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September 2015

30 September Book launched for Tuvalu language week Radio New Zealand International

30 September Lecture focuses Navajo Rosetta Stone creation by Noel Lyn Smith Farmington Daily Times

30 September Linguist documents dying languages still spoken in Toronto by Verity Stevenson The Star

29 September What some tribes in Michigan are doing to stop their native language from going extinct by Emily Fox Michigan Radio

28 September Losing out on languages by Rabab Khan Gulf News 

28 September The joy of identity Ketchikan Daily News

28 September Saving the Amis language one megabyte at a time by Aaron Wytze Wilson Taipei Times

28 September Native American boarding schools have nearly killed Michigan's native language by Emily Fox Michigan Radio

27 September Tata starts 3-tier course to revive Ol Chiki by B Sridhar The Times of India

26 September Raila roots for use of vernacular languages to conserve cultural identity mediamax

26 September Languages are dying, but is the internet to blame? by James Temperton Wired

25 September American horse school focuses on Lakota language by Kevin Woster Keloland Television

24 September Korean broadcasting station visits Galway city to cover endangered languages Galway Advertiser

24 September Manitoba to promote Aboriginal languages Language Magazine

24 September Story of Brazil’s diverse languages and people Massey University

24 September 'Language plays a key role in our identity' SABC

24 September Manitoba working to preserve Aboriginal languages The Reminder

23 September Revitalizing language: Poet Holman kicks off Alaska film tour by Mary Catharine Martin Juneau Empire

23 September Hawaiian language celebrated at event on Bachman Hall lawn University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

23 September Artiste uncensored: acting requires passion - Matel Eyengho by Ngozi Emedolibe National Mirror

23 September Revitalizing language: poet Holman kicks off Alaska film tour by Mary Catharine Martin Juneau Empire

23 September Ditira launches 4th book by Jdlamini News24

23 September A Spanish-speaking pope, and America’s complicated relationship with bilingualism by Janell Ross The Washington Post

23 September Research documents Cherokees who face backlash despite efforts to revitalize language The University of Kansas

23 September Manipur State integrity: the importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it - part 2 by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

23 September Tribal members make pilgrimage to visit artifacts in DC by Allison Frost OPB

22 September Warm Springs Tribes “Recovering Voices” in D.C. by Allison Frost OPB

22 September Kazakh diaspora chooses unique ways to maintain identity by Kamila Zhumabayeva The Astana Times

22 September Why connecting the billions of people who are offline requires more than just cables (or even drones) by Alice Truong Quartz

22 September Tuba City students and staff set to celebrate Native American Week Sept. 28-Oct. by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

22 September Ohlone descendant to recite native language at Serra ceremony by Carl Nolte San Francisco Chronicle

21 September 2 members of Ohlone tribe to play prominent role in canonization Mass Catholic San Francisco

21 September Media Release: Manitoba announces historic partnership to protect, promote Aboriginal languages

21 September Several groups signs (sic) on to language preservation agreement, but not the federal gov’t by Nick Martin Winnipeg Free Press

21 September Cocker spaniel learns basic Gaelic in 3 weeks The Scotsman

21 September 5 unexpected things we learned in Peru by Jessica Vander Leahy Women’s Weekly

21 September Manitoba announces ‘historic’ aboriginal language partnership CBC news

21 September NM courts work on Native language training system by Lida Alikhani

21 September Mother tongue the dissertation language by Leanne Jansen Independent Online

21 September South Africa: are we becoming another Chinese Province? allAfrica

21 September A message from a segment of our society by Sean Bergy The Point

21 September Enkosi, ke a leboha, ndi a livhuwa by Mondli Makhanya News24

20 September Native language of Patukoraha surveyed by Harata Brown Maori Television

20 September The bitter legacy of Canada’s forced-assimilation boarding schools Butet-Roch

20 September ‘Use Indigenous languages to teach science’ by Lungile Tshuma Bulawayo 24 News

19 September UiTM is constitutional, vernacular schools are not by Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi Malay Mail Online

18 September Endangered Languages Summit in Okinawa to discuss 8 UNESCO-listed languages Ryukyu Shimpo

18 September Manipur State integrity: the importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it - Part 1 by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

18 September Language Revitalization Donations Gifts with Vision

18 September It’s never too late to learn another South African language by Martin Young Mail&Guardian

18 September South Africa’s controversial language education Language Magazine

17 September Bolivians translate Facebook into Aymara teleSUR

17 September From Denali to McKinley to Denali: U.S. place names tell you who’s in power by Lauret E. Savoy The Daily Beast

17 September Administrator defends teaching of Mandarin in Nigerian schools The Guardian Nigeria

17 September Texting in Cherokee Language Magazine

17 September Bolivia: Group translates Facebook into native language BBC News

17 September Facebook os translated into native language by Bolivian Group by frank The Reveille

17 September Concepts of numbers in Indigenous Australian languages changed over time by Dani Cooper ABC News

16 September Is Ontario doing enough to preserve its Aboriginal languages? by Chantal Braganza tvo

15 September Thinking and Acting Globally by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

14 September The Evolution Of Language: Study Of Rare Indigenous Language Shows All Humans Think Of Colors In The Same Way by Dana Dovey Medical Daily

14 September National Indigenous Human Rights Awards by Gerry Georgatos The Stringer

14 September Aberdeenshire taxpayers to fork out £300k for Gaelic plan by Andrew Whitaker The Scotsman

14 September Irish Duolingo course reaches a million learners by Cathal McGuigan The Irish News

13 September Onondaga Nation's urgent mission: Saving our language by Sarah Moses

13 September Only Scotland’s diaspora can save the dying native language by Evan Fleischer Quartz

13 September How the Cherokee language has adapted to texts, iPhones by Eduardo Avila PRI

13 September Native people’s culture linked to ocean for thousands of years by Matt Markey The Blade

12 September Efforts underway to save traditional speech by Kristi Dobson Alberni Valley Times

12 September Love of Irish language set to grow from ground up by Helen Sweeney Derry Journal

12 September Pansalb roots for Indigenous languages in schools by Konelo Lekhafola SABC

12 September Benjamin Law: First contact by Benjamin Law The Age Good Weekend

12 September Two Oscar entries from Latin America center indigenous stories, languages by Sabrina Vourvoulias Al Dia News

11 September Researchers Work To Preserve Rare Language Spoken In Door County by Rich Kremer Wisconsin Public Radio

11 September Hearing-impaired want sign language recognised New Era

11 September Venezuelan film in Indigenous Warao language an Oscar hopeful Telesurtv

11 September At Venice Biennale, Latin America pavilion highlights endangered languages by George Fishman Miami Herald

11 September Alaska lawsuit over Native language voting rights settled by Rachel D’Oro CBCnews

11 September It’s not nawa at Trustco New Era

11 September Mind your language: Scottish Government to up promotion of Scots by David Jamieson CommonSpace

11 September Drezus big winner at Indigenous Music Awards in Winnipeg CBCnews

11 September How this long-haired rock band is mainstreaming an ancient language – one mosh pit at a time by Manuel Rueda Fusion

11 September Mahesh Sharma, regional languages are also a part of India’s culture by Sanjiv Shankaran The Times of India

10 September Anishinaabe author, historian Basil H. Johnston dies at 86 by Tim Fontaine CBCnews

10 September Holyrod launches drive to promote Scots language by Tom Peterkin The Scotsman

10 September Indigenous languages, literacy and the myth of the “unwritten language” by Greg Dickson Crikey

10 September Hindi will be at top in digital world, says PM Modi NDTV

10 September Preserving Australia’s first languages Language Magazine

10 September State to provide language assistance to Yup’ik, Gwich’in voters by Lisa Phu Alaska Public Media

9 September Teaching Tiwa: Los Lunas Schools offering Native language class to high school students by Deborah Fox News-Bulletin

9 September Washoe Tribal Member Herman Fillmore To Teach Wašiw Language at WNC Carson Valley Times

9 September Centre for endangered languages in limbo The Hindu

8 September Yukon educator wins national literacy award CBC News

8 September Sister Kate’s land allocated for healing by Sally McGlew Community News

8 September Bhasha Research & Publication Centre: Devy, linguist who gave voice to tribal languages, calls it quits by Kumar Anand Indian Express

6 September Harmony and Discord by Sameer Pokhrel Kathmandu Post

6 September Young Gwich'in woman champion of her language CBC News

5 September Village of Igiugig awarded $900K for Yup’ik revitalization effort by Dave Bendinger KTOO Public Media

4 September In Alaska, it’s always been Denali by Holly Cusack-McVeigh The Conversation

4 September Elis James brings Welsh language tour to town: ‘I’d always wanted to do stand-up in Welsh’ by Mark Rees South Wales Evening Post

4 September Why languages die by Michael L.Tan Inquirer

3 September Denali and America’s long history of using (or not using) Indian names by Doug Herman The Smithsonian

3 September Decolonize the land: Native people welcome Mt. Denali name change by Andrea Perkins People’s World

3 September Ojibwe language immersion program begins 2nd year Fox 21 KQDS

3 September Spotlighting Australia’s languages: Anindilyakwa by James Bednall Crikey

3 September Peru teen aims to revive Quechua, one pop song at a time by Roberto Cortijo The Daily Star

2 September Mexico: Mozilla Firefox in 26 Indigenous languages Telesurtv

2 September Granger announces plans to save Amerindian languages Stabroek News

2 September This generation is more liberal, says Javed Akhtar by Diksha Bijlani The Hindu

1 September In Alaska, massive achievement gaps separate Native and white students by Emma Brown The Washington post

1 September “Encourage print media to use indigenous languages” by Lekan Otufodunrin The Nation

1 September Indigenous Literacy Foundation brings a love of reading to remote communities by Linda Morris The Sydney Morning Herald

1 September A truly developing Filipino language by Marne Kilates

1 September Funding boost to preserve local Indigenous languages The Advocate Coffs Coast