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Certificate II in Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program

Cert II coverThis Certificate II course (10124NAT) is a nationally recognised training program that has been created and is owned by the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity Inc.

This course provides a foundation and practice in the Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program (MALLP). MALLP is an intensive one-to-one language immersion method that has been developed specifically to support the revitalisation of Indigenous languages.

The goal is for language learners (Apprentices) to develop the ability to speak and hold everyday conversations in the language and for language speakers (Masters) to develop skills in teaching their language.  The Master-Apprentice Program uses an immersion language learning model so that a community of speakers of the target Indigenous language can be rebuilt or strengthened. Participants will explore the principles of the method and deepen their understanding of language immersion principles and methods. They will learn how to apply immersion language methods in pairs or small language teams as appropriate to their specific family, community or workplace context in order to support the reclamation, revitalisation and maintenance of Indigenous languages.

This course is suitable for individuals, family and community groups, staff in Aboriginal Language Centres and Indigenous Knowledge Centres, Aboriginal corporations, and teachers of language programs in schools, communities and Indigenous organisations who want to support the revitalisation of Indigenous languages.

For candidates who do not wish to be in the role of a Master (language speaker and teacher) or Apprentice (language learner), the course has been designed to allow candidates in other language program roles such as administrator or mentor to complete all other units aside from MALPRC206 Participate in a Master-Apprentice language learning team. Completion of individual units will therefore be recognised to allow the flexibility needed to meet the needs of Indigenous participants.

To achieve the qualification, 10124NAT Certificate II in Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program, the learner must complete all 8 core units.

NRTMALMAF201 Develop an understanding of the Master-Apprentice Language Learning framework
MALILL202 Learn to use immersion language learning methods
MALMAT203 Form a Master-Apprentice Language Learning team
MALMAS204 Assist in preparing Master-Apprentice Language Learning sessions
MALMAR205 Create Master-Apprentice resources
MALPRC206 Participate in a Master-Apprentice Language Learning Team
BSBITU101A Operate a Personal Computer
ICAICT108A Use Digital Literacy Skills to Access the Internet



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RNLD gratefully acknowledges the support of the Indigenous Languages and Arts program which has funded the development of this certificate.

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