policy All Africa

    13 November Language nests: a way to revive Indigenous languages at risk by Claire Bowern The Conversation

    12 November War of the Words by Matthew J. Watson Harvard Crimson

    12 November Importance of Language and Culture on Agenda at NIEA Convention by Christina Rose Indian Country Today Media Network

    12 November Globalization damaging smaller languages Assam Tribune

    12 November Bush school's fear for language program by Emma Sleath ABC Alice Springs

    12 November Preserving native languages by Sherri Cruz Orange County Register

    11 November Learning together by Amy Fletcher Juneau Empire

    11 November Gov. Steve Bullock talks tribal language and increasing the native vote by Rob Capriccioso Indian Country Today Media Network

    11 November The language question in Nigeria by Dare Adkanmbi Tribune

    9 November Klingon's connection: 'Star Trek' helps revitalise Ohlone language by Samantha Clark Santa Cruz Sentinel

    8 November Colombia: Indigenous people read, write with digital tablets by Juan Carlos Rocha Infosurhoy

    7 November Delegation to celebrate contributions of code talkers in gold medal ceremony Native American Times

    7 November Tlingit clan conference in Juneau focusing on language, traditions The Republic

    7 November Montana Governor announces tribal language preservation efforts by Mike Wessler Native Times

    6 November Bullock announces tribal language preservation projects by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    6 November Tribe plans to open Wampanoag language charter school by Sean F. Driscoll Cape Cod Times

    5 November Saving the language of the Lakota by Christopher Ives Rapid City Journal

    5 November Idaho's first public Native American language school works to preserve Shoshone culture by Adam Cotterell Boise State Public Radio

    1 November Language is a purely social tool; mother tongue is crucial by Scholastika Mbava Hausiku New Era

  • October 2013

    29 October Conserving Indigenous bush knowledge by Alison Middleton ABC

    29 October Kumeyaay Elder Jane Dumas keeps language and plant lore alive by Monica Medina KPBS

    23 October UAS and Yukon College partnership advances Native language efforts by Lisa Phu Alaska Public Media

    22 October Government's move expected to help save Assyrian language by Menekse Tokyay SES Turkiye

    21 October Bid to revitalise African language SBS

    21 October Hip hop acts as a bridge to aboriginal cultures by John Pohl Montreal Gazette

    21 October Symposium focuses on preserving indigenous languages, inspiring young speakers by Uriel J. Garcia Santa Fe New Mexican

    21 October Meet the Mob: Ray Kelly Snr ABC Newcastle

    21 October A new spin on an old language by Karen Ashford SBS

    20 October Award will honour memory of Athabascan elder Katie John by Mary Beth Smetzer News Miner

    18 October Preserving Hopi language - Crucial to children's early success by Cynthia Pardo Navajo-Hopi Observer

    16 October Nevada Proud: Students get a chance to learn native language in school by Joe Hart News 4

    16 October Efforts gain strength across N.S. to ensure future for Mi'kmaq language by Aaron Beswick The Chronicle Herald

    15 October Many languages, one world Pravda

    15 October Wiradjuri language lessons changing Orange students' outlook ABC

    15 October Missoula councillors seek tribal elders' help for 'way finding' signs by Vince Devlin Ravalli Republic

    14 October Muurbay language centre locks in recurrent federal funding ABC Indigenous

    12 October Nigeria: Words Without Borders draws attention to African women writing in Indigenous languages by Carmen McCain All Africa

    11 October Association makes case for teaching of Indigenous language by Adams Oyiboke Nigerian Observer

    11 October Member of Parliament Gerald Keddy announces support for Mi'kmaq language learning program Newswire

    11 October Learn Guernsey's language in a lunch break IFC Feed

    10 October In Chiapas, Mayans get Mass, sacraments in two of their languages Catholic Sentinel

    10 October When New Yorker Rose Monintja speaks her native tongue, the memories flood back by Bruce Wallace PRI

    10 October Proactive measures needed to preserve Europe's 'endangered languages' by Kay Swinburne The Parliament

    9 October Exhibition highlights diversity of Aboriginal cultures by Kerri Worthington SBS

    8 October Member of Parliament Daryl Kramp announces support for Mohawk language Digital Journal

    7 October Using art to preserve an endangered language by Kevin Hartnett Boston Globe

    7 October Nigeria: Wada advocates use of Indigenous languages in school by Usman A. Bello All Africa

    6 October Kogi govt wants primary school teachers to teach with local languages by Innocent Senyo World Stage

    6 October Warrgamay books to preserve Australia's Indigenous language by Bernadine Racoma Day News

    4 October CTLLSM proposes fund for State integrity E-Pao

    3 October If the will is there, Indigenous languages can still flourish by Chelsea Vowel

    3 October Tribe Strives to Revive Quechan Language by Michelle Faust KAWC

    2 October Wax cylinder reocrdings tell story of culture across the centuries ABC Indigenous

    1 October Language project features on NITV Port Lincoln Times

    1 October Immersed in the Umatilla language OPB

  • September 2013

    27 September Keeping Language Alive: Cherokee Letters Being Translated for Yale Indian Country Today Media Network

    26 September Eileen's language lives on by Alice Dempster The Times

    26 September Monayajo warns parents over neglect of local languages by Mary Ogar The Guardian Nigeria

    26 September Edinburgh opens first dedicated Gaelic school by Claire Baillie The Scotsman

    25 September Barngarla language brought back to life by Nancia Guivarra SBS

    24 September Uyghur Traditional Medicine Doctors Tested in Chinese Radio Free Asia

    25 September Odisha: KISS-BvIF collaboration to create stronger foundation for tribal children in mother tongue Orissa Diary

    24 September Legal recognition for Irish Sign Language sought RTE News

    24 September Careful with translation, interpretation of colours from Western languages into indigenous languages by Scholastika Mbava Hausiku New Era

    23 September Aboriginal community in South Australia reclaim lost language by Nancia Guivarra NITV

    22 September Arawak language Stabroek News

    21 September Linguistic defender by Danette Dooley The Telegram

    20 September Live Worlds, Live Words: Indigenous Language and Enrivonmental Change on the Celebes Sea by Elena E. Burgos-Martinez Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Blog

    20 September Speaking their language by Subha J Rao The Hindu

    20 September Hitting right notes in local language by Peter Vincent Sydney Morning Herald

    20 September Language lost and regained by Stephen Atkinson The Australian

    19 September Peru: Miryam Yataco and the importance of indigenous languages by Rachel Chase Peru This Week

    18 September Talking the Talk: Indigenous Language Recovery in Peru With Miryam Yataco by Bill Weinberg Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 September Indigenous sign language on the web Radio National

    18 September Peru's Ombudsman Encourages Bilingual Education for Indigenous Children Open Equal Free

    18 September Aboriginal language version breaks new ground for Shakespeare by Simon Lauder ABC

    17 September Indigenous sign languages protected in online dictionary Science Blog

    17 September Indigenous students call for primary education in native language Dhaka Tribune

    17 September Chamorro language receives a funding boost Radio New Zealand

    17 September Doing it right: Blending Indigenous oral histories with digital technology by Kaitlin McNabb Rabble

    17 September Documenting the grammar of tribal people's languages The Hindu

    16 September MUN professor a finalist for work with preserving Innu language by Danette Dooley The Aurora

    16 September Tribe works to keep Umatilla language alive by Natalie Wheeler KIMA TV

    16 September Not a good use of school time by Matthew Thomas Cape Argus

    16 September Tlingit language app launched for smartphones by Leila Kheiry KRBD

    16 September Oirata language in danger of extinction by Otniel Tamindael Antara

    16 September Ojibway language tutor? There's an app for that CBC News

    16 September Indigenous children's books aim to preserve traditional language by Brodie Owen Canberra Times

    16 September Sealaska Heritage Institute Granted $455K for Language Revitalization Indian Country Today Media Network

    16 September Book project tackles English illiteracy by Rick Morton The Australian

    14 September Art Beat: Monumental Alaska Native Grammar missing from state's libraries by Mike Dunham Anchorage Daily News

    14 September Keeping native languages alive by Natalie Wheeler The Columbian

    13 September Peru faces challenges in education for indigenous children by Rachel Chase Peru This Week

    13 September Archived Cherokee letters translated for Yale University Cherokee Nation

    13 September French Conservative MEPs opposed EU resolution on minotiry languages EurActiv

    12 September Team exploring linguistic legacy of Cherokee documents at Beinecke by Amy Athey McDonald Yale News

    12 September Indigenous sign languages protected in online dictionary

    11 September Colombia natives get tablets to study in local languages France 24

    11 September Preserving Languages Threatened by Extinction Kansas City infoZine

    11 September European Parliament's call to protect 'endangered' Cornish language This is Cornwall

    10 September President praises NEPC for launching Kundana by Tonateni Shidhudhu New Era

    9 September Endangered languages in the EU Library of the European Parliament

    9 September Lost in Translation: Saving Europe's Endangered Languages Huffington Post

    9 September Dying and dead languages by Neil Ray Financial Express

    9 September Catholic board offers aboriginal languages credits by Michelle Ruby Brantford Expositor

    8 September National award for aboriginal language preservation by Neema Tele Digital Journal

    6 September Nigeria: Indigenous Languages Endangered As National Identity Fades Away by Florence Amagiya and Aderonke Adeyeri All Africa

    7 September How a Bible translation is preserving the Pitjantjatjara language by Richard Guilliatt The Australian

    7 September Young Nez Perce authors celebrate tribe with books by Elizabeth Rudd Missoulian

    7 September Does your child speak your Indigenous language? by Emmanuel Edukugho Codewit World News

    6 September Aramaic language Jesus spoke endangered by Syria conflict Huffington Post

    6 September Stakeholders decry neglect of native language by Samuel Awoyinfa The Punch

    6 September Restoring Indigenous languages SBS

    6 September Native languages to be compulsory by Rachel Lin and Jason Pan Taipei Times

    5 September A Conversation About Language Conservation by Saptarishi Dutta India Real Time

    5 September Zimbabwe: Minority Groups Push for Language Use All Africa

    4 September Over 200 languages lost in diverse India, study finds NDTV

    4 September PLSI to release 70 volumes on Indian languages tomorrow by Muralidhara Khajane The Hindu

    4 September Nunavut's battle to preserve Inuit languages by Tonda MacCharles The Star

    3 September Turia welcomes sign language report Voxy

    2 September Museveni launches Runyoro-Rotoro dictionary New Vision

    2 September Antarrengeny Awely: Alyawarr Women's Songs from Antarrengeny book launch and Learning Centre anniversary celebration Batchelor Institute

    2 September Raiders of the Lost Archives Fully (sic)

    2 September Flinders' documents reveal Yolngu words by David Wood NT News

    1 September Young Nez Perce authors celebrate tribe with books by Elizabeth Rudd Seattle Pi

  • August 2013

    30 August Australia's Got Language by Hilary Smale 720 ABC

    29 August Cherokee class preserves native NC language by Andy Willard Daily Tar Heel

    28 August Documents revive endangered Australian Indigenous languages UPI

    28 August Jabiru closing the gap themselves by Neda Vanovac The West

    28 August Using new media to save ancient languages by Jeff Waters ABC Radio

    28 August Dictionaries shed light on endangered Indigenous languages by Oliver Laughland The Guardian

    28 August Language: The Bridge by John S. DelRosario Jr. Saipan Tribune

    28 August NZ Cook Islanders trying to keep culture alive Radio Australia

    27 August Indigenous languages archive uncovered at NSW State Library by Nancia Guivarra SBS

    27 August Namibia: NEPC Unveils New Newspaper by Helvy Shaanika All Africa

    27 August Language revival MENA FN

    26 August Children's story festival in an Indigenous language a first by Elinor Sisulu Dispatch Online

    26 August UNI offering scholarship to Taiwanese student to study Indigenous languages by MacKenzie Elmer WCF Courier

    25 August Native New Jersey: American Indian tribes leave legacy of names by Laura Martin Daily Record

    25 August Map project promotes tribal history Post Crescent

    23 August CSU offer Wiradjuri language course ABC Indigenous

    22 August Indigenous languages of Queensland preserved in picture dictionaries by Bernadine Racoma Day News

    22 August National Indigenous language conference showcasing the richness and diversity of Australia's original languages Newsmaker

    21 August Language Change in the Cordillera by Richard Kinnud Sun Star

    21 August GALLERY: Reviving Aboriginal languages by Amanda Burdon Australian Geographic

    20 August Language diversity in California linked to ecological diversity by Melissa Pandika LA Times

    20 August 10 languages on the brink of extinct by Erin Kennedy Business Insider

    20 August 20 languages go extinct in Andhra Pradesh: Study Times of India

    20 August Maidu Traditionalist and Language Instructor Farrell Cunningham Passes by Jane Braxton Little Indian Country Today Media Network

    20 August Understanding How Migration Patterns Shaped Native Ethnicity, Language Red Orbit

    20 August Tribal and nomadic languages extinct in Andhra Pradesh by Sandra Marina Fernandes One India

    19 August Native languages must be saved, educators say by Peg Mcentee Salt Lake Tribune

    19 August Issues in Education The Monitor

    19 August Interior Native Radio Station Prepares to Launch Your Alaska Link

    19 August Teaching Urdu as a second language by Rauf Parekh

    18 August Council passes another Aboriginal language initiative by Hsieh Wen-hua and Jake Chung Taipei Times

    17 August Creek language class graduates 14 by John Brock Sapulpa Daily Herald Online

    16 August How Archie Thompson Saved the Yurok Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    16 August Ganesh Devy: Each language is a unique world view by Rudraneil Sengupta Live Mint

    16 August Reviving a butterfly in the forest by Jennifer Gibbins Cordova Times

    15 August Students create first Shoshone-language video game at the U. of Utah by Lindsay Whitehurst Salt Lake Tribune

    15 August Bilingual dictionary preserves the Gurindji language UQ News

    15 August Hope new dictionaries will preserve Indigenous language by Chrissy Arthur ABC Indigenous

    14 August First Shoshone Language Video Game Science Blog

    14 August Indigenous languages facing negligence, risk of extinction by Muktasree Chakma Sathi Dhaka Tribune

    14 August NICO begins Indigenous language programme in Ibadan by Wale Ojo-Lanre Nigerian Tribune

    14 August Group Canvasses Promotion of Indigenous Languages Nigerian Observer

    13 August Video: The connection between language and wealth Latina Lista

    13 August School puts focus on tribal language by Nate Sunderland Lewiston Tribune Online

    12 August Inner Voice by Kristine Morris Grand Traverse Insider

    12 August Aboriginal tongue engages young by Barbara Drury Sydney Morning Herald

    12 August Minority tribes lambast parliament, President Khama by Edward Mpoloka The Monitor

    12 August Tribal languages face extinction Morung Express

    12 August World's 'Braille Bible' Released at Perkins Digital Journal

    12 August Ojibwe youth camp helps restore once-forbidden language by Cynthia Boyd Twin Cities Daily Planet

    11 August Indigenous strangers: The social psychology of the perceptions of culture in Nigeria by Chidi Ugwu Premium Times

    10 August Time ticks for 10 tongues by Shiva Kumar Times of India

    10 August Endangered languages in Karnataka rising by Shiva Kumar Times of India

    9 August Soyinka, govs canvass development of Indigenous languages by Sunday Aborisade Punch

    9 August RTI Act 'insignificant' to Indigenous people Himalayan Times

    9 August Los Angeles immigrant community pushes to keep Zapotec language alive PRI

    9 August Twenty languages in state on road to extinction, says survey by Arita Sarkar Mumbai Mirror

    9 August Children's rap video gives new life to Peruvian Indigenous language by Diego M. Ortiz Latina Lista

    9 August Aboriginal language to be taught in Brisbane school by David Liddle SBS

    9 August Mother tongue-based learning is vital by Vilasa Phongsathorn Bangkok Post

    1 August A culture clings to its reflection in a cleaned-up soap opera by Randal C. Archibold New York Times


  • July 2013

    30 July Reclaiming their language Port Lincoln Times

    30 July Aboriginal language preserved through app SBS

    30 July Rosetta Project Preserves Key to Endangered Languages by Mike O'Sullivan Voice of America

    30 July Old Beijinger tasked to preserve local dialect CNTV

    29 July Saving a language by Lee Romney The Star

    28 July First Mayan Language Soap Opera Premieres in August in Mexico by Bernadine Racoma Day News

    28 July Documentary to focus on linguist for tribes by Darin Fenger Yuma Sun

    26 July £2m for online Gaelic dictionary Irvine Herald

    26 July Storybooks in mother tongue for tribal kids Times of India

    26 July Concerns over future for indigenous languages in Australia Radio Australia

    25 July Helping tribal kids through new curriculum by Reema Narendran Indian Express

    25 July What we can learn from the Guugu Yimithirr language by Kira Deutch Huffington Post

    25 July Endangered Indigenous language back from the brink ABC News

    24 July University researcher discovers new language by Ariana Assaf Michigan Daily

    24 July A story well worth telling by Alison Bevege NT News

    24 July Excitement over 'new' Indigenous language SBS

    23 July Hope for revival of dormant indigenous languages News Maker

    23 July Bimose Tribal Council to start innovative language education for adults in August by Alan S. Hale Kenora Daily Miner and News

    22 July A War of Words: Toronto Goes Native, One Street Sign At a Time by Lynn Armitage Indian Country Today Media Network

    22 July Hmong educators unveil week long culture/language camp by Keith Uhlig Wausau Daily Herald

    22 July Linguistic puzzler by Jessica Fujimori MIT News

    22 July Language survey reveals diversity by Shiv Sahay Singh The Hindu

    22 July Struggling to preserve an Iranian Jewish language before it goes extinct by Iris Mansour Tablet

    22 July Ojibwe Language Project spreads in Bemidji by Trent Opstedahl Akron Legal News

    21 July Alaska Natives sue over election translations News Miner

    19 July Workshop to preserve Tiwa language Times of India

    19 July IMNH Hosts Smithsonian Code Talker Exhibit KPVI

    17 July Heritage plus emotion by Jessica Aquilina Parramatta Sun

    17 July BSS demands directorate for Bodo language Assam Tribune

    16 July Penobscot Nation, UMaine win grants to help revive tribe's language by Nick McCrea Bangor Daily News

    16 July New language discovered in Australian Aboriginal community by Jonathan Pearlman Telegraph

    16 July Crowd-Sourcing Translations: Your video Game in Inuktitut by Rachael Petersen Rising Voices

    15 July Logan groups recognised for helping close the gap in the community after developing Yugambeh language app by Stephanie Masters Courier Mail

    15 July Language speaks to her by Jessica Aquilina Blacktown Sun

    15 July U of M Professor discovers 'radical' new language in Australia Michigan Radio

    14 July A Village Invents a Language All Its Own by Nicholas Bakalar New York Times

    14 July Maharashtra has 38 languages other than Marathi, finds survey by Sandhya Soman Times of India

    13 July Indigenous pupils relish lessons in heritage by Noel Pearson The Australian

    12 July Five questions to Shellie Morris: this week on IndigenousX Guardian

    12 July UMaine gets grant to create Penobscot Nation dictionary by Kelley Bouchard Portland Press Herald

    12 July Information technology helps to spread Noongar language by Sharon Kennedy ABC Local

    11 July B.C. aboriginal schools need boost, report says by Sandra McCulloch Times Colonist

    11 July Diamondbacks create an all-time linguistic first by Rob Neyer Baseball Nation

    11 July Lauren Zentz: In support of local languages by Setiono Sugiharto Jakarta Post

    11 July Calling all Barngarla people by Daniela Dean Whyalla News

    11 July Found in translation: interpreting in the Top End by Lucie Bell ABC Rural

    10 July Languages of the Brink: Bringing Back Endangered Tongues Science NetLinks

    10 July French Polynesia seeks constitutional recognition of Tahitian language ABC

    10 July From la to ja - Learning the Palawa kani language by Sarah Mashman ABC Hobart

    9 July First ever Mayan telenovela premieres this summer by Jonathan Muñoz Voxxi

    9 July A case for the promotion of Indigenous languages by Matthew Ochuko PM News

    9 July Comanche Nation College Tries to Rescue a Lost Tribal Language by Katherine Mangan Chronicle of Higher Education

    9 July NAIDOC Week and teaching the palawa kani language by Louise Saunders ABC Radio

    8 July Rickford supports language camps by Ryan Forbes Kenora Online

    8 July South-east SA celebrates Indigenous achievements ABC News

    8 July Umeewarra Indigenous radio RN Bush Telegraph

    8 July Lost voice finds its language by Dan Harrison The Age

    7 July Butchulla lullaby by Brad Marsellos ABC Open

    7 July Group fights Inuktitut language's 'possible demise' with theatre, workshops by Benjamin Shingler CTV News

    7 July Coming together to celebrate Aboriginal culture by Eloise Fuss ABC Local

    7 July Nunavik group fights Inuktitut language's 'possible demise' by Benjamin Shingler CTV News

    6 July Funds flow for language Chronicle Journal

    6 July Golden Melody: O-Kai Singers win Jury Award Focus Taiwan

    6 July Funding for cultural camps and language immersion announced Soo Today

    6 July In 'The Lone Ranger' is Tonto really speaking Comanche? by Britt Peterson

    5 July Bolivia: First Institute Created for Indigenous Aymara Language by Alison Depsky Argentina Independent

    5 July Support for the Ojibway language Local2

    5 July Rutgers Plays Role in Keeping Endangered African Languages Alive by Carrie Stetler Rutgers News

    5 July Growing te reo awareness by Jude Gillies Nelson Mail

    5 July A new sense of hope for Te Reo Māori by Hana O'Regan The Press

    5 July UBC prof helped develop Krypton language for blockbuster Man of Steel by Zoe McKnight Vancouver Sun

    3 July Documenting lost tongues by Samten Yeshi Kuensel Online

    2 July Maori efforts inspire delegates at indigenous conference by Elton Smallman

    1 July Aspen Ideas Festival: Using apps, social media to empower indigenous communities by Rachel King ZD Net

    1 July Minister appeals for introduction of indigenous languages in NHIS call centre by Rafiq Salam Joy Online

    1 July Bill aids efforts to save native dialects by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    1 July Paul Moon: Forcing people to learn te reo not best way to revive language by Paul Moon New Zealand Herald

  • June 2013

    30 June Gubbi Gubbi legacy lives by Samantha Costin Queensland Times

    30 June State's native languages diverse by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    30 June Language revitalisation: Ramey Growing Thunder helps preserve native tongues by Richard Peterson Great Falls Tribune

    30 June Shift to English threatens languages by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    30 June Saving Montana's tribal tongues: Passion for preserving language, culture stirs Native American groups by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    30 June New Mexico Lawmakers Push For Improved Indian Education by Tristan Ahtone KUNM

    29 June Long walk to indigenous language recognition ENCA

    28 June Smithsonian Folklife Festival brings speakers of endangered languages to Washington by Valerie Bonk Edmonton Journal

    28 June First Person: Save a Language, Save a Culture by Tim Brookes National Geographic

    28 June Endangered languages converge on Mall Morung Express

    28 June Language of Ancient Incas Spoken in Washington National Mall Latin American Herald Tribune

    27 June Blackfoot language well recognised at early states of education by Chanelle Seguin Pincher Creek Echo

    27 June The Challenges of Learning Your Language by Jason Asenap Indian Country Today Media Network

    26 June The living language of the Mi'kmaw by Jacqueline Warlow Halifax News Net

    24 June Gurrumul bio highlights impact of Aboriginal musicians by Emma Murphy Green Left

    24 June The Other Mexicans by Katya Cengel National Geographic

    24 June A Festival for the World's Rarest Languages by Andrew Howley National Geographic

    21 June Nupe Dictionary: Eminent Nigerians Bemoan Gradual Extinction of Indigenous Languages by Chibuzo Ukaibe Leadership

    20 June New Aboriginal language born in the NT by Joanna Egan Australian Geographic

    20 June Oneida granted $150K to preserve language CTV News

    20 June Language is culture by Shawn Conner Vancouver Sun

    20 June Major award win for Buckskin Deadly Vibe

    19 June Stone house classroom built to further indigenous culture by John Liu China Post

    19 June New Aussie language discovered by scientists by Claire Porter Herald Sun

    19 June Namibia: Makgone Calls for More Sophisticated Language Policy by Albertina Nakale All Africa

    19 June Sakhalin's indigenous languages under threat of extinction Russia Beyond the Headlines

    19 June Bunbury hosts national language conference by Jemillah Bickerton Bunbury Mail

    18 June Twenty Peruvian native languages reach standardized alphabets Andina

    18 June Grassroots initiatives forming to preserve aboriginal languages by Carey Marsden Global News

    18 June Author, teacher of endangered Lakota language dies by Kristi Eaton

    18 June Language apps help preserve endangered aboriginal languages in the Northwest Territories by George Lessard Rabble

    18 June Light Warlpiri: New Study Shed Light on Origins of Recently Discovered Australian Language by Enrico de Lazaro Sci-News

    18 June New 'mixed' language discovered in Northern Australia by Denise Chow NBC News

    18 June How the World's Newest 'Mixed' Language Was Invented by Olga Khazan The Atlantic

    18 June Twenty Peruvian native languages reach standardised alphabets Andina

    18 June Grassroots initiatives forming to preserve aboriginal languages by Carey Marsden Global News

    18 June iDecolonize: Indigenous language-learning mobile apps Global Native Networks

    18 June Indigenous languages of Sakhalin on the verge of extinction Russia Beyond the Headlines

    18 June New language discovery reveals linguistic insights Science Codex

    17 June Cal State San Bernardino to offer Serrano language classes by Beau Yarbrough The Sun

    17 June Maori to share culture at Smithsonian Folklife Festival Voxy

    17 June Buckskin, Perception win Sydney Festival prizes by Don Groves Inside Film

    16 June Oregon Undergrad Researches Native Language Learning by Marc Dadigan Indian Country Today Media Network

    16 June Nagamese may swallow Naga languages: Shurhozelie by Chizokho Vero Kohima The Morung Express

    16 June Talking the talk with Aboriginal students by Mike Bowden Eureka Street

    15 June Language rights under scrutiny YLE

    14 June Sepedi sparked the flame, the centre of my political consciousness by Charles Molele Mail and Guardian

    14 June NICO's Indigenous Language Competition inspires students The Guardian Nigeria

    13 June Aboriginal languages courses coming to Wabano, Algonquin, Cree to be taught to all ages by Michelle Nash EMC Ottawa West

    13 June Scholars digitise endangered languages by Dionisia Tabureguci Islands Business

    13 June Geography May Influence Sound System of Languages, New Study Suggests Sci-News

    12 June A lifeline for endangered languages by William Brennan New Yorker

    11 June Should students be taught in their indigenous languages? by Doyin Adeoye Nigerian Tribune

    9 June Mashpee grads blessed by a Wampanoag teen by Dan Adams Boston Globe

    8 June Mashpee Wampanoag graduate delivers blessing in once-lost language by Dan Adams

    8 June Keep existing Malay curriculum in all SJKs - Dong Zong Astro Awani

    8 June Izon Fie… Popularising An Indigenous Tongue The Guardian Nigeria

    7 June Comanche Nation youths compete in language event The Lawton Constitution

    6 June Regina school launches a multicultural library by Shinoah Young Leader-Post

    6 June 8 Endangered Languages That Could Soon Disappear by Kaitlyn Boettcher Mental Floss

    6 June Peru's native languages are fighting for survival by Diego M. Ortiz Latina Lista

    6 June Alaska Native Languages: Back in the home, at long last by Lance A. Twitchell Juneau Empire

    5 June Saving indigenous languages among new funding projects Simon Fraser University

    5 June Berber spoken in parliament, a first for Morocco Gulf News

    5 June Mainstream education will fail our remote Indigenous students by Gemma Church Online Opinion

    4 June San Bernardino: Cal State to teach Serrano language Press Enterprise

    4 June Saving indigenous languages among key projects SFU

    4 June Aboriginal language alive in school Seven News

    3 June SD58, Upper Nicola band ink agreement by Emily Wessel Merritt Herald

    3 June MSU team wins grant to study informal science education in Yellowstone region, Altai Republic by Anne Cantrell Montana State University

    3 June Phonemica: A Quest to Save China's Languages by Wendy Qian The Atlantic

    2 June Maths still best taught in English by Anthony Essien Mail and Guardian

  • May 2013

    31 May Stabilizing Indigenous Languages: An Interview With NAU Professor Jon Reyhner by Gillian Ferris KNAU

    31 May Five Native American 'Champions' Call for Change Independent European Daily Express

    31 May CAL STATE: University offers Serrano language class by David Olsen Press-Enterprise

    30 May Ancient stories in endangered Aboriginal language move into future Radio Australia

    30 May 'Using indigenous language to teach will improve learning' Nigerian Tribune

    30 May Writing holds diversity key by Kelsey Fletcher Manawatu Standard

    30 May 'Star Wars' to be dubbed into Navajo language by Christine Trudeau KPCC

    29 May Jewish Languages from Bukhori to Juhuri by Renee Ghert-Zand Jewish Daily

    28 May Celebrating and Preserving Indigenous Language! First Peoples Worldwide

    28 May From Dhungala with love by Sharon Atkinson ABC Open

    27 May Delta to sing Gurrumul's indigenous anthem Bayini on The Voice tonight by Kathy McCabe Herald Sun

    24 May Endangered Languages Conference Set for Smithsonian Newswise

    23 May UN forum: Inuit and Saami vow to 'fight the tendencies of linguicide Nunatsiaq News

    23 May Master one language before tackling another by Jonathan Jansen Times Live

    22 May World's most endangered language dying out Kiwi Kids News

    22 May South Africa: Countries Must Promote Indigenous Rights by Richard Lee All Africa

    22 May Community indigenous language lessons ABC News

    21 May New language policy on the cards for schools by Sbonokuhle Magcaba ENCA

    21 May Native tongue offers ethnic children a good start by K.R. Chowdhury Khabar South Asia

    21 May Schools get guide for indigenous languages Herald Sun

    21 May First national approach to Indigenous language teaching Ministers' Media Centre

    18 May First Nations act to reclaim name of Mount Doug by Edward Hill Vic News

    17 May Time for use of indigenous languages in all spheres of Nigerian life - Matemilola by Tony Okuyeme Nigerian Compass

    17 May South African university makes Zulu compulsory AFP

    17 May Nunavut Official Languages Act Comes into Force Language Magazine

    17 May Technology improves Inupiaq language instruction by Elise Patkotak Arctic Sounder

    17 May Smithsonian Folklife Festival Program to Raise Awareness of Global Language Loss Newswise

    16 May Digital not always the answer by Emma Waterman Arts Hub

    15 May Reviving Barngarla language by Daniela Dean Whyalla News

    14 May Indigenous Tech: A Sovereign Nation in Cyberspace by Phil Lodico GTLD Strategy

    14 May SD58 gets donation for Aboriginal Academy iPads Merritt Herald

    14 May Language loss a crime by Dorothy Hays Chronicle Journal

    13 May UN expert warns of decline in minority languages by Kanaga Raja Kashmir Times

    13 May Learn Tahltan language, save our culture Tahltan Central Council

    13 May Mystery of Tahltan language 'code' revealed Tahltan Central Council

    13 May Keeping Endangered Languages and Culture Alive by Eliot Reiniger Smithsonian Folklife Festival

    11 May Language Preservation Made Vance Home Gun a Champion for Change by Vincent Schilling Indian Country Today Media Network

    11 May Controversial teaching method brings hope and social change to Cape York by Nicolas Rothwell The Australian

    10 May Students announce lacrosse games in Seneca language The Observer

    10 May Chile's indigenous languages - use it or lose it, experts say by Jade Hobman Santiago Times

    9 May Youth seek to revive at-risk aboriginal languages by Kelly Sinoski Vancouver Sun

    8 May 'I fear our language will die' by Anja Kristine Salo Barents Observer

    8 May Less than two in three Inuit speak an Inuit language: StatsCan by Jim Bell Nunatsiaq Online

    8 May Aboriginals lose touch with native tongue, survey reveals by Michael Woods

    8 May Fewer people speaking aboriginal languages as mother tongue by Kelly Sinoski Vancouver Sun

    8 May Aboriginals lose touch with native tongue, survey reveals by Michael Woods Montreal Gazette

    8 May Serving Canada's north - excellence in 8 aboriginal languages CBC News

    7 May 15, 000-year-old 'fossil' words reveal ancestral Ice Age language by Amina Khan LA Times

    6 May European Linguist Explores Endangered African Language Ndengeleko by Sergio Prostak Sci News

    6 May Pride and identity: Reviving Indigenous languages by Andy Park SBS

    4 May Students enhance language directory for Indigenous Languages Institute by Adele Oliveira Santa Fe New Mexican

    2 May Navajo 'Star Wars' Casting Starts Tomorrow Indian Country Today Media Network

    2 May Luce Foundation partners with linguists to save endangered languages University of Hawai'i Manoa

    1 May The neglect of our indigenous languages by Victoria Ipe Nigerian Tribune

    1 May Bolivia: Indigenous languages taught in school by Gemma Candela Infosur Hoy

  • April 2013

    29 April Indigenous languages Radio National Counterpoint

    28 April World's most endangered language is spoken by only two people who don't talk to each other! by Meera Dolasia Dogo News

    27 April DPP lawmakers riled by language funding cuts by Rachel Lin and Jason Pan Taipei Times

    25 April Original 'Star Wars' film to be translated into Navajo language by Jenny Kane The Oakland Press

    24 April Vietnam's Bilingual Experiment by Lien Hoang New York Times

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  • March 2013

    31 March Echoes of Languages No Longer Heard by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim New York Times

    31 March For students, Tulalip Tribes' native language a connection to the past by Gale Fiege Herald Net

    29 March Celebrate National Aboriginal Languages Day Indian Country Today Media Network

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    25 March Last Member of 65,000-Year-Old Tribe Dies by Anny Shaw Earth First News

    24 March Oklahoma plan may make native languages easier to teach, learn by Sara Plummer Tulsa World

    22 March Indigenous language group meets in Menindee by Margaret Paul ABC News

    21 March Aloha, Southeast Alaska by Xh'unei Lance A. Twitchell Juneau Empire

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  • February 2013

    28 February Engagement will help kohanga revitalise te reo - Maori Party Voxy

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    7 February Indigeno