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Certificate III in Aboriginal Languages for Communities and Workplaces

This Certificate III course (10541NAT) is a nationally recognised training program that has been created and is owned by the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity Inc.

This course provides a foundation in Aboriginal languages and linguistics. It develops knowledge of the Australian language family and the relationships between languages. It introduces core concepts in linguistics and methods to revitalise Aboriginal languages. Students apply their skills to their specific community or workplace context.

Graduates of this course will be able to assist in developing and running language projects within their communities and workplaces.

This course is suitable for individuals, members of Indigenous communities, staff and board members in Aboriginal language centres and Indigenous knowledge centres, the health industry, national parks, land councils, Aboriginal corporations, and tourism and hospitality who wish to learn more about Aboriginal languages to increase their own knowledge and sense of identity. It will assist people involved in front line services raising awareness and providing public information on Aboriginal languages and cultures.

To achieve the qualification, 10541NAT Certificate III in Aboriginal Languages for Communities and Workplaces, the learner must complete 13 core units.

ALCDSL301A Develop basic understanding of linguistics
ALCPAL301A Produce sounds in Aboriginal languages
ALCILN301A Identify language needs in the community or workplace
ALCDUA301A Develop an understanding of Aboriginal languages
SITXLAN001 Conduct basic oral communication in a language other than English (Australian Indigenous languages)
ALCFLT301A Form a language team
BSBITU101 Operate a personal computer
ICTICT108 Use digital literacy skills to access the internet
ALCMDR301A Make good quality digital recordings
NRTALCESR301A Edit sound recordings
ALCDSR301A Digitise sound recordings
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
ALCRAA301A  Raise awareness about Aboriginal languages

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RNLD gratefully acknowledges the support of the Indigenous Languages and Arts program (link is external) which has funded the development of this certificate.

These photos are from the first Certificate III workshop, held with 11 participants from 7 language groups at Wangka Maya Language Centre, South Hedland, WA from 4-8 April 2016.

Greg Gardiner Cert III women Lorice Douglas Colletta Cooke Cert III group Diana Robinson

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