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January 2016

29 January Indigenous language leaders from around the world gather for inaugural symposium at UH Hilo UH Hilo Stories

29 January Opinion: How to rescue the Irish language by Sean Cottrell Irish Times

29 January Can texting teens save a threatened Hawaiian language by James Reini Aljazeera

29 January Preservation of Maronite Arabic language moving forward Cyprus Mail

29 January Anishinaabe cook uses language to teach about traditional food by Waubgeshig Rice CBC

29 January Ghanaian language teachers unhappy with languages policy Citifmonline

28 January Rising Voices welcomes five new indigenous language digital activism grantees Global Voices

28 January Mother who spoke Indigenous language to toddler daughter told to “speak English” on Aus Day by Ken McGregor The Advertiser

28 January “Building that spark” for an endangered language’s endurance by David Grieder Del Norte Triplicate

28 January Noel Pearson nephew brings ancient language to Canberra by Rosie Lewis The Australian

28 January Finding new links in old stories by Royston Rebello Indian Link

28 January 'It's Australia Day, we speak English': Aboriginal artist 'abused for speaking an indigenous dialects to her daughter' by Lucy Thackary Daily Mail

28 January Apex Ao bodies censure Gol's move to promote Nagamese Morung Express

28 January Noel Pearson nephew brings ancient language to Canberra by Rosie Lewis The Australian

27 January Wallabies should use Indigenous Advance Australia Fair by Spiro Zavos The Roar

27 January Opera Mini gifts India with support for 13 Native Languages this Republic Day by Sayan Sarkar Gizbot

27 January Technology helps teach Navajo language in new ways by Gilbert Cordova

27 January The Endless Balkan Language Politics Circus by Zarko Perovic Huffington Post

27 January The many tongues of Canada St Albert Gazette

27 January Technology helps teach Navajo language in news ways

26 January Winnipeg School Division happy with Ojibwa, Cree bilingual program registrations CBC

26 January Mexico's Supreme Court Hands Indigneous Peoples Landmark Victory in Media Representation by Giovanna Salazar translated by Lisa Golden Tio Global Voices

26 January Saving endangered languages, one book at a time by Evelyn Perez FIU News

26 January Mexico’s Supreme Court hands Indigenous peoples landmark victory in media representation Global Voices

26 January Basket weaving workshops an educational experience at Days Creek by Vera Westbrook NR Today

26 January Saving endangered languages, one book at a time by Evelyn Perez FIU News

26 January Alice man’s crusade to save indigenous languages honours with OAM by Tom Volling NT News

26 January Jessica Mauboy sings two anthems on Harbour Bridge: First an indigenous version then English by Soraiya Fuda Daily Telegraph

26 January Loud and proud: Aboriginal pop-star Jessica Mauboy sings indigenous version of national anthem on Australia Day from Sydney Harbour Bridge by Monique Friedlander Daily Mail

26 January Skip English, focus on Indigenous Languages for India’s Development by Harshmeet Singh NewsGram

26 January Australia Day honours: Leonora Aboriginal leader receives award for child health and language work by Nathan Morris ABC

26 January Google features Aboriginal themed artwork for Australia Day by Jared Owens The Australian

25 January BBC Kernow would ‘give a greater voice’ to the Cornish by Victoria Brock Western Morning News

25 January Preserving the Balinese language for generations to come by Richard Horstman Indonesia Expat

25 January Re-building Indigenous identity in Canada Education HQ

25 January Nigerian linguistc, Túbọ̀sún, emerges first African to win Premio Ostana Award for Scriptures The Cable

25 January Australia Day & British Invasion by Gideon Polya MWC News

25 January U of T strikes Truth and Reconciliation steering committee by Emily Colero The Varsity

25 January Nagamese becoming common language in Nagaland and in Burma Naga Eastern Minor

25 January Mt Druitt Indigenous Choir prepares for Australia Da performance by Alyshia Gates SBS

25 January Here is how many African-language articles there are on Wikipedia by Charlie Fripp

25 January Sundance Institute Announces New Merata Mita Fellowship for Indigenous Artists and 2016 Recipient by Carlos Aguilar SydneysBuzz

24 January White Earth Band wants road signs to reflect Ojibwe language by Jenna Ross Star Tribune

24 January #SpeakGwichinToMe: Using social media to reclaim language CBC

24 January Looking local: Snapdeal, Quikr, Hike, others launch vernacular language support byKunal Doley Financial Express

24 January First Nations chief from B.C. calls for urgent effort to revive native languages by Taylor Austen The Marshalltown

24 January 3 tips for learning your traditional tongue by Stephen Cram CBC

23 January National monument to honour Native American veterans by Lynette George Herald Democrat

23 January Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders by Duane Brayboy Indian Country

23 January Expert group calls for more work to protect indigenous languages Dispath Tribunal

23 January Jessica Mauboy to sing indigenous version of national anthem on Australia Day by Angela Saurine Daily Telegraph

22 January Ancient wisdom Prince Albert Daily Heraldz

22 January Pangasinan translation of Bible for the young by Gobleth Moulic

22 January Pope's visit to Chiapas, Mexico, seen to affirm ministry of indigenous deacons by David Agren

22 January DJ Mafosi rocks the stage by Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Zoutnet

22 January Logan's Indigenous history: a language almost lost and story of survival by Yasmin Noone NITV

22 January Indigenous Leader: Save Native Languages From Extinction by Edith M. Lederer ABC News

22 January Bolivians celebrate Plurinational State Foundation day by Amy Booth Latin Correspondent

22 January Support fluency to save native languages, Canadian tribal chief urges after UN meeting by Edith. M. Lederer

22 January First Nation leader calls on UN to preserve indigenous languages by Edith M. Lederer CTV News

21 January The national anthem's power to transcend language and culture by Luke Briscoe NITV

21 January One indigenous language dies every 2 weeks, says UN Daily Sabah

21 January RU gold medallist to promote Nagpuri lang Times of India

21 January Somalia President urges Somalis to preserve mother tongue Horseed Media

21 January Maung Nyeu is helping his people put their language and stories on record by Molly Jackson The Christian Science Monitor

21 January Superintendent Douglas supports Seal of Biliteracy Legistlation by Alexis Burkhart Prescott eNews

21 January Nationalist Congress Party backs Goa RSS snub to BJP over languages NDTV

21 January Tasmania’s Aboriginal heritage recognised with more dual place names announced by Selina Ross ABC News

20 January Experts call for efforts to save indigenous languages Manila Times

20 January Former Georgetown resident receives Order of Ontario by Kathryn Boyle

19 January Kokborok Day observed in Tripura Northeast Today

19 January Bittersweet honour for SayITFirst for First Nations language tool Herald Business

19 January Online resource gives new life to endangered languages CORDIS

18 January How hackers who “give a shit” are helping to preserve Indigenous culture and bridge social gaps Startupsmart

18 January New initiative launched at SFU to save Squamish language by Tyler Gallop SFU News

15 January Language revitalization, one text at a time by Shady Grove Oliver The Arctic Sounder

15 January Angkety Map Highlights Digital Resources for Australia's Indigenous Language Revitalization by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

15 January Saving our local languages by Calista Ezeaku The Tide

14 January Skwomesh language activist to launch 'trailblazing' immersion course at B.C. university by Duncan McCue CBC News

14 January Heritage University Language Center Works to Keep Sahaptin Language Alive in the Yakima Valley by Veronica Quintero NBC

14 January This Native American tribe on Long Island is trying to raise its language from the dead by Alina Simone PRI

13 January Orange Order, Financial Burdens and the Irish Language by Chris Donnelly Slugger O’Toole

13 January Tibetan Language Made Equal With Chinese in County in China's Qinghai by Guru Choegyi and Lhuboom Radio Free Asia

13 January Why Mandarin? by Ntokozo Nhlabathi News 24

11 January White Earth hopes to put Ojibwe language on lake signs along the highway by Pippi Mayfield Grand Forks Herald

11 January Nigeria: 'How Indigenous Language Newspapers Are Coping Despite Trying Times' by Margaret Mwantok All Africa

9 January One of the last remaining speakers of Khomani San language laid to rest News 24

9 January New Phrase Book encourages language continuity by Geoff Shields Wawatay News

8 January How to put some Romansh into your life by Rosie Driffil The Guardian

8 January Peru officially recognizes native Amazon alphabet by Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week

7 January “Charlotte’s Web” translated into Cherokee language by Scott McKie Cherokee One Feather

7 January What Aotearoa is teaching Alaskans about language Radio New Zealand

6 January Tribal languages need to be protected, say experts Times of India

5 January Online Cultural Hub ‘Voces Étnicas’ Seeks to Revitalize Indigenous Customs in Mexico by Giovanna Salazar Global Voices

5 January Government launches 5-year plan for Indigenous education by Christine Chou China Post

5 January Cracking the code to speak Cherokee by Dale Neal Citizen-Times

4 January Alaskans inspired by Teo Reo example by Victoria White Hawke’s Bay Today

3 January Ten Canoes rewatched - ethnography document meets high-spirited whimsy by Luke Buckmaster The Guardian

2 January Warm Springs teacher earns national linguistics award by Abby Spegman The Bulletin

2 January Living with natives to save a secret Colombian language by Lisbeth Fog Worldcrunch

1 January Joe McHugh: Jump in and talk Irish like I did by Joe McHugh Irish Times