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You can participate in RNLD through signing up on our active email discussion list, following us on Twitter, joining our Facebook group, or volunteering or interning — see the details below.


Facebook Follow RNLD group on Facebook

You can also join our Facebook group for recent news items, updates on events, links to sites that support language documentation and revitalization, and discussions of issues. There are currently 4,479 members of the RNLD Facebook group.


Twitter Follow RNLD on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter for interesting news items, conference calls, updates on RNLD's activities and an online dialogue about issues. We're @RNLDorg and we currently have 2,123 followers.


Email discussion list

RNLD's email discussion list has provided an active forum for our members to ask questions and share information and their expertise among the community of language maintenance practitioners since its launch in 2004.


To subscribe to the RNLD mailing list:

Email and send the message containing (in the body of the message - no subject line is necessary):

Subscribe r-n-l-d your email address FIRST NAME LAST NAME

e.g. Subscribe r-n-l-d HARRY ROYAL

When subscriptions are carried out, an email confirmation is sent confirming that the subscription has occurred.

Contribute to the list

Once you have subscribed to the RNLD list, you can contribute by emailing a message to


To unsubscribe from the RNLD list, email and send the following message in the subject line:


Search the archived messages

Archived RNLD discussions are via Linguist List which maintains a searchable archive of all past messages here.


Volunteering & Internship positions

RNLD is always looking for fantastic volunteers. See our volunteers page for further details.