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February 2017

28 February Former MP Demands That Iran Implement Right of Ethnic Minorities to Preserve Languages Payvand

28 February Gaeltacht education reform must focus on language crisis by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin and Brian Ó Curnáin Irish Times

28 February Why is it so hard to get a place in a Gaelscoil? by Aine McMahon Irish Times

27 February Southern Azerbaijan: Mother Language Advocates Condemned for Allegedly Destabilising the Country UNPO

21 February Online Platform Teaches Dying Languages To Save Them From Extinction by Holly Brockwell Gizmodo

21 February The fight is on to save Toronto's endangered languages by Kate McGillivray CBC News

21 February UN Marks Mother Language Day as Indigenous Tongues Still Suffer teleSUR English

21 February Parts of a tree: If you teach people their own ancient language, can they keep it alive? By Alden Woods AzCentral

21 February Could language revival cure diabetes? by Claudianna Bianco NITV

21 February The dying tongues of Telangana and Andhra by Papri Paull The Times of India

21 February On the language of identity by Nahela Nowshin The Daily Star

20 February Speaking of the Ice Age by Anne E. Bromley UVA Today

20 February Cultural Imperatives by George Hymont The Huffington Post

20 February Local Language / Global Network: Designing Mobile Technology for Indigenous and Minority Language Users by Derek Lackaff Global Voices

19 February Graphic artist turns talent toward sharing Algonquin language by Tim Fontaine CBC News

16 February Remembering Nüshu, the 19th-Century Chinese Script Only Women Could Write by Lauren Young Atlas Obscura

15 February Losing language risks culture by Bryan Meadows The Chronicle Journal

15 February Symposium in Kelowna, Penticton looks at saving First Nation languages The Daily Courier

15 February ‘Four Tribes’ teaches Native American legacy by Christina Lieffring The Columbus Telegram

15 February Utah Valley's Everyday Heroes: BYU professors documenting endangered languages by Braley Dodson Daily Herald

15 February Science, Maths in vernacular no barrier to excellence by Sheldon Maponga The Herald

14 February Traditional Aboriginal languages to be used more often on Albury's sculpture trail by Allison Jess ABC Online

14 February Translation app helping to preserve endangered Indigenous Queensland languages by Zara Margolis and Harriet Tatham ABC Online

14 February Preserving Indigenous languages works from the ground up Queen’s Journal

14 February Guest column: Native language preservation begins at home by Dr. Harold Begay Navajo-Hopi Observer

13 February How to reclaim Toronto’s origins by Sahiba Shah The Medium

13 February Federal govt urged to set up National Languages University The News

11 February U of T professors fight to save dying Indigenous languages by Adrian Cheung CBC News

10 February One of the world’s oldest languages teaches hidden life lessons by Jackie Bussjaeger St Croix Valley Area Lowdown

3 February It's sCREEble not Scrabble: U of T students learn Indigenous languages through games by Hannah James U of T News

2 February Penn partnership preserves and expands endangered Indigenous languages by Jacquie Posey Penn Current

2 February Teaching maths, sciences in mother tongues: The hurdles by Dayo Adesulu Vanguard

1 February Nigerian ‘Cultural Evangelist’ Promotes African Languages with Apps and Digital Storytelling by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

1 February Yukon First Nations consider 'Indigenous-led' school by Philippe Morin CBC News

1 February Indigenous education: We revisit a trailblazing Top End bilingual maths program by Anna Salleh ABC News

1 February Ernesto Contreras On Creating an Indigenous Language for Sundance Winner ‘Sueño en Otro Idioma’ by Carlos Aguilar Remezcla