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Aboriginal language animations

Here are some examples of animation using Aboriginal languages, both in Australia and internationally. There are examples of stop-motion animation using different materials, as well as examples of 2D and 3D animation.

Stop-motion animation


Juka Juka Emu Dreaming - This Warlpiri language animation shows Curtis Jampijinpa Fry’s story about emu dreaming country using sand animation

My Name is Danny - This Warlpiri language animation shows life in Nyirripi using clay for the characters and different materials for the background such as paper leaves, and real rocks

Willowra Wardilyka - This Warlpiri language animation tells the story of the bush turkey through the creation of a painting

Kinki, kinki, Nyarrpara kanpa yani? - This Warlpiri language animation illustrates a song using hand drawn cut outs and backgrounds

You can find more Warlpiri language animations on the Animating Jukurrpa website.


The Story of Priest Point - This Lushootseed language animation tells the Tulalip story of killer whales saving their people from starvation. This animation uses paper cut outs on a light box to create the scenes

CSI: Wapos Bay - This Cree language animation shows a short clip from a local version of CSI set in Wapos Bay. The animation uses clay to create the characters and backgrounds

2D animation


Wangarla Jukurrpa - This Walpiri language animation tells the story of how crows became black using hand drawn backgrounds and characters and animated using Flash


Run, run little rabbit - This Cree language animation shows a rabbit being chased by a fox

The Ant and Bear - This Tsilhqot’in language animation shows the meeting of the ant and the bear to show greetings

3D animation


Wadu Matyidi - This Adnyamathanha language animation follows three siblings as they tell each other stories and find the footprint of the ancient Yamuti

Yanyuwa animations - This selection of Yanyuwa language animations were created as part of a project between Monash University and the Yanyuwa people to animate stories of the Dreaming