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DRIL workshop schedule 2018

The following DRIL workshops will be run in 2018.

You can also see where we ran workshops in 20172016, 20152014, 2013, 2012 and during the DRIL pilot program in 2010-2011.



February 20 — Flexible DRIL: Brisbane, Queensland (trainer Amy Parncutt)


March 20-22 — Flexible DRIL: Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory (trainer Amy Parncutt and intern Marcella Maloney)


April 11-13 — Flexible DRIL: Halls Creek, Western Australia (trainer Emma Murphy, associate trainer Hiroko Shioji and intern Elsha O'Reilly)


April 16-18 — Flexible DRIL: Kununurra, Western Australia (trainers Emma Murphy and Andrew Tanner and intern Conor Clements)


April 23-24 — Flexible DRIL: Hope Vale, Queensland (trainers Ebony Joachim and Amy Parncutt)



April 26-27 — Flexible DRIL: Mossman, Queensland (trainers Ebony Joachim and Amy Parncutt)


May 15-17 — Flexible DRIL: Ceduna, South Australia (trainers Emma Murphy and Amy Parncutt)


May 22-24 — Flexible DRIL: Geraldton, Western Australia (trainers Ebony Joachim and Andrew Tanner)



June 26-28 — Flexible DRIL: Adelaide, South Australia (trainers Ebony Joachim and Andrew Tanner)


July 24-26 — Flexible DRIL: Newman, Western Australia (trainers Andrew Tanner and Amy Parncutt)


Other upcoming events RNLD will be participating in:

23 Feb — National Indigenous Languages Convention (Gold Coast, Queensland)

2-4 March — Australian Linguistics Workshop (Marysville, Victoria)

13 March — Language & Society guest lecture by Emma Murphy, at CDU (Darwin, Northern Territory)


Further workshops to be confirmed